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    A Jake Sam Original.

    Take the bull by the horns

    Chapter One.


    “In the year 2005, a tourist bus carrying about 25 people including the driver assigned to drive the bus to a tourist attraction in the deepest part of Bear Forest. A place said to be haunted and cursed by death itself. A place no one in their right minds should venture into.

    The Bus never made it back and no one was seen again.

    Many wondered what had happened, many state securities investigated on the case for close to five years, not even the bus was seen. What had happened to them till date, no one knows.” Mr. Jack Daniels told his students who were all interested in his story and when he was done, many hands went up all at ones.

    “Joseph McAllister, you have a question for me?.” He called acknowledging a nerdy boy who was gawking at him since he began telling the story.

    “Yes Mr. Daniels, that had happened like 5 years back right?.” He asked trying to get his facts straight.

    “Yep Joseph, you are absolutely correct.” Mr. Daniels affirms.

    “I’ve heard about this story before, it was said that they were murdered.” Joseph commented and Mr. Daniels smirks. Joseph McAllister loves having his facts right and when it comes to history entirely.

    “Joe, I like you and you always get your facts right but this time you are wrong. If they were murdered then why didn’t the police find their bodies?.” Mr. Daniels said and the class murmurs incoherently.

    “Well Mr. Daniels I don’t really have a knowledge as to why but how did 25 people just vanish?.” Joseph replied him with his own question.

    “I take it you weren’t listening…”

    “You know I always listen to your teachings Mr. Daniels.” Joseph cuts him halfway.

    “Don’t interrupt me again Joe, you know I hate that.” Mr. Daniels said in a calm and polite manner.

    “Am sorry Mr. Daniels.” Joseph apologized and a boy suddenly laughs at Joseph.

    “Dane Fitzgerald, can you tell the class what is funny?.” Mr. Daniels motioned him to stand up.

    “Nothing Mr. Daniels. I remembered a funny incident.” He tried to lie but he knew well enough that Mr. Daniels will see through his lie but funnily enough, Mr. Daniels chose to ignore him to the surprise of the whole class.

    Dane Fitzgerald is the only son of his multi billionaire parents, born with a golden spoon in his mouth, raised and pampered like an egg.
    In class, he doesn’t care about others, he doesn’t acknowledge the school authorities, thanks to his mum. It’s no surprising that he would disturb Mr. Daniels class.

    “Sit down Dane, and don’t even think of disrupting my class again.” His voice was calm but his words was cautious of it.

    Dane quietly sat back down still smiling.

    “So back to what I was saying.” He slowly remove his gaze from Dane to Joseph. “I said that the tourists mysteriously disappeared and were never found. I didn’t say murdered Joseph but it’s okay, they are no surgical explanation for that so we have to assume they were murdered.” He continued.

    Another hand came up and Mr. Daniels gave her permission.

    Claire Nielsen is the golden girl in the picture, just like Joseph McAllister, she loves history and loves investigating a mystery.

    “According to you Mr. Daniels, they were twenty five in number and no one was able to inform the cops if they we’re actually or should I say presumably murdered? Well my main question is, if it’s true that they were murdered then by who or what? I can’t just believe one or two or even three men could kill twenty five all at once and still yet, was able to get rid of their bodies and the bus.” Claire commented and Mr. Daniels stopped to think.

    “I think Claire’s right Mr. Daniels.” It was Emma Faber that spoke out.

    “Yea, me too. I mean, what are the odds of that happening?.” Ezra Henderson added and the class once again starts murmuring between themselves.

    “Alright Everyone. What do we do now. Any ideas?.” Mr. Daniels spoke out killing the noise.

    “What do we do as how Mr. Daniels?.” Dane asked.

    “I mean, they are lot of unanswered questions here so how do we get the answers.” He commented looking directly at Joseph.

    “We could ask Google.” A boy from the back seat suggested.

    Everyone burst out laughing.

    “Are you insane man? What do you want Google to tell you? That ‘Please Google, what happened to the twenty five tourist that mysteriously disappeared in Bear Forest?’ And Google will reply ‘Geez, I don’t know, why don’t you ask my d--k you high class dummy’.” Another boy from the back replied the first boy and the class again erupts into laughter, well except Joseph and Claire.

    “At least he made a suggestion unlike you who is the real dummy.” A girl spoke out beneath the laughter and everyone gasp shockingly.

    “Enough!” Mr. Daniels commands the class and the class went dead silent.

    “Like I said before, any ideas?.” He said in his calm clear voice.

    “How about we take the bull by the horns?” Claire said out of the blue.

    “What do you mean Claire?” Mr. Daniels asked her.

    “We should take an expedition.”

    And Everyone turned around to look at her.

    “An Expedition?.” Ezra commented looking at his history teacher.

    “Think about it as more of a school trip, an excursion.” She simplified.

    “To Bear Forest?.” Another Student asked her.

    “Well, if we wanna know what happened to the tourists then going to Bear Forest is our best shot at getting answers.” She said closing her eyes at the same time.

    Joseph liked the idea, Mr. Daniels also.

    “Yea, that is true. I concur with Ms. Nielsen. That will help clarify things a lot.” Mr. Daniels said to the class.

    “Uh! If you guys don’t mind, can someone please tell us what we’re gonna do again?.” Dane had to asked to understand what was going on.

    “Well, we’re going to a Bear forest Expedition to find out what really happened to the twenty five tourists that got missing, next week. So here’s a list of paper, anybody who’s interested in this trip should put down their names.” Mr. Daniels elaborated.

    “Well Mr. Daniels, shouldn’t we let Principal Badminton know about our plans?.” Helena Landon asked surprising the whole class.

    Helena has been the snow white at Kings Academy and it’s shocking to know that she was interested in the trip.

    “Well that had crossed my mind Ms. Landon. I’m going to inform him of this after I’ve gotten the names of those interested.” He commented quickly. Sensing that not many of his students are interested aside from Claire, Joseph and Helena. “And those that are going will get an A+ in my course in general and in general, I mean history and math, this will be like our final exam in both courses this semester.” He handed the paper to Claire and watched her write her name on it before she passes it on to her seatmate who didn’t even bother writing her name before passing it on to the next person beside her.

    “That’s good, out of twenty six students, I got only twelve students who are really interested in the trip. The rest of you should really think of what you are doing in history class.” He said looking at the list in his hand.

    The school bell rang over the hallway signifying the end of history section.

    Mr. Daniels gave his students some advice and told those who’d written down their names to get a letter permit from their parents or guardians.

    “So am off to the principal’s office. Good luck students.” He said taking his bag out of the class.

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    Safe trip all

    Ride on

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    Hmm, next please

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    Are u guys for real? Going into the bear forest?
    Hmmmm safe trip den!!!

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    am not sure maybe all of you are going to make it back

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    Safest journey ooo

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    Hmmm ride on

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    Seeing is better than hearing

    Chapter Two.

    “I guess those of us who had written down their names are not in their right minds eh.” Dane playfully jokes as he took a spoonful of salad laughing.

    “Yea, since I heard that story, I really wanted to check it out ever since.” Larry Pearson said sitting next to Helena who gawks at him like he was insane.

    “Nothing Larry.” Helena said taking a bite out of her sandwich.

    “Look guys, the only reason am going to that stupid trip is that I get an A+ in history and math.” Ezra said not surprising anyone in particular, they all knew if Ezra signed up for anything there must be something in return for him.

    “Yea but I didn’t even thought you would write yours down.” Hayley Hathaway, the best student in almost all courses in the school drops in on the quadrangular group chat, “Sorry for dropping in.” She apologies holding a tray of food in her hand.

    “Seeing is better than hearing.” Ezra took a bite from his meat pie

    “No problem Hayley, you didn’t say a word today in class. Why’s that?.” Dane asked her but she chose to ignore him.

    Dane though being the spoilt brat in the school, has a very big crush in his best friend’s twin sister, everyone knows that but Hayley appears not to be interested in him. She’s just hanging out with the gang because of her brother who apparently is absent in school today.

    “Where’s Alec?. I don’t really see him as the type who’d skip a day in class.” Helena asked Hayley who just sighs.

    “He’s in clean up duty for hitting a guy over me this morning when we arrived.” She told the group.

    “He’s always very over protective of you, lemme guess. This guy in question touched your butt.” Helena said and looked at her boyfriend, Larry whom again had to ask her why she was staring at him like that.

    “I wouldn’t blame the guy though.” Ezra spoke out suddenly, earning a mean stare by Hayley. “No, no. It’s not like that. I mean you’re a very very beautiful girl and every guy who’d kill to have you, hell even me though.” He sweetly said making Hayley to give out a big warm smile on her face, Dane is angry as he saw Ezra had made Hayley smile instead of him, he in fact can’t deny that he felt the strings of jealousy running through his veins at that moment.

    Hayley noticed it but still chose to ignore him.
    She wasn’t ready for any relationship and that fact she had tried so many hard to make the boys especially Dane to understand.

    Ezra on the other hand is warming closely to her and she knew because he’s the jovial type, always trying to make her smile and to keep her company anytime he has the chance, unlike Dane, she thought, he’s almost the opposite of her brother and she wondered how they became best of friends.

    “It’s beautiful.” Ezra said smiling at Hayley.

    “What’s beautiful?.” Hayley couldn’t help but to ask.

    “You wanna know what’s beautiful?.” He smirked and dipped his spoon in his food then took a spoonful of his rice.

    “Yes Ezra, I would like to know.” The group is staring at both of them but Hayley didn’t care.

    “Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is the most beautiful one and my favorite.” He commented and Larry and Helena started laughing, Dane however tried to keep his head down so neither of his friends could see he was pissed off.

    “Claire, come sit with us.” Hayley called Claire over as she saw her getting her own food.

    “Thanks Hayley but I think I’d like to be on my own.” Claire politely declines Hayley’s offer, Hayley understood why Claire rejected her offer, last time she did, she got insulted by Dane and Helena and to her guess, she’s trying to avoid being embarrassed again.

    Hayley nodded and smiled then watched her walk up to Some of their classmates.

    Lunch break was over and everyone is back to their class ready for the day’s end including Alec Hathaway.

    Mrs Gloria is taking them on geography and some of the students suddenly finds her class to be boring, each all thinking about the upcoming trip to the dreaded Forest.

    Dane and the rest had filled Alec in on the trip and was surprised when he said he wasn’t going with them.

    All through the class Joseph was watching Claire who is secretly looking at Alec.
    Principal Badminton’s Office.

    “Are you sure about this
    Jack, I mean according to you Bear forest is a place where no one in their right minds has willingly ventured into.” Principal Badminton ask, concerned.

    “Yes, that’s why we would provide security it was the kids that even suggested it.” Mr. Daniels explained.

    Principal Badminton though wasn’t happy with the idea but didn’t really have any reason to stop the kids and if Bear forest is as deadly as the kids thought it would have been on the papers even with the ‘supposed’ twenty five tourists that died and obviously the government will have investigated it and warn people about the forest.

    “Well, if that’s what your class wants then I’ll start funding for the transport and food and the security.”

    “Yea, and if we did find anything about what really happened to the twenty five tourists then this school and the students will be popular around the globe.” Mr. Daniels commented and stands up ready to leave.

    “Look, Jack, though I’m providing security but the children are in your care so if anything happens to any of them, I and their parents would hold you responsible.” Principal Badminton said and Mr. Daniels nodded his head before stepping out of the principal’s office.

    “Miller?.” A voice blares over the phone waking up a sleeping Callum.

    “Agent Callum Miller on the line, who am I speaking with?.” Callum said yawning quietly.

    “You from Homeland security?.” The voice which sounded like man’s voice asked over the receiver.

    “Yea, how can I help you?.” Callum said getting up from his bed.

    “Well my name is Adam Badminton and I got your number from Inspector Lee.” Principal Badminton spoke out.

    “Okay so how can I help you Mr. Badminton.” Callum said trying not to say much.

    “Please, I was referred to you for security.” He said.

    “Okay, who am I gonna secure, a group of students in my school.” Principal Badminton explained.

    “Why would a bunch of students need security guard for?.” Callum asked, obviously surprised as well as wondering.

    “Kings Colleges’ planning a school Expedition to Bear forest and we need you to accompany them.” Badminton sounded like he wasn’t really into the Expedition idea, some of the kids parents agreed to it, at least Bear forest is an urban legend, story meant to scare kids at night.

    “Okay, speak to my superiors first then we can talk.” Callum said preparing to get into the bathroom.

    “Already did, and after my call, your lead Agent will call you so we are waiting in the department.” Badminton said and the call went dead.

    True to what Adam Badminton said, his lead agent’s call came through and without wasting a second, he picked up and places the phone on his left ear.

    After a brief discussion, the call ended and he quickly took his bath in matter of minutes.
    Twenty one minutes later.
    “You’re late Agent Miller.” Lead Agent Mari Ramon said as Agent Miller entered the council.

    “Sorry about that Lead Agent. I was kinda stuck.” Callum didn’t think of anything to say.

    “Sit down.” Agent Ramon pointed at a sit close to a bald headed man whom Callum guessed was the Adam Badminton he had spoke on phone with earlier.

    “So down to busy, Agent Miller, Mr. Badminton wants to hire you for security.”

    “So I’ve heard. When?.” Callum said but undoubtedly disappointed, he loves his job but being a security guard for some rich kids is like babysitting and he hates babysitting.

    “Monday, you leave with them at nine in the morning.” Agent Ramon said, Callum didn’t say anything else, he just nodded, it was an order from his superior and to his guess, his payment has been made.

    Though he surprises him why he was needed to ‘babysit’ some teens into Bear forest, why? Was the question but right there, he was in no position to ask any questions. All he had to do is his job, he was after all, one of the best Homeland security agent in the agency.

    He felt Badminton is hiding something from his superiors, he just would like what is in Bear Forest that demands teens to go there, he will make his research on his own.

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