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    Episode 11

    Segun woke up with a throbbing headache, Precious sat next to him on the couch.

    “Dad said he didn’t mean to hurt you that he had to stop you from shooting him,” Precious said.

    “Where is he?” Segun asked.

    “He’s in the kitchen, making dinner,” Precious said.

    Just then, the man comes out with two plates of food in his hands.

    Segun took a closer look at his face illuminated by the dim bulb that was hanging on the ceiling. Segun couldn’t believe he’s the same man that he saw in some of Janet’s old wedding photos; he is indeed Jude, Janet’s first husband but he’s supposed to be dead so how come he’s still alive.

    “I hope you don’t mind, the pasta might be a bit soggy. Cooking is not really my fancy.” Jude says as he sets the food up, on the table that was in front of the couch, he placed one plate in front of Segun and handed the other one to Precious.

    “Don’t eat that!” Segun yelled to Precious who was about to start eating her food, the little girl looked at Segun in a baffled manner, wondering what he was getting so worked up about.

    This forced a short laugh from Jude. “You really think I’ll poison my own daughter?”

    Segun snared at him. “Stop calling her your daughter.”

    “Then what should I call her, hmm?” Jude inquired.

    Segun gazed around to see if he can find anything to attack Jude with so he can get out of here with his daughter. Jude is a tall and heavily built man with the looks of an ex-convict and Segun knew he probably won’t stand a chance in hand-to-hand combat. He sets his eyes on the flower vase that was lying on the table.

    Jude noticed this and smiled. “That flower vase won’t serve you any better than the gun you tried to use earlier. Trust me, I don’t want to hurt you I just want to talk, it seems our first meeting has set off on the wrong foot. So let’s start afresh.” Jude says extending his arm for a handshake. “Hello, my name is Jude Orji.”

    Segun looked at his hand and traced his eyes back to his face; he still couldn’t believe that this man is standing in front of him. “You’re supposed to be dead,” Segun said, there has to be a possible explanation for this.

    “That is absolutely correct you know,” Jude says withdrawing his outstretched arm. “Given all the things that I have been through during the past couple of years, indeed I ought to be dead but here I am alive and well no thanks to your wife.”

    “What are you talking about?” Segun asked, he has decided to keep Jude talking long enough for him to find the perfect moment to strike.

    “Precious, why don’t you go inside your room and finish your food while I’m having a conversation with our friend.” Jude says.

    Precious got up from her chair and says to Segun. “Eat your food before it gets cold.”

    Segun smiled and nodded. “I won’t let anything happen to you.” He told her and then she ran off to the adjoining room.

    “Now tell me why have you come back after fooling everyone to think you were dead, why are you stalking my wife and troubling my family?” Segun asked in rage, now that his daughter was out of harm’s way he was ready to slug it out with Jude.

    Jude smiled and calmly said. “The only person who was fooled here is you by your own wife; she’s been lying to you all this while.”

    “My wife would never lie to me.”

    “Didn’t she tell you that I was dead and buried and yet here I am? Just listen to me Segun and you will know the truth that your wife is the devil herself.” Jude said and Segun decided to listen to him for a little while longer. “Almost a decade ago after I got married to my wife Janet, all was peaceful and full of love until we had our first daughter Precious. Afterward, the doctor revealed that Janet’s womb has been damaged an incident that occurred due to her earlier wayward lifestyle, Janet had damaged her womb during series of abortions she had long before we got married. Janet never informed me about this till we got married and after we had our first child through surgery the doctor said he had to remove her womb….”

    Segun was shocked at this revelation and could barely control the emotional trauma he was feeling. So Janet has lost her womb yet she kept such a big secret from him all these years, no wonder they haven’t had any luck of having children, but the doctor always told them that nothing was wrong with either one of them but he has always suspected foul play given the fact that Janet had always refused to visit any other doctor.

    “I never blamed her for this, I mean it was all in her past,” Jude continued. “But then her attitude changed towards me, she started acting cold. She told me she knew my family was already planning to get me a new wife in Nigeria that would give me a male child, and no matter how much I tried to make her understand the fact that I would never do such a thing she was adamant and thus prevented us from visiting Nigeria again, not even for Christmas like we used to do. Even then she still didn’t stop acting cold towards me so much that I started wondering why I was the one paying the price for her mistake. Then I found out she was using my money to build a house here in Nigeria, she was already planning to set herself up when she gets to this country and when I confronted her about it she told me she was just securing her future and that of her daughter. She said ever since I found out her secret that I have changed and she could no longer trust me. I was shocked, to say the least, but all that was nothing compared to what she did next….”

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    Episode 12

    “She poisoned me,” Jude said.

    Segun sat there baffled and shocked as he listens to Jude. He couldn’t believe that he was talking about the same woman he got married to. Segun wanted to convince himself that Jude was lying but the story makes too much sense and the painful look on Jude’s face shows that he was telling the truth.

    “It was a miracle that I survived, but I did. When the doctor told me I was poisoned, I knew it could only be one person, the same woman that makes every meal I eat. When I confronted her, she didn’t deny the accusation but started crying and pleading that it was an accident, that she did it because she felt I was going to leave her with nothing and return to Nigeria to get married to a new wife. I don’t know who had been feeding her with all those lies or maybe she just needed an excuse. I’m sure any normal man in his right senses would either kick her out and file for divorce or get her arrested right away. But for the love I have for my daughter I had to let it slide, filing for divorce will lead to a battle for child custody which I might not win because I feel the case will favor her, and I didn’t want to get her arrested for the sake of the love we once shared. So I let her be, but I stayed away from her. I stopped sleeping in the same room with her, stopped eating her food, and stopped talking to her. I thought this would make her change but instead, her bitterness grew each and every day. So one faithful day,”

    “I was in my room when I heard a loud shriek. I rushed to the living room to find out that Janet had cut herself with a knife. Her arm was bleeding from the cut and I rushed to restrain her from causing any more harm to herself with the knife. I snatched the knife away from her hand and then she started screaming and calling for help, I was trying to calm her down when the neighbors rushed in to find her arm bleeding and a knife in my hand. She cried foul and said I was harassing her with a knife for no reason. To cut the long story short, I was arrested and the news read ‘Crazy husband molested his wife with a kitchen knife.’ And that was it. My fate was sealed, I got six years imprisonment and Janet took off with almost everything I owned.” Jude said. “She didn’t even let me say goodbye to my daughter.” He added.

    “I—I can’t believe that Janet would do such a thing,” Segun said.

    “Well she did, so for six long agonizing years, I was in prison. And when I finally got out? She had her thugs waiting on the outside to finish me off but I wasn’t the same man I once was. Prison life has changed me, and her thugs didn’t stand a chance. I came back to Nigeria and I found out that Janet told my family that I was dead and my mother passed away due to the shock. You could only imagine how angry I was, so I made up my mind to get her back for everything she did. I discovered that she lost all the money she stole from me to fraudsters who promised to help her set up a business here in Nigeria, now she has found a rich dude who will take up her responsibilities. That’s you, Segun.”

    “You mean to tell me that she only married me for my money?” Segun asked.

    “That’s the sad truth,” Jude said and then continued his story. “I was staying with my friend in Osun, patiently waiting for the right moment to strike, to finally get my revenge and I had my opportunity when she came into town for a wedding. I followed her the next day when she was leaving and I won’t lie to you all I wanted to do was run her off the road and get rid of that devil once and for all but then I saw her, sleeping in the back seat of the car, it was my little Precious right there and then I realized what had kept me going. I realized what I really wanted was not revenge. The only real reason why I came back was for my daughter. So I made up my mind that I would get my daughter back by any means necessary. So I started stalking and taunting her, I wanted to make her life a living hell till she’s ready to give my daughter up. I didn’t do it alone though, I had some help from her friend Susan who gave me all the information I needed. Turns out even her best friend wasn’t in support of what she did to me.”

    “So then, why did you kill Susan?” Segun asked.

    “I did not kill Susan. Janet did.”

    Segun was shocked.

    “She found out that Susan was working with me and had her eliminated before the police could arrest her and get any information from her. In the same way, she hid her phone from the detective and said it got stolen because she knew they might find some incriminating messages between her and her hired thugs. While you guys were busy investigating the case and trying to find out who the culprit is, she had her thugs searching for me all over the town because she knew her secret will be out if I was found.” Jude says and then he gazed towards the entrance. “They are probably on their way here right now. Which is why I called you here tonight.” Precious walked out just then and Jude called her over.

    “Precious told me how much you love and care for her, so I feel you are the only one I can trust her with. I called you here so that you can know the truth about the devil you married and to leave my daughter with you, please keep her safe.” Jude says handing Precious to Segun. “Now, go!” He added.

    “What about you?” Segun asked.

    “I need to stay behind and end this here tonight, I’m tired of running.”

    “Listen, let’s call the cops. I have a friend who can help us.”

    “There is no time for that, just take my daughter and go,” Jude said and just then a gang of eight men walked in, they were armed with knives and machetes. Precious gripped on to Segun’s hand in fear.

    Their leader, a man with a red bandanna on his head and a cruel smile on his face eyed Segun and Jude curiously. “Wetin be this?” He said in pidgin. “Just two boys and a little girl? Why I come bring my whole squad? I thought this was going to be a challenge.”

    “Who are you?” Jude asked.

    “The name’s Scorpion.” The leader replied with a sneer.

    “Alright Scorpion, let this young man and the girl go. I’m the one you want.” Jude said.

    “I can’t do that, my friend, you see I have clear orders to kill everyone in this building except the child.”

    “And who gave those orders?” Segun asked.

    “You’ll find out… when you’re dead.” Scorpion said and turned to his men. “Break their bones, don’t harm the girl just bring her to me.”

    With that, the men charged at them, Precious screamed and ran back into her room. Segun wanted to go after her but two thugs blocked him in his path, brandishing their machetes in the air.

    Meanwhile, Jude knocked one of the thugs senseless by punching him in the head then he struck another with his knee and a kick to the head. He dodged a blow and hits an uppercut on another. One of the thugs tried to hack him with his machete but Jude caught him and head-butts him, knocking him down as well.

    Segun dodged a machete strike and grabbed the flower vase he had been eyeing on the table. He smashed the vase on one of the thug’s head and stabbed the other one with the broken piece.

    “Bring me the girl,” Scorpion ordered one of the thugs who started heading for the room.

    “Stay away from my daughter!” Segun yelled, he picked up a chair and slammed it on the thug’s back, the old furniture shattered into pieces from the impact. Segun picked up two of the chair’s broken legs and started clobbering the thug with it.

    Two more thugs got up and rushed towards Segun who proceeded to clobber them with the wood pieces as well.

    Meanwhile, two thugs were making their way to the room as well. Jude rushed at them and shoved one hard against the wall. Then he wrestled the other one to the dining where Jude tossed him through some broken furniture. Then he noticed that some thugs have managed to pin Segun on the floor, Jude rushed at them and kicked one in the head then he grabbed another and pulled him off Segun who managed to break free from the third one by kicking him in the ribs. Segun noticed that Scorpion was making his way to the room and rushed at him with the broken pieces of a chair. He tried to strike Scorpion but the latter dodged, and Segun tried to hit him again but he parried the blow. Scorpion kicked Segun in the head and knocked him to the ground with a smile on his face but just as he was making his way to the room Jude blocked him in his path.

    “Stay away from my daughter.” Jude snarled.

    “You’ll have to stop me first.” Scorpion said with a smirk on his face.

    “Gladly,” Jude answered.

    Jude throws a punch at him and he dodged, he tried to strike Jude with his knee but Jude blocked with his elbow. The two were throwing punches at each other and both men were dodging and parrying until Scorpion managed to get a kick on Jude’s shoulder which the latter followed up with an elbow to Scorpion’s nose. The blow stunned Scorpion for a while and before Jude could capitalize on the chance, some thugs had pounced on him, and by the time he managed to wrestle them off Scorpion was ready with a straight kick to the chest that sends Jude flying into the door to Precious room, the door was too old and weak to support his weight and Jude went crashing through it.

    Precious screamed and ran out of the room when one of the thugs tried to grab her. Jude tried getting up but two thugs held him down and another one held Segun. Precious ran for the door and bumped into Janet who was just coming in with two other guys who were wearing black suits.

    “Mummy,” Precious hugged her. “Those guys are trying to hurt us.”

    “Don’t worry darling, I’ll handle it,” Janet said, faking a smile. “You should go and wait by the car outside.” She said. Precious hesitates. “Don’t be a naughty girl and do as you’re told,” Janet said when Precious refused to leave. The girl could see right through her mother’s fake smile.

    “Janet, what is the meaning of this madness. Tell them to release us.” Segun yelled.

    Janet walked up to Segun. “Let go of my husband.” She said to the thug who did as he was told.

    “Don’t call me your husband,” Segun said.

    “Don’t tell me you believe any of the lies he told you?” Janet said.

    “You’re the liar here, Janet. You told me that Jude is dead, and yet, here he is. Was he lying when he said you framed him? Have you truly lost your womb? Are you not the one who sent these thugs?” Segun asked. “Answer me!” He yelled.

    “I see you’ve made up your mind… I’m sorry it had to come to this, Segun. I really loved you,” Janet said, and then turned to the two men in black suits. “Kill them,” she ordered

    “No! No!” Precious yelled trying to rush over to Segun and Jude but Janet stopped her and started carrying her out of the building.

    “One day you’ll realize why mommy has to do this; it is for your own good,” Janet said to her.

    “Wait.” Scorpion said while Janet was standing at the door. “I can’t let you do this.”

    “What?” Janet exclaimed.

    “If you are willing to do such a thing to the man you supposedly love, I can only wonder what you have in store for me. You’re the most dubious person I have ever met and I’m sure the only reason you brought these men in here is so they can finish me off after the job is done. I’m not a kid nor am I new to this business.” Scorpion said.

    “Well, I’m glad you know I can’t trust you enough to let you live, Scorpion. You’re notorious for blackmailing people and I can’t risk this secret getting out. Hope you know that your men are working for me now.” She said with a smile.

    “Sorry boss but she’s paying us a lot of money to finish you off.” One of the thugs said and then tried to slash Scorpion’s throat with his knife. Scorpion dodged and strikes him down with his fist. Then he pulled his gun out and pulled the trigger before one of the men in black suits could shoot at him. Jude broke away from the thugs and wrestled the other guy in black suits to the ground and knocked him out with a couple of punches to the head. Segun was wrestling with another one of the thugs a few feet away. While Scorpion was busy blowing his thugs head off with his gun.

    Janet grabbed her daughter and ran out of the building when she noticed a police vehicle arriving. Jude went after her.

    Detective Kola and his army of police officers rushed into the building and the thugs surrendered their weapons as soon as they saw the cops. The officers arrested every one of them and Kola rushed over to Segun who was injured and bleeding.

    “Thank god you’re still alive, Segun,” Kola said.

    “How did you find me?” Segun asked.

    “We traced your phone,” Kola said.

    “Where’s my daughter? Where is Jude?” Segun asked.

    “Who is Jude?” Kola asked.

    At the back of the building, Janet was trying to escape and she was dragging a reluctant Precious along when Jude caught up with her. She turned around furiously and aimed a gun at him.

    “Stop following me.” She yelled.

    Jude raised his arms up in a sign of peace. “I don’t want any trouble from you. I just want my daughter back.”

    “You should have stayed back in London, you should have stayed dead. Why did you have to come back and ruin everything?” She asked furiously.

    “I just want my daughter back, that’s all I want,” Jude said.

    “No!” Janet yelled. Precious was screaming and trying to break away from her. “You don’t care about me; you don’t care about my daughter. Now, go to hell.” Janet yelled and then she pulled the trigger at the same moment Precious broke free from her hold and started running towards her father but she ran straight into the bullet.

    Precious groaned in pain and fell right into Jude’s hand. The gun fell from Janet’s trembling hand as she watched her daughter’s body going limp and her eyes drawing close.

    “Precious! No! Precious!” Jude wailed in anguish.

    “Freeze,” Detective Kola yelled at Janet as he arrived with Segun.

    Segun looked down and saw Precious in Jude’s hand.

    “What’s wrong with my daughter?” Segun said and rushed over to her. “Precious! Precious open your eyes daddy is here.” Segun said, crying profusely.

    Janet was arrested and charged to court for the murder of Susan and her own daughter, Precious. The court sentenced her to life imprisonment where she became mentally unstable due to the emotional trauma she suffered from killing her own daughter.

    Segun finally got married again after a lot of persuasion from his friends and family to give love a second chance and he had two beautiful kids with his new wife.

    It took the support of his family members to prevent Jude from taking his own life but seeing no reason to remain in Nigeria, Jude returned to London where he hoped to start a new life….

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    Thank you all for reading. Hope you enjoyed the story

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    Wao yes i enjoy it and thanks for the story…. Janet u cause everything

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    Segun which means the woman u called wife has some questions to b answered.

    Honestly odikwa risky o, fear women.

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    Wonderful story indeed, I love it.

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    now you who’s following your wife

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