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    “you didn’t go to work today?” i curiously asked Benita minutes later,

    “nope” she casually replied with a smile without offering any explanation which truly heightened my curiousity,

    I stayed in the sitting room for a while before entering my room, thereby leaving her and chinwe alone to gossip like old pals.

    I used the oportunity to call Adaora on phone, with news of where i was posted,

    “whaaaaat” she exclaimed,

    “abeg better stay at home till next batch” she advised,

    “baby i’m seriously heartbroken, i just don’t know what to do” i poured out to her,

    “don’t worry dear, everything will be alright okay” she consoled me,

    “where are you?” she curiously asked seconds later in her usual way,

    “i’m at Chinedu’s place” i replied,

    “bro chinedu?” she asked just to be sure,

    “yea dear, and i just wish you are right here with me, i really do need to feel your touch and warmth” i said sweetly just to make her happy. I knew my words found there way into her heart, because She kept quiet for a while before speaking up again.

    “baby me too, just hearing your voice is making me to lose concentration, please let’s reserve it for night, i’ll call you by 9pm and we will then spend the rest of the night together” she said sweetly.

    “okay big girl” i replied with a smile,

    “nonsense boy” she joked before ending the phone call…

    I was almost carried away by sleep and exhaustion, when Chinwe slowly entered my room around 3pm,

    “i want to start going” she said as she on my bed. I grabbed her waist and stared at her,

    “don’t tell me you want to miss today’s story?” i asked with a smile,

    “which story?” she curiously asked as if she didn’t know what i meant,

    “didn’t you see Benita’s stomach?” i fired back,

    “e concern you? Abeg free the babe jare, Benita too much for that your cousin” she replied,

    “what did she tell?” i further asked,

    “none of your business” she replied,

    “please i want to start going, i’m very hungry and tired” she added with a frown,

    “isn’t there any food in the kitchen?” i asked,

    “she offered me beans which i declined” she explained,

    “okay lets visit a fastfood joint, you ain’t going till i say so” i said to her as i got up from my bed, while she just gave me an askance look before shaking her head.

    “what?” i asked,

    “i just don’t know why you find it hard to accept that our relationship has ended” she replied and stood up. I drew close, held her and stared into her eyes. She instantly coloured up before looking away.

    “can you swear to that?” i solemnly asked with searching eyes, but before she could answer, the sound of Chinedu’s car driving into the compound distracted us……

    To be continued…..
    Betrayal comes next….

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    I reluctantly dropped Chinwe at her lodge an hour later, because she begged and insisted,

    “do take care dear” i said sweetly as i handed her the five thousand naira she earlier rejected. She flashed a sweet quick smile at me before dividing the money,

    “i will only take 3k, buy fuel with the rest” she muttered sweetly before climbing out from my car.

    “oh gracious me!” i exclaimed.

    “Chinwe definetly is filled with lots of surprises, and a wife material” i reasoned before driving away.

    I headed back to my cousin’s house without wasting any time, but before i could pull into the drive way, i spotted Amara with an attractive looking well endowed girl, standing across the street.

    I slowed down and stopped beside them without knowing why. Perhaps i stopped because i was captivated and drawn by the other girl’s charm or maybe i stopped because i wanted to have a little chat with Amara.

    “hmmmm longest time” Amara greeted and hugged me as soon as i alighted from my car, greatly surprising me because we weren’t really tight friends. Even though we have talked and gisted before.

    Anyway the manner in which she greeted me emboldened and boasted my morale, making me smile with a changed plan in my mind. I equally threw casual glances at her friend who pretended not to notice my charms, but truthfully i salivated when i closely saw her well curved anatomy.

    The feelings i had that moment were that of huge lust, desire and want because the pretty girl was looking so fresh and edible.

    “da.m.n” i breathed and swallowed hard.

    Truly nothing turns a guy so much than a ripe or well packaged food, and all i wanted that moment was just to grab a bite, disappear and make room for the next available man. With a smile on my face i slided my right hand into my right trouser pocket, felt the 2k chinwe gave back to me and muttered some silent greetings to her.

    “how have you been doing?” i managed to ask Amara with a smile,

    “i’m fine sha and i see you aint looking bad, we are looking for who will take us out, and since you are here, i know you won’t disappoint me” she said sweetly like a runz girl.

    “hmmmm how can i disappoint you kwanu?” i asked with a smile.

    “wow really, olivia did you hear him?, ngwanu open your door jare let’s start going” she said and jumped sweetly as if she has never been taken out before.

    I smiled in my mind as i opened my car doors for them. I knew in her mind she probably thought she has gotten another mugu without knowing i purposely accepted to take them out for a reason.

    Her smiles and happiness that evening really looked very sincere, but i wasn’t decieved because i knew where i was, the “Eastern Heartland and headquarters of deceptive and eagle eyed girls”. She might even be cursing or laughing at me in her mind that very moment, even though she really was very worthless to me because my cousin already has tasted her…

    Without any well constructed plan in my mind, i reversed my car and headed straight back into town….

    To be continued……

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    “i like your friend” i said to Amara with a smile after we settled down in a quiet fastfood joint within the neighbourhood. Instead of driving straight into town, i changed my mind at the last moment, stopping at a popular but quiet fastfood joint within the perimeter.
    The girls surprisingly settled for moi-moi, chicken and malt.

    “hmmmm are you sure?” she asked with a smile before throwing a quick glance at her friend, who still pretended not to notice my searching eyes nor smiles.

    “olivia is expensive oo, i don’t think you can handle her” she joked, while i laughed.

    “i love competition, Olivia what do you have to say?” i asked, inorder to involve her in the conversation.

    “you are yet to introduce yourself, nor Amara introduce you to me, so what do you want me to say” she asked quickly like a very sharp girl.

    “oops sorry nne, meet Val a good friend of mine, and Val i don’t need to tell you who she is nah!” Amara quipped in jovially. I nodded and smiled as i searched for an appropriate word or sentence to make.

    “just a friend?” she asked Amara, sized me up with her eyes before facing her friend with a look of feigned suspicion,

    “yes nah, just a friend, i once dated his cousin” she further explained, which made Olivia to nod and continue with her food.

    We really didn’t spend much time before leaving the fastfood joint, because time wasn’t on our side and by 6:30pm i was already in my cousin’s house after collecting olivia’s phone number.

    “we will get to know each other better, next time i visit Owerri” i explained to her as i dropped them at the spot where i earlier picked them…

    9pm chinedu and i settled down in a small “drinking {bar} joint” opposite his house. He normally takes me there once in a while whenever i visit, especially when he has some stories to share with me.

    “so it means you won’t be going with this batch?” he asked with a cup of “Star beer” in his hand,

    “it seems so, unless the govt comes to our rescue, i know i’m not the only person rejecting such frivolous posting” i replied.

    “okay oo, you are still very young and time is still on you side” he sipped her beer and said just to console me.

    “so what’s up between you and Benita??” i suddenly asked. The exression in his eyes changed, instantly telling me that all wasn’t well.

    “brother i’m still very stunned, i can’t even tell how it all happened, but i still accepted responsibility because there isn’t any other option, at least till she delivers, whatever i decide will then happen after that, whether its a wedding ceremony or kicking her out of my life for good, the painful part is that my parents are not even aware” he explained and lamented. His reply really shook me hard, leaving me to wonder how my own fate would be in future….

    The miserably look on
    his face clearly told me, that he has accepted defeat…..

    “When it comes to pregnancy and child issues, most brave guys tend to chicken out just like my cousin, and desperate ladies equally has learnt to cash in on that to achieve their plan”

    “whatever would be will be” i muttered to myself as i stared at my cousin speechlessly..

    To be continued…
    Next is Betrayal

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    “oga where went you?” Adaora suspiciously asked when i finally answered her phone call around 10:15pm that fateful evening. I apologized and told her about my cousin and his problems, which really calmed her down. We were soon gossiping and joking like couples far away from each other..

    The following day June 29 2012, i headed back to Enugu as early as 4am. I really had to rush back so early in order to make up for the wasted time and equally meet my mum at home before she goes out.

    She was extremely sad when i told her where i was posted, and as i expected she asked me not to honour it.

    “i can’t allow you to take such risk, november is but few months away, so relax and wait for the next batch” she advised.

    However by weekend, news of mass protest and complains of graduates posted to core northern states began spreading like wildfire equally boasting my morale, because i knew it was just a matter of days before our government succumbs to pressure and probably redeploy us.

    Due to anxiety and my restless nature, i abandoned all my resposibilities and headed back to owerri on sunday morning.

    “i want to be in owerri and monitor the situation closely” was the lie and excuse i gave to my mum before heading back to owerri.

    Truly, having fun with Olivia was the only thing in my mind as i sped back to owerri that fateful sunday, and only picturing her shape in my mind as i drove made me speed like a crazy driver.

    Sometimes social networks do help us close some gaps especially with a new friend or catch, and i truly was grateful to facebook that weekend, because i was able to twist and turn Olivia’s mind via its platform all through saturday night, that she was willing and ready to give me a try.

    By 12noon that fateful sunday, i stood in front of my cousin’s house and waited for her to show up,

    “just call me when you get to owerri, if i’m not busy, i’ll come and see you” she had replied the previous day before we ended our chat, and so When i drove into my cousin’s compound that sunday she really was the first person i called, and since she was leaving closeby she accepted to show up thirty minutes later, which equally gave me the time to freshen up. My cousin and Benita weren’t around that moment, so i figured they went to church together.

    She soon showed up, wearing a tight fitting jean trouser and a lovely smile, which made me lick my lips hungrily. The size of her bosoms made her look like a walking milk factory, watering my mouth and driving me nuts……

    She soon drew close and we hugged calmly, while i happily felt the softness of her delicate bosoms which i knew would soon grace my lips.

    “lets go inside” i muttered innocently. She smiled and followed me….

    To be continued….

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    Together we walked into the compound, and slowly made our way into the house, but as we walked into the sitting room and i tried to lead her into my bedroom, she stopped and refused to follow me.

    I gave her a reassuring smile and tried to reach for her right hand. She drew back a few steps and stared at me with suspicion in her eyes.

    “where are we going?” she asked,

    “to my room nah” i answered innocently as if my mind was clean.

    “why what’s wrong with the sitting room?” she curiously asked. I bit my lips and rolled my eyes.

    Seriously that’s really the main reason i do prefer self contained student rooms to such apartment, because such a room is what we call “multi purpose”, a room which could serve both as a bedroom and a sitting room, easily making your visitors{date} to sit on your bed without much stress.

    “the sitting room isn’t mine” i managed to mutter jokingly, but my joke got nowhere nor had any effect on Olivia who still stood and stared at me with suspicion in her eyes.

    “but the bedroom is yours huh?” she asked quietly.

    “oh christ” i exclaimed to myself before drawing close to her.

    “are you scared?” i asked, she simply looked at me without saying anything,

    “do i look like a bad person?” i asked, but she still kept quiet,

    “are you having double mind about me?” i also asked before holding her hand. She looked down and said nothing.

    “this is my cousin’s house and i like entertaining my friends in my room, because he may return with his own friends and i wouldn’t want you to be uncomfortable” i quietly explained to her. She breathed deeply and looked up at me,

    “you could have said so earlier” she finally muttered,

    “i’m sorry” i replied calmly, she smiled and together we walked into my room, where i served her some biscuits and a bottle of malt which i later got from my cousin’s fridge.

    We laughed, joked and watched a local movie for about an hour before i playfully pecked her. She instantly coloured and tried to pretend like an embarrassed virgin.

    “You smell nice” i muttered sweetly,

    “thanks” she calmly replied before trying to move away from me. I held her strongly and stared at her with hunger in my eyes.

    “i swear nothing will make me lose you” i said truthfully, with lust in my eyes, but i knew she misunderstood the fire in my eyes, and probably thought it was passion.

    She instantly blushed and looked away,

    “abeg stop looking at me that way, it’s only meant for your girlfriend” she quipped in,

    “darling my girlfriend has never brought out this kind of fire or desire from my inner most heart before, seriously i’m beginning to have doubts about my true feelings towards her” i answered calmly.

    I knew she purposely mentioned “girlfriend”, with the hope that i would deny or come up with something which she invariably would conclude as a lie, but then not every girl really deserves such an old lie nor effort, more over married men do catch fun more or less a young unmarried guy like myself…

    “why do you say such words about her?” she asked,

    “she does what other Imsu girls do, so there is no need defending her” i replied,

    “but i’m also an Imsu girl nah” she added,

    “yea an Imsu girl with fire” i replied before planting a kiss on her lips.

    “seriously i havn’t met anyone like you” she muttered with a smile, while my hand cautiously and slowly made its way to her left bosom. I truly was very cautious because i knew just a single mistake from my part could spoil and probably end the whole show.

    I equally prayed silently as i gently closed in like a hawk. Surely having free first date sex is really really very hard….

    To be continued…

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    my hand soon rested on her left bosom, but she said nothing and pretended not to notice. I slowly squeezed her boso.m while my eyes expertly searched and read her reaction.

    She still kept quiet, which truly delighted me. I drew forward and kissed her lips gently. She didn’t push me away nor reacted negatively which further encouraged me, making me increase the tempo of my kissing.

    “please it’s okay” she finally muttered as she gently pushed me away seconds later,

    “what’s wrong?” i innocently asked,

    “no just let me be, moreover it’s my first time of visiting you, so i can’t have anything with you at least not yet” she seriously muttered and folded her hands, leaving me with no other option than to play my last card which i really do hate using.

    “why are you behaving like a little girl? You already know i’m not a poor nor hungry student, we can start our relationship right here from this minute, i need not tell you, what i’m capable of” i rapped all and all like M.I bragging about being a chairman.

    “so you mean there won’t be any relationship if i choose not to open my legs for you?” she curiously asked when i was done rapping, which kind of stunned me.

    However such question needed no answer because there wasn’t any way i could answer it without compromising myself. I just smiled, kissed and held her softly.

    Most girls do go soft or easily develop feelings for young wealthy guys, especially cute, well behaved or dressed ones, and that really was my bargaining chip in most of my exploits even though i discovered it late {which was when i got my first car after breaking up with Christy}. So i really can’t say it’s love nor likeness which drew some of them to me…..

    “how do i know you arn’t lying?” she managed to ask, but i continued, caressing and fondling her without replying..

    She finally succumbed when she saw i wasn’t ready to give up,

    “i’m just giving you the benefit of doubt” she muttered as i slowly penetrated her surprisingly wet honeypot. She closed her eyes and bit her lips when i finally buried the full length of my manhood inside her…

    The pretty well shaped damsel really tasted like an early morning tea filled with Milo, and when i finally graced her tempting backside in round two, all hell was let loose as i ravaged and knacked with full throttle…..

    “fikpia fikpia fikpia fikpia” was the only audible sound in the room as i whipped her.

    I knew not what made me turn and look back towards my door in round two, perhaps it was that unconscious feeling that notifies us when our privacy is breached, but when i did turn, i was extremely surprised to see my cousin peeping with a dark scowl on his face through my door, which he slightly opened…..

    To be continued……
    Betrayal has been updated “always check *recent replies* in your page or “vforum” for forum updates”……

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    He quickly withdrew his face and quietly closed my door when our eyes met. I breathed deeply and continued with the enormous task before me.

    I finally jerked ferociously as i emptied my seed into my rubber which was buried deep inside her pot, and it looked that moment as if a dark veil fell off my eyes, all i saw before me was a nervous looking chubby girl lying on my bed. All her beauty and attractive features just instantly disappeared from my eyes.

    Truly lust do make us see things differently especially when we allow our mind to be influenced, and as my lust and desire was spent that moment she instantly looked disgusting in my eyes.

    However i pretended as if all was fine, and polietly led her to the bathroom where she freshened up. I still waited upon her like a gentleman of noble birth, before courteously excorting her out of the compound minutes later.

    I knew her mind was filled with questions just like every girl after having sex with a new guy, but she said no word nor asked any question as we left the building.

    I still do remember Benita’s angry gaze as she silently stared at us as i escorted olivia out till this very day. However she said nothing because it wasn’t her business even though i was a bit scared she might tell Chinwe what she witnessed.

    “i will keep my promise” i innocently held Olivia’s hand and whispered into her ear as i bade her goodbye when we got to the gate,

    she looked up at me, heaved a sigh of relief and graciously smiled before hugging me.

    Sometimes sweet and carefully selected words are good to be spoken even if its nothing but fallacy. The response that greeted me when i spoke those words made me smile happily, lifting a little weight off my heart.

    “will today be the end and last?” i asked myself as i watched her disappear into the street. With a sigh i quietly walked back to the house where i knew some angry folks were lying in wait for me…

    To be continued..

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    I entered the house and walked straight to my bedroom where i quietly arranged my bed. My cousin came in moments later with hands in his pocket and a dirty smile on his face.

    “where did you get that girl from?” he asked,

    “from Amara” i replied with a smile.

    “i’m very serious, c’mon answer me nah” he urged as he stared at me with disbelief.

    “she’s Amara’s friend” i explained,

    “Amara??” he asked curiously,

    “yea” i replied,

    “nna mehn i still miss that girl” he confessed and shook his head. I kept quiet and said nothing because i really didn’t know what to say.

    “but why didn’t you tell me, you were coming with a girl? You can’t imagine my surprise when i heard funny sounds coming from your room when we returned from church, Seriously the sight that greeted me as i peeped into your room has spoilt all the prayers i made in the church hours ago” he kind of scolded me.

    “i’m sorry bro, sh.i.t just happened without notice” i explained. He just shrugged and left the room…..

    Benita kept an angry face for me throughout that afternoon, which made me very uncomfortable that i was forced to apologize to her,

    “why are you guys like this eeh??” she bitterly asked after i managed to mutter an apology when we were alone in the sitting room.

    “i used to think that you are a nice but confused guy because of the way circumstances brought chinwe and Adaora into your life, but i have now changed my opinion about you, and don’t look at me that way, your cousin already has told me your story” she added when she noticed the surprised look i gave her.

    “so what did you gain in having sex with that girl?” she asked, while i shrugged and thought it over. She really was right i gained absolutely nothing from it.

    “how do you think chinwe would feel if i tell her what you just did?” she asked,

    “we are no longer dating, so i don’t think it will matter” i tried to defend myself.

    “abeg comot there liar” she muttered with a faint smile,

    “i’m serious, she broke up with me months ago” i tried to explain,

    “if that’s the case why is she still following you around?” she asked,

    “because i do beg and insist” i replied,

    “and she obeys” she added, while i looked away.

    “chinwe just verbally broke up with you, she is yet to finish gathering the broken pieces of her heart which you scattered everywhere, and until she does so, she will keeping on hanging with you, hoping you come back to your senses and help her gather the rest of her broken heart”.. She lectured, while i instantly felt guilty.

    Her words just made me look like a selfish, heartless, egocentric male that moment, but my eyes equally lit up hopefully because i saw the opportunity to ask some daring questions which could reveal chinwe’s inner thoughts or little secrets she might have shared with her…..

    To be continued….

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