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    Blood is thicker dan water…

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    Nice one, u finally find each oda

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    @victoriouschild which one strong for there….
    U cn hlp him out

    no dea do tatafo for ppl business

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    Hmm. Kimberly and April seeing each other for the first time.. Dat’s so cool.

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    @hauwa how can I help him out?

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    Pls nxt episode abeg n make it a short cut for easy access if u dnt mind my asking.. Thanks

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    ****Episode Twenty Two****

    April got home and told her mum how the exam
    was and how she had helper Kimberly but Jane
    was not happy with what her daughter had done.

    Jane: ”I can’t believe you got yourself involve in
    exam malpractice”

    April: ”Mum I didn’t involve myself involved in
    exam malpractice, I
    only helped a friend”

    Jane: ”No matter how you try to put it, all I know
    is that you got
    yourself involve in exam malpractice and am
    going to report you to your dad when he comes
    back from work”

    April: ”Mum please don’t tell dad. Mum were you
    not the one that
    me to always help people who are in need?”

    Jane: ”I told you to help people who are in need
    and not for you to get yourself involve in exam

    April: ”I know what I did was wrong but I didn’t
    regret what I did one bit”

    Jane: ”April you even have the guts to say that
    in my face”

    April: ”No mum I didn’t know I was thinking out

    Jane: ”Did you even think of what will happen if
    you were caught?”

    April: ”Yes I did and I was willing to take the

    Jane: ”Do you even know this girl before?”

    April: ”No mum”

    Jane: ”Was she the only one that didn’t know
    what to write?”

    April: ”No mum”

    Jane: ”Then tell me why was she the only one
    you helped?”

    April: ”Mum I helped her because when I first
    saw her, I felt something”

    Jane: ”What did you feel?”

    April: ”When I saw her, I felt as if I have known
    her for a long time
    and that emptiness I do feel of not having a
    sibling was gone”

    Jane: ”I have heard you but be ready for your
    dad tonight because am going to report you to

    April: ”Mum please don’t report me to dad just
    punish me yourself”

    Jane: ”I will punish you myself and your
    punishment is that am
    going to seize your laptop for two whole week”

    April: ”Mum that punishment is hard o”

    Jane: ”Is either I seize your laptop for two weeks
    or I report you to
    your dad”

    April: ”Mum I go for you seizing my laptop for
    two weeks”

    Jane: ”Go to your kitchen and you will see your
    lunch there”

    April: ”Okay mum”

    April went to the kitchen to carry her
    lunch she mutter to
    herself ” My mum may have seized my laptop for
    two weeks but that won’t make me to regret
    helping Kimberly out”

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    ****Episode Twenty Three****

    Kimberly got home and met mum reading a
    magazine in the
    living room.

    Kimberly: (sitting down) ”Good afternoon mum”

    Helen: ”Afternoon. How was the exam?”

    Kimberly: ”It was fine”

    Helen: ”Hope the exam was easy?”

    Kimberly: ”Mum you really need to help me to
    thank God for sending an angel to me today”

    Helen: ”Am Angel?”

    Kimberly: ”Yes mum. I would have resit for next
    year jamb and post utme”

    Helen: ”Why?”

    Kimberly: ”Mum I didn’t read for my post utme
    and if not for the
    angel that was sitting beside me that exchange
    her answer sheet
    with mine, i wouldn’t have been able to answer
    five questions”

    Helen: ”Kim did you just tell me that you got
    yourself involve in
    exam malpractice?”

    Kimberly: ”No mum, the girl only helped me to
    answer my questions”

    Helen: ”Will you shut up there young Lady? You
    were involved in
    exam malpractice and you are going to get
    punish for that”

    Kimberly: ”Mum you should be happy for me that
    I won’t waste a
    whole year at home not punishing me”

    Helen: ”What is the girl’s name?”

    Kimberly: ”Which girl?”

    Helen: ”The girl you were involved in exam
    malpractice with”

    Kimberly: ”Her name is April”

    Helen: ”April that name rings a bell in my ear”

    Kimberly: ”Mum I even took a picture of us”

    Helen: ”Let me see the picture”

    Kimberly: (brought out her phone and show her
    the picture) ”Here it is mum”

    Helen: (taking a look at the picture) ”I know this
    girl no wonder her name rang a bell”

    Kimberly: ”Where do you know her from?”

    Helen: ”This is the girl I told you helped me with
    my things few
    months ago

    Kimberly: ”Mum I think this April is our guardian
    angel that is why
    she had helped the two of us in a time of need”

    Helen: ”She is not an Angel but a girl with a nice
    heart and I think
    this time around am going to repay her for her
    kind gesture
    towards us. Can I have her number?”

    Kimberly: ”I forgot to collect her number”

    Helen: ”You didn’t forget to take a picture with
    her but forgot to
    collect her number”

    Kimberly: ”It was not my fault, she was in a
    hurry to go home that’s why”

    Helen: ”Since you two will be attending same
    University maybe
    your path may cross again but now am seizing
    your laptop for a

    Kimberly: ”Why?”

    Helen: ”It was because of this laptop that was
    why you didn’t read for your post utme”

    Kimberly: ”A month is too much”

    Helen: ”Okay two weeks”

    Kimberly: ”Mum please one week”

    Helen: ”Two weeks that’s it I won’t change my
    mind for anything”

    Kimberly: ”Mum why am I even being punish?”
    Helen: ”You know what you did and if you try to
    provoke me now,
    I will tell your dad to seize your two month

    Kimberly: ”Mum I can’t believe you are punishing
    me just because I
    didn’t read for my post utme”

    Helen: ”Not reading for your post utme is not

    Kimberly: ”Okay mum you can keep the laptop
    for two weeks”

    Helen: ”Better. You can now go to your to and
    change. I will tell the
    maid to bring your lunch to your room or would
    you like to eat it
    in the dinning?”

    Kimberly said ” My room would be better” And
    went to her room

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