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    go on…

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    🚶🏾 🚶🏾 🚶🏾

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    u nd ur wife no dey shaqe xame room?!

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    episode 2

    The first thing I did when I awoke was scroll down my phone contacts and dial her number. She picked on third ring.
    “Hello! this is Indiat, who am I unto” she said. This her voice.
    “Good morning, Indiat this is Arthur”
    “Good morning Sir, how was the journey? Hope you arrived safely?”
    “How did you know it was me who was on the line?” I asked feigning surprised.
    “Haba Sir, your baritone voice is distinctive.” She crooned. Her voice melted my brains and solidified my John.
    “How are you?”
    “I am fine sir”
    “How have you settled down?
    “We managed”
    “What will you be doing tonight? I want to show a little of Lagos before I travel”
    “Wow! thank you sir, let me do one or two things then I will call so you come and pick me.”
    Few hours later we navigated from a place called Akiode in Ojodu through the traffic to Festac. She was on a black gown and a heeled pair of shoes. It took a moment to find my voice. This dress was longer but an off-shoulder, her breasts where literally jumping out. She had big round earrings and a tiny one on each ear, prominent dark eyelashes and light make up. She oozed of raw sensuality. I was enthralled. I felt my fat member get turgid, the first time in a while without a mouth action.
    We talked about alot of things but those were not important, I was determined to end our discussions. When we got stuck in traffic. I moved my hand from her soft arm to her cheek, snuggled closer and guided her face to meet mine but she evaded my lips and was smiled shyly.
    “Arthur, I thought you wanted to show me Lagos?” She said and baited her eyes with desire lurking in them.
    “Well, of course, I will take you round Lagos but first let’s get you some dresses” I moved my hand over the gown, almost touching her inner thighs but she held my hand.
    What’s the hurry, she is here now. It’s just a matter of time before I have her “washipping” my fat member and begging me to pummel her harder. The image that came with a thought orchestrated a smile on my face.
    She turned and smiled knowingly, that’s the thing offsetting about Indiat she will have you wondering if she was psychic.

    We made a stop at a boutique in Ikeja and purchased handbags, shoes and all the clothes she tried. She looked exceptionally beautiful in a particular blue dress with a high slit in front, it made her butt more appealing. I made a mental note to have her wear it the next time we meet. We did a little of chow mein and kung pao chicken. The Chinese dishes closed the day. We drove for a hour through heavy traffic before arriving at Akiode about 9 PM.
    I arrived home just in time to watch the 10 o’clock news. My wife was already asleep, so I helped myself to a plate of rice and stew, received the third call from Indiat, made my way to my room, had a bath and slept with optimism.
    I did not see Indiat until after two days my optimism had not deflated a bit, for almost every hour of the past two days we spoke, each conversation riddened with sexual innuendos.
    Finally, tonight it’s gonna happen. I picked her up at 7 PM. My stubby fingers could not stay on the steering at every pause we made due to traffic or otherwise, my hand would creep up her hands then her laps but couldn’t go further; she would hit my hand off as soon as it probes through the slit of the blue gown. She would say somethings hinged on exercising patience.
    Exercising patience was not an advice I was willing to take.
    Good for her, we arrived the Hotel my “Casanova” cousin had recommended as the best in the heart of Festac, before the kiss birthed something tipped, robust and succulent in my mouth.
    We spent a little over an hour downstairs; drinking, eating with my cousin who came by to see the reason why I who had stopped hanging out for a while would out of the blue call for a hotel recommendation.
    After a couple of shots, she became more receptive. Intermittently, she would paste wet kisses on my cheek and try to reach for my d--k when her hand gets to my upper thighs, I would grab and hold on to it and each time I would subtly whisper in her ear “exercise patience.” I was turned on but was determined to play the same card she dealt. Minutes after our under the table games, we called it a day and made our way to our room, leaving my cousin with his lady companion

    I sat in one of the two sofas in our white painted room and watched the model with enormous boobs strip tease to a slow song playing on the television. Her gaze fixed on my eyes to ensure that I did not miss nothing out of the unboxing. She danced towards me. Her enormous breasts suspended by a blue bra jiggled tirelessly in a slow motion. My eyes took in every inch and climbed down her body. Her blue panties were so thin that I could almost see her fat labias peeping out by it’s sides when she squatted. A knob must have turned within her when she unzipped my Levi shorts and unveiled my bulged briefs. She licked her thick lips before feeling my fat d--k with her long fingers. Focused on my bulge she pulled down the shorts. Unexpectedly, I stood up and let the shorts slide down. I heard her whisper “ohmygodheisbig” I walked past her into the bathroom where I took off my remaining clothes and turned on the shower.
    I felt hands on my thighs, drooped water off my face with my hand and found Indiat kneeling and ogling my d--k. I ran my hand on the wall till I encountered the faucet and turned off the shower. She arched her head upward and raised my big black d--k with her face. Large eyes stared up at me, her thick lips opened up and in… slipped my d--k.
    She held my d--k steady, swirled and twirled her tongue around its tip. She placed her hands on my butts and slowly began to suck my d--k. Moans, sloppy sounds from sucking and groans ricocheted and rebounced off the walls of the bathroom. I placed my hand on her head, my fat d--k was so deep in her throat that I hit its back. I expected her to pause for a breather or gag but she never did. I closed my eyes and relished in the euphorical way she “washipped” my black d--k, it would be a while before my warm seeds bust through. Alcohol was doing a good job delaying it. Her bubbly head was so rapid that when I peeked through my eyes the image blurred. She took my d--k out and licked under the cap a bolt of electricity ran through me. I felt my seeds racing to bust through. She stopped sucking instantaneously, she must have known I was about cumming because she removed her mouth and replaced with her hand. With the hand she squeezed my d--k really hard that I felt it move rearwards. She impelled me to sit on the side of the bathtub then raised my pulsating d--k and swallowed my balls. She s----d it for a while and began switching from my balls to my d--k. She would spit on my d--k,swoop and suck up the saliva like a vacuum cleaner

    i pulled her up and put her to the nearest wall, she arched her back and pathed her legs few more inches until her p---y was aligned with my crotch. She guided my hard d--k in. Her wetness made it easier to penetrate her tight p---y. I almost began ramming her furiously at first. But, I knew it would hurt so I thrusted slowly with my hand underneath her frame and squeezing her breasts.
    “Oh no Arthur your balls are hitting my c--t.” I had built up from the slow t----t and was ramming into her juicy orifice like the ram I was. I felt my balls contract. I twitched her arm so she turned and faced me. I took one of her big nippled enormous breasts when the c-m receded. I put her again to the wall and began thrusting her juicy c--t. I felt my strength abate and breathe shortened. I pulled out and staggered my way towards the water closet, closed the lid of the toilet bowl and sat on it. She made to drag me up, I declined. I was gasping for air and perspiring.
    She had a bath and walked passed my suckling like a child’s whose mother refused milk. It was great to be wanted by such a young p---y. My d--k has conquered alot but she is the youngest in age difference. “Arthur what are you doing there? My p---y is still dripping” she asked from the bedroom her voice was etched with horniness.I hope this girl doesn’t kill me with how she called for me.
    “I am coming, I got to wash” I stood up with aches hammering around my waist. I almost screamed and concluded that I won’t be doing any rammings if I did not want my waist to loose a bolt.
    I spent few minutes washing up. When I was done, I sluggishly made my way into the white tiled bedroom. Indiat was sprawled on the bed, her long fingers were in between her thighs, rubbing her c--t in circles the squishing wet sounds numbed my brains for a second. She was super appealing. Her middle and fore fingers of her hand worked in anticlockwise while her other hand wrapped and massaged one of her breasts. I could feel life stir up within my g---n. I moved closer and sat on the edge of the bed. While I rebuilt my repleted energy I put my fingers to use.
    “Awwww” she moaned and moved her hand covering p---y to her mouth. I glided up and down her smooth soft thighs. Slowly, I made my way upwards to her curly haired p---y. Her labias were the thickest I had ever seen. I rubbed dangerously close to it, when I got too close she cooed my name “Arthur” in anticipation and groaned when I did not deep my finger in her warm dish. I continued that until the umpteenth time when she screamed “you are torturing me” that I put my finger inside.

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    Hmmm asem

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