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    Sequence 1
    “Gbang, Gbang, Gbang,”
    “ohhhhhh , I’m so tired of boarding house, so someone cannot get a decent sleep again”
    I checked my watch which was on top my pillow, it was 4am at the dot. These seniors shaaa, don’t they even get tired, I got up from my bed reluctantly, tied my towel, took my bucket and my soap dish and headed for the bathroom, I didn’t want to get flogged this early morning.
    I went downstairs to the general bathroom, it was already crowded, but i managed to squeeze myself to one corner, I had not even started bathing when I heard senior Esther’s voice, ” junior girls, twenty counts and you’re out of here 1,2,3………”
    Come and see speed, everyone hurried of of the bathroom immediately to do their designated duty, That was the main thing I hated about boarding, how can somebody just finish bathing and then go to wash toilet? Mtcheeeeew, I thanked God again that the seniors haven’t put my name in that duty for once. My job was to swep the hostel hall, together with my best friend Anita, but she had gone home last weekend, so the job was left to me, I did it gladly, to me it was one hundred times better than washing the toilet.
    After doing my *work* I headed straight to my school mother’s corner to take my uniform, I know she must have ironed them, what a lovely school mum I had, sometimes I wished she was my sister.
    Properly dressed in my uniforms I ran to the dinning hall, it was a Monday morning and everything had to be hurried because there were a lot of activities at the assembly ground and we still had to make it to class at 8am.
    I spotted my friend already on the line at the assembly and I ran straight to her. “Nitty, I missed you” I hugged her. “I missed you too and I brought something for you, you will see it after the assembly” I smiled, I really loved my friend, she were like inseparable twins. We were still chatting when the principal walked in and the whole place went quite.
    After the assembly we hurried into the class, I couldn’t wait to see the surprise she had for me, “Nitty oya show me the thing now” “you sef, your blood too hot.” She handed me something in a white nylon wrapped in foil papers. “Is this what am thinking” I asked her anticipating for the best “open an first nau, u too ask” Shawarma! I screamed excitedly. “Ohh my God! Thank you, I can’t believe it!!”
    “Well I and nick went on a date yesterday at Genesis knowing how much you love it I asked him to get it for you. I microwaved it this morning” ” oh how nice of him, he’s such a good guy, and I know he got other things too” I said winking at her. “Yeah, he bought me provisions, and this” she showed me an envelope and I peeped inside to see #1,000 notes inside, “have you counted it” I asked still amazed, ” #20,000″
    “Jesus” I screamed drawing little attention to our desk, “stop shouting, our class mates are staring” I nodded. “Girl you’re lucky ooooh,” ” lucky my dear, is an understatement, what will I have done without Nick, I’m madly in love with him.”
    She sounded excited, why wouldn’t she be? having a rich boyfriend who just gained admission into the university. They’ve been dating since she was in Jss3 and he normally visits her during our visiting day in school, that’s how I got to know him. He’s a very handsome guy I must confess and I know he loves my friend, at least For him to still show her attention after getting admission into uni proves that, I heard that university girls are hot and they don’t let rich and handsome guys rich Nick slip through their fingers. I just hope for the best because I don’t want my friend to get hurt just like myself. Oh yes myself. I know what it feels like to be heartbroken, at sixteen and in ss2 I was going through pain that had just been inflicted on my heart by someone I adored, my night and shinning amor. I actually caught him in the act about 3 weeks ago, during our last mid-term break.
    I payed him a surprise visit at his house with his favorite food(Egusi soup and fufu).
    Getting to his house I heard moans coming from his room, that was how I caught a girl untop my Eric with him screaming passionately. It was more than I could take, I just dropped the flask on the ground and ran as fast as my legs could carry me, although I heared him call my name, I didn’t turn back, the pains was just too much to bear,
    He kept calling my line and even came to my house twice but I refused to see him, I was not ready to listen to any lies he wanted to say.
    “Are you okay, u’ve been staring at me for a while” My friend brought me back to reality. “its nothing actually” She held my hands ” u are thinking about him right, Leah I think you should hear him out, he’s very remorseful, he calls me everyday to beg you, he’s even visited the school five times, I think you should forgive him girl, you still love him and its beginning to affect your studies, take a look at your test scripts it was shared just before you came into the class”
    I took the papers from her, I couldn’t believe what I saw, 10/30 in maths, 15/30, in chemistry, 10/30 in Biology, I was too devastated to go through the rest, afraid of what I’ll see. Hot tears escaped my eyes, I just hated Eric the more, father was right all,Love only hurts.

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    Written By: OBILE GLORIA
    Sequence 2
    FATHER was right afterall, he always warned me never to have a boyfriend that it will affect me negatively.
    ” Leah listen to me, you can’t go on like this, very soon I know Mrs Kalu would send for you to know what happened to her brightest student”
    I was downcast. “Why would all these be happening because of one stupid somebody that doesn’t know my worth. I swear I’m over him”
    Just then a junior student came towards my desk, “Good morning senior Leah, Mrs Kalu said you should meet her in the staff room now” My heart skipped and my face screamed horror.
    ” I told you so, just go to her office and make up something to tell her.
    Mopping my face thoroughly with my face towel I stood up and followed the junior student to the staff room anticipating for the worst.
    As I walked to the staff room I cursed Eric silently, “look what u’ve done to me, you bastard, to think I loved you”
    another tear escaped my eyes and I wiped them off immediately.
    All my life events started playing in my head., I’m a sixteen year old girl who had been through a lot already,
    I lost my mum when I was four and my father never remarried, I guess that’s because he never moved on after mum’s death,
    I have no siblings that was why I was so eager to leave for the boarding school as I was dying of boredom at home,
    I have few friends, Anita being the top on that list, and of course Valentine my Bestie, such a loving guy.
    Ever since I was a little girl I watched my dad fight depression, he was so hard on everything.
    He didn’t like me visiting friends or relatives, he kept blaming himself for mum’s death, if only he had restricted her numerous visits to the village , maybe she wouldn’t have been poisoned.
    But I could tell my dad loved me very much, I saw the look on his eyes each time i he stares at me, he says, I reminded him so much of my mum that I am spiting image her.
    My dad did a good job at raising me into this girl I am, you would hardly know I grew up without a mum because I knew everything every young girl of my age knew, from cooking, to keeping the house clean, and all of it, I was even better than some girls I knew who had mom’s.
    Allowing me to go to the boarding house was really difficult for my dad, at first he refused, but after much begging, and crying and locking myself inside the room without food, he accepted just to make me happy.
    ***FLASH BACK**
    I met Eric’s one day when I went to buy petrol for our generator,
    the first time I saw him my heart skipped, I had just gained admission into the prestigious Federal Government College and was preparing to leave for school the next week.
    That day we kept stealing glances at each other as we stood waiting for our turns.
    The queue was long,andI observed he couldn’t take his eyes off me and I was really uncomfortable, finally he came over to my side.
    “hello, I’m Eric, nice to meet you” he said while bringing out a hand for a shake.
    I took his hands and he held mine and looked straight into my eyes, It was as if my heart would just explode with the pace at which it was beating
    “I’m Leah nice to meet you too” I managed to say,
    My God the guy had so much effect on me already, I silently prayed for it to get to my turn so I’ll just run away.
    As if to answer my prayer, I was called by the attendant, I quickly brought my gallon forward for her to fill.
    When i turned to leave, I was surprised that he had already filled his and was actually waiting for me,
    “I was waiting so I could walk you home and maybe we could know more about ourselves ” he said flashing a smile and revealing that side gaped dentition I fell in love with.
    “what exactly do you want to know about me” feeling shy already
    “everything he replied.
    “OK you start first ….
    After our discussion that day, I got to know that he was an undergraduate, but was working in a cafe while waiting for admission into the University.
    We exchanged numbers and we started talking on phone before I left for the boarding house.
    Since phones were contraband in the dormitory, we couldn’t talk so often, but by the next term, I sneaked my phone into the dormitory.
    I grew so fond of him and after 3months he asked me to be his girlfriend which I accepted but on the ground that we will not have sex until I’m ready.
    My love grew stronger with each passing day until that day when everything changed.
    I was left completely devastated. I’ve not been myself ever since and I couldn’t concentrate either.
    My heart was shattered, and I refused to see or take his calls.
    At the door of my form mistress office, I quickly wiped my face thoroughly and composed myself, did a sign of the cross and knocked on the door.
    “come in” I heard her say so I went in and helped myself to a chair opposite her because she was answering a call.
    In about 3 minutes she was through and faced me,
    “Good morning ma” I greeted
    “good morning Leah, how are you”
    “fine ma” I replied
    “Leah I called you here because I was shocked at your performance at the just concluded CA. Test,
    I’ve also observed that lately you’ve not been your usual self and your eyes are always swollen as if you do nothing but cry all day, it’s just unlike you, it’s anything wrong? You can talk to me”
    I bowed my head and I could feel the tears building again in my eyes, I tried to fight it but I lost the battle as it began to fall freely down my face,
    how do I look at my form mistress in the face and tell her that her best student, the same person who earned her an award for producing the best overall student in the last speech and price giving day failed her test because she couldn’t concentrate ever since she caught her boyfriend cheating.
    No I have to come up with something, but even as I tried to speak, words failed me, instead I just continued sobbing.
    “Leah can you please face up now”
    I wiped my eyes with my face towel and sat up to face her.
    Obviously she was shocked at my sudden outburst of emotion and I saw concern written all over her face.
    “Leah, do you know who you are? In case you have forgotten let me remind you, you are Leah Nwachukwu, that beautiful, brilliant, and adorable girl that every student look up to,
    but thats on the outside though, and inside I see a strong, brave and promising girl with a dazzling future.
    You are like a diamond darling, a precious stone that’s very rare, your Dad is so lucky to have you.
    I know that this stage of your life comes with various challenges but I don’t want you to ever forget who you are.
    Don’t let anyone deceive you, don’t even allow anything to distract you from achieving your goals in life, you’ve always wanted to be a pediatrician and so far you’ve put in so much effort in achieving it, don’t let anything stop you.
    Any mistake you make now will forever remain a scar in your heart and I’m sure you don’t want that.
    Keep your head up and keep pushing and whenever you think you want to fall, think about all the people who look up to you,
    think about your Dad, think about your mum in heaven, nothing will make her more happy knowing that her little angel grew up to make her proud and lastly think about how fulfilled you will be knowing all your dreams come true,
    Always know that I’ll always be here for you each time you need some one to talk to. I have so much faith in you dear, you will make me proud”
    I felt as if a burden was lifted off my shoulder I went over to embrace her and I felt a feeling I never had since I was born.
    I felt complete. Is this how it feels to have your mom close to you? I thanked her after promising never to let her down.
    That morning when I left her office, I left happy and determined never to let anything or anyone pull me down.
    I’ve not been myself since that day Leah caught me making out with Trisha, it was as if a part of me left me, to make matters worse she has refused pick my calls or see me.
    I know I broke her completely but all I need is just a chance to say sorry.
    I made up my mind to go to her school the next Saturday, just then my phone started ringing and it was Trisha.
    What does this stupid girl want again, I regret everything that day, I can’t believe I feel for her trap.
    If I ever loose Leah, I’m not sure I’ll survive it.
    I picked up my phone and sent her another message.
    *********Leah I’m so sorry, pls give me a chance, I’m coming to your school on Saturday please don’t keep me away*******
    I just hope I’ll get a chance to talk to her.
    I was so shocked when I saw her test scores today, I quickly took them and hid them, I know that she’s been sober ever since she caught that foolish boyfriend of hers cheating but I never thought it will affect her studies.
    That son of a b---h, I’ll teach him a lesson never to mess with my bestie again. I was really having a bad morning.
    Anita told me the form mistress sent for her and I believe it’s about the test score so I decided to wait for her at the entrance to the classroom. I didn’t wait for so long before I saw her approaching, her eyes were swollen again.
    To be continued….

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    Sequence 3
    Writer: OBILE GLORIA
    As I walked back I sighted my bestie standing in front of the class, i moved closer and gave him a hug.
    “good morning the bestest bestie” he gave me a quick peck on my check.
    “YOU’VE been crying again for that fool abi, I’ve told you to move on and forget about him, see what he’s making you go through, you failed all your tests”
    “You saw my test scripts!! ” ” I was the one that gave them to Anita I made sure no one else saw it”
    “Ooh, thanks bestie, I owe you one” “What are friends for, but please I don’t like what I saw” “Don’t worry Val it will never repeat itself, I promise” “I hope so ooh, so what did Mrs Kalu say to you” “We just had a mother and daughter conversation and I feel very relived” “Mother and daughter kee, you didn’t tell me anything ooh”
    I sighted our biology teacher coming, ” Bestie abeg that one na story for another day, I think *Osmosis* is coming to our class” “We will catch up during break na” “Na for your head oh” “I’m always the gentle man”
    I quickly ran to take her books and bags. I’m the captain of my class and that was my duty.
    *****later that day****
    After a hectic day, I sat on my bed and checked my phone, I saw a message from Eric, usually I’ll just delete it without reading but this time was different, I was ready to face him so I opened the message. It read ******Leah, I’m so sorry, please give me a chance to see you on Saturday*******
    I wanted to reply but I called instead, it rang once and he picked.
    “Hello……. Hello, Leah baby….”
    My heart melted at the sound of his voice, I could feel those butterfly in my stomach, he voice so sweet and calm, so suiting to my heart, then the scene of that girl riding him hard and him moaning, came, flashed through my mind, me, I could feel my Anger building but I fought it, I had to overcome this if I must move forward.
    He was still online. “hello Eric, good evening, I forgive you and you can come visit me on Saturday”
    “My love thank you so much, this means a lot to me”
    “so Saturday then, I gat to go now, I want to read my books” “OK dear, good night” “Bye” I ended the call and a gave a heavy sigh.
    Anita came over to my bunk. “I’m glad you finally settled things with him” “Yeah, I feel relived, I can’t keep holding the grudge against him” “You really love him don’t you” “Yes I do but I don’t know if I can still trust him after what happened” “I understand, just open your heart and put yourself first before anything else”
    “OK ooh, relationship advicer, oya go to your bunk I have books to catch up with” “Heeey, I’m happy to hear that ooh, my friend is back again, who knows what Mrs Kalu did to you because you changed immediately you came out from her office ” ” Well let’s just say she just made me realize something I never knew existed”
    “God bless her for me because I thought I was losing my friend to depression” “Oya ooh, tatafo come and go to your bunk you too like gist” “I’m going me I also have books to read”
    I brought out my Maths books, it was my best subject, so I decided to start with it. After solving some problems and satisfied with my achievement for the night, I said a prayer, thanking God for sending me help through my form mistress, also asking him to help me achieve my dreams, I also asked God to bless her and also my Dad too and all my friends. I slept that night with smiles on my face dreaming where I was already a pediatrician and taking care of children.
    ****next day***
    Saturday mornings are always stressful because its inspection day, we had, to sweep, weed, mop and tidy every nook and crany of the hostel, all the house in *dorm* competed to be the neatest house of the week because the house with the highest number of winnings gets and award annually and a cash price of 200k. So it was a serious deal, house mistress are everywhere making sure their house Comes out the best and my house is no exception. My house mistress is a no nonsense woman and she makes sure we leave no stone unturned. It’s not a surprise that we’ve won that award for three years back-to-back and it doesn’t seem like she’s willing to give up that title.
    As expected we won again this week but all my house mates were exhausted as usual but today was exception because it’s a visiting day. Parents are allowed to visit their children every last Saturday of the month and most students always looked forward to it, but for me it’s not special. At first it used to be a bad day for me because I’ll watch other parents come to visit their children, especially their mum, but no one will come to visit me, my dad is always busy or he will not be around, sometimes he even forgets. But those sad days are over, at least I grew up. My dad sends his driver instead the following Monday to bring me provisions and spicy take out foods.
    I guess I’m used to it now. Also Anita’s mum also makes me feel I have a second mum, that woman is God sent, I envy my friend a lot, and if one could steal a mum I’d have done that a long time ago.
    I was lying on my bunk reading Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus when Ayo, my school sister started pulling my legs
    “senior Gloria, your brother is waiting for you downstairs ” They all thought Eric was my brother except Anita.
    “Ok let’s go and see him” Ayo and I were so fond of each other, she will officially become my school daughter when our school mother passes out”
    Finally I was going to see the love of my life today, I decided to shop for her, buying everything I know she likes, I also but a card and a flower, I was ready to make up for my mess..
    As soon as I got to her hostel I sighted one little girl I always see her with, I believe is her school daughter, I couldn’t remember her name so I just signaled her to come. The way she ran to me shows she recognized me.
    “Hello little angel how are you ” ” I’m fine, you are my school sister’s brother Uncle Eric right” “Yes and what’s that your pretty name again” “My name is Ayo” “OK Ayo, can you please call Leah for me” “OK” She ran immediately.
    I wiped the sweat from my face as my heart started to beat, I became nervous as if I was going for Exam, I didn’t know what to expect.
    I saw her coming, looking as beautiful and adorable as ever, this was the first girl I feel in love with, I couldn’t see myself loving another. She smiled as she saw me, displaying her gap dentition and deep dimples, I swear this girl dey burst my brain.
    “Good afternoon Eric ” ” Afternoon dear”
    She immediately instructed Ayo and one other girl to carry the things I got her inside and we walked to our usual hidden spot under a tree.
    I knelt in front of her and poured out all the feelings I’ve been bolting for the last 1 month
    “Leah, I messed up, I don’t even have an excuse for what I did, I’m so sorry, please give me another chance and I swear to you, ill never hurt you again”
    By the time I finished she was already crying
    “Eric you really hurt me, can you believe I failed my last test, but I forgive you, promise me it will never happen again”
    “I swear on my life my love, it will never happen again”
    I stood up and embraced her tightly I looked at her face, I cleaned the stray tears still lingering in her chicks, and swore to my heart a million times never to hurt her again, I had missed this moment for so long, staring into her eyes as if searching for a diamond in it and caressing her soft face, her lips so tempting, I planted a kiss on them and she responded hurriedly , we kissed passionately as my hands started romancing all over from her boost to her hips…..
    “What’s going on here”
    We quickly separated to find someone one staring at us with a very mean look
    Who caught them?
    Find out in the next Sequence after comments…

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    Bring it on

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    new story don land ooooo
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    Nice story dear. But this is very one calls my name in the register.but u wil expect us to coment.its very bad.please u people should stop counting us out of ur register.

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    Carry on

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