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    Next Episode O …Or I Snatch The Story O!

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    @Hauwa is dat a yes?

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    ****Episode Twenty Four****

    Days have passed, Kimberly and April haven’t
    been able to forget
    about each other, the two girls have been trying
    to know why
    they can’t get the other out of their heads but
    they couldn’t come up with a reason. The girls
    have been praying each passing day for the time
    for their clearance to reach maybe they may get
    to meet each other again during clearance.

    Some months later

    April has just finish with her clearance and on
    her way home, she bumped into someone and
    the things she was holding fell down.
    The person she bumped into helped her to pick
    up her things
    from the ground. When April raised her head up
    to thank the
    person, she saw that the person she bumped
    into was no one
    else but Kimberly. April couldn’t hide her

    April: (In a happy voice) ”Hey Kimberly”

    Kimberly: (hugging April) ”Hey April, How are you

    April: (hugging her back) ”Am fine but only that i
    have missed you.”

    Kimberly: ”I missed you more. I never believe I
    could ever miss
    someone I met only once”

    April: ”Even me. I have never been drawn to
    someone before but
    when I saw you, I felt as if i have known you for
    a long time”

    Kimberly: ”Even me. April are you through with
    your clearance?”

    April: ”Yes am through and you?”

    Kimberly: ”Yes am through. Are you going to be
    staying in the

    April: ”No I want to stay off-campus and now am
    looking for a one room apartment that my
    parents could afford but I can’t find any”

    Kimberly: April, my parents rented a flat for me
    to stay with my
    friend Liza but the flat has three bedroom, why
    don’t you come
    and live with us?”

    April: ”erm… I don’t think that’s a good idea”

    Kimberly: ”Why is it not a good idea?”

    April: ”Kimberly we just met and I don’t want to
    be a burden to you”

    Kimberly: ”I know we just met but the bond we
    share is just like
    the bond only sisters share and you won’t be a
    burden to me.
    Please April say yes”

    April: ”Kim please give me time to think about it”

    Kimberly: ”Okay I will but please let your answer
    be positive”

    April: ”Okay. I need to go now”(turning to leave)

    Kimberly: ”Wait April. Can I have your number so
    that we can keep
    in touch and for you to also call me to tell me
    what your reply is”

    April: ”Sure”

    The two girls exchanged contacts and went their
    separate ways

    When Kimberly got home, she told her mum that
    she met with
    April today and she also told her to come live
    with her. Her mum
    was very happy to hear that because she sees
    that as an
    opportunity to repay her for what she has done
    for both her and
    Kimberly. She was also very happy that her
    daughter has also finds a new friend, she also
    advice her daughter to always help April in any
    way she can because she had noticed her from
    her dressing that she is not from a wealthy

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    nice one

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    Good one…..
    They must surely know theirselves

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    Blood is tiker dan water

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    Henry SanctusHenry Sanctus
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    Hmmmm wont a bond….bt problem wil arise whn john fall inlove with april…

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