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    long tym lesky

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    How is DAT possible???
    Who cud dis be,pulling off dis stunts???
    I ve got to suspects in mind,Paul n Susan!!!

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    Dãñîél wírê
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    Episode 5

    Janet rushed back in to wake Segun up.

    “Honey, did you clean the living room during midnight?” Janet asked.

    “No, Mr. Kola said we should leave it as it is.” He said.

    “Well, the place is all tidy and spotless right now.”

    “No way!!” He said.

    “Come and see for yourself.” She said.

    Segun rushed downstairs with her and his mouth fell open when he saw how tidy the living room was.

    “What?” He exclaimed. “Kayode!!” He yelled as he rushed outside, the officers had fallen asleep on their chairs and were snoring loudly. The sound of Segun’s voice jolted them up from their sleep. Kayode also came out from his quarter.

    “Kayode, why did you tidy up the living room?” Segun asked.

    “No oga, I didn’t do anything; I haven’t left my quarter since last night,” Kayode said.

    “Sir, what happened?” One of the officers asked,

    “Someone broke into my house last night and erased all the evidence while you were still on your watch, that’s what happened,” Segun said.

    The officers shared a glance at each other, knowing they were going to get queried when their boss arrives. Just then the detective arrives with three officers.

    “Segun these are the guys who are going to help inspect the crime scene.” The detective said.

    “But there is no crime scene anymore,” Segun said.

    “What do you mean?” The detective asked.

    “Come and see for yourself,” Segun said leading him inside.

    “But I told you not to clean it up,” Kola said as he enters the living room.

    “We didn’t, we met it like this when we woke up,” Segun said.

    “I think whoever left the threat came back to clean it up,” Janet said.

    “Which means someone broke into our house again, twice on the same night even with your boys around,” Segun said.

    Kola gave his officers a stern look and the two exchanged a glance with each other again and then hung their heads low.

    “Have you at least arrested Sandra?” Segun asked.

    “Yeah, she’s with us, we’ve been questioning her but she has refused to confess to the crime. Janet let me have a look at that message she sent to you.” The detective says.

    “Yeah, sure,” Janet said and went to pick her phone from the bedroom.

    She came back with a worried look on her face.

    “What happened?” Segun asked.

    “I can’t find my phone.” She said.

    “What? Are you sure you’ve looked for it properly maybe it’s under the sheets?” Segun said.

    “I’ve looked everywhere, I can’t find it.”

    “Alright, hold on let me call your line and see if it rings,” Segun said and then he dials her number. “Switch off.”

    “That’s weird, I don’t remember turning it off,” Janet said. “Could it be that someone came into our room and took my phone?”

    “No, no that’s impossible,” Segun said.

    “Well, then how do you explain this?” Janet asked.

    “Is there a way to recover those messages?” Kola asked.

    “Not that I know of,” Janet said.

    “Uhmm, alright here’s what we’re going to do….” Detective Kola said.

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    Episode 6

    “Your aunt sent you a text that you will regret it and someone left the same message in your house, then your phone which has the incriminating message goes missing, I believe all this is connected to your aunt in some way,” The detective was saying. “But we mustn’t also forget the fact that this stalking began when you traveled to Osun, which was before you started having issues with your aunt, and the fact that the stalking stopped after we arrested Paul but it started occurring again after his release.”

    Janet nodded to this, “You think maybe he gave a false alibi?”

    “No, his alibi was genuine but that doesn’t make him completely innocent.” Detective Kola said whilst stroking his chin in deep thought.

    “So what do you suggest that we should do?” Segun asked.

    “Well, we don’t have any evidence to prosecute Sandra so we’ll have to release her sooner or later but here’s what we’ll do.” The detective says then he walked over to a painting on the wall and looked at it closely. “Ah ha!” He exclaimed.

    “What is it?” Segun asked.

    “Looks like our suspect is not as smart as he thinks.” The detective says. “There’s a bit of stain on this painting, it must be a fingerprint. Do not touch this painting, I repeat leave it as it is, my men and I will come back here as early as tomorrow morning to have a look.”

    “Why wait till tomorrow morning why not take it with you now?” Janet asked.

    “Yeah, why not?” Segun added.

    “We can’t afford to move the painting else we might contaminate the evidence. Don’t worry my men will be here by tomorrow morning.” Detective Kola said and starts heading out, Segun followed him.

    “I still don’t understand why we have to wait till tomorrow,” Segun said when they got outside.

    Kola looked sideways suspiciously and then drew Segun closer. “Listen, there is no stain on that painting the culprit wiped everything clean.”

    “Then why did you say….” Segun was saying but Kola cuts him off.

    “I believe your house is taped and someone is listening in on our conversations, I’m sure that’s how they came to know about our plan. So now I believe that whoever it is must have heard what I said.”

    “And then they’ll come back to remove the painting,” Segun says now catching on.

    “Exactly, but this time we’ll be waiting for them.” Detective Kola said, and Segun nodded.

    This is such a brilliant plan, it might just work.

    Later that evening, detective Kola had positioned his officers in strategic places around the building, with the hope of nabbing the culprit when he/she comes in to remove the painting. The detective had instructed Segun and his wife to go about their normal daily activities so that the culprit will not suspect foul play.

    Segun and Janet sat in the living room, watching TV until 9:00 pm.

    “Honey I’m feeling sleepy,” Janet said loudly.

    “Sure, let’s go to bed, dear,” Segun replied, raising his voice as well, then he turns the light off.

    The two made their way upstairs to their bedroom; Segun saw detective Kola hiding behind the kitchen cabinet and gave him a wink. Now the stalker is going to be in for a shock, he won’t know what hits him.

    All was quiet and peaceful for the next thirty minutes, and then an hour went by still nothing, two hours…. The detective was starting to doubt if the plan was going to work when the door to the house opened and a beam of light from a torchlight illuminates the room, Kola couldn’t see the person’s face but he could tell that he was a man. The man was muttering a word that the detective could not hear from the distance. Instead of walking towards the painting as expected the figure started heading towards the stairs that leads to Segun and Janet’s room, still muttering a word softly. Kola felt the culprit hopes to inflict harm on the couple so he decides not to waste time any longer.

    “Now!!” He yelled a command to his men who were patiently lying in wait.

    Soon the room was filled with officers as the man jumped in shock at the sound of Detective Kola’s voice; he dropped his touch and fled out of the room. He was running towards the gateman quarters when one of the officers caught up with him and wrestled him to the ground.

    By now Segun and his wife were out of their room and heading out of the house to see who it was.

    “Help! Help!! Oga, help me, they’ve caught me.” The man was screaming.

    “Wait, I know that voice,” Segun said.

    Detective Kola walked up to the man and beams the torch in his face. “Kayode!” He exclaimed.

    The young man was shocked when he saw that his captors were men in uniform.

    “Kayode, what are you doing here?” Segun asked.

    “Oga,” The young man began, trying to catch his breath. “I woke up this evening to ease myself when I saw someone sneaking around the building, so I grabbed my torchlight and followed them but then I lost the person and didn’t know which way they went so I decided to come in and wake you up so that you can call the cops, just as I entered I was calling you but I couldn’t raise my voice because I don’t want to alert the thief so I decided to head upstairs and wake you up.”

    “Then why did you run when you saw the cops?” Detective Kola asked.

    “I didn’t know you were officers, I thought you guys were thieves and I decided to run for my dear life,” Kayode said amidst tears, the young man just got the scare of his life.

    “Oh, I forgot to inform you about the plan,” Segun said realizing what just happened.

    “Alright Kayode, this person you saw which way did they go?” Kola asked.

    “I don’t know, I think the person might have gone inside,” Kayode said.

    “Okay, you two, man the entrance,” Kola says to two of his officers. “The rest of you come with me.” He says to the rest and they all went back into the house. “Segun, switch on the lights.” The detective says to Segun, he saw no need to keep the lights off since the stalker already knew they were on to him. Segun switched the lights back on and his jaw dropped.

    “The painting is gone,” Janet announced.

    “How?” Segun asked.

    “Looks like the stalker outsmarted us,” Kola said.

    “How?” Was all Segun could mutter again. Then he noticed a trail of tissue paper leading up to the bathroom. “What’s that?” He asked.

    “Looks like a trail.” Detective Kola said and starts following it. “Wait here.” He says to Segun, Kayode, and Janet whilst his officers followed him.

    “Wait here,” Segun said to Kayode and Janet, and then followed the detective.

    Janet looked at Kayode. “Wait here.” She told him.

    “Aah madam, don’t let me wait here, I’m scared.” The young man said.

    “Alright, let’s go,” Janet says to him and they both followed the rest.

    The trail ends in the bathroom where the painting was hung on the window with writings on it. “Nice games but now it’s my turn to play.” Those were the words written on the painting in red ink.

    Janet stared at the painting with wide eyes; her fear returned in double folds, she could only wonder what was going to happen next.

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    May be someone inside is behind it

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    hmmmm,this is goin to be interesting

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    Odikwa very risky o.

    More biko.

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