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    Episode 1
    Written by kelvin icy best.

    I jumped up from the red rug where I slept, as I heard loud noises coming from the street, I ran to the window to find out what was going on, and the next thing I saw was a guy chasing another guy with a sharp cutlass *I swear you fit see your future for that cutlass* I shook my head as I wondered what kind of youth we have this days,I went back and sat down as I saw my guy I was squating with already awake trying to view the scene from the window
    Femi: so dem don start again this kind early mormor
    Me: no be wetin dem know be dat
    Femi: omo guy, this one bloody ooo
    Me: na dem sabi, make dem kill themselves
    The next thing we heard was “aaaaaahhhh!”
    Femi: kai them don kill this guy, chai him don comot for their seeettiiing
    “Eh le wan!”
    The sound of broken bottles started sounding like ring tone inside my ear, I got fed up, I stood up and tried to close the window but femi stopped me,he said he was enjoying the scene that’s its entertaining *but na why person take violence as entertainment, hmm na wa oo, anyway na him house I no get right sha* I just jejely went and sat down on the red rug inside the one room apartment, few hours later, the horrific sound of violence died down and everywhere was silent and peaceful again, but its just for a while lol, its what we call a commercial break.
    My name is Efe dafe, from warri, delta state, and as many of una know na, say warrior no dey carry last, but for this my case eh, warrior don carry last oo, cuz I no just understand my life as e be so, I’m 27 years old tall like an athlete, fair, and somehow handsome and cute, yeah girls say that to me alot but I’m still single, I no just understand, I mean girls, I no fit talk to them, like, toast them, I just don’t know why but I feel its because of just three things, I’m shy, 2 no money to spend 3, I just feel like I don’t deserve them that’s all, and if you must know I’m still a virgin, that one mean say I never Bleep before I never m--------e if you no understand, I left warri when I was eight to leave with my aunt in Lagos and when I turned twenty five I left there to squat with my friend who rented a room in a face me i destroy you compound wey them dey fight everyday, I pay the light bills and the afor ile(compound cleaner) and security money while he just settles the house rent, my guy on the other hand is a very bad guy, he brings in girls I mean ladies into the room and they will end up f-----g themselves till dawn while I’m inside some times he brings in two girls at a time and engage in threesomes, the sound alone drives me crazy, lol, sometime sef only the sound dey make me c-m, he will try to lecture me on how to woo a lady into dating even sleeping with her and clean your mouth like you just ate an oil food, but I was too scared to put his teachings into practise, for the past two years in that street I’ve been living like a ghost, wake up in the morning bathe eat and go to work return back home by 5pm and stay indoor till the next day the only time I do come out is mostly on environmental sanitation day(last Saturdays) and on Sundays just to go to church and worship God, meenn, my life sucks alot, I read stories on facebook about boys big d--k and all that, but my own is far from growing, e just be like say the thing no dey grow at all na which girl wan hear that one, there was a day my guy went and bleeped an ashawo(prostitute) and he came back and was complaining
    Femi: guy e good make you get big d--k like Nepal poll oo
    Me: why you talk so(sitting up so I can hear more)
    Femi: hmmm, you believe say I go Bleep ashy today and the idiot busy dey sing woju o, as she dey chop chin gum for my ear
    I laughed holding my chest so i don’t choke
    Femi: e never finish oo, na so every minutes she go dey ask me say weda I never release, I swear I no even feel anything e just be like say I chook my d--k for inside well
    I laughed to my fullest as I watch him going about planning on how to deal with the prostitute, and realy, I don’t want that to happen to me, and to make make the whole thing worse I can’t feel a thing for girls, that one I can’t explain, I’m no gay, but I don’t just feel any attractions to girls, but I always get worked up while watching a romantic movie, and I like that part that the husband will meet the wife in the kitchen and cuddle her from behind, omo that one dey burst my brain, well, my life sucks, my life later turned to a living hell, I mean lots of embarrassment and disgrace, but I was able to overcome them by a coincidence grace, lol, and thats where we are driving at.
    After the horrific fight that day, later in the evening femi brought a lady into the the room, he told me we should allow her to spend the night, that the area where the girl lives have been turned into an arena for fighting, that she’s scared blah blah blah, I just smiled and assured him all is well and besides he rented the room and I have no say what so ever, “thanks bro” was all he said, but d--n I’m in for another sex cry from the both of them and probably I may end up cuming while listening to them, five minutes later the girl phone rang and she picked it and whispered somethings into the phone and she said
    Girl: femi, I need another favor again(pleading face)
    Femisadfrowned) na wetin be that
    Girl: na my friend chioma
    Femi: na wetin do am
    Girl: shey she fit come here, she say she dey fear, say them don scatter everywhere for itire street
    Femi: ah ah, that one no be problem na, tell her to come jor, with immediate effect
    Girl: ah thank you, thank you, I go call her now
    I watched her dialed the girl’s number, I stood up to go and urinate and when I came back they have started fornicating, I ignored them and went back to my space and lay on the rug backing them as usual, few minutes later I heard a nock and a “come in” was spoken by the two of them, I heard the door opening and I heard the girl’s voice I turned to look at her and wow she’s a beauty to behold…

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    Kelvin QueenKelvin Queen
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    Episode 2 & 3
    Written by
    Kelvin icy best

    I sprang to my feet as I stare at the lady that was standing close to the door, with my singlet and boxers, I was busy staring at her as if she was a bag of money
    Femi: if you like her make you tell her no they act home video for here
    I just shook my head, I greeted her and went back to my space to lye down, “this is so awkward”, I said to my self, each time I would turn my face backward just to steal a glance at her, and each time I do, my body always felt somehow I don’t just understand, later femi and the other girl started saying nasty words, laughing and touching themselves in place that can lead to insane f-----g, I glanced at chioma but she cared not as she was busy pressing her phone, she raised her head and caught me staring at her and she smiled, aaaaahhh!, my body do jigi jigi, I no con get myself again, e just be like say them nack me for head with plank, and then I heard the other girl say to femi
    Girl: stop jor(laughing)
    Girlsadlaughing) stop jor, aaaaah!, stop na(whispered)
    Before I no the girl don they moan, meaning they’ve started their activities, I can’t believe a girl can be so cheap like this, in the presence of your friend and to my surprise, chioma acted as if she knew nothing or heard nothing she was just busy with her phone, I glanced at my guy holding her breast like a bread he’s ready to eat, and she was moaning silently, like an housewife who is f-----g the houseboy beside her sleeping husband, and chioma was busy pressing phone, na wa oo, she no even show concern for her friend at least caution her small, act like good friend small, I glanced at her and she caught me again but this time she smiled and I found myself smiling like a stupid kid, I was so surprised when she stood up and came close to me and said
    Chioma: please can I lye down with you
    I no even no how to reply her cuz my head no dey work again, I just open my mouth vomit any word for her
    Me: aaah, ah don’t know oo(staring like a morron)
    She smiled as if she just got the memo and she lay down next to me backing and positioning her mighty ass for me to feast my eyes on, and thats what I did, feast my eyes on it, each time she would glance back and I will pretend as if I’m already asleep by closing my eyes and breathing one kind, meanwhile the sound coming from our neighbors on the other end have became intense, cuz its now sounding slappy, pkaaar!, pkaaar!, pkaaar!, followed by “oooooh, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, as if she dey cry, the sound started having effect on me and my small p---k con dey stand, I looked at chioma ass again and I noticed we’re now close to each almost making contacts, but how come, I just dey wonder and immediately I felt her ass on my small erected p---k, the feeling was somehow, I couldn’t take it, I stood up immediately, I saw the girl bouncing ontop femi’s d--k, holding his chest for surpport while moaning her life out, as always I ignored them and went outside to the balcony of our floor which is the second floor, cuz its a three story building with thirty four tenants, I sat on a chair, and was enjoying the cool fresh air, “no no no, I should have danced to her tune, but instead I ran, why” I stood up and stare down at my little two inchies d--k, and I shook my head, I was so embarrassed to the core, “oya what if I con dance to her tune, then she con expect me to bring cutlass make I cut her grass I go con bring small cutlery knife instead shey she no go hiss waka comot, that means I don die be that” the sweetness of the cold air was too much and I was enjoying it so I found a big carton nearby I took it, spread it on the floor and lay on it, minutes after minutes I was in wonderland..
    Episode 3
    The next morning I was woken up by a Yoruba woman who does not understand English, na so she dey ask me wetin I dey do for there, I just told her that I came out cuz of the heat was much inside, I forgot there was light the previous night and she kept on staring at me somehow but wetin concern me, I sluggishly walked back to the room and went in I saw only femi inside sleeping when he heard my movements he opened his eyes and glared at me
    Femi: guy, na wetin dey do you sef, eh?
    Me: I no understand, wetin happen
    Femi: abeg just shut up, you go dey do as if na you holy pass, see correct shima wey throw herself for you to chop, you just carry the food go throway for gutter, see guy you no try at all
    Me: na wetin con dey bring all this rubbish eh!(already getting angry)
    Femi: shey you wan beat me because I dey tell you the truth?
    I ignored him and sat on the floor staring at the wall
    Femi: if you like vex, I go tell you the truth, that’s why them say the truth is bitter, anyway sha, na your life I don sha talk my own(paused) environmental dey today oo, make we go clean gutter all those men go don dey come out, I no wan hear talk this early morning oo
    I stood up and wore my juggers and a simple polo and went outside not talking to him, should I be angry at him for telling me the right thing?,I know I was wrong but there’s nothing I could do about it, I went outside, took a rake and joined the other men in clearing the gutter, femi came out, and he was trying to talk to me but I was giving him attitude, no be say I get pride oh, na my conscience dey disturb me, when we were done with the work normally I would head back inside but I want to talk to femi so to make sure we’re doing ok, I looked round the street and I saw some group of boys playing football and I smiled, “well e don tey wey I play ball, make I show them my skills small”
    Me: shey you go follow me go play ball?
    He turned to look at me, he was some how surprised I said so
    Femi: you sure of wetin you dey talk, abi I dey dream
    Mesadsmiled) serious jor, make we go before them go say set don finish
    Femisadlaughed) them no born them well, them no fit for my kaban set finish for were
    We laughed together and went to the small field beside the street, after some few trouble makings from femi luckily we were, chosen to play for the next set, pending the time to our set, I took my time to view around the whole street and saw how magnificent it was with the buildings in it, I saw some pretty girls standing around, watching us as we play football, then I remembered chioma and my heart skipped a lil bit, I found it hard to breath but I was able to control myself from having a heart attack GOOOOAAAL!!!
    the scorer ran down the field celebrating his goal like Lionel messi,”mitcheeeew this butty wey no good nai con dey do like messi, maybe I go even play pass am sef forget say e don tey” i jumped down from the fence I was sitted and went to the field I played on the left wing cuz I’m a left footer and femi a right footer played by the right, first of all I passed the ball back to the back man and I ran to the middle he launched the ball to me, I jumped and trapped it, the first guy came to tackle me, i laugh as I dribble am two times wey make everybody shout, well na me be that, I may s--k on other things but I dont s--k on football, after dribbling him I passed back to femi, he dealt with the other guy, and we came face to face with their goalie femi passed to me the goalie rushed out and I passed back to femi and boom! he scored eeveryone shouted screaming femi’s name, I heard my name and I was surprised, na who know me for this area, I glanced around but could not find my caller, “maybe I’m just hallucinating, I heard my name the second time but this time with a car horn, I looked around again and I saw one Lexus 320 packed across the street and it seems the driver knew me, I told femi to replace me with someone, I crossed the street to meet him and I was surprised to see my secondary school class and seat mate
    Me: how far na, chucks you don fresh finish oh
    He wined down I stretched my hand to shake him, you wouldn’t believe the sweat on my arm dried up instantly
    Me: chucks chucks chuuucks
    Chucks: so na here you dey
    Me: na so we see am oo, na una dey chop all the money na
    He smiled, his phone rang, he picked it and wined up immediately and the next thing I knew was the car started moving, “for were him no go go free, lai lai, him no fit just go like that make him no con drop something” I chased after the car shouting his name “chucks!” he stopped before I got close to it I saw him bringing his hands outside and he pour down bunches of a thousand naira note and he zoomed off, I stopped as I saw it, and tears ran down my face immediately i walked sluggishly to where the money was and gazed down at it, I shook my head, looked left and right before picking them up, with tears rushing down my eyes I walked home…

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    bring it on

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    Daniel EdemDaniel Edem
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    nice start
    pls always tag me for the next update

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    Catch up with dis later

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    Na so I land

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    Mtcheeeeew my broda man na so life be o.

    In as much as e don better for am today , no see urself as as a failure, my people get one proverb wey says, tomorrow is pregnant, my dear dnt look down on ursef ok.
    You might as well b on top 2moro.

    My boo @fb-danieledem thanks for the iv.

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