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    Snake ladies by MUSTY
    written by: Mustapha Idris_Musty
    The below story and its content you are about to read its written and owned by Mustapha Idris. This story should not be copied, printed or shared without the author permission. For more update, get in touch with me via twitter
    Mustapha Idris@Musty_Icy
    Episode 1
    Port Harcourt city
    present day…
    Me: Anita, i know we are poor but pls, you don’t have to sleep around with men to get money. Let us sit down and figure out a way. I am sure that we will come up with something plss..
    Anita: Idris my love, you have to understand things please. Look, we don’t have anything doing. The landlord will soon chase us away if we don’t give him anything soon. We can’t even eat properly and yet, we are owing alot of women credit here. I know what i am doing is not good right now but it is the only means for us to survive..
    My dear anita said as she was putting on a bum short with spaghetti top. Her ass was fighting with the tight bumshort and the tip of her nipples were showing through the light spaghetti shirt she had on. Anita has been caring and loving towards me from day one. I am a graduate of micro biology from rivers state university of science and technology. I graduated since last year and have been looking for job ever since but no company or firm will employ me. I met anita during my last year in the university. She was also a final year student of mass communication. Our love for each other grew each passing day and we decided to rent an apartment in port Harcourt. At first, she secured a job in a small radio firm. After 6 months of her job, the radio station was closed down by the government and ever since, we have been living from hand to mouth. At a time, we borrowed from other people in other to eat once a day… As the burrowing was too much, anita decided to start sleeping with men for men.
    Anita slowly pulled her bumshort down to her ankle. She removed her pink G-string and was standing in front of me..
    Me: *confused* Are you not going to work again?
    Anita: yes i will but the first person to touch me will be my husband.
    She replied with a smile. On hearing this, my SLEEPING BEAUTY jumped to life. She quickly removed my boxers and sat on top of me.. She was late already and if she is not quick, she may not find better customers. In a fast way, she was busy f-----g me as her butt was twerking up and down on my d--k. The chair i was sitting on was making a squeak sound but who cares. 10 minutes gone, i was still not close to cumming. She turned around and faced me in a cowgirl position. This way, i was kissing and squeezing her breast at the same time. After about 5 minutes, i came.
    She quickly wore her bumshort and walked towards the door
    Anita: wish me luck..
    She said and left.

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    hmmm wish u luck kwa

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    Musty {king Author}
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    Episode 2
    Anita went out leaving me all to myself. I couldn’t help but to pity her. She truly loves me and i am yet to proposed to her. My mind drifted back to segun and Ayo. My two friends who had graduated with me from the same university. We all had been looking for jobs but to no avail. After several attempts. Segun and Ayo gave up. They kept their CV aside and before a month or two, i saw them driving the latest car in town.
    Tuesday afternoon about 5 months back. I was going home after another unsuccessful trial when two cars stopped and park in front of me..
    Me: *shouting as the car almost hit me* are you mad, what sort of rubbish is this. Are you stupid. Is it because you now owned a car thats why you think you rule this world.
    I was busy shouting when the occupant in the car whined down the glass.
    Me: *shouting in surprise* segun, segun, is this really you… Jesus!!!
    I ran down to the other side and saw Ayo sitting down on the driver’s sit in the other car.
    They both came down and we hugged each other passionately.
    Me: chaiii, see the way una fresh
    segun: Idris, idris.. Longest time
    Ayo: Idris my nigga, so you still dey hunt for job?
    Me: my brother, na so we see am for this country oo.. So una don get work as drivers and una no fit holla ur boy. E no good oo..
    Segun & Ayo: hahahaha. U dey craze ooo.
    Ayo: so you still dey do this your funny mumu thing?
    Segun: abi oo, na our car be this na…
    Me: *shouting* Jesus, na lie you dey lie. After being jobless. Wait a minute, so una don enter money ritual abi.
    Segun & Ayo: hahahaha, see mumu oo.. You no know the latest work for town again
    me: wetin be the latest work?
    Ayo: segun gist am abeg!
    Segun: idris, na SUGAR MUMMY biz dey rain oo..
    Me: God forbid!! So una dey sleep with grandmama for money. Tofiakwa.
    Ayo: mumu, dem no be grandmama. Infact some of them dey married women wey their husband travel and need someone to warm their bed..
    Segun: yes oo.. Money make them fine well well and idris believe me, them go baff you with money. Them go change your situation. All you need do is to accept them, we fit currently hook you with oneself.
    Me: God forbid. I no fit sleep with my mama mate abeg. Situation never reach like that.
    We talked about so many things before they we parted ways. They gave me about #30,000 and i was glad. Anita was glad too but i made sure she did not know the kind of business they are into.
    Me: never, i will never sleep with my mother’s mate..
    I looked at the wall clock and the time was late. I lay on my bed and drifted to sleep with an empty stomach.

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    Musty {king Author}
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    Episode 3
    Anita got to the junction and as usuall, other girls were there too waiting for their customers.
    Betty: anita!!
    Betty shouted as Anita came close and they hugged each other passionately.
    Betty: na by this time wey better ashawo dem come work?
    Anita: ahh, u no say i must first nack my bobo before another man touch me na.
    Kemi: *smoking cigarette* na una sabi. Abeg e b like say one fish dey come oo.
    A Toyota camry came by and the occupant of the car came outside. They were two young boys and they picked bimpe and caro.
    Betty: na wow o. Na even those ugly girl them see.
    Anita: hahaha, abeg another car dey come oo.
    A red BMW car came to a halt right infront of anita. A big man in flowing Agbada came down and selected Anita among all others. The rest girls became jealous except betty who was happy for her friend.
    Kemi: na wow for anita oo.. Na only she dey get better customers for here.
    Queen: na true you talk, maybe she dey use charm.
    They kept complaining till another car pulled by.
    The red bmw came to a stop inside a large compound. Anita and the chief walked hand in hand inside the big house. The interior was furnished expensively and the house was unque to the eyes.

    Anita: hope i won’t jump into the anger of your wife?
    Chief: hahaha, my wife and kids live in abroad.
    Anita: so you mean you are the only occupant in this house.
    Chief: yes i am.
    They made their way into one of his rooms. Anita dropped her bag and moved seductively towards chief. She pushed him to the bed and laid on him kissing him passionately. Her hands went under his agbada where she located his SLEEPING BEAUTY. With a light massage, his d--k jumped up from its sleep. She removed her cloth while kissing him and also removed her bumshort. She was left with only her G-string without any bra. Chief smiled and removed his own clothes. Out of patience, he urged her to be quick. Anita laughed and tore a condom which she wore on his d--k. She slowly inserted his d--k into her p---y
    chief: *moaning* hmm, uhhh
    she turned over in a reverse cowgirl position still sitting on his d--k while he was lying on the bed. She started bouncing her ass up and down his d--k very fast while chief was busy shouting and moaning. She switched position in a cowgirl position and continued f-----g him while he was pressing her breast, about 10 minutes later, he cummed into the condom and was still breathing heavily.

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