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    (Please The season 1 of this story is currently unavailable but was summarized in this season 2)

    The Diary of an IMOSTAR Is the true life story of a young man whose sexual life and adventures almost cost him all he stood for.
    At the end we are to find if he totally lost focus, got carried away by the wind of misfortune or simply got entraped by the courageous love of a strong woman.
    The story has lots of adventures, annoying episodes and funny scenes.

    Read as Val finally graduates from the university and steps up his wild life with more dangerous Adventures…..


    Main characters of season2b are as follows:

    {1} ADAORA> Val’s wife to be. A spirited young lady with impeccable charms

    {2} Chinwe> Val’s campus girlfriend. A sweet young lady with lovely nature.

    {3} Tessy> Val’s sugar mummy.

    {4} Elinor> Val’s agent/ cold enemy

    {5} Jenny> Val’s corper friend

    {6} Frank> Val’s best friend and mentor.

    {7} Joy> Frank’s girlfriend.

    previously on the Diary of An Imostar

    However Adaora still remained my chosen future wife, but she finally returned back to abuja with my
    sister after Dad’s burial, {for the continuation of her nysc}, while chinwe still remained a friend to me, even though we both still felt strongly for each other….

    Finally on the last
    week of june 2012, chinwe called me on phone to announce the good news of my
    posting to me…

    I gasped when i heard
    where i was posted, because it really
    didn’t work out the way i had wished.

    “hmmm at last” was
    all i could mutter weakly when i finally
    found my voice.
    But where really was i posted??

    This story is rated well
    CoolEpisode 1 *continues from the last Episode of Season 2A

    “at last” i heard myself weakly mutter again, as sweat drenched my body like a person who saw an angry ghost,

    “hello, what did you say?” Chinwe asked curiously. I swallowed hard, breathed heavily and shrugged with a shoulder.

    “nne where did you say i was posted again?” i asked with a very faint voice,

    “kano” she muttered quietly as if she even was scared to mention the name of that cool city, while her reply exploded in my right ear like the dreaded boko haram bomb.

    “i don’t believe you, how can i be posted to kano eeh?? Abeg check well please” i managed to mutter,

    “i cross- checked your name several times and i’m very sure of what i saw, but you can come and check for yourself i already have done my part bye” she answered before ending the phone call. I really couldn’t believe my ears nor breathe very well that moment because my heart was pounding very fast and furiously.

    “kano!” i exclaimed again and again in total disbelief,

    “no it can’t be possible, there is a mistake somewhere” i muttered to myself because i knew the person who was contacted to handle my posting really {is} was very capable.

    I spent the rest of that day with my thoughts wondering to and fro, because I knew nothing on earth would make me serve in kano,
    “d--n national unity, d--n one Nigeria, d--n boko haram” i cursed again and again.

    “mum i will be going to owerri tomorrow to check my name, i heard 2nd list is out” i explained to mum later in the evening as she ate dinner. She just shrugged, searched my face for a while before smiling,

    “can’t you ask a friend to check it for you?? Anyway do as you wish” she muttered. I forced out a smile and left the dinning room quietly, carefully keeping my thoughts to myself.

    The following day, June 28 2012, i drove into Owerri town very early, and headed straight to school nervously . Chinwe already was in GST block waiting for me just like she promised. I smiled in appreciation as we hugged.

    “oh Chinwe if only” i muttered to myself as i held her tightly,

    “leave me jare” she joked with a smile, while i stared into her eyes and said nothing. She soon grasped my right hand and led me to where she saw my name.

    I used my second right finger to cross check the line my name was written, but truly she really wasn’t mistaken, i was posted to Kano after all.

    I soon felt her hand as she held my waist sweetly, i looked at her unhappily, while she gave me a very sweet smile which truly calmed me down, and It just looked that moment as if we were back together.

    “let’s go somewhere quiet” i heard her mutter,

    “baby it seems i won’t be going again oooo” i exclaimed like a child preparing to cry,

    “sssshh don’t say that” she muttered as she dragged me back to my car.

    I was terribly heart broken that moment because i knew nothing would make me undertake an adventure or risk of serving in the north, but with Chinwe seated beside me just like old times, it seemed fate was trying to play another card which i really never expected nor bargained for……..

    To be continued…

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    “lets go to my lodge” i heard chinwe say to me as i drove out of GST unit. I gave her a searching look which made her shrug and smile,

    “i don’t like hanging in school moreover it’s too early for that so i think my lodge will be the most suitable place for us to stay” she explained.

    I drove straight to her lodge without another word and together we entered her room where her surprised sexy roomate Mirabel stared at us like someone lost in deep forest.

    “hi” i greeted polietly,

    “hullo” she finally found her voice and responded, before smiling at chinwe who was looking intently at her.

    “i’m off to school do take care” she sweetly said to her friend before leaving us alone.

    “so what will you do?” chinwe stared into my eyes and asked as soon as i sat on her bed,

    “i really don’t know but i guess i’ll have to speak with my mum first” i replied uneasily, she surprisingly held my two hands and drew closer to me,

    “i wish i could be of help but there is nothing i can do in this case, so please think over things carefully and discuss with your mum, i believe you and her can still work things out” she spoke softly and wisely which really touched my heart and aroused me. I stared into her eyes and swallowed hard, while the intensity of my gaze shook and made her uneasy.

    Her face instantly coloured, and she looked away, but i gently turned her face with my left fingers which equally played with her jaw at the same time.

    “what?” she asked with shaking lips

    “i don’t know” i truthfully replied,

    “please stop it, you know this won’t get us anywhere, we are no longer together, leave me jor” she muttered and made to stand up, but i instantly grabbed her with a little force, which made both of us land on her bed.

    I knew not how my lips closed in on hers nor when my fingers began caressing her hair, but all i knew was that my body was on fire and the only thing i wanted was her body and love to quench the burning sensation.

    “please stop it” she struggled weakly as i kissed her hotly,

    “you are making me hate you more” she added as she struggled, but i still continued…..

    To be continued…..

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    I really was extremely turned on as i kissed her soft delicious lips, and her struggles only aroused me more and more

    “val stop it, what are you turning into?, are you deranged or what?” she asked as she continued to resist me, but i still continued as if her questions were just moaning sounds.

    I finally felt a blow {thud} land on my head, which threw me out of her body as if a naked electric wire had shocked me. I stared at her silently and in shock while she stood up defiantly and faced me with both hands on her hips.

    “you better start going, since you are taking my simplicity for granted” i heard her bark angrily. I rubbed my right hand at the back of my head {where she hit me} for a while before standing up with a fallen face, while my eyes rested on the shoe which she hit me with, which equally was still lying where she left it on her bed.

    “chinwe you hit me?” i finally muttered as i raised up my face to meet her gaze,

    “so you now can hit me with a shoe heel?” i asked softly with red eyes which really was filled with bitter tears.

    She instantly turned and backed me,

    “please just go” she muttered quietly,

    “i know things are not the way it is supposed to be between us, but at least can’t you consider my position?” i managed to ask,

    “consider what eeh? Do you know how many times you broke my heart, or the last time i cried for you? Or is it your never ending fake promises? Seriously i still do regret following my heart and believing in you, but i will never regret breaking up with you, so please kindly go back home since we can’t have a decent conversation like matured adults” she poured out to me, while my heart grew heavier than it initially was.

    “Surely this isn’t Chinwe i used to know, who always fumbled under my touch” i muttered to myself, even though i knew she wasn’t at fault for the way things ended between us.

    “only if my body will learn how to respect itself” i reasoned as my eyes rested on her average sized behind.

    “chinwe” i muttered moments later, as i bravely drew near and held her shoulder,

    “please just go” i heard her mutter like someone in grief,

    “i’m sorry for everything, i do know i’m a big jerk, please forget about what just happened please” i pleaded softly which made her turn and face me with eyes filled with tears.

    “val you broke my heart and still breaking it more, what did i do to you eeh?” i heard her ask with an accusing face.

    I instantly felt as if an arrow has pierced my heart.

    To be continued
    our updates will soon start flowing like it used to, please do have a little more patience….

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    I swallowed hard and looked away, but she surprisingly held my hands again and stared at me with eyes filled with tears,

    “i have to get going, i will call you later” i bravely muttered and made to leave her room, but she strongly held me which made me stop and return her gaze,

    “so you still havn’t gotten an answer to my question till now?” she asked solemnly while i bit my lips nervously and stared at her with confused eyes,

    “chinwe please” i heard myself mutter, but it only made her smile in a funny manner which heightened my confusion,

    “just this once, and we part for good” she suddenly added as she stared into my eyes,

    “what?” i heard myself ask, but she just turned, walked to her bed and laid down, with her back turned to me.

    My joystick instantly raised it’s head a bit, while i scratched my head for some seconds as i pondered over the whole thing,

    “d--n” i cursed as i stared at her backside which truly was tempting as ever, but then i equally was wise enough to know that it might be a trap or test to know my reaction.

    “or did she mean every word she just said?” i asked myself.

    Even though i wanted her body badly that moment i equally didn’t want it to be our last moment together, because just like food i knew i’ll still get hungry for her again probably days or weeks after the deed.

    “i’m sorry but i have to get going” i muttered and turned to leave, but before i could open her room door, she called out to me

    “val come here” she commanded like a female commandant, i instantly stopped and turned,

    “i’m serious, just come” she spoke softly. I obeyed like a loyal dog, drew close and sat beside her on the bed,

    “so you were actually leaving?” she asked,

    “yea, i can’t stand this scenes anymore” i replied. She breathed deeply and stared into my eyes,

    “i don’t know what else to tell you, but you caused it all by choosing her over me” she accused sadly, which really touched my spirit and pushed me to lie beside her,

    “enough of that please” i pleaded,

    “isn’t it obvious that you fancy me more as a mistress than as a girlfriend or lover?” she asked, but all i did was just to clean the remaining tears in her eyes before kissing her softly,

    “no one on earth can define how much i value you” i breathed, while she surprisingly clunged unto me, and my right hand instantly rested on her left……

    To be continued….

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    One of the things i do love about Chinwe is her calm, calculative and understanding nature. She really sacrificed so much to make me happy, that till this day i do still wonder whether i have even been a little fair to her.

    We kissed hotly for some minutes, before i gently took off her clothes, after working all over her body with my magic hands.

    “Ouch” she moaned and wriggled as i gently bit her right ti.t, while the scent of her newly made hair filled my nostrils, driving me crazy like an enraged bull.

    Surely making love with someone you consider special do have it’s own personal effect, moreover it also has been long we last made sweet love. Her hands were soon on my body working their own magic and driving me more enraged.

    My eyes rolled over and over as i enjoyed her caresses, and when her left hand finally grabbed my joystick, i was already in a space ship heading to pluto,

    “huh” she moaned and bit my ear, when she felt the weight of my manhood with her hand. Her moan instantly switched my tempo into hyper-drive sending me straight into unexplainable pleasure with speed of light. I soon crashlanded into her honey pot without knowing when i tore her pant nor when i pulled on a rubber {which i got from my wallet}

    she sang like a bird while i swam like a fish as we knacked each other furiously, and so we knacked and rowed until we got to Mississippi where i offloaded my cargo.

    “Nawaoo!” she exclaimed as we held each other gasping for breath. Her facial expression equally left a satisfying smile on my face, because i saw she wasn’t disappointed with my display, even though i instantly began praying to be granted a second round.

    “hope you are now okay?” she asked moments later as i returned from her toilet after disposing the used rubber. I smiled and nodded in affirmative, even though i still wanted more.

    I laid beside her again, and played with her left hand, while she silently watched me with sparkle in her eyes

    “will this be our last time of making love?” i wondered as i stared at her speechlessly,

    “surely time will tell” i concluded with a calm smile,

    “what’s in your mind?” she asked curiously.

    I tried to kiss her but she pushed me away gently,

    “is this truly the last time we will ever relate sexually?” i asked with a pounding heart….

    But She just kept quiet and said nothing…..

    To be continued….
    “Betrayal” comes Next

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    “answer me nah” i softly pleaded, but my plea seemed only to provoke her, making her turn and back me. I rested my lips on her neck while my right hand gently rubbed her right shoulder.

    “i know all you care about is just the sex, after which you will go back to your chosen wife” she muttered quietly, while i kept quiet as i thought over the most appropriate word to use in replying her.

    “is that what you think?” i asked. She kept quiet and pretended as if she didn’t hear my question.

    “you can’t just conclude when you very well know that i’m engaged to no one” i heard myself say.

    “leave me alone jor, do you think i’m stupid?” she asked. I kissed her ear and slowly reached for her bosoms {with my right hand}. I softly squeezed them one after the other, she surprisingly kept quiet and allowed me to have my way.

    I breathed hot air into her ear as my excitement rose again, while she laid still as i continued caressing and fondling her.

    Fifteen minutes later, i reached for my wallet, brought out and wore another rubber, penetrated her {side-ways} from behind, and strongly held her aroused right bosom like a bicycle handle for support.

    “dog” she cursed,

    “mmmhhh” i surprisingly answered,

    “abeg don’t wound me” she muttered with a cold tone. I said nothing but just continued with my slamming, which really produced a kind of funny sound as our {lower} sex organs brushed each other to and fro…..

    However i truly didn’t enjoy the second round because she just laid very still as if she was sleeping and when i finally poured{came} minutes later, i just stared speechlessly at her with pity and remorse.

    “can that really be called love making? Or was it truly satisfying or worth it?” i asked myself with a guilty mind. Surely chinwe needed much more than sex and care from me, but that was all i could offer that moment. Moreover, allowing her to move on with her life just like a gentleman really was very hard to me because i so badly still wanted her.

    “Hope you are done?” she asked as i pulled out from her body. I said nothing, entered her toilet/bathroom freshened and dressed up before facing her again.

    She just sat on her bed and silently stared at me as i dressed up, which truly made me very uncomfortable.

    Without another word, i reached for my wallet, brought out five thousand naira and dropped it on her reading table,

    “i have to get going dear, i’ll call you when i get home” i said to her with a smile, but it only infuriated her more and her eyes sparkled like two high tension cables that came in contact with each other,

    “do you think i’m a beggar or prostitute?, please take your money and disappear from here, i don’t need your help again, this will be the last insult i’ll ever recieve from you” she barked like an angry pregnant woman, which left me extremely surprised.

    “where did i go wrong again?” i asked myself and wondered….

    To be continued…
    “Betrayal” part 2 starts shortly…

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    I sat beside her again and stared at her for a while in silence,

    “nne stop all these nah” i pleaded as i touched her shoulder,

    “just go jor” she muttered quietly,

    “i’m not going anywhere again” i replied and relaxed beside her, took out my phone from my pocket and began playing football game with it.

    “are you not going again?” she finally asked thirty minutes later,

    “no i’m not” i replied with all my attention still on the football game i was playing,

    “you made me miss today’s lectures” she complained,

    “sorry” i apologized with a smile. She snatched my handset from my hand which made me look at her with surprise,

    “you have to start going in order to reach home on time” she added quietly, while I shrugged and smiled,

    “don’t worry Enugu isn’t far” i replied but she shook her head and stood up,

    “bia come and start going jor” she insisted,

    “i won’t be going back to Enugu today, i intend spending the night at my cousin’s house” i finally explained,

    “hmmmm but it could have been better for you to rush home and talk things over with your mum” she tried to advice me,

    “what’s there to talk eeh? I already know mum won’t allow me to embark on such journey” i replied while she shrugged,

    “okay ooo oga i don hear” she replied, carried her mirror and backed me again.

    “lets go together to chinedu’s place” i offered as i stared at her moments later,

    “why?” she asked,

    “i just need more of your company, i will bring you back here later” i explained, but she only just kept quiet in hesitation,

    “c’mon dear, i promise i won’t be s.illy” i added as i tickled her ribs, which made her smile.

    Thirty minutes later we headed to world bank, where a happy Benita welcomed us, but then chinwe and i were extremely surprised with the sight that greeted us.

    Benita’s stomach was a bit swollen like a pregnant woman which really left me speechless because it appeared like at last she has been able to cage my randy cousin with a very common but popular trick.

    Chinwe gave me a knowing look which i equally returned with a smile as we sat down in the sitting room.

    “hmmmm today is really getting more interesting” i reasoned as i wondered how Benita was finally able to achieve that feat and what exactly happened to Amara the young girl my cousin was very much obssessed with….

    To be continued…
    Betrayal 2 comes next.
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