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    Episode 1

    The road was free from traffic and only a few vehicles were passing by on the road. It was quite early in the morning after all. Janet wondered what her husband would say if he found out that she was traveling so early but she had decided to make an early trip to Lagos before noon. The distance between Osun and Lagos is more than a few miles journey; she would have to make it to Ibadan before taking the long expressway to Lagos. Segun wasn’t exactly thrilled with the idea of her traveling to Osun on her own in the first instance. “Why can’t they fix the wedding on a weekend like normal people? Why does it have to be Thursday?” Those were the words from Segun when she told him about the wedding invitation. “The couple wants to have the wedding on the same day they met each other.” Janet had told him. Segun had been reluctant about letting her go alone with their daughter but he had to give in at the last minute.
    Janet smiled and looked at her eleven-year-old daughter Precious, who was fast asleep in the back seat. She looked so innocent as she slept, Janet felt so sorry for the poor girl, she had to force her up from bed so early in the morning. She thanked her stars for providing her with a man like Segun who loved her daughter as if she was his own.
    Just then Janet’s phone ranged, she hurriedly picked it up. It was her husband, Segun Balogun.
    “Hello sweetheart, how was your night?” He greeted warmly.
    “Well It was okay, how was yours?” She asked in a teasing tone.
    “You know I don’t sleep too well when you’re not around. I kept dreaming about you.” Segun said.

    “Well, Mr. Lover man. You won’t have to wait for much longer because I’m on my way back to Lagos.”

    “No no, wait for a little while longer, it’s way too early.”

    “I would but I’m already on the road.”

    “What? You’re kidding right?”

    “Nope, I’ll be home in a few hours,” Janet said laughing at her husband’s shocked expression on the phone.

    “But why would you do that? It’s too risky I’m not in support of this. What do I always tell you about traveling by this time?”

    “Well your daughter insisted that she wanted to see you today,” Janet said pulling the daughter’s card to avoid more tongue-lashing.

    “Alright give the phone to my little angel.” Although Segun was angry about Janet’s decision he always calms down when Precious was involved. When her biological father who was Janet’s first husband, Jude died six years ago in London. Janet had traveled back to Nigeria to start a new life and that was when they met, it’s been three years since they’ve been married with no child but despite Segun’s family’s pressure to marry a second wife he had refused to do so. Precious was like his own daughter and he loved her with all his heart, perhaps it was due to the love he had for her mother or maybe it was just because the little girl was irresistibly loveable, whichever way he felt he shared a unique bond with her.

    “Well she’s asleep; maybe I’ll call you back when she wakes up,” Janet says.

    “Alright I wish you a safe journey but let this be the last time you will try such a dangerous thing,” Segun said.

    “Sir, yes Sir!” Janet says and they both laughed before Segun broke the call.

    Janet continued driving for a short while before she looked in the rearview mirror and noticed something strange.

    A black Hyundai with tinted glasses has been following her for a while, sometimes creeping up behind her. “Am I been followed?” She says to herself, a bit frightened she was. “Okay there’s no need to panic the car is just probably heading to Lagos as well.” She told herself but just to be sure she decided to drive around in circles.

    First, she got on the opposite lane and drove back for a while before making a U-turn and getting back on the first lane. She looked in the rearview mirror to see if the car was still following her but it was gone. She sighed and laughed at herself for panicking the way she did, wondering what Segun would say when he heard about this. He would probably laugh at her and say I told you so.

    She looked back to see if her daughter had woken up, but lo and behold there it was creeping up behind her car, the black Hyundai.

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    Episode 2

    Segun Balogun was in the kitchen fixing a breakfast whilst getting ready for work when his phone rang. It was his wife calling.

    “Hello dear. Is she up?” Segun said, glad he was going to speak with his daughter.

    “Honey I think I’m been followed,” Janet said frantically.

    “What do you mean followed?”

    “Someone or some people are chasing me.”

    “Calm down and listen to me there is no need to panic.”

    “I’m trying to calm down but this black Hyundai has been following me for a while now and it’s been trying to overtake my car, what if they are thieves or kidnappers? Honey I’m scared.”

    “Where are you?” Segun asked, Janet, told him her location then he said. “Alright listen if you keep heading straight ahead there is a police checkpoint very close to that area, make your way there and let them in on the situation, whatever you do, do not let the car double-cross you, and please don’t panic, I’m on my way,” Segun said and rushed into his room, threw a shirt on, and grabbed his car keys.

    “Kayode! Kayode!!” He yelled for the gateman and the young lad rushed out of his quarters. “Open the gate.” He said and drove out of the building in a rush. The gateman was left wondering why his boss was in such a rush.

    Later that Evening… Segun, Janet, and three police officials were in the living room. Detective Kola who happens to be a very good friend of Segun was asking Janet some questions.

    “Did you manage to get the car’s plate number?” Detective Kola asked.

    “No, I w-was too scared,” Janet said, still a bit shaken from the experience.

    “Okay, can you make any facial recognition?”

    “No, the glass was tinted.”

    The Detective asked her a few more questions which mostly yielded a negative response as well.

    “Okay, looks like you were being followed by some carjackers or robbers but thankfully you got to the police checkpoint in time and they fled.” The detective said.

    “See, I told you they were just some highway robbers, now relax and loosen up a bit, there’s nothing to worry about anymore,” Segun said to his wife.

    “No, I don’t think they were robbers. They had many chances to double-cross me but it felt like whoever was driving that car was taunting me and ever since I arrived back home I just can’t help but feel like I’m been watched.”

    “Did you meet anyone at the party may be an old friend or foe, someone who might do something like this just to spite you or maybe pull a prank on you?” The detective asked.

    “There were lots of old friends and families at the party since the groom and I are from the same family.” Janet was silent for a while. “Although I did meet Paul.”

    “Who is Paul?” Segun asked.

    “He’s Jude’s younger brother,” Janet said.

    “Jude is your late husband right?” The detective asked.


    “What did he say to you when you guys met?” The detective asked.

    “He didn’t say a word to me; he merely gave me a disdainful look and walked away.”

    “Why would he do that?” The detective asked.

    “Well, Jude’s family hated me and blamed me for their son’s death. Maybe that’s why he acted coldly towards me.” Janet said.

    “There we have it; it was Paul who did it.” Segun declared clasping his hand together.

    “I’d rather not jump into conclusion Segun.” The detective said whilst taking notes. “Who else was at the party?”

    “Like I said there were lots of people,” Janet said wondering if she would have to give the list of all the guests.

    “Was there anyone at the party, who knew the details of your travel, did you tell anyone what time you were leaving and where you are staying?” The detective asked.

    “No,” Janet said thoughtfully. “But I did meet my best friend Susan; we haven’t met since I left London. She told me she just got back and we exchanged contacts.”

    “So you told her all about your travels?” The detective asked.

    “Yeah but Susan would never do such a thing, I trust her,” Janet said.

    “How can you claim to trust someone you haven’t met in three years?” Segun asked.

    “I know but Susan is a very good friend,” Janet said.

    “Be that as it may, we’re not ruling anybody out. I still think that this is just a case of a failed highway robbery.” Detective Kola said. “But just so you can be rest assured, I’ll send some of my boys here to watch over your house for a few more days while the investigation is still ongoing. Hopefully, we’ll catch the perpetrators very soon.” The detective said and shook hands with Segun before he left.

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    Episode 3

    It’s been a week since the incident and everything has been normal. The detective did manage to track Paul down and detain him for a while until he managed to prove his innocence with an alibi. Susan visited Janet at her house telling her she had relocated to Lagos and now they would be seeing each other every day. The police officers had returned to their duty since there had been no sign of any creepy stalker throughout the week. Precious had resumed school since their holiday was over.

    It was a Monday morning and Janet decided to go shopping for foodstuffs. Segun had wanted to hire a housemaid to ease her of the chores but she had insisted that despite being a businesswoman she could still make time for her husband and child. While she was buying stuff in the market, Janet had an awkward feeling and she felt like someone was staring at her. This was weird since she was in a crowded market after all. On her way back to her car she noticed that a shadow was creeping up behind hers, when she stops the shadow stops, when she slows down it does the same. She turned around to see who it was but the person disappeared through the crowd.

    Janet felt like she was overreacting again this is the first time since the incident that she would be out in public without officers escorting her, maybe that’s why she was feeling a bit uneasy. She got to her car and drove back home.

    Janet drove into the compound once Kayode opened the gate for her. She greeted the jovial lad who wanted to help her with her load but she politely declined.

    Janet stepped into the living room and was met with the shock of her life. The whole place was scattered, the chairs were turned over, the pillows were tossed everywhere, and the paintings that used to be on the wall were lying all over the floor.

    “What happened here?” Janet said and then she looked up and saw the writing.

    YOU WILL REGRET IT. Was clearly written on the ceiling in red paint.

    Janet dropped the goods in her hands, her heart was pounding, her legs were shaking, her breath was labored, and she screamed as she ran out of the house.

    Startled by her scream, Kayode ran out of his quarters in a frantic state.

    “Madam, what happened?” He asked.

    But Janet couldn’t find her voice as she kept pointing at the door in a horrified manner.

    Segun rushed home from work immediately he got a call from his wife that someone had broken into the house. Accompanied by his best friend Lanre, Segun drove into his compound where a police vehicle was already parked, the two men rushed into the house. They found detective Kola and some police officers already seated in the living room, Segun paid little or no attention to the condition of his living room but was rather focused on his wife who seems a bit traumatized from the experience.

    Segun ran over to his wife and embraced her, grateful that she’s unharmed.

    “Where’s Precious?” He asked.

    “I told my mum to go and pick her up from school and have her spend the night over there. I don’t want her to see the house like this.” Janet said.

    Segun exchanged pleasantries with the detective then he looked up at the ceiling and saw the writing.

    “You will regret it.” He read out loud. There is only one person who will regret it and that’s the person that’s pulling these stunts to traumatize my wife. Segun thought to himself.

    “Segun, I….” The detective began but Segun cuts him off.

    “I thought you said this will never happen again, didn’t you say there was nothing to worry about. Now look what has happened, someone had the effrontery to come into my house and leave a threat message for my wife. How is that even possible, now I’m not safe in my own house?” Segun lamented.

    “Segun, Listen to me.” The detective said.

    “I’m done listening to you, Kayode! Kayode!!” Segun yelled for the gateman who came rushing in almost immediately as if he was already lying in wait. “Where were you when this happened?” He asked angrily.

    “I—I, I was….” Kayode stuttered.

    “You were what? What were you doing when someone broke into my house?” Segun was not the type of man that gets angry easily, in fact, this was the first time he would be yelling at his gateman but he couldn’t hold his rage when his family’s life was at stake. Lanre rushed forward to calm him down and urged him to listen to the detective.

    “Listen, Mr. Balogun.” The detective began. “You and I have been friends for a while now and you should know that I would never do anything that would put your family’s life at risk, so I’m telling you to trust me on this case because we already have a good suspect.”

    “Who?” Segun asked.

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    Episode 4

    “Who is it?” Segun asked.

    “You do know my aunt Sandra, right?” Janet said.

    “Yeah, is she not the one that’s helping you to monitor your store?” Segun said.

    “Yeah and remember I told you how some of my stocks have been missing recently so I approached her a few days ago and told her that if she cannot account for the missing goods then she can no longer manage my shop,” Janet said.

    “Why didn’t you inform me before you made that decision? So what if some stocks are missing then we’ll buy new ones. Did I ever complain to you that I can no longer fund your business?” Segun said, clearly displeased at his wife’s decision to break family ties because of money.

    “It’s not about the money dear. It has more to do with trust I can’t do business with someone that I’m unable to trust.” Janet said.

    “Alright, what did she say?” Segun asked.

    “Well, she flared up and called me all sorts of names, before walking out in anger. She later sent me this message.” Janet said showing her husband the message on her phone screen.

    The message read, “You will regret what you did.”

    “And that has led us to believe that she’s the one behind all of this.” Detective Kola said.

    Segun nodded. “Then what are you waiting for? Come with me, I’ll lead you to her house right now so you can make the arrest.”

    “Your wife already gave us the necessary details but we have to make some necessary procedures before we can make an arrest, but be rest assured that she’ll be in our custody by tomorrow morning. The message is more than enough evidence against her but we shouldn’t make any rash decision, we need to apply caution.” The detective said.

    “So what now? We just sit here? What if the criminal comes back here?” Segun asked.

    “That’s not going to happen; I’ll be leaving two of my officers behind to secure this place. You have nothing to worry about.” Detective Kola said reassuringly. “In the meanwhile, don’t touch anything in this living room leave everything as it is, it’s getting late already and I know you guys can use some good night rest, so I’ll send some of my team experts over here by tomorrow morning to see if we can get a fingerprint or any other evidence that can help us in our investigation.”

    “Thank you very much detective,” Lanre said, shaking hands with the detective.

    The detective exchanged pleasantry with Segun as well before he left, while his officers stayed behind at the gate.

    Segun told Kayode to return to his quarters but should be more vigilant next time. The young lad nodded and left.

    “Lanre,” Segun turned to face his friend. “I don’t think I’ll be coming to work tomorrow, so I’m going to need you to look after the company instead, you know you’re the only one I can trust and there’s going to be a board meeting tomorrow morning so you’ll have to be there early.”

    “No problem buddy,” Lanre says with a smile.

    “Thanks, blood,” Segun says and shook hands with his friend before bidding him farewell.

    Segun turned to his wife and cajoled her to the bedroom upstairs, the couple couldn’t go to sleep until it was very late at night when they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

    The next morning, Janet woke up first and decided to fix some coffee in the kitchen so she heads downstairs and was met with a shocker. The whole living room was tidy and everything was in its rightful position. She looked up at the ceiling and the painting was gone as well.

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    Hmmmm is that a magic or juju ?

    The story is gonna be kind of crazy , ride on

    Links To Available Episodes.

    Episode 5-6

    Episode 7-10

    Episode 11-End

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    Mmmmm who is doin this na

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    Next oo

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    Someone is messing with their heads

    This is gonna be good…carry on

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