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    hmmm who’s doing that?

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    Episode 7

    Segun and the Detective returned downstairs arguing amongst themselves.

    “I thought you said your men were professionals, so tell me how the stalker was able to enter my house and even left another threat message right under your noses.” Segun lamented.

    “Segun you need to calm down.” Detective Kola said.

    “Calm down? How can you tell me to calm down when someone is threatening the life of my family and I?”

    “Just listen to me; you need to trust me right now,” Kola said, and then he called Kayode over. “The person you saw, did you manage to catch a glimpse of their face?”

    “No,” Kayode answered.

    “Well can you give a description of their features?” Kola asked.

    Kayode described the person he saw as much as he could remember. Detective Kola nodded and said. “I think it’s time for us to bring Paul in for another questioning.”

    “Whatever you want to do, do it fast I don’t want the stalker to make good on his promise,” Segun said.

    The detective reassured him that nothing would happen to him or any member of his family.

    Two days later…. The detective had managed to track Paul down, he had remained in Lagos ever since he was released and that alone was enough reason to make him the prime suspect. While Paul had insisted that he was innocent of the allegation, he had been detained at the police station and was due to appear in court the next week.

    It was three in the afternoon and Janet just got back from her shop and was in the kitchen cooking something to eat when her phone rang. It was her mother. Oh! She exclaimed she had totally forgotten that she promised Precious that she would come and pick her up today. Whilst Precious enjoys her grandmother’s company, it was difficult for both Segun and Precious to be apart for more than a day. Their father and daughter’s relationship was so strong that Segun had mandated her to bring his daughter home today. She’s probably the one calling with her grandma’s phone.

    “Hello dear,” Janet says as she picks the call.

    “Hello, Janet.” It was her mother on the phone her voice sounds worried.

    “Mom, what’s wrong?” Janet asked, anxious over the way her mother’s voice sounded.

    “Why didn’t you tell me that you’ve come to pick Precious from the house? I’ve been looking for her all day.” Her mother said.

    “I haven’t come to pick her up, oh.” She screamed her heartbeat racing.

    “Ah but when I woke up this morning I looked all over the house and couldn’t find her.”

    “What are you trying to tell me? You mean my daughter has been missing since morning and you’re just telling me now.”

    “I thought maybe she went out to play with the neighbor’s kids, but now they are all telling me they haven’t seen her today. So I felt maybe you’ve come to pick her up.”

    “Aah, mum you have killed me oh.” Janet screamed. “You must find my daughter for me; my daughter must not go missing oh.”

    Janet broke the call and grabbed her car keys. She ran outside and phoned her husband.

    “Segun where are you?”

    “I thought I told you that we have a meeting today in Abuja that’s where I am now.” Segun answered.

    “When are you coming back?”

    “I won’t be back till tomorrow, what’s going on why is your voice trembling?”

    “My mum just called me now, Precious is missing.”

    “What do you mean she’s missing?”

    “My mum hasn’t seen her since morning; my daughter is nowhere to be found.” Janet sobbed.

    “Okay, don’t panic just yet. Call Mr. Kola and let him know, tell him I’m on my way home as well.” Segun said, with a sign of apprehension in his voice.

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    Episode 8

    Segun, Janet, Detective Kola, and two officers were seated in the living room.

    Segun had his chin rested on his fists pondering. Janet just sat still staring at the door as if her daughter would walk in any moment; her eyes were swollen from crying all night.

    ‘Who else knew that your daughter was with her grandma?” Detective Kola asked breaking the silence.

    “No one, just me, my husband, and my mother herself,” Janet said.

    “Are you sure no one else knew?” Detective Kola asked.

    “Uhm, I remember telling Susan about it when she visited and asked of her,” Janet said.

    “Susan?” Segun exclaimed he never approved of that woman, she always appears to have ulterior motives and he had severely warned Janet to keep her distance from her. “Did I not warn you about that woman?”

    “Susan is a very close friend of mine, and she would never do such a thing.” Janet defended.

    “Close friend my foot, you guys have been away from each other for three years don’t you know that people change?” Segun said.

    “Not Susan.” Janet reinstated.

    “Not Susan?” Segun hissed. “Just pray that nothing happens to my daughter due to your foolishness.” Janet was seeing this new side of Segun, the man he knew would never get angry no matter how provoked he gets.

    “Our daughter.” Janet corrected.

    The detective took some notes and then turned to Segun. “What about you Mr. Balogun did you inform anybody?”

    “Unlike some people. I greatly value my daughter’s safety, so the answer to that is no.” Segun said.

    “Well, your friend Mr. Lanre was here the other day when I told you that Precious would be staying with my mother,” Janet said.

    “Uhm yeah, and what has that got to do with the case?” Segun asked.

    “Maybe he is the culprit,” Janet said.

    “No way!! Lanre is like my own blood brother.” Segun said.

    “Okay so now we have two main suspects, Susan and Lanre.” Detective Kola says.

    “It’s not Susan,” Janet said.

    “It can’t be Lanre,” Segun responded almost immediately.

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    Episode 9

    “It can’t be Lanre, I know what I’m saying,” Segun argued with his wife.

    “And what makes you so sure?” Janet asked.

    “Apart from the fact that I trust Lanre like my own flesh and blood, he was with me during the meeting we had in Abuja, so he couldn’t have done this,” Segun said and then turned to face the detective. “Mr. Kola I want nothing more than to find my daughter as soon as possible, and I believe probing Lanre would not yield any result and we’ll just be wasting our time and the more time we waste discussing this issue the more danger we are exposing my daughter to. Go and arrest Susan because I’m sure she knows something about this, do whatever it takes to bring my daughter home, I’m begging you.” Segun says holding his palms together as he pleads to the detective.

    “It’s alright Mr. Balogun, we will surely try our best and I can assure you that your daughter will return home safely.” Mr. Kola said and then turned to Janet. “Madam we will need you to give us the address of Madam Susan’s residence, she’s here in Lagos right?”

    Susan nodded and reluctantly gave the detective Susan’s address.

    “I still don’t believe that Susan is involved in this,” Janet said to Segun right after the officers left.

    “I guess time will tell but whoever it is I’ll make them pay for involving my daughter in this,” Segun said and cajoled his wife who was still sobbing. “Don’t worry dear; I’ll make sure that, Precious comes back to us, safe and sound.” He reassured his wife.
    The detective returned two hours later that day. He was accompanied by two officers.

    “Have you arrested her? Has she confessed?” Segun inquired. The detective gave no response.

    “Why are you silent?” Janet asked.

    “Madam, is this your friend?” Detective Kola showed Janet a picture of a woman lying dead on the floor with a bullet in her head.

    “Oh my god, what happened to Susan?” Janet exclaimed; she was petrified.

    “We found her dead when we got to her house. She was shot in the head and her lifeless body was lying on the floor of her living room.”

    “Oh dear God!” Janet said clasping her mouth with both hands in sheer horror.

    “Who would do such a thing?” Segun asked.

    “That’s what we don’t know,” Detective Kola said. “The neighbors claimed they heard no noise coming from her apartment, we are at a crossroad here.”

    “Where’s she?” Janet asked.

    “Her body is on its way to the morgue.” The detective replied.

    “I still can’t believe this, Susan is dead?” Janet exclaimed, her body went limp and she collapsed in Segun’s arms.

    “Kayode! Kayode!! Open the gate.” Segun yelled. Segun rushed his wife to the hospital.

    At the hospital, the doctor told Segun that his wife will be okay that she collapsed due to exhaustion. The doctor would later discharge Janet that same day and told her to stop worrying and get more rest.

    Segun was sitting in his office with his head hung down in deep thought. It’s been two days since his daughter had been missing and they still had no clue of her whereabouts. Detective Kola told them to calm down that investigation was underway but Segun couldn’t calm down, his daughter’s all he ever thinks about. He could no longer do anything properly, he couldn’t focus his mind on his work or any other thing apart from his daughter. His wife’s condition hasn’t improved much either she’s refused to eat or sleep, Segun was worried that she might harm herself before their daughter is found.

    Just then Segun’s friend Lanre comes in with a frown on his face.

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    Oneal. Long time, how have you been?

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    Episode 10

    “Segun!” Lanre called when he noticed that Segun hasn’t noticed his presence.

    “Oh, I didn’t see you come in,” Segun said rubbing his face with his palm.

    “Has there been any progress on your daughter’s case, have they made any findings on her whereabouts?”

    “No progress oh,” Segun says spreading his arms in the air. “We were told to be expecting ransom call from the captors but up till now we haven’t heard anything.”

    “Oh that’s terrible, I’m sure God will interfere and bring those people to justice,” Lanre said.

    “Amen. I pray so too.” Segun said.

    “I actually came here for a different reason not knowing that your daughter is still yet to be found,” Lanre said.

    “What’s going on?” Segun asked.

    “Well, it’s about the recent contract that you awarded to Mr. Collins.”

    “What about it?” Segun asked.

    “You should have awarded that contract to me instead, after all, I’m your best friend,” Lanre said.

    “Hold on, hold on. You and I know that Mr. Collins is more qualified for this project than you are and the last two contracts were awarded to you so I felt that Mr. Collins should have this one instead.”

    “Qualified?” Lanre flared up. “Look who’s talking about qualification, what qualifications do you have? If not for the fact, that you were fortunate to have inherited your father’s company.”

    “Ah ah. Lanre it’s not up to this now, why are you getting angry all of a sudden.” Segun said.

    “It’s more serious than you think,” Lanre said raising his voice. “I struggled to help you build this company after your father died and everyone felt you won’t be able to sustain the company. I was the one who helped you maintain this business and now that the business is booming you want to sideline me. I knew it, ever since you got married to that witch, you call a wife….”

    “Watch what you say about my wife,” Segun warned.

    “I’m not saying anything wrong; I’m just telling the truth. That Janet is the witch that is influencing you to turn against me can’t you see how she has made you turn your back on your family members? Now she wants to ruin our friendship, I will not stand for it.”

    “Ehn ehn.” Segun nodded knowingly and gets off his chair and walked up to Lanre. “I get it now, it makes perfect sense to me now.”

    “What?” Lanre sneered.

    “So you feel my wife is hindering your source of livelihood that’s why you started taunting her, right?”

    “What are you talking about?” Lanre asked.

    “I never expected this from you Lanre, so you are the stalker?”

    “Guy I don’t understand what you’re talking about, what are you trying to insinuate?” Lanre said his voice was soft now.

    “You don’t understand, right? Don’t worry I’ll make you understand.” Segun said and then he rushed to his desk and retrieved a pistol from it, and then he aims the gun at Lanre. “Where is my daughter?”

    “Segun, Segun please don’t let the devil use you. I don’t know where your daughter is.” Lanre said now shaking like a jellyfish.

    “You don’t know? No problem I’m sure when the cops arrive you’ll confess to them.” Segun turned to pick up his phone and Lanre used that opportunity to hightail it out of the room. “Lanre! Lanre!! Come back here.” Segun yelled after him but he was gone.

    “Who would have thought that Lanre of all people would do such a distasteful thing, who knew that Lanre harbored so much hatred for my wife and family? I never knew that Lanre could be so greedy.” Segun said to himself.

    Segun hurried to pick his phone to call the detective when a message appeared on his phone. “If you want to see your daughter again. Come to this address…. And you’d better come alone, or else….” The message read. Then another message came in that contains an address. Segun sighed and clenched his fist. “So this is how you want to play it Lanre, no problem. I’ll play your little games but you’d better not harm a hair on my daughter’s head or I’ll make you regret it.” Segun said and then he placed the gun under his shirt and grabbed his keys.

    While Segun was driving on his way to the address he was given, his phone rang. It was Detective Kola. Segun picked the call but made up his mind that he wasn’t going to reveal the address to the detective, for his daughter’s safety he had to go alone.

    “Hello Segun, where are you?” Detective Kola asked.

    “I can’t tell you where I am right now but the kidnappers just sent me a message to meet them at an address and I’m on my way there,” Segun said.

    “Listen, Mr. Balogun, don’t do anything stupid. Send me the address and we’ll handle it.”

    “I’m sorry Mr. Kola but my daughter’s life is at stake here. I need to go alone.” Segun said and breaks the call.

    Segun arrived at the address soon enough and found it to be an abandoned building in the most secluded part of Ikorodu. The house is not an uncompleted building but is in major need of renovation. It was getting late and the sun was setting as Segun gazed at the building for a while and he made up his mind. “If my daughter is in there nothing is going to stop me from bringing her out.”

    Segun walked into the building and slowly makes his way to what appears to be the living room, and there she was, sitting at the dining and drawing on a white cardboard, Precious.

    “Precious!” Segun exclaimed and ran up to her.

    Precious jumped with excitement and hugged him tightly.

    “What took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you,” Precious says to him.

    Segun looked her over trying to make sure she wasn’t harmed, she looked perfectly fine. “Honey are you okay? Did anyone harm you?”

    “I’m fine.” She replied with a smile.

    “Where is he? Where is, Uncle Lanre the man who brought you here?” Segun asked gazing around the room.

    “It’s not Uncle Lanre that brought me here,” Precious says.

    “Then who was it?” Segun asked.

    “It was my dad,” Precious replied.

    “Your dad?” Segun asked in a confused manner.

    “Yes, my daddy’s back from London,” Precious said.

    “No honey that’s impossible, that man is dead,” Segun said.

    Precious shook her head dismissively. “No, he’s not…” She looks past Segun and points. “look, he’s the one standing behind you.”

    Segun froze and slowly turned around. He saw a man standing in front of him with a smile on his face and a frying pan in his hand.

    Segun instantly pulled his gun and aims it at him but the man knocks the gun out of his hand before he can take a shot, and then knocks Segun out by clobbering him in the head with the big frying pan.

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    Now you know the stalker…next

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