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    Welcome to my New Weekly Series ‘Switched’ I hope you enjoy the ride as you did with other stories
    I have news for you just in case you’ve not been aware of the New Changes I’m going to make this year.

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    Episode 1
    Sandra Okoye
    groaned when her
    phone rang and She
    knew better than
    not responding to her
    P.A’s call whom she
    knew was either at
    her door waiting for
    permission to barge
    inside or outside in
    one of her dramatic
    Limosuine to get her
    to one of those crazy
    movie Promotions
    which she dreaded
    “Yea?” she croaked.
    “Wake up sunshine!
    “Whatever…, what
    time is it?”
    “It’s 7am, I’m
    almost at the hotel
    you lodged in and I
    need you to kindly
    prepare before I get
    to the door and see
    something I’m sure
    you don’t want me
    “Get me espresso on
    your way here…”
    “Like I need you to
    tell me that.” Pamela
    giggled. “One day
    you’re going to be so
    drunk on Caffeine
    you’re going to need
    Valium to put you
    back to sleep.”
    “Well, just in case
    you don’t know, I
    was sleeping before
    you woke me up
    with your annoying
    voice.” She snapped
    and hung up before
    Pamela could say
    anything else.
    She sighed and closed
    her eyes to rest her
    head on the vanity
    trying to get her
    thoughts together
    before a masculine
    hand flung itself over
    “Hey baby…”
    “Marvin, not now…”
    she tried to push him
    away but he pulled
    her closer and held
    her trapped beneath
    “I have a Movie
    Promotion in London
    by 8.” She protested
    when he started
    kissing her. Didn’t
    this man just know
    when to stop? Just
    because she’d agreed
    to let him lodge with
    her tonight after his
    constant begging
    didn’t mean she
    wanted him to start
    acting like he was a
    permanent boyfriend.
    “Marvin, you have to
    leave. Now.” She
    succeeded in pushing
    him away and
    reached for her robe.
    Hurriedly putting it on
    with trembling
    fingers, she avoided
    his eyes as much as
    Marvin slumped back
    into the bed and
    looked at her. ”It’s
    still him isn’t it?”
    Sandra frowned.
    “Bayo. And you’d
    rather be with him
    ‘cos he gets you all
    those contracts, all
    those things I can’t
    give you and he
    doesn’t treat you the
    way I do.”
    Sandra was furious.
    ”I can’t believe you
    have the guts to say
    that into my face
    Marvin.” She went to
    pick his clothes from
    the floor and flung it
    at him. ”Get out! Get
    out and don’t call
    “But baby…”
    “Get the F- out of my
    room, out of my
    hotel and out of my
    Marvin didn’t know
    why Sandra had
    snapped at his
    statement and
    wondered if she was
    having her terrible
    mood swings again
    as usual. But it
    wasn’t like he hadn’t
    told her the truth.
    He was going to give
    her time to chill off.
    He was sure before
    night time, She was
    going to be calling his
    cell phone telling him
    of how she didn’t
    want to spend
    another night at her
    house because Bayo
    had a way of always
    getting on her
    nerves, making her
    cry and he was sure
    the same man was
    responsible for the
    little bruises he’d
    seen while she was
    sleeping after they’d
    had sex last night.
    But she would never
    say. She just liked to
    act bossy and bitchy
    when he hit the right
    He grabbed his
    boxers and struggled
    to put it on since he
    was sure she
    intended to drag him
    out as well with the
    way her eyes threw
    daggers at him.
    “You know we can
    always talk about
    this baby…”
    “Talk my ass.
    There’s nothing
    you’re saying to me
    that I’m gonna sit
    down here and listen
    She snapped and
    went towards the
    door opening it wide
    for him to find his
    way out. Was this
    how far she was
    going to humiliate
    him and herself as
    well? It was like her
    moods got better of
    her whenever she
    was angry and she
    often forgot
    paparazzis could be
    hanging around
    taking mental notes
    of what was going
    on in the life of a
    celebrity like her.
    He threw on his
    checkered shirt and
    jeans and pulled on
    his timberland boots.
    He hated to admit
    she was the one
    who bought him his
    boots and half of his
    wardrobe. She’d been
    the one to pay for
    their dinner and this
    hotel where she
    lodged or probably
    the benefits of
    shooting a popular
    movie in London
    where she was the
    supporting actress.
    He doubted Women
    in Nigeria treated
    their Men like she did
    to him presently.
    She would come
    calling, he knew she
    would. And he would
    let her suffer a little
    before he gave in
    once more.
    Immediately he
    stepped out, she
    banged the door
    behind him and locked
    He bounced off and
    dusted it off his
    shoulders. He had
    enough cash to keep
    him for the day.
    Sandra sank into the
    bed and tried to kill
    the very emotion
    that threatened to
    surface once Marvin
    stepped out of the
    room. The way she’d
    been killing every
    emotion just as Bayo
    had trained her to do
    over the years. She
    knew the reason
    why she had pushed
    Marvin out of the
    room. It was
    because he had said
    the truth right to her
    She liked Bayo
    because of what he
    could give her and
    that was why she
    had agreed to move
    in with him in the
    first place. The man
    himself enjoyed
    what she could give
    him. She was the
    face out there that
    people loved to see
    not minding that she
    was being controlled
    by a slave master. He
    dictated what she
    would do and which
    show she could go
    for even if she was
    reluctant to accept
    such a role. He was
    her manager who
    showed her the way
    and she knew that
    without him, she
    would be on the
    Where he’d found
    And so, she had to
    please him, but the
    times when she felt
    she would die if she
    stayed with him one
    more day, Marvin
    filled up that space
    while the bastard
    was out in his bar
    getting drunk and
    Sometimes, she just
    hated the sight of
    him and couldn’t
    stand him.
    Right now, there was
    nothing to do about
    it. She had to endure
    just like she’d been
    enduring him for 10
    He’d been the one
    that was there for
    her, sending her to
    school, acting school,
    getting her the
    necessary contracts
    and letting the whole
    world see that he
    had her back
    anytime. He was
    quite older than her.
    Divorced and had no
    kids. She
    remembered the
    first time she’d seen
    him, he’d been so
    charming, so caring,
    taking care of her
    and giving her the
    assurance that he
    would do things for
    But after a while, he
    started getting
    drunk, he would
    spend late nights
    outside, sometimes,
    she’d see the
    tabloids of
    magazines and news
    where records of his
    visit to strip clubs
    were detailed and
    out of anger, she
    would yell at him and
    he would get
    emotionally violent
    and hit her or try to
    rape her.
    Options of leaving
    him often came up
    but she realized
    there was no way
    she could or he’d
    track her down and
    hurt her.
    Or the only people
    that were dear to
    her heart whom
    nobody knew about.
    She had achieved so
    much in her life. In
    the space of 10
    years, she’d been a
    model, featured in
    some known TV
    shows that aired
    internationally, a well
    known actress in her
    homeland Nigeria,
    Ghana inclusive and
    this new movie that
    had been shot in
    London and Nigeria
    had been one of her
    major breakthroughs
    that she’d always
    dreamed of.
    Then why after so
    much achievement,
    after all of these did
    she feel like there
    was so much more
    to life than what she
    was presently
    experiencing? Why did
    she feel like she
    hadn’t seen it all?
    Why did she feel
    amidst all these
    freedom that she’d
    always dreamed of
    ever since she was 5,
    she wasn’t fully
    liberated? Why did
    she sometimes feel
    trapped or better
    still, someone was
    pulling the strings of
    her life as a puppet
    when that was what
    she’d tried running
    away from in the
    Why did she feel the
    hole in her heart was
    getting larger?
    The knock on the
    door disrupted her
    thoughts and she
    yelled knowing it was
    Pamela but she had
    to be sure it wasn’t
    some psycho who
    was on the loose for
    actresses like her or
    someone who she
    wasn’t ready to see.
    Whoever she saw
    had to come through
    her Personal
    Assistant or
    They seemed to
    have had her life
    sorted out for her
    better than she did
    for herself.
    “It’s Pam, your
    clothes and your cup
    of coffee, so please
    open up.” Sandra
    noticed her sense of
    humor and opened
    “I knew you might
    not open up if I was
    the only one at the
    door.” She shrugged
    and strolled in as
    Sandra snatched the
    cup of espresso from
    her and opened it
    taking a sip.
    “You’re welcome.”
    Pamela said and
    went to drop her
    clothes on the bed
    turning to look at her
    and at the same
    time, glancing at her
    wristwatch. ”Do you
    know what time it
    is? I’ve been up since
    5 in the morning
    trying to work on
    your appointments
    and send responses
    to those executives
    who want you to
    show up on their red
    carpet with your co-
    stars. I had to explain
    you’re still promoting
    your new movie “Pink
    Curtains” but will see
    you at the premiers
    tonight. And then
    your emails keep
    filling up not to talk
    of the few fans I
    have to answer on
    your behalf ” She
    looked up to watch
    Sandra but she
    seemed to have
    picked the fashion
    magazine Pamela had
    picked for her on the
    way before coming
    Pamela groaned. Did
    this woman have to
    make life miserable
    for her?
    She pulled off her
    trench coat and heels
    leaving her in a cream
    chiffon blouse tucked
    into a black pencil
    skirt so as to enable
    her mobility. Maybe if
    she set the bath
    running, her boss
    would be forced to
    go to the bathroom.
    Goodness, they were
    running late and even
    if Sandra wasn’t
    going to fire her,
    Bayo Alade could.
    “Sandra, we have to
    be out here by 8 a.m
    to meet your co-
    “What if I’ve changed
    my mind? I mean
    what if I don’t feel
    like? I mean I have a
    choice don’t I?’ She
    didn’t bother looking
    up but kept sipping
    her coffee and
    skipping through the
    pages mumbling
    some words to
    herself whenever a
    particular bag caught
    her attention.
    Pamela sighed
    rubbing her fingers on
    her throbbing
    temples. The cons of
    this job. For crying
    out loud, was she
    going to play the role
    of a psychologist
    while she played P.A?
    Just when she was
    still thinking up her
    chances of convincing
    her boss, Sandra
    stood up, threw the
    book on the bed and
    headed into the
    Pamela sank into the
    bed relieved.
    Bayo Alade smiled
    into the camera as
    the lights kept
    flashing and he
    wondered why the
    woman beside him
    seemed to be acting
    stiff and unperturbed
    as her arms lingered
    on his waist. They
    stood as a couple
    briefly acting like
    they were happy and
    though she looked
    beautiful as usual, he
    knew she was trying
    to ignore him and if
    not for the red
    carpet movie premier
    tonight, she wouldn’t
    even come close to
    He knew she’d
    lodged in with some
    guy into the hotel
    some nights ago and
    for a while, she
    refused to sleep in
    his apartment but
    preferred the
    comfort of her
    trashy lover but he
    wasn’t going to bring
    up the topic now. Let
    her enjoy her night.
    Let them both enjoy
    their night of
    “You look great.” he
    complimented briefly
    as the other actors
    moved away slightly
    to take pictures
    “You’re not so bad
    yourself.” She replied
    not even looking up
    at him.
    “I didn’t see you last
    night after the
    “Neither did I…” She
    was about moving
    away from his side
    when his grip
    tightened on her
    waist so much that
    she flinched. “Bayo,
    you’re hurting me.”
    “You’re not going to
    leave me without a
    kiss would you
    She knew he wanted
    to take things the
    hard way and so she
    stood still when he
    planted a hard kiss
    on her lips. She hated
    him when he was so
    dominating and acted
    like she was nothing
    more than an object
    to him, and the way
    he kissed her like he
    was reminding her of
    her roots and how
    far he’d brought her
    and so she’d better
    When he broke free,
    he smiled. A cynical
    smile. ”You’re
    sleeping in tonight
    with me.
    “Why, your hookers
    haven’t been
    satisfying you so
    well recently?”
    She smirked when
    she saw how her
    response had done
    well in hitting the
    right spot and she
    strutted off going to
    greet one of her co-
    stars with a brief
    hug and taking a
    picture with him.
    “Jeremy just knows
    how to set the place
    on fire.” Kristen
    Stacey the main
    actress in the movie
    ‘Pink Curtains’ where
    Sandra had starred
    as a supporting
    actress giggled as
    one of the actors
    that starred
    alongside them as
    the main actor kept
    giving hilarious
    responses to friends
    that were throwing
    questions to him
    about his role in the
    “I can see that.”
    Sandra responded
    and smiled before
    sipping her vodka and
    orange. Kristen
    Stacey was the
    white woman who
    had played a best
    friend to Sandra in
    the movie even
    though racism and
    other dark secrets
    had kept them apart.
    Rumors had began to
    spread that the
    movie was an award
    winning movie for
    Kristen, the Screen
    writer and the
    director. Kristen was
    an American but she
    had played her role
    well as a British
    student with an
    accent that she’d
    taken weeks to
    master very well and
    the little time Sandra
    spent with her, She
    knew she was a
    pleasant woman to
    be with. In her early
    20s, this would be
    her first movie
    award with the likes
    of Jennifer Lawrence
    and Shailene
    Woodley, not to talk
    of the black young
    girl of 9 years old
    that had been
    nominated for an
    Oscar last year.
    Sandra began to
    wonder if winning an
    award was what
    was missing in her
    life. Maybe if she
    strived towards
    that, that empty
    feeling, that cold
    feeling of loneliness
    and fear would leave
    her alone.
    Maybe she needed to
    achieve something.
    Maybe it was the
    peak of things she
    needed to aim for.
    “I heard there’s an
    after party tonight…”
    Kristen whispered
    after sipping her
    Magarita and winked.
    ” We get to meet lot
    of other stars…”
    “Like Denzel?” Sandra
    Kristen’s eyes
    widened and she
    giggled pushing
    Sandra gently. ‘You’re
    so funny.” It seemed
    Kristen thought
    everyone was funny
    and if she didn’t
    know better, she
    would have thought
    she was naive. “You
    know who I’d like to
    “George Clooney.” She
    winked. ”That guy is
    gorgeous!’ she
    “And too old for you.”
    “Sandra! Who said
    anything about liking
    him? I said I’d like to
    meet him. Maybe act
    a movie with him or
    “Oh and then, he’d be
    your Uncle or your
    father in the movie
    except you’re talking
    behind the scene
    Kristen giggled and
    shook her head. ‘I’m
    not that naughty.
    Talk about Hugh
    Jackman, Chris Evans,
    Chris Hemsworth..”
    Sandra raised her
    hand. ”I get it….,
    goodluck with that.”
    “Well, well, well…., If
    it isn’t our great
    Nigerian actress..” A
    woman’s snare
    disrupted their
    banter and even
    without looking up,
    Sandra knew who it
    Her ‘arch’ enemy
    Demi Reeves, a
    popular actress who
    she was sure had
    more chances than
    her since her mother
    was black and her
    father white and
    both were citizens.
    The same woman
    had been the one
    whom she had once
    caught Bayo cheating
    with at a time when
    their relationship was
    almost hitting the
    rocks. Demi Reeves
    seemed like she
    wanted to compete
    with everything she
    had and wasn’t going
    to be satisfied till she
    was beneath her.
    Probably because
    Bayo still chose to
    stay with her, that
    must have hurt that
    He chose her over a
    popular and pretty
    actress like her and
    the fact that Sandra
    had made it from her
    modeling career into
    the acting world. Not
    many models did.
    “And I believe you
    were just passing?”
    Sandra tried to ignore
    “Infact, I’m here to
    congratulate Kristen
    here who seemed to
    everybody in the
    movie.” The biting
    remark left a bitter
    taste to Sandra’s
    tongue but she
    shrugged not
    revealing anything.
    “Thank you Demi. But
    I couldn’t have done
    it without the rest of
    the crew and sweet
    Sandra here.” Kristen
    giggled pressing her
    hands into Sandras’
    obviously ignorant of
    the little
    between the 2. ”
    Demi raised an
    eyebrow. ”Indeed.
    Don’t get drunk you
    two.” she strolled
    “Get lost b***.” She
    mumbled under her
    breath before smiling
    at Kristen. Things like
    that were not worth
    her time and she
    wouldn’t let it.
    Anu stared at the
    letter in her hand and
    tried not to curse and
    cry at the same time.
    Never in her wildest
    dreams would she
    imagine herself as
    part of the staff
    that was going to be
    relieved of their jobs
    in the coming year
    and the cruel director
    had waited till
    February such that
    she’d set down her
    And now, they were
    just going to throw
    her into the street
    because of some so
    called problems?
    Where was she going
    to start from, how
    was she going to
    start picking up the
    pieces with a child
    and two parents to
    take care of?
    Her mother had told
    her about this bank
    job she had taken in
    the first place and
    how she had advised
    she set her hands on
    something else just
    in case anything
    happened and caught
    her unawares.
    Well, now that it had
    caught her
    unawares, she could
    almost feel her
    mother gloat.
    But knowing the kind
    of mother she had,
    she knew she
    wouldn’t. Her parents
    were not going to be
    happy that she’d lost
    her job.
    There was only one
    person she knew
    must have even been
    praying for her to get
    Ever since she got
    the job 2 years ago
    at the time Teniola
    was 8 and had
    announced it to the
    house, she’d seen
    the fear and anger in
    her daughter’s eyes
    because it meant
    there would be no
    mummy and
    daughter time like
    before anymore. Her
    mother was going to
    be the one to fill in
    for her whenever she
    wasn’t home and
    most times by the
    time she returned,
    the young girl had
    gone to bed.
    Saturdays and
    Sundays were her
    only free days
    though sometimes,
    something always
    came up.
    She missed spending
    time with her
    daughter too and she
    wasn’t surprised
    many factors were
    playing a role in
    preventing her from
    settling down with
    the man of her
    She’d fallen in love
    with a young man
    who had shown
    interest in her when
    she was working as
    a teacher but when
    he found out she had
    a daughter, probably
    from a careless past
    life, he pulled back
    soon enough. Then,
    there was her
    Managing Director of
    the bank where she
    worked who found it
    convenient to ask her
    out since it felt like
    since she had a
    daughter and that
    posed as a slim
    chance for her
    getting a suitable
    suitor, it’d benefit
    her to date him since
    he was married and
    had kids as well.
    She was sure her
    rejection had
    incensed him to enroll
    her name in the list.
    She couldn’t find
    enough words for
    The conductor
    brought her mind
    back to the present
    yelling out her bustop
    for those who were
    interested in getting
    down from the bus.
    “O wa o.” She
    responded and
    adjusted her things
    and her letter into
    her hand bag and
    looked out of the
    window as the
    sunset orange
    settled over the
    horizon suddenly
    making that area of
    Lagos look so
    Her mind snapped
    back to the present
    when the bus
    stopped and she
    hurriedly got down
    before the conductor
    had any chance to
    utter swearing
    words at her.
    When she stood at
    her bustop, she
    sighed and patiently
    waited before she
    crossed the road and
    began walking down
    her street.
    She suddenly wished
    her life would be
    beautiful like the
    sunset orange which
    she’d observed in the
    sky as the bus drove
    by, not ugly and
    depressing that she
    wondered how she
    was going to survive
    the rest of the

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    Episode 2
    Here you go.” Kemi
    rubbed her
    daughter’s back
    gently while passing
    her a glass of cold
    water. When she
    saw her daughter
    was still crying, she
    settled down beside
    her on the couch and
    pulled her close to
    herself. ”Do you
    want Teniola to
    come back and see
    you like this?”
    Her face was still in
    her hands but her
    shoulders stopped
    After a while, she
    looked up and wiped
    her face roughly. Her
    mother reached for
    the glass of water
    once more and placed
    it in her hands. ”Oya
    drink some water.
    Even if you’re not
    going to eat my food,
    just start with
    Anu obeyed and
    gulped the cold
    content of the cup.
    Her mother continued
    to talk though she
    wanted the woman
    to keep quiet for
    now at least. She
    wondered the wrath
    that would have
    poured out from her
    mother’s mouth if
    she found out that
    her boss had tried to
    take her to bed.
    The woman would
    snap and who knew
    what more she
    would do?
    “God’s ways are not
    our ways okay? Just
    because you’ve lost
    this one doesn’t
    mean another one
    won’t come. Infact,
    better ones than
    this. I’ll be praying for
    you. Maybe we
    should go for prayers
    holding in church.
    There’s a vigil holding
    tomorrow night. I’ll
    tell Pastor Demola….”
    Anu almost choked
    on her water and she
    shook her head. Right
    now, what she
    wanted to do was
    stay away from
    everybody and
    everything. Her life
    seemed like a mess.
    She was serving God
    and was this how he
    enjoyed treating her?
    humiliating her and
    letting her friends
    laugh at her? Was
    this what she got
    after spending her
    life being a honest,
    loving and caring
    person, after
    sacrificing things for
    others and putting
    people ahead of her?
    Whereas, most of
    her colleagues had
    beautiful cars,
    beautiful homes and
    cool husbands. She
    doubted if there was
    anyone still living in
    their parent’s house
    at her age stuck up
    with a child when the
    father was nowhere
    to be found?
    And all her mother
    could do was rant
    about how God’s
    ways not being
    theirs. Then what
    kind of way was it if
    her life was still like
    this at 28? Right
    now, she didn’t even
    know whom to be
    angry with because
    everybody in her
    family were starting
    to get on her nerves
    and piss her off.
    It seemed like they
    had pushed her to
    her breaking point
    and she couldn’t take
    “I’m going to my
    room to sleep. When
    Teniola returns from
    lesson, tell her I’m
    sleeping and I don’t
    want to be disturbed
    if she happens to
    find her way into the
    And she stood up
    and found her way to
    the bedroom where
    herself and her
    daughter shared.
    Kemi was making
    dinner when her
    husband arrived from
    work. He looked tired
    and worn out though
    he tried to hide it and
    smiled when his eyes
    settled on her.
    “Nno…” She greeted
    cheerfully rubbing her
    hands on her apron
    and going to collect
    her husband’s bag
    and newspaper from
    him. He’d been
    working as a civil
    servant for years
    and they had begun
    discussing when he
    would retire soon
    though she knew the
    kind of man her
    husband was.
    She supposed he
    would retire when his
    bones were starting
    to wear out.
    Their house wasn’t
    the biggest house in
    town neither could it
    even be compared to
    other houses in the
    neighborhood but
    Nnamdi was a good
    man who followed
    everything to the
    book and she loved
    him that he was
    content with the
    little they had. Their
    house was a 2
    bedroom flat located
    somewhere along
    Ikorodu road and
    even if there was
    not much to boast
    about, the house
    was something her
    husband had built
    with his money a
    while ago when lands
    were still cheap in
    the area and they’d
    been forced to move
    early when the
    landlord was
    continually disturbing
    them for house rent.
    It was after they
    moved he continued
    the finishing works
    of the house and
    they were glad that
    the aspect of house
    rent was eliminated
    from their lives and
    so hereby enabling
    them to face other
    His old Toyota corolla
    2005 model was
    what he still drove to
    church every Sunday
    inclusive of work as
    well. He’d assisted
    his wife in opening a
    shop not far from
    the house where she
    happened to stock
    provisions, drinks,
    snacks and toiletries.
    Though it couldn’t be
    termed as a
    Supermart, she made
    petty cash from it
    coupled with his.
    And partly helped
    send Teniola to
    school since she was
    their granddaughter.
    Mama Ibeji was
    what the people in
    the community called
    her though it’d been
    a while she’d set
    eyes on the other
    twin and people just
    loved poking their
    noses into her
    business asking
    about the other twin
    though she’d been
    able to put them in
    their places.
    And so right now,
    the ‘iya ibeji‘ name
    was more like an
    ordinary name that
    everybody called her
    not giving attention
    to what it entailed.
    “Nkem.” Nnamdi
    “Nnayi..” Kemi smiled
    up at him and kissed
    him on the lips letting
    her hands linger on
    his back.
    When they broke
    free, she quickly
    turned off the gas
    and collected his tie
    from him while
    following him into
    their room so as to
    help him undress as
    was the normal
    routine she’d been
    doing for years.
    “The traffic must
    have been bad. See
    how your clothes are
    soaked already eh?”
    she pulled off his
    shirt and helped with
    his vest as well.
    “Fashola noni…”
    Kemi rolled her eyes
    and shook her head
    ignoring her
    husband’s usual
    banter. It was like he
    expected since she
    was Yoruba and from
    Lagos, she and the
    governor of Lagos
    state were
    somewhat related.
    It amazed her how
    he kept pulling that
    dry joke after 28
    years they’d been
    But wasn’t that the
    whole deal about
    marriage? Not
    everything that irked
    her that she was
    meant to spill out
    and there was
    somethings one had
    to just ignore.
    Asides that, they
    lived like brother and
    sister presently.
    Nothing new seemed
    to be happening and
    she didn’t think
    anything would
    change that anytime
    And she was
    content. Nnamdi
    loved her in the best
    way he knew how to
    love her though he’d
    had his faults in the
    past but they’d
    moved on. It may not
    be the rosy and
    butterfly effect that
    she’d felt when she
    first met him, neither
    was it the way they
    portrayed in those
    books and Spanish
    soap-operas she sat
    watching sometimes
    in the shop when
    there were no
    customers around,
    but she was happy
    being with him.
    He’d warned her to
    stop reading those
    books that gave her
    a false image of love,
    and most times
    when she sat
    watching TV with
    her husband, she
    tried to control the
    urge to change it to
    one of those
    stations where
    Telenovas were
    consistently playing
    while Nnamdi
    watched CNN or
    Super-sports but she
    had learned to endure
    it all.
    She knew it wasn’t
    his handsome yellow
    ‘pawpaw’ features
    that made her last
    this long with him.
    Well, she couldn’t
    deny that was the
    first thing that had
    thrilled her and how
    he’d been so
    confident back then
    in school, he’d told
    her about how much
    he wanted from life
    and how he intended
    giving her the best
    romance there was.
    He’d been the one to
    capture her heart
    though there was
    Kola Badmus at the
    time who had been a
    well to do man and a
    fine one. He’d been
    the one her parents
    wanted her to marry.
    But things happened
    so fast, starting
    from her parents not
    wanting to see her
    and then the twins
    came and Nnamdi
    had been so
    responsible by
    standing up to do the
    rightful thing.
    And how could she
    thank him enough?
    “Kemi, are you
    okay?” Her husband’s
    thoughts disrupted
    her thoughts and she
    hurriedly pulled off
    his socks not glancing
    at him.
    “I’m fine…”
    “No, you’re not.” He
    tapped the space
    beside him. ”Come…,
    come sit.”
    She obeyed him and
    settled beside her
    husband on the bed
    trying to compose
    herself enough not to
    reveal anything yet.
    He was meant to
    have dinner before
    she revealed
    anything to him.
    She didn’t know how
    he was going to take
    the news about
    Anuoluwa losing her
    “Why don’t you take
    a shower first, then
    we’ll talk at the
    dining table. It’s late
    already and you need
    to put something in
    your stomach.”
    He knew his wife too
    well to start querying
    her and so he
    resigned and left for
    the bathroom while
    asking about his
    daughter and
    “They are asleep. Will
    wake them up in
    time for dinner” was
    all she said as she
    said as she headed
    out of the room.
    It was Anu’s phone
    ringing that disrupted
    her sleep. On seeing
    the Caller ID, she
    looked around the
    room and saw
    Teniola asleep with
    earpiece in her ears
    connected to the
    nano ipod her sister
    had sent coupled
    with other things
    late last year.
    Her parents had
    seen it wondering
    how she would buy
    that so soon when it
    was obvious she
    was managing
    herself but she’d
    been able to dodge
    their question.
    The girl was so
    stubborn. How many
    times was she going
    to tell her to stop
    putting earpiece in
    her ears to sleep?
    Even if it was a short
    She was too young
    to damage her
    eardrums so soon.
    And then sleeping on
    the rug when she
    could have slept at
    the other end of the
    bed if she wanted
    “Sisi…” the voice
    greeted at the other
    end. ”Why are you
    sounding grouchy?
    Did I call at the
    wrong time?”
    Anu shifted on the
    bed and sighed
    rubbing her eyes and
    looking up at the
    ceiling trying to
    gather her thoughts
    “Stop calling me Sisi
    “Save the grouchy
    tone for mum and
    Dad. How are you? I
    just thought I should
    check on you.”
    “Thank you.”
    “How’s Teni?”
    “She’s doing alright.”
    She shifted again to
    see if the girl was
    still asleep. ”So when
    are you coming back
    to Nigeria? It’s been
    a year already. How
    many movies are
    shooting at once,
    “Silly gal..” she
    drawled. ”What do
    you know about
    acting anyway?”
    “Not interested
    thank you very
    much.” she hissed.
    ”Ebun talk sense.
    When are you coming
    so that we can talk?”
    “I’ll have to get back
    to you on that one.”
    ”I got fired today and
    things are not
    getting better at
    home. Everybody is
    moving around the
    house like they are
    afraid of stepping on
    each other’s toes. I
    want to leave this
    house and come
    spend time with you
    at Lekki, I need to
    clear my head and
    stay away from
    “Fired? How did it
    happen? What went
    “That’s story for
    another day. I hope
    you understood all
    that I said over the
    Her sister sighed.
    ”Yes, I do. Will call you
    when I intend coming
    “Please do…”
    The door jerked open
    and she mumbled a
    “I’ll call you later,
    Mum’s here.’ before
    hanging up.
    “Anu…, you’re awake.
    I’m sure you must be
    hungry. Dinner is
    ready and your
    father is back.”
    “I’ll join you in a
    “Okay.” Her gaze
    settled on the young
    girl curled up on the
    soft rug where she
    had slept off with
    her school bag on the
    ”Omo yen o kin
    gboron. Stop sleeping
    on the floor, iro!”
    Kemi lamented.
    “She probably didn’t
    want to disturb me.”
    Anu hissed and got
    on her feet to wake
    up the sleeping child.
    “Teni…, Teni…”
    Anu pulled away the
    ear pods and shook
    her again till she
    “Oya wake up.
    Grandma has made
    dinner. You need to
    eat so that you don’t
    wake up hungry.”
    And before the child
    could protest, Anu
    scooped her from the
    floor and into her
    arms while heading
    out of the room.
    Having lived with the
    child for so long, once
    she settled on the
    table, she would be
    fully awake especially
    when the aroma of
    food got to her
    It was at the table
    while they were
    eating Anu broke the
    It was late by the
    time Teniola retired
    to her room after
    doing her homework.
    In a few month’s
    time, she was going
    to be in JSS 1 and she
    couldn’t tell how
    elated she was.
    But after hearing the
    news at the table,
    her excitement had
    depreciated and she
    was torn between
    crying and angry.
    She felt sorry for her
    mother and though
    she knew things
    would get better
    hopefully, she knew
    her mother was
    unhappy most
    especially with the
    way she’d acted
    harsh towards her at
    dinner and while she
    was washing plates.
    She suddenly felt
    guilty when her mind
    flashed back to years
    ago when she’d
    grumbled about the
    new job and said a
    few words out of
    anger. It was almost
    like her wish had
    come through though
    she had just spoken
    out of anger at the
    Her grandmother had
    retired to bed early
    while Grandpa stayed
    back in the living
    room watching the
    news though she
    could tell his mind
    wasn’t completely on
    the TV.
    On getting to the
    door, she pulled the
    knob and peeped in
    before entering. Her
    mother was fixing
    the beddings in the
    room and she turned
    at the noise from the
    “Are you done with
    your homework?”
    “Yes mommy.”
    “And have you said
    goodnight to grandpa
    and grandma?”
    “Yes mommy.”
    “Okay…, pull off your
    clothes and go clean
    up so that you can
    come say your
    prayers and sleep. I’ll
    go through your work
    when you return.”
    Teniola obediently
    pulled off her clothes
    and went to get her
    yellow towel hanging
    beside her wardrobe.
    The room was large
    enough to
    comfortably contain
    2 people including
    some furniture
    necessary such as a
    bedside table and
    chair which Teniola
    and Anu used often.
    It also contained
    some textbooks so
    as to ease the load
    which she carried to
    school. They couldn’t
    afford to be buying
    her a new school bag
    if the old one became
    worn out so quickly
    due to excessive
    Anu reached to get
    her daughter’s school
    uniform and the
    pressing iron which
    lay under the bed.
    ”Mummy, are you
    angry with me?” Teni
    asked her huge eyes
    peering into her
    “What makes you
    say that?” Anu
    turned on the switch
    hoping the Power
    Holding Authorities
    would keep the light
    still as she ironed.
    And before she knew
    it, Teni was behind
    her, holding her waist
    while her head rested
    slightly above it. The
    girl wasn’t that tall
    and had a small
    stature just like her
    mother though Anu
    had surpassed her in
    “I never meant it
    when I told you I
    wish you would lose
    your job. Please, I’m
    sorry if you think so.”
    Anu sighed and
    turned towards the
    child settling on the
    bed and holding her
    close to herself. How
    she loved the girl. She
    was so sensitive and
    beautiful. How could
    she blame her for her
    sudden misfortune or
    her present situation.
    Things happened and
    she hoped she could
    get something doing
    But before then, she
    would love to spend
    time with her just as
    she always wanted.
    She would go and
    pick her from school
    tomorrow and they
    could go out for
    icecream and snacks.
    Something that she
    could afford for the
    time being. And they
    would talk, laugh and
    have fun.
    “It’s okay sweetie.”
    She kissed her on the
    cheeks and rubbed
    her hair fondly letting
    her fingers stroke
    the beads that clung
    to the bottom of her
    braids. ”I don’t
    blame you for
    anything. You’re the
    best thing that ever
    happened to me
    Teni beamed and
    hugged her mother.
    ”I love you.”
    “I love you too
    honey.” She lifted her
    and planted her on
    the floor. ”Now go
    bathe before you
    start smelling.”
    Teni giggled and left
    the room for the
    bathroom just
    outside the bedroom.
    “Gosh Sandra, does
    she have to be
    around you
    Whitney’s irritated
    voice brought Sandra
    back to the present
    and she frowned
    wondering who her
    friend was talking
    “Like you don’t
    know…” She hissed
    and rolled her eyes at
    Pamela who was
    seated a few seats
    from them. Though
    the young woman
    was busy on the
    phone while scribbling
    somethings into a
    notepad and had
    hardly touched her
    food making it
    obvious that she
    was busy, Sandra
    “Well, she has lots of
    errands to run for me
    and helping me into
    my car when those
    crazy fans come
    running is one of
    them.” Sandra
    refused to mention
    the fact that
    Pamela’s presence
    made her feel
    comfortable. The girl
    was just multi-
    tasking and seemed
    to handle all cases
    professionally and
    wasn’t a snitch just
    like the last one
    she’d hired and Bayo
    had sued.
    What kind of P.A
    goes around
    discussing your
    business after
    signing a contract not
    to? Oh, probably the
    kind that wanted
    loads of traffic to her
    new blog or website
    and was ready to
    breach their
    agreement on that
    Pamela had just
    graduated from a
    community college
    where she studied
    Business Writing and
    intended to continue
    her education much
    later and that was
    partly the reason she
    was working for her.
    She had also agreed
    to be her P.A since
    she was also a fan
    of her work which
    she’d seen. At the
    interview, she’d been
    impressed at the
    way Pamela had
    composed herself.
    She was outgoing,
    laughed when she
    made a sarcastic
    remark about her and
    minded her business.
    She never gave any
    advice if she didn’t
    ask for it and the
    ones she subtly tried
    to pass across, she
    got shunned.
    And she was a good
    time keeper. Having
    mentioned working
    as a secretary and a
    customer sales
    person in the past
    few years as a part
    time job since she
    attended evening
    classes, she knew
    how to maximize her
    time well.
    But Sandra knew
    nothing about
    Pamela’s personal life
    and she wondered if
    there was much to it.
    She never seemed to
    have a life of her
    own and gave
    accurate responses
    to her errands.
    ”Are you thinking of
    firing her?” Ashley
    asked when she
    noticed Sandra’s
    eyes were still on her
    “No, she’s doing a
    good job. Why should
    Whitney scoffed and
    scooped a spoon of
    cold chocolate into
    her mouth. Even with
    her plus size figure,
    she still fed herself
    to foods with high
    calorie and fattening
    content. She had her
    own show which she
    hosted during the
    weekends while
    Ashley was an
    upcoming music
    artist who had won
    one of Britain’s X-
    factor shows. The
    three friends had
    met years ago on
    one of Sandra’s trips
    to Manchester.
    ”I don’t trust those
    skinny things. They
    think because
    they’ve got great
    shape they can
    wiggle their way into
    a man’s bed. The last
    one that I caught my
    ex cheating on, you
    need to see how
    skinny she is. She’s
    so skinny I had to
    wonder what Joni
    saw in her. Just
    because they can
    wear a bikini, they
    think they can do
    everything else. I
    heard the b** can’t
    even cook.”
    Ashley laughed and
    shook her head. ”Too
    Sandra laughed. ”Men
    don’t need women
    who can cook these
    days.” Looking over
    at Pamela once more
    with her slim and
    graceful shape, she
    tried to imagine her
    with Bayo for a
    second. She knew
    the man was that
    loose, but he’d be
    stooping so low if he
    tried making a move
    on Pamela. She didn’t
    know why she
    suddenly came to
    trust Pamela
    somewhat that she
    couldn’t make such a
    Or could she?
    She was pretty. In
    between Caucasian
    and black. But her fair
    skin glowed and her
    eyes were beautiful.
    Hazel eyes, thick and
    shapely eyebrows,
    nice legs that
    complemented those
    pencil skirts she
    wore often, a
    smooth shaped nose
    and luscious lips. 5’7.
    Her hair was left to
    fall on her shoulders
    when it wasn’t in a
    ruffle. It would be
    hard for a man not to
    fall for her.
    Infact, she looked
    like a model and that
    was when the
    question resonated in
    her head.
    What the hell was
    Pamela doing as her
    P.A when she could
    easily take her
    Sandra knew she
    was beautiful, there
    was no doubt about
    that. She’d been the
    cover for several
    fashion magazines
    and products that
    wanted her to be the
    their ambassador.
    She had the face, the
    skin, the legs and the
    aura. There was
    nothing she did not
    And so why did the
    sudden jealousy of
    Pamela fill her so
    Pamela’s gaze
    suddenly settled
    upon her as she took
    a slice of her cheese
    cake. The girl smiled
    and waved obviously
    still on the phone
    with one of those
    people who wouldn’t
    leave her the hell
    alone and oblivious of
    Sandra’ s thoughts
    towards her.
    Later while they
    drove back to the
    hotel in her car and
    Pamela began
    informing her about
    the calls and
    appointments she’d
    made on her behalf,
    Sandra looked at her.
    “How’s your
    Pamela stopped and
    looked at her,
    wondering what had
    prompted the
    question. ”What?”
    “Don’t tell me a
    pretty girl like you
    doesn’t have a
    boyfriend or fiancee
    locked up
    somewhere…, so tell
    me, what’s his
    Sandra noticed her
    blinking and how
    much she avoided her
    gaze. ”I don’t have a
    “Are you a lesbian?”
    Pamela shook her
    head. ”No ma’am.”
    “And you don’t have
    a boyfriend?”
    “I don’t”
    “That’s impossible!”
    Sandra feigned
    interest and turned
    her full attention to
    her. ”C’mon, tell me.”
    “Well, it didn’t really
    work out well
    between us. If you
    don’t mind, my
    private life is kind of
    a mess and I don’t
    want to talk about
    “okay…, no problemo.
    But I could hook you
    up y’know.”
    “I appreciate your
    efforts Sandra, but
    I’d like to sort myself
    out first.” At that
    moment, the car
    stopped and Pamela
    couldn’t tell how
    relieved she was.
    What in the world
    had prompted such
    questioning, she
    pondered as she
    helped Sandra with
    some of her things
    while her Boss
    strolled into the
    “Sandra!” a young
    boy of 7 screamed as
    she was about
    reaching for the door
    the butler opened up
    for her.
    Sandra turned and
    noticed a young boy
    running towards her
    excitedly. He was
    white with dark hair
    and some freckles
    danced on his face. It
    was when he got
    close that she
    noticed the boy must
    be a fan since he
    tried to get his
    thoughts all out at
    “I saw you in Pink
    Curtains and I think
    that’s my best
    movie ever!”
    Sandra was
    somewhat pleased
    that a boy of such a
    young age was
    interested in a movie
    like hers and she
    smiled. ”Thank you.”
    “I want an
    autograph. I want to
    show it to my
    friends in school. Can
    you be my girlfriend?”
    Sandra did not have
    the time to answer
    him as a young man
    of her age came
    running up to join him
    and she realized he
    must be the father.
    The boy must be
    brave to come up to
    her like this and she
    was amused.
    “Do you have a pen?”
    She asked sweetly
    as the guards came
    close. She used that
    as a distraction since
    she knew the guards
    will be pulling father
    and son away from
    her pretty soon. The
    last thing she
    wanted to do was
    sign an autograph.
    She was exhausted.
    Emotionally and
    “Nate…, c’mon son
    we have to go..” the
    father grabbed his
    son’s hand though he
    was reluctant. But
    when Sandra had
    found her way into
    the building with her
    P.A, Nathan’s face
    fell and he followed
    his father obediently.
    But he wasn’t going
    to give up yet
    Much love. xo!!

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    Episode 3
    Nathan Olsen
    watched his father
    make breakfast for
    him and mumbling a
    short blessing, he
    grabbed a waffle and
    pushed it into his
    “Nate, how many
    times will I warn you
    about table
    He belched and
    smiled sheepishly.
    ”About 20 times I
    “If you go on like
    this, all the girls in
    your class are going
    to run away from
    you.” Brian
    threatened since he
    knew if nothing
    seemed to pique his
    son’s interest, that
    On the other hand,
    Nate had become so
    used to the threat
    that he slightly
    ignored his father
    and gulped down his
    orange juice.
    Brian shook his head
    and settled down to
    his food so that he
    could spend time
    with his son today
    just as he had
    promised. The kid
    was on a short
    vacation and so
    father and son had
    decided to spend
    time together though
    he was going to find
    time to work on the
    backlogs he had due
    to their outing last
    Apart from God being
    the major reason he
    was living, Nathan
    was the reason he
    thought his life was
    worthwhile ever
    since his mother
    passed away five
    years ago and he’d
    been trying to make
    up for the mother’s
    love he was missing
    out on. When Debbie
    was still alive, she
    had poured all her
    love and attention on
    the only son they had
    and though Nate had
    been too young to
    understand what had
    happened to him at
    the time but he
    unconsciously pointed
    out details that hurt
    his father inside.
    He still hurt anytime
    he remembered his
    wife, her auburn curly
    hair bouncing around
    her face and how
    beautiful and
    spontaneous she had
    been. She’d been
    good at her duty as a
    mother, her job as a
    teacher that
    everybody loved and
    she’d been the only
    woman he’d ever
    fallen so crazily in
    love with. He
    remembered meeting
    her at a play one of
    his friends had
    invited him to and
    how his best friend
    had introduced them
    and the rest was
    history. He
    remembered how
    she’d convinced him
    to move to England
    and with her
    convincing him that
    things could work out
    there as well.
    It was at the same
    time he’d been
    praying about where
    to go since he had
    intentions of leaving
    the States after a
    encounter for him.
    After prayers and a
    job offer, he left the
    And he hadn’t
    regretted it. Getting
    married to Debbie
    brought him joy,
    made him happy and
    when she brought
    Nathan into the
    world, he
    remembered how
    happy he’d been that
    tears rolled down his
    He remembered how
    they would talk long
    hours into the night
    and she would try to
    help him in all ways
    she could while he
    worked on his
    projects. Even the
    days he couldn’t
    come home due to
    his Boss’ request, he
    would call her and
    they would talk.
    7 years they lived
    happy. 7 years it
    seemed Heaven
    smiled on him, even
    the times when they
    would argue so much
    and feel like they
    couldn’t cope being
    together. Things
    always worked out.
    Till that day that
    tragedy struck and it
    seemed as if
    something died in him
    at that moment. He
    often wondered if
    her death was a
    push for him to do
    what God had called
    him to do in the first
    He saw her in his
    dreams often, saw
    her smiling at him.
    Saw her looking
    happy and running
    towards something,
    almost as if she was
    telling him goodbye.
    But he wasn’t ready
    to say goodbye.
    He doubted he was
    anytime soon.
    “First to finish!” Nate
    yelled disrupting his
    thoughts and
    jumping up from the
    kitchen stool to
    prove his point by
    throwing his fists
    around him
    somewhat trying to
    make his strength
    “Hey…, hey..sit down
    because I’m not
    gonna clean up any
    mess you happen to
    pour on the floor.”
    Brian scolded.
    “C’mon Dad! Do you
    have to say that all
    the time? It
    happened only once
    and you just keep
    drumming it into my
    “Anytime you try and
    pull macho stunts
    immediately after
    food, then trust me
    to keep reminding
    you about it.”
    “Great!” he snorted.
    ”Just great, I’m going
    over to Grandma’s
    house for dinner.”
    Brian had grown
    accustomed to his
    tricks for a while
    now. Father and son
    knew their way
    around each other.
    “Good, I’ll even help
    you pack so you can
    sleep there. I have
    loads of unfinished
    business to work on.
    The fact that I’m a
    freelance Graphic
    designer doesn’t
    mean I have all day
    to play hide and
    Nathan mimicked him
    but in an English
    accent and knowing
    what was coming
    next, he tried running
    but his father caught
    up with him in time
    grabbing him in a
    swift movement and
    right into the couch
    leaving him laughing
    excitedly as his
    father threw playful
    punches in his side.
    “I’m sorry, you win!”
    he managed to voice
    out when his father
    refused to relent.
    “Never upset the big
    man in the house.
    Now who’s the
    Nathan tried to prove
    stubborn but it didn’t
    last long. ”You are
    the Boss!”
    Brian had a
    satisfactory grin on
    his face and released
    his son tousling his
    hair fondly before
    raising himself and
    strolling to pack their
    plates to the sink in
    the kitchen.
    “Come help your
    Ol’man in the kitchen.
    That’s the deal
    before we step out
    of the house today.
    You up to it?”
    Nate smiled. ”Yea…”
    Anu got to Teniola’s
    school just before
    closing time and
    waited patiently
    outside trying to
    take her mind off
    things while breezing
    through her phone
    absent mindedly. Her
    shades in her hair and
    a simple white blazer
    over a brown
    sleeveless gown and
    a pair of brown
    sandals. One look at
    her and you would
    doubt Teniola was
    her child. Anu didn’t
    look like someone
    who had dropped
    anything from the
    womb of hers and it
    was no wonder just
    one glance didn’t do
    justice to her though
    she felt it was soon
    becoming a thing of
    the past if her life
    continued this way.
    She was pretty but
    these days, she
    didn’t feel so.
    Sometimes, she felt
    she was weak, her
    faith was weak, so
    was her strength
    and she couldn’t say
    if she could last
    anymore. Maybe she
    was a
    disappointment. All
    those words she’d
    read in the bible this
    morning was
    probably not for her,
    maybe it was just
    her imagination,
    maybe she was just
    She checked her
    phone once more and
    wondered why Ebun
    wouldn’t reply her
    message on the
    messenger since
    yesterday and that
    was unusual. Even
    the mail she sent
    hadn’t been replied.
    Was she so busy
    that she refused to
    reply her? At least
    she had told her to
    return her call right
    after she cut the call.
    The school bell rang
    and the students
    came trooping out.
    Dropping her phone
    into her bag, she put
    her shades back on
    and waited
    expectantly for a
    petit framed girl, fair
    in complexion with
    big eyes, small nose
    and lips just like her
    Soon, she saw her,
    her beaded hair
    bouncing around her
    while her bag hung on
    her shoulders. Her
    eyes came in contact
    with her mothers’
    and she ran excitedly
    to jump on her.
    Anu’s temporary
    depression took a
    back seat and she
    embraced the child
    warmly, smiling into
    her eyes.
    “See this big girl
    jumping on her
    mother.” Anu teased
    collecting her school
    bag from her and
    Teni reached for her
    hand out of impulse.
    “Won’t your
    classmates call you
    momma’s girl?’
    Teni shrugged. ”I
    don’t care. It’s been
    a while you came to
    pick me from school
    anyway so I just had
    to relish the
    “Sarah!” a voice called
    out and Anu turned.
    It’d been a long time
    anybody called her by
    her English name
    since she hardly used
    It had to be someone
    who had grown with
    her during her
    childhood days.
    She turned to see a
    dark and tall guy in
    brown jacket over a
    white vest and blue
    jeans and frowned.
    His face was vaguely
    familiar but she
    found a hard time
    placing it.
    She stopped to wait
    while he picked up his
    steps and almost
    jogged towards her.
    “Hi…” he greeted
    trying to catch his
    “Hi, have we met
    before?” Even as she
    uttered those words,
    the full realization
    that she was
    standing before an
    old schoolmate
    dawned on her and
    she cried, ” Gbenro!”
    He smiled and his
    dimples showed
    revealing how
    handsome he could
    Which he was before
    he threw a smile her
    way. She
    remembered him
    well. They’d gone to
    the same primary
    school and they had
    been in the same
    class together
    though he was a
    trouble maker at the
    time and her sister
    Ebun complained how
    the boy was always
    pulling the hair that
    their mother had
    managed to make
    for them that week,
    most especially when
    thread was being
    used. Her sister
    would come back
    with her threaded
    hair hanging loosely
    on almost all ends
    and fuss about how
    some boy did it to
    look for her trouble
    though she later
    found out the poor
    boy had only been
    trying to get the
    girl’s attention
    though he was doing
    a poor job out of it.
    And after primary
    school, they’d gone
    their separate ways.
    He seemed to know
    which of the sisters
    he was relating with
    when he called her
    Sarah. Well, how
    wouldn’t he when
    her sister was miles
    away from her and
    they had nothing in
    Anyone who knew
    their roots knew the
    distinction between
    “It’s so good to see
    you.” He said
    breaking into her
    thoughts and leaning
    close for a brief hug.
    This caught Anu by
    surprise and she
    acted clumsily
    towards him making
    him apologize
    “Oh, you too.” She
    “And who is this
    pretty young lady?”
    he looked at Teni and
    waved at her. Teni
    who had been trained
    not to talk to
    strangers held tightly
    to her mother’s hand
    till Anu spoke up.
    ”It’s okay baby,
    Uncle Gbenro is a
    “Good afternoon sir.”
    “Hey, good
    afternoon.” He looked
    at Sarah and his
    eyebrows perked up
    expecting an answer.
    Anu swallowed the
    lump in her throat
    and muttered. ”She’s
    my daughter.”
    “She looks just like
    you.” He smiled again
    and Anu had to
    pretend his smile did
    nothing to her
    insides. ”How’s your
    “I’m not married.”
    “Oh…, oh…,I’m sorry.”
    “No, it’s okay.” Anu
    forced a smile. The
    conversation was
    starting to feel
    awkward and she
    was about walking
    away when he went
    “Do you stay around
    “Yes, we do.”
    “Great. I just moved
    to my new place at
    Ogolonto and my
    sister sent me to
    pick her son from
    school. I’ll be driving
    back and so I was
    thinking I could drop
    you two if you don’t
    “Well, We’re not
    heading for the
    house immediately.”
    “Me neither.” He said
    almost immediately.
    ”I mean David and I
    were planning to
    stop by for some ice-
    cream as well…”
    “I don’t want to
    inconvenience you..”
    “No, you’re not.” He
    assured her. ”We can
    get to catch up on old
    Anu looked at Teni
    as if expecting the
    final confirmation
    from her. When she
    looked up, she
    shrugged. ”If you say
    we’re not gonna
    inconvenience you,
    then it’s a Yes.”
    “I’ll be back, in less
    than 5 minutes.” and
    he jogged off.
    Anu wasn’t much of
    a talker. Her sister
    had been the social
    one, the one who
    enjoyed the
    attention wherever
    she was. Even while
    they were growing
    up, Ebun was the one
    who people loved
    spending time with.
    The social one and
    the one who never
    bored people and the
    one who seemed to
    have caught Gbenro’s
    attention back in
    school at the time
    though her sister
    hadn’t realized it
    early, Anu knew the
    boy liked her.
    But that was many
    years ago and right
    now, she didn’t know
    why Gbenro wanted
    to catch up on old
    times with her.
    Maybe because he
    felt she was the only
    one who could have
    access to Ebun.
    Though she hoped
    her reasoning was
    wrong, she hoped
    Gbenro would prove
    her right.
    She saw him looking
    into her eyes and she
    looked back into her
    cup and briefly
    glanced at Teni and
    David. The two didn’t
    seem to get along
    well which meant
    she would have to
    leave soon.
    “How has it been
    with you?” he asked.
    “Normal I guess.”
    “C’mon tell me. I
    want to know more
    about you. What
    have you been up
    She shrugged.
    ”Honestly, nothing
    much. I lost my job
    recently and I’m
    staying with my
    parents in Ikorodu.
    Teniola stays with
    me as well and I plan
    on getting another
    job soon hoping to
    God that he provides
    one while I diligently
    seek for it. So there
    you go.”
    Anu hoped by now
    this guy would be
    bored and probably
    leave her alone.
    “What did you study
    in the University?”
    “I could make some
    calls to help out. Are
    you willing to work in
    a Bank or an auditing
    Anu was beginning to
    dislike the ‘Bank’
    word but felt an
    auditing firm would
    be a better place to
    “Auditing sounds
    Gbenro smiled again
    watching her
    surreptitiously as her
    mind seemed to
    graze over several
    invisible thoughts and
    battles. He wondered
    what must be taking
    up so much space in
    her mind that she
    was finding it hard to
    talk with him. He
    knew they had not
    been close back then,
    infact the reason
    why he remembered
    her was because of
    her sister who he’d
    been crazy about
    back then. With time,
    after primary six,
    they’d gone their
    separate ways to
    high school but and
    he’d moved on,
    rounded up, studied
    and graduated from
    UI all for him to see
    her on TV much
    more beautiful than
    ever and memories
    came rushing back
    which left him
    But seeing her sister
    right now gave him
    some sort of hope,
    reminded him of
    Sandra in so many
    ways and wondered
    if she would be like
    her sister if he got to
    know her.
    How wrong he was.
    “Mummy, I want to
    go home.” Teni had
    found her place
    beside Anu and
    looked sulky. It was
    obvious she hadn’t
    enjoyed herself.
    Whatever had that
    David boy done to her
    daughter. She mused
    as she glanced over
    at him and saw him
    playing with a phone.
    At his age? Where
    was the word
    discipline in areas
    where his parents
    were concerned.
    She stood up trying
    to find her way out
    of their enclosed
    table. She suddenly
    wished she could
    stay longer but she
    realized she couldn’t.
    Maybe she would get
    his number.
    “I’m sorry, we have
    to go home now,
    Teni has school
    tomorrow and I have
    to prepare her and
    help with her
    “Your number…”
    He looked surprised
    and Anu felt she had
    probably made the
    wrong move.
    “I’m sorry…, it was
    nice meeting you.”
    “No, please, let me
    have your PIN and
    your number.”
    After the awkward
    exchange of
    contacts, Anu forced
    up a smile and found
    her way out of the
    cafeteria leaving
    Gbenro and David
    watching them.
    “Do you like him?”
    Anu pretended to
    look confused.
    “That man we met
    today. Uncle Gbenro. I
    saw the two of you
    “Well, We just met
    honey and he’s an old
    classmate of mine.”
    “I think he’s cute,
    but I don’t like his
    nephew David. He’s
    such a snob.”
    “I could tell.” the two
    of them giggled
    softly and Teni
    snuggled in closer
    into her bed spread.
    “Do you see him in
    “He’s one of those
    spoilt kids in school
    who keeps talking
    about how rich his
    parents are. I don’t
    make friends with
    snobs or dullards.”
    “Teni! What makes
    you say that?”
    “His grades are bad
    enough. I’m not going
    to start talking about
    the details. Kids like
    that make fun of
    people like me and
    the only thing I have
    to boast of is my
    grades which I’m
    gonna do anytime he
    tries to make me
    feel bad.”
    “You watch lots of
    stuff on
    Nickelodeon.” Her
    mother teased.
    “So, are you gonna
    marry him? I want
    you to be happy and I
    want a daddy.”
    “Honey, who says
    I’m not happy?”
    Teni shrugged. ”You
    don’t look happy to
    “I am happy..” she
    paused sighing
    heavily. ”Look,
    between a man and
    a woman are quite
    complex and Gbenro
    and I don’t look like 2
    people who are
    meant to be.”
    “But you’ve got to
    try right? You told me
    yourself that
    whenever things
    don’t work out,
    you’ve got to push
    harder, you’ve got to
    make it work.”
    Anu smiled as the girl
    quoted her exact
    words back to her
    and she leaned close
    to kiss her hair
    before wishing her
    When she was alone,
    she thought about it,
    thought about the
    whole scenario and
    how stiff she’d been
    and she knew the
    reason why. She
    knew she felt
    insecure, felt she
    wasn’t the one
    Gbenro wanted to
    see and partly her
    reason for acting
    that way. Everybody
    wanted her sister,
    not the shadow, not
    the boring one who
    was afraid to say
    something that could
    sound ridiculous.
    But remembering
    Teni’s words made
    her come to a
    conclusion. Maybe she
    had to start trying.
    Make things work
    even when they
    refused to.
    She picked her phone
    and dialled Gbenro’s
    Within a few weeks
    Anu met Gbenro,
    things began
    happening so fast
    that sometimes, Anu
    wished she could
    pause and ask
    herself if something
    like this was what
    she really wanted.
    She knew she was
    getting older, and
    things were not
    getting better at
    home either but
    Gbenro looked
    promising though he
    hadn’t made his
    intentions known to
    her but she was
    beginning to like him.
    He wasn’t put off
    with the fact that
    she had a child and he
    was a cool guy who
    had the right jokes to
    deliver at the right
    time. He was calm
    and respected her
    like a gentleman. He
    called her and made
    small talks just
    before she retired for
    the day. He told her
    he had made certain
    calls for her and she
    diligently went for
    the interviews that
    she got called for.
    She didn’t know
    what she would do if
    Gbenro finally decided
    to make it obvious
    that he wanted to
    marry her though she
    knew it was too
    early to jump into
    conclusions but her
    mind was planning so
    much that it almost
    left her as a person
    out of it.
    Sometimes, the
    doubt about him
    having feelings for
    her would crawl in
    and she doubted if
    she was in love the
    way she should be.
    Maybe it was just
    her mind. Gbenro was
    a good-looking man
    who worked in a
    reputable bank.
    Someone a woman
    of her status would
    want to have as a
    husband. Someone to
    take care of her and
    love her.
    She was alone at the
    dinning table reading
    her Bible one night
    when her mother
    came to further
    contribute to her
    wavering thoughts
    about her feelings for
    Gbenro. He’d been to
    the house once to
    pick her for dinner
    and she could tell
    how excited her
    mother was.
    “I hope I’m not
    intruding anything
    Anu…, but I just
    thought I should give
    you some motherly
    Anu raised her head
    and closed her Bible
    ready to listen to
    whatever lecture her
    mother had to say
    though she could
    predict it already.
    “I noticed the young
    man that came to
    the house the other
    day to take you out
    and I just want to
    say I’m happy for
    Anu laughed.
    ”Mummy, Gbenro
    hasn’t asked me to
    marry him o. We’ve
    only known each
    other for about six to
    eight weeks…”
    “So you want to say
    you two are just
    “Well, maybe…”
    “Listen to me young
    woman, I want you
    to make up your
    mind about that
    young man at this
    moment of your life
    because men like
    that don’t have
    duplicates. I’m not
    saying you should do
    something foolish by
    throwing yourself at
    him or sleep with
    him, but I want you
    to act wisely and do
    the right thing. Men
    like to know if the
    woman they are
    interested in feel the
    way they feel and so
    don’t chase him
    away. He’s the only
    suitor that has
    looked your way ever
    since Toyosi. Men in
    this part of the world
    don’t really like to
    date a single mother
    talk-less of marry
    one and so, do what
    you can. I don’t need
    to start telling you
    the story of Ruth
    once more. We both
    know what she did
    to find her place in
    Boaz’ house.”
    If there was
    anything Anu could
    be awarded for, it
    was her submissive
    response to people
    whom she cared
    about and her
    inability to put up a
    rebellious argument.
    “I can see Teni has a
    liking to him already.”
    Kemi went on smiling
    to herself rather
    than Anu whose
    mind had once again
    found solace inside
    her deepest
    thoughts. ”God is
    good isn’t he? At the
    right time he sends
    you your own
    husband. Thank God,
    we’ll just have to
    keep praying that he
    will not be snatched
    from your hands.
    Whoever wants to
    manipulate his mind
    away from you will
    not succeed.”
    Kemi patted her
    daughter briefly and
    stood up. “And soon,
    your job will work
    out. Things will begin
    to work out for you
    in all areas of your
    life. Oko ti e lo ma fe,
    ise ti tie lo ma ri ni
    oruko Jesu…”
    “I’m going to bed. To
    ba se tan, pa gbogbo
    ina ko to lo sun
    “Yes ma.”
    “Odaro oko mi. A ma
    ji ire”
    “Odaro ma.”
    Anu watched her
    mother leave and
    sighed. Maybe this
    was what love was
    afterall, this
    affection for Gbenro.
    It wasn’t like she
    even knew what the
    word was anyway.
    She’d loved in the
    past, loved her sister
    and her family with
    such intensity that
    she did so much for
    them and
    suppressed all her
    emotions to please
    And look at where it
    had her, feeling
    empty and lost.
    Feeling exhausted.
    Maybe this kind of
    love she had for
    Gbenro was the best
    kind. The type that
    didn’t require so
    much of her. The
    type that made her
    still cling to other
    parts of herself and
    the part that would
    still cling to her heart
    even when she gave
    him her body after
    they were married.
    The part that would
    act like a dutiful wife
    and do what she
    was told. That would
    make him happy
    while she tried to
    seek for happiness in
    something else. At
    least she would try.
    Just as she’d seen
    her mother try
    several times with
    their father.
    This was probably
    what God had
    designed for her
    She closed her bible
    and switched off all
    the lights in the
    house before going
    to join her daughter
    in bed.
    Gbenro had promised
    to take her and Teni
    to the mall tomorrow
    and she wanted to
    look great for him.
    She had in mind the
    perfect dress that
    would make him glad
    to be with her and
    she hoped their
    outing would turn out
    For weeks, Sandra
    attended events and
    red carpets in
    different countries
    that wanted to host
    her for her
    breakthrough movie
    Pink Curtains with
    Kristin Stacey and
    though the glamour
    was enough to make
    a girl swoon, she got
    tired easily and was
    emotionally spent.
    TV shows that
    invited her for a little
    chat wouldn’t stop
    comparing her to the
    likes of Halle Berry
    and Kerry
    Washington. Some
    even went as far as
    tagging her as the
    new face after Halle
    and she felt
    She signed
    autographs, took
    pictures, traveled
    different countries
    and got booked for
    And then she got a
    nominated as Best
    Supporting actress
    for one of those
    British Awards.
    That was when the
    fear crept in and
    though she could feel
    the panic secretly
    building up inside, she
    hid behind a masked
    face of confidence,
    make-up and charm.
    At night, she looked
    at herself in the
    mirror and asked
    herself if this wasn’t
    what she wanted.
    What she’d worked
    her whole life for. She
    should be proud, not
    scared. She should be
    able to go back to her
    country and show
    her parents how
    much she had
    achieved without
    them after they
    rejected her many
    years ago. Her sister
    loved her. That was
    the only person in the
    whole world who
    would do anything
    for her. Whom she
    could still call family
    and who still kept in
    touch with her.
    The one who had a
    role to play in bringing
    her this far though
    that role was
    invisible to the whole
    She knew she would
    need her help once
    more and she had to
    start thinking fast.
    She needed time
    away but the world
    didn’t want to give
    her time. They
    wanted her to deliver
    every d--n time like
    she had no soul of
    her own.
    Tonight, she sat in
    her bubble bath
    sipping a glass of red
    wine while her mind
    battled with crazy
    thoughts of how she
    could break free from
    this invisible prison of
    hers. Bayo was out
    of his mind if he
    thought he could go
    on treating her like
    something less than
    a human being
    without a mind. He’d
    threatened to liquefy
    majority of her
    assets that he had
    access to if she
    refused to move
    back to his
    apartment and here
    she was, allowing
    him gain access to
    her body when she
    couldn’t even stand
    him anymore.
    He’d been rough with
    her yesterday, giving
    her a bruise when
    she protested and
    she hurt while
    undergoing her
    massage therapy
    earlier in the day. She
    knew Bayo could kill
    her if given to his
    unbearable passions
    and Marvin refused
    to stop calling her.
    Pamela had
    mentioned her
    mother being ill and
    how she had to
    travel to see her
    mother hereby
    leaving her to her
    fate for one a few
    days. At least the girl
    had a family to tend
    What about hers?
    What about a
    family’s love?
    A few days without
    Pamela made her feel
    miserable and she
    had no excuses to
    make or whoever to
    hand over her calls to.
    Her cell phone rang
    and she left it,
    resting her head on
    the edge of the tub
    knowing who it was
    and expecting the call
    to switch over to
    “Hey babes” Bayo’s
    baritone voice filled
    the room where Nora
    Jone’s voice crooned
    from her CD player. ”I
    know you’re there
    even if you don’t
    wanna pick up.
    Listen, I got the
    contract for you with
    Xtreme and they
    can’t wait to see you
    grace their cover this
    month. Topless. I
    know we talked
    about this before but
    they’re offering us a
    huge amount of
    pounds and you just
    have to do it. It’s
    gonna boost your
    career and I can
    assure you they
    can’t wait to start
    taking the photo-
    shoots. It’s
    happening tomorrow
    morning so get
    yourself refreshed.
    There’s nothing
    make-up artists
    can’t cover up if
    you’re worrying
    about those marks
    on your skin.”
    Sandra jerked from
    her limbo and
    watched with
    trepidation as Bayo
    sold her off with
    confidence, almost
    as if her opinion
    didn’t matter
    anymore. So he knew
    about the marks and
    he was bold enough
    to keep this facade
    going? No wonder
    he’d sent the
    massage therapy for
    her earlier today. He’d
    known about the
    whole thing and
    didn’t bother to tell
    her he’d signed
    anything till now.
    The scheming devil!
    She wanted to stab
    him and watch him
    beg for mercy. She
    couldn’t go on like
    this. What will she
    do? Where would she
    run to?
    Her eyes went to her
    phone and she
    snatched it, scrolling
    through her unread
    desperately seeking
    for the one she had
    ignored while ideas
    kept running through
    her head.
    And then she
    stopped when her
    sister’s nickname
    stared back at her
    and she didn’t
    hesitate to call her.
    Her sister picked on
    the second ring and
    she paused waiting
    to gather her acting
    wits together.
    “Madam Ebun, so you
    decided to call me
    today…” the voice
    snapped a little
    “Oh Anu!” Sandra
    sobbed making sure
    it was as effective
    as she made it
    sound. ”I’m coming
    home! I can’t talk
    right now. Please you
    have to help me!”

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    So what next update it o is an interestine story

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    Susana Johnson
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    I guess u changed your mind about making dis story a weekly one cos everything points to that.

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    Episode 4
    The call had done a
    good job in keeping Anu
    on edge and she found
    it hard to sleep at night
    after her sister had
    called her crying over
    the phone about how
    she really needed to
    come home because
    she was scared and
    just wanted to stay
    away from everybody
    for a while. In her
    ramblings, she had
    managed to pick some
    important words of
    how she felt
    somewhat sick and
    needed to come home
    to rest.
    Though a part of Anu’s
    mind didn’t make good
    sense of what Sandra
    had blurted out and
    wondered if she was
    trying to play a fast one
    on her, the other part
    of her was desperate
    to help her sister and do
    as she had been
    instructed to do
    tomorrow hereby
    skipping church and
    whatever plans she had
    in mind since tomorrow
    was Sunday.
    She needn’t do much. All
    she had to do was
    come over to the
    airport to pick her with
    a cab with some of the
    cash Sandra had sent to
    her over time in cases
    of emergency but she
    promised to refund the
    Sandra also mentioned
    she had made the
    arrangements to board
    the first flight to Nigeria
    early in the morning and
    she just needed to
    indicate where she
    would be in order not to
    stress herself.
    But Anu knew better.
    Sandra wasn’t really
    proud of anybody in her
    family and tried as
    much as possible to
    keep family issues
    under water. She’d
    explained to her in the
    past the reason why
    she wasn’t eager to let
    the world know she had
    a twin sister was
    because of paparazzi.
    Anu wasn’t too eager
    to be on screen either
    and so her sister’s
    excuse sufficed.
    Her phone rang jerking
    her back to reality. She
    hurriedly picked it
    without looking at the
    Caller ID.
    “What else?”
    “What?” Gbenro’s voice
    greeted at the other
    Anu inhaled deeply and
    shook her head almost
    as if he could see her.
    His voice brought a
    somewhat kind of relief
    to her nerves and she
    “I’m sorry, I thought
    you were someone
    “yea, i guessed so too.
    How are you?”
    “I’m alright. I’m sorry I
    didn’t call to thank you
    for today. It was
    awesome while it
    lasted. Thank you.”
    “haba Sarah, it’s
    nothing, really. I must
    say I enjoyed spending
    time with you and Teni.
    I think we should do it
    again some time.”
    Anu smiled. She was
    starting to like him and
    he probably liked her
    too, and her baby Teni.
    Maybe this might lead
    to something sooner
    than she expected. He
    was great with Teni,
    played with her, even
    bought her stuffs and
    talked with her almost
    as if it was a natural
    thing. They took
    pictures together and
    he even held her hand
    when they sat in the
    It was one of those
    Disney Cartoons, and
    she liked him because
    he had put Teni into
    consideration. Maybe
    the next time they
    went, Teni would stay
    behind while they had
    dinner at some fancy
    She almost hated
    herself for allowing her
    imaginations fly so
    quickly but She couldn’t
    remember the last time
    someone had treated
    her so nice and special.
    Better said, the last
    time someone had
    shown some kind of
    romantic interest in her.
    She just hoped it was
    real and lasted long.
    “How’s that little
    princess doing?”
    “She’s asleep.” She
    glanced to briefly at her
    daughter sleeping
    soundly on the bed.
    ”You better look for
    another nickname
    because I don’t think
    Teni will go for the
    princess thing o.”
    She heard Gbenro
    chuckle and she joined
    his mirth as well. “Will
    figure something out.”
    They were quiet for a
    while before he asked.
    ”So, are you free
    tomorrow evening, I
    know a good restaurant
    where we can have
    dinner. Just the 2 of
    Anu’s heart fluttered in
    her chest and she
    squeezed her eyes
    shut. Was Gbenro
    asking to be alone with
    her? Ever since they’d
    been spending time
    together, her daughter
    was always in the
    This was getting
    She was about to say
    Yes immediately when
    Sandra’s words came
    to her and her heart fell.
    She would have to be
    there for her as she had
    requested and she
    might not be ready in
    time for her date. What
    was worse, she had
    already planned on how
    to tell her parents she
    wanted to stay away
    for a while, just a
    couple of days all in the
    name of a friend was
    coming to town and she
    was going for moral
    How would Gbenro be
    able to come pick her
    from home if she
    wasn’t home?
    “, I don’t know…, I
    don’t think I’ll be able to
    make it.” Even as she
    uttered those words,
    she felt miserable. ”I
    have something to
    attend tomorrow. I’m

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