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    “ohh, it’s okay. We can
    always fix it to some
    other time, next week
    maybe? I’m getting my
    leave next month so
    that should give us
    more time.”
    She could tell he was
    disappointed but she
    forced herself to sound
    cheerful amidst the
    despair she was feeling.
    Her sister was more
    important. Her sister
    was family. Her sister
    needed her.
    And at least there was
    good news. He was
    going for his leave next
    month. That way, they
    could regain lost
    “yeah, next week will
    be fine.”
    “I’ll call you tomorrow
    5 minutes after their
    conversation ended, a
    text message came in.
    “It’s amazing how I
    can’t stop thinking
    about you. We’ll talk
    tomorrow. Sweet
    dreams. xoxo”
    The other thing she
    liked about Gbenro were
    his texts. It was original
    and simple though she
    always had a way of
    reading much more into
    “xoxo.” was all she
    could text back before
    drowsing into sleep.
    Sandra wore a sunny
    hat over her hair
    coupled with her Gucci
    Shades. With her cream
    colored thin strapped
    maxi gown and a brown
    sweater to top it off, it
    wasn’t easy to decipher
    she was a popular
    actress. Even her face
    was devoid of make-up
    and right now as she
    waited at the airport,
    she tried to look
    composed though she
    fretted inside when her
    mind flashed to Bayo. It
    was a good thing He
    had not slept in the
    house the night before,
    at least it enabled her
    to make plans and book
    her flight after calling
    that it was an
    emergency It was
    impromptu, and though
    she had no intentions of
    flying first class to keep
    herself undercover, that
    was the seat available
    and she didn’t mind. As
    long as she was away
    from that bloody
    apartment and her
    bloody manager Bayo,
    she would be able to
    think properly.
    And now she was here.
    Initially she had been
    worried that something
    might happen along the
    way, the flight may get
    cancelled, or they might
    refuse her, or maybe
    the seats were all going
    to be filled. She had paid
    extra to get the flight
    to Lagos and here she
    She had packed only a
    few things. At least a
    few things that
    wouldn’t give her away
    though she knew the
    paparazzi always found
    their way around things.
    Even a speck of dust
    could be turned into a
    m---d once they got
    their cameras on her.
    So much for being
    Anu was going to be
    waiting for her just as
    she had instructed her
    to and she hoped she
    wouldn’t change her
    mind, hence the act she
    pulled over the phone. If
    there was anything Anu
    needed to say so as to
    prevent her parents
    from knowing her sister
    was around, she had to
    do it.
    At least they were
    helping each other out.
    Days ago, Anu had
    called that she needed
    fresh air from
    everything and was
    planning on coming over
    to her place, and she as
    well needed
    somewhere to hide for
    Away from everything.
    She knew the
    repercussions of her
    actions most especially
    if Bayo happened to find
    out how she had gone
    AWOL but right now,
    she didn’t give a hoot
    about what he felt. She
    wanted a ‘me’ time and
    everybody else could go
    to hell for all she cared.
    Her eyes searched
    around frantically and
    she glanced at her
    Her head jerked to the
    side and her hand
    tightened on the bag.
    Nobody was here with
    her now and she
    remembered the first
    time she had returned
    to Nigeria, her airport
    experience had been
    nothing to write home
    She fingered her
    sweater nervously and
    frowned. ”Can I help
    “You be Sandra?”
    “Isn’t that obvious?”
    She snapped rudely
    though she suspected
    the man was not
    familiar with any work
    of hers.
    “Your sister Sarah dey
    my car over there, She
    talk say make I come
    get you.” He pointed
    towards his cab and
    that was when she
    saw her sister waving
    towards her from a
    blue cab. Probably a
    chartered one.
    She smiled and hurried
    towards the cab and
    found her way to the
    side of the car while
    Anu went to join her
    sister at the back.
    ”Hey…” Anu greeted but
    before she could go on,
    Sandra pulled her close
    and hugged her,
    weeping on her neck.
    “Ohh I miss you so
    much.” Her body racked
    with sobs and the slight
    anger Anu had reserved
    in her body dissolved
    She rubbed her back
    soothingly trying to
    console her sister while
    she still clung to her
    neck. ”hey, you’re here
    now, you’re safe with
    Sandra nodded and for a
    while, they sat still till
    Anu released her and
    ran a hand along her
    glossy hair since her hat
    had fallen unto the
    “You hair is beautiful,
    your look lovely even
    without make-up.” Anu
    “Thank you.” She
    managed to wipe her
    tear stained cheeks and
    planted a quick kiss
    close to her sister’s lips.
    “I already gave the man
    your address so no
    need to fret.”
    She nodded and they
    made small talk hoping
    to get home before
    spilling the rest of the

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    When they finally got to
    their destination,
    Sandra hurriedly
    stepped out of the car
    with her bag while her
    sister paid the taxi man
    his dues before joining
    her sister in her
    It’d been a while Anu
    had been here and she
    marveled at the wealth
    and luxury her sister
    lived in once more. The
    apartment was
    beautiful with exquisite
    taste and designed to
    suite anyone who
    wanted to live lavishly.
    The floors were made
    of polished tiles while
    the walls looked like
    they were made from
    polished wood. Her
    Home theater was still
    intact just like the last
    time she had
    remembered seeing it.
    She remembered the
    first time she had been
    here and it felt like
    small haven in her eyes
    and she surmised that
    a place like this was
    made for young women
    who wanted to enjoy
    Sandra was such. She’d
    known her sister since
    they were young. She
    could tell Sandra wasn’t
    born for a life like hers.
    Her temperament, her
    tastes and her love for
    life. People who were
    meeting them for the
    first time would get to
    know them if they
    happened to attend a
    party together. Sandra
    was the life of the
    party while Sarah loved
    to look from afar and
    watch things happen.
    She was supportive
    also and was glad her
    sister could always run
    to her if she needed
    But right now, she
    couldn’t specify the kind
    of help she would need
    as she watched her
    gulp down a glass of
    alcohol. Was that vodka
    or martini? She couldn’t
    even state the
    difference but she
    knew Sandra loved
    drinking, loved to mix
    her drinks and had
    gotten drunk once
    though she was within
    the confines of the
    There was a bar
    located just beside her
    wine rack which looked
    like it hadn’t been
    touched for ages. It
    was positioned in an
    angle that was shying
    away from sunlight
    while the lights above
    that section of the
    house was dim. A few
    paintings hung on the
    wall that Anu couldn’t
    place what it talked
    about but she was
    aware it was
    expensive. It was
    someone like Sandra
    who attended events
    and stuffs relatively
    “You should have a
    drink…” Sandra broke
    into her thoughts and
    poured herself another
    glass. “It’ll help you feel
    Anu shook her head and
    settled unto the sofa
    while Sandra carried the
    bottle and her glass. On
    her way to join her
    sister on the sofa, she
    found a way to turn on
    the AC.
    “So, how are you? what
    happened to you?”
    “I fell sick.” She lied and
    took another glass.
    Discarding her jacket,
    she pulled her legs
    beneath her and sighed
    dramatically. ”And you
    won’t believe those
    people wouldn’t have
    mercy on me. My
    manager was planning
    to make me shoot
    some crazy photos!”
    “You mean Bayo?”
    “Oh you remember his
    name, yeah, that’s him.
    He’s such an a-----e.”
    Anu was used to her
    sister’s cursing already
    and so she sat listening
    to all her complaints and
    fabrication of lies her
    sister wove so as to
    gain sympathy from
    her. When she began
    noticing the animated
    features on her sister’s
    face, she knew she
    was making progress.
    “I watched E! last two
    weeks.” Anu tried to
    sound optimistic. ”I
    almost screamed when
    I saw you posing for
    the camera and how
    they talked about your
    rise to stardom. And
    then your show with
    Oprah was really
    “Yea, I know right…”
    Her sister’s head
    bobbed excitedly. ”so,
    how long are you
    staying for?”
    Sandra shrugged. ”I
    can’t say yet but I
    know I can’t return to
    the United Kingdom
    immediately. There are
    some things I want to
    do here in Nigeria. Who
    knows, If I start
    attending parties once
    more, I might get
    something going for me
    here. Become an
    ambassador of one of
    telecommunications or
    companies that have
    their names out there.”
    Anu wondered if her
    sister was planning on
    staying permanently
    though she felt
    uncomfortable. Almost
    like she was holding out
    on her. “Ok…”
    “But let’s stop talking
    about me for now. How
    are you and how are
    you coping with our old
    fashioned parents?”
    “They are doing fine,
    but they miss you. I
    think you should forget
    about what happened in
    the past and just come
    say hi.”
    “You must be kidding
    me.” She snapped and
    rolled her eyes. ”You and
    I know Daddy meant
    what he said after that
    incident that happened
    years ago. They think
    they can go all holy and
    righteous on me while
    they are not so clean
    themselves. I’m sure
    mum only married the
    man because they
    wanted to feel
    responsible, nothing
    “Don’t talk like that..”
    “Whatever. Look, I
    want to go take a
    shower. Since we’ll be
    staying together for a
    while, why don’t you
    help yourself to
    something in the
    kitchen before we go
    for shopping. You look
    like the sick one not
    Her sister could only
    Anu poured more liquid
    soap unto the wet rag
    and dabbed the surface
    of the counter hoping
    the stubborn stain
    would wear off. She
    was glad she had
    grabbed gala and a drink
    on the way to the
    airport to sustain her
    presently or she’d be
    too starved to clean up
    and the house needed
    one for now, even if it
    was a quick one. She
    couldn’t stand a dirty
    house much less a
    kitchen where food
    was prepared.
    As she wiped greasy
    surfaces, her mind
    flashed to 10-12 years
    ago where everything
    had started. How their
    separation came about
    and how it had been
    quite difficult for her to
    move on initially. How
    She loved her sister to
    bits and would do all
    she could to make her
    happy. How they’d
    played and laughed
    together, shared the
    same room, the same
    bed and even the same
    And it began to feel like
    it was yesterday again.
    Both sisters had been
    young. Pretty young and
    full of life. Right before
    secondary school when
    Sandra was in art class,
    she knew what she
    wanted to become. An
    actress and she made it
    known confidently that
    she was going to turn
    out to be one someday.
    Her dreams, her passion
    and her life revolved
    around this dream so
    much Anu felt if her
    sister wasn’t careful, it
    would consume her
    And that was when
    she met Raymond.
    She’d been 16 years old,
    somewhat naive and
    that was what
    Raymond saw and took
    advantage of. Sandra
    had met him at a club
    on one of her nightly
    escapades at school
    back at the time and
    he’d woven enough lies
    that it was easy for
    him to gain access to
    Sandra since he’d
    promised to connect her
    with top people in the
    movie industry. His
    mother was German
    while his father had
    been Nigeria. His accent
    partly gave him away
    and he was also a
    smooth one.
    It took about 3 months
    before Sandra found
    out he was a fraud and
    he left no trace after
    she discovered he had
    traveled out of the
    country. To where she
    couldn’t say but she
    knew he was the
    father of her baby.
    At first she didn’t know
    what to do. Even Anu
    was confused but tried
    to help in every way
    she could. Sandra cried
    every night terrified by
    what their strict and
    religious parents would
    do to her once they
    found out which they
    did anyway and hereby
    leaving abortion out of
    Her parents said she
    was going to bear the
    consequences of her
    actions and bear the
    child and take care of it.
    Even if it meant her
    schooling would be
    delayed, there was no
    turning back.
    “I can’t stay here
    anymore Anu neither
    can I allow Mum and
    Dad let me ruin my
    chances of achieving my
    dreams.” Sandra had
    protested one night
    they sat in their room
    together after Anu
    returned from school.
    Due to the incident,
    they had immediately
    withdrawn her twin
    from the boarding
    house as well and
    turned her into a day
    student. Sandra on the
    other hand had been
    expelled from school
    and so she stayed at
    home often, helping her
    mother in her mini mart.
    Life was boring and
    miserable for someone
    like her who couldn’t
    stand boredom.

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    “I mean do you know
    how long I had to
    attend to customers?
    and then you need to
    see the eyes on me like
    I’m some harlot. Even
    that hypocrite that
    Daddy had an affair
    with at the time his
    parents blamed
    mummy for not having
    a male child. She has a
    girl child for Daddy and
    calls mummy Mama
    ejima. She thinks we
    don’t know her.
    Ashewo! you need to
    see the way she looked
    at me today. Like she
    hasn’t done worse.”
    “Don’t let her get to
    “I’m not letting her get
    to me Anu!” she
    snapped angrily, already
    irritated by her sister’s
    calm reaction towards
    all that she had been
    saying. “What I don’t
    want in my life is
    carrying a bastard child.
    I won’t allow them to
    dictate my future to
    me because of this
    mistake I made. I want
    to get out of this
    house. Once I have this
    child, I’m leaving. Shey
    Daddy threatened to
    disown me so I’m not
    afraid. I will move out
    of his house.”
    “So what will happen to
    the baby?”
    “I will go and drop it
    somewhere. Isn’t
    that’s what motherless
    babies home is for? I
    can’t be suffering here
    while the yeye
    Raymond is busy
    enjoying his life
    somewhere far away
    from Nigeria. I have my
    own life to live also.”
    Anu thought for a while.
    She didn’t want her
    sister to leave her.
    They’d come so far
    together. Who would
    she talk to, who would
    she share her feelings
    with? Who would she
    partner with?
    “What if I decide to
    take the baby?”
    Sandra’s brow
    furrowed. ”How? What
    are you saying?”
    “I said I will raise the
    child as my own if you
    promise to stay at
    home. The child will not
    need to know anything
    that happened. She will
    have nothing to do with
    Sandra sighed deep in
    thought. ”And what will
    Mum and Dad say? you
    know you’re their
    untainted daughter
    while I’m nothing to
    write home about.”
    “patapata they will
    shout and talk, we will
    make up our minds to
    do as we planned.”
    “It sounds like a good
    idea. At least, I’ll know
    my child is in safe
    hands.” and Sandra had
    agreed to the plan
    without much ado and
    when her due date
    came, she delivered a
    baby girl that Anu
    named Teniola.
    It wasn’t easy to adopt
    Teni as her daughter
    and it was at that
    stage Anu wished she
    had thought the idea
    very through before
    suggesting it to her
    sister because Sandra
    wasn’t even interested
    in taking care of the
    child or taking turns in
    taking care of her. She
    would remind her that
    since Anu had agreed to
    take care of the child, it
    was all in her hands
    now. Even while she
    wrote WAEC, sat for
    JAMB, she found a way
    of shuffling between
    herself and the baby.
    Their father had been
    furious about the
    agreement no doubt,
    but his fury exploded
    the day when he
    realized Sandra was not
    even showing remorse
    for what she had done
    and would still go out
    and return to the house
    late all in the name of
    attending lessons.
    The day their father’s
    fury exploded was the
    day he yelled at Sandra
    that he had disowned
    her and she needed to
    leave his house.
    And She never looked
    back. Though her
    mother begged and did
    all she could.
    Anu did what she could
    do best. Cry.
    Their father had the
    final say in matters like
    Over the years, Sandra
    rose to stardom and
    her pride grew as well.
    She wanted to show
    her parents that she
    could do so well without
    them and she didn’t
    need them.
    Sandra was just like
    their father, Anu
    mused. Both pigheaded
    and relentless but the
    two would never admit
    it but rather d--n the
    “Anything to eat?”
    Sandra’s voice disrupted
    her sister’s thoughts as
    she strolled into the
    kitchen where Anu had
    done a good job in
    wiping clean the dusty
    surfaces and sinks.
    ‘No, so we have to go
    shopping. your kitchen
    has lots of cobwebs in
    the cabinets making it
    look like it’s almost a
    year you’ve been here.”
    “Well, I was never really
    around to do much.
    Today I’m in Paris,
    tomorrow, London, next
    week New york. The
    life of an actress.”
    Anu looked up at her
    sister and noticed she
    had donned a short and
    a strap top and slim fit
    animal print trousers
    with a nice pair brown
    sandals. Her expensive
    and well textured hair,
    probably Indian or
    human she couldn’t pin
    it was left to fall on her
    shoulders and her
    shades were on her hair
    as usual.
    Anu couldn’t imagine
    someone more
    “We’ll take another cab
    to the Palms and get
    something to eat while
    you wait in the car. I’ll
    get foodstuffs too and
    please we have to
    branch at that MTN
    office to retrieve my
    line. Those people would
    have blocked my line
    since forever that one
    I’m sure of.”
    “Okay, let me just
    round up cleaning and I
    will come join you in the
    living room.”
    Sandra nodded absent
    mindedly and found her
    way to the other room
    looking for her sister’s
    bag. She had a short
    attention span and Anu
    was used to this as
    She wanted to call a red
    cab and needed her
    sister’s phone to do it.
    Anu would have to
    make a list of all the
    money she was going
    to have to pay back,
    Sandra thought to
    herself as she dug
    through her bag and
    found her phone.
    Her screen was locked
    and an unread text
    message popped up on
    the screen. She headed
    back into the kitchen to
    ask for a password.
    “Teniola’ She mumbled
    while rinsing her hand in
    the sink. Her work here
    was done.
    Sandra unlocked the
    phone and curiosity got
    the better of her so
    that she opened the
    message and with
    eyebrows raised, read it
    It was short and brief,
    but sweet and kind.
    “Hey babes, guess
    where I am? Hint: We
    talked about it over the
    phone a week ago. If
    you get the right
    answer, I’m taking you
    there next-week.” Love,
    Sandra deleted the
    message. No man was
    taking away her ‘me’
    time from her.
    Not even a man, most
    especially someone
    called Gbenro who
    deemed it fit to add the
    ‘Love’ word at the end
    of his name.
    “Any luck?” Anu asked
    oblivious of what was
    going on in her sister’s
    “Network, I’ll dial again.”

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    Susana Johnson
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    Wow! Thanks for this wonderful updates, thought u abandoned d story. U r such a gud writer, all ur stories are fascinating, just wish u’ll try to complete all these stories and not abandon any.

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    Episode 5
    A few days after
    Sandra had settled in
    Nigeria with her sister
    and other things as well
    including going to the
    bank to get some
    money for their upkeep
    and refunding her sister
    as well, they sat down
    in the spacious kitchen
    to fried rice and plantain
    which Anu had made.
    Being the third day
    they’d been together,
    both of them had
    worked to put things in
    place though everything
    wasn’t in abundance
    yet, things that needed
    attention such as food,
    cash and toiletries had
    been sorted out.
    Sandra had finally
    gotten her line to
    function well once more
    and soon she was
    making a few calls,
    pinging and going
    through some Lagos
    Directory in order to get
    acquainted with her
    new environment once
    more. She knew she
    wasn’t ready to return
    to England anytime
    soon but Anu wasn’t
    aware of this and she
    wasn’t ready to spill
    the beans yet. At least
    for now, she was going
    to keep finding her way
    around the conversation
    if her sister happened
    to bring it up.
    Most times she was so
    busy on her phone she
    hardly heard what Anu
    was saying. Well, she
    doubted if there was
    anything interesting the
    girl had to say. She had
    a boring life already and
    she would be glad she
    was helping her make
    use of this precious
    time they both heard.
    But she noticed her
    sister seemed to be
    involved with a
    particular someone.
    He’d called twice in 3
    days and she was
    afraid Anu might
    change her mind and
    leave though she hoped
    she wouldn’t.
    Anu had been talking to
    him at the balcony the
    day before.
    “Hello Gbenro, how are
    “I’m fine. I hope you’re
    alright? I was worried
    about you when you
    didn’t reply my text
    “Really? did you send
    me a text? I didn’t see
    it, probably network.”
    “Maybe…” he sighed and
    she could hear the radio
    crooning softly in the
    background not posing
    any hindrance or
    distraction to their
    conversation. She could
    also hear honks of
    different cars and
    suspected he was
    driving back from work.
    He confirmed it by
    telling her. ”I’m on the
    third mainland bridge
    presently, on my way
    Anu looked up at the
    “I had a programme in
    Church that I couldn’t
    miss.” he went on to
    further explain himself.
    “I think I’ll have to hand
    over my position in my
    group pretty soon.”
    “Was thinking about it
    too.” Anu encouraged
    him. ”Maybe you should
    find a place close to
    home where you can
    “Yeah, I’ve thought
    about it.” She could hear
    his cheerful note over
    the phone. ”It’s just
    that I’m pretty used to
    the branch at V.I since
    I’m an active member.
    I’ll probably worship at
    your place this Sunday
    since we both stay in
    “Oh…” Anu was elated
    at the suggestion.
    ”That would be great.”
    They’d talked about
    their faith and Church
    the last time they
    talked and so coming
    over to her Church
    wasn’t a very ‘new’
    topic since he seemed
    to be familiar with the

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    “How’s your trip going?”
    And she’d gone ahead
    to tell him she was still
    with her family relative
    for the moral support
    and when asked when
    she would be returning,
    she didn’t give him a
    definite answer and she
    stuttered in her
    He paused. ”Sarah, I
    want to believe you’re
    “Why do you ask?” Her
    heart raced. Had she
    been too revealing with
    the way she spoke?”
    “Well, I don’t know, I
    just feel you’re trying
    to hide something from
    me. You hardly tell me
    anything and I feel like
    you don’t trust me
    enough to share your
    feelings with me.”
    She sighed clutching the
    phone to her ears. How
    She wished she could
    tell him everything,
    confide in him her
    greatest fears and see
    his face when she told
    him her sister was back
    in town. At least that
    would make her decide
    her fate with him.
    Or better said, the fate
    of their relationship.
    If she was the one he
    wanted or her twin.
    “When we see, we’ll
    talk.” She assured him.
    And the call had ended
    with a little more chat,
    goodbyes and future
    promises of what will
    be when they finally
    met one on one.
    She hoped it would be
    soon though part of her
    wanted to postpone
    the date for fear of the
    “So, you didn’t tell me if
    you’re presently seeing
    someone…” Sandra’s
    voice disrupted her
    thoughts and she
    looked up from her
    almost finished rice and
    plantain and shrugged.
    “You never asked and
    so I didn’t think it was
    that important or
    “Well, I didn’t want to
    make you feel bad if
    there was no one.”
    Sandra went on. “She’d
    overheard the
    conversation on the
    phone between herself
    and whoever it was she
    seemed to have shown
    interest in.
    “I mean, you two could
    just be friends or
    something.” She lifted
    her glass to her lips
    sipping her juice. ”It’s
    you now..”
    “I don’t understand,
    what do you mean by
    it’s me now?”
    “C’mon, don’t tell me
    you don’t know how
    different we are. We
    are sisters but we are
    as far apart as North
    and South.” Sandra
    laughed at her
    statement but stopped
    short when she saw
    Anu was not smiling.
    She hurriedly went on.
    ”Look, It’s not like I’m
    being harsh or anything
    but it’s the truth. You’re
    28. We both are and you
    haven’t seen the world.
    For crying out loud you
    still live with Mum and
    Dad. I don’t know of
    any relationship of
    yours which has
    worked out and I
    believe you’re still a
    virgin right? But look at
    me, I’ve seen the
    world, I’ve been to
    places and I know what
    men want. I have
    everything I want and
    I’m not limited to a
    ‘God’ factor. No pun
    intended babe but
    that’s how different
    we are.”
    Anu remained quiet and
    forked the last plantain
    slice trying not to let
    the tears sting as it
    came close to the
    surface. If there was
    anything she didn’t
    want, It was someone
    reminding her of how
    much of a failure she

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    She looked up and
    noticed Sandra was on
    her phone again, as if
    forgetting the
    conversation that she
    had brought up that
    made her unhappy. She
    inhaled deeply and
    stood up to pack her
    plates to the kitchen
    sink. Maybe proving her
    sister wrong in places
    where ‘Men’ were
    concerned would make
    her see how wrong she
    could be in some
    aspects of life.
    “I’m seeing someone.”
    She spoke up before
    pouring liquid soap unto
    the sponge.
    Sandra looked up from
    her phone. ”Oh really,
    that’s nice. Who’s he
    and what does he do?”
    “He works in a Bank.”
    “A bank?” Sandra
    scoffed. ”You mean
    slavery? Isn’t that
    where you got fired
    “He’s the director of
    one of the branches on
    Victoria Island.” She
    didn’t tell her he had
    mentioned how he was
    working towards his
    placement in Ikorodu
    since he had a
    permanent residence
    “Impressive, I’m happy
    to hear that baby..”
    “thank you.”
    “So what’s his name?”
    “Gbenro Mathews.”
    “Hmmn, I’d like to meet
    this guy who seems to
    be enchanted by my
    Anu decided to reveal
    his identity. It was
    amazing how Sandra
    who wasn’t ready to
    let the world see them
    together was eager to
    see the man she was
    going out with.
    Maybe she wanted to
    gauge his appearance
    with her standard as
    well, she thought to
    herself. She’d seen
    Bayo’s picture on her
    sister’s Display Picture
    and even on the
    internet when she
    searched him out. He
    was tall, dark and
    handsome no doubt,
    had that aura of pride
    mixed with confidence
    around him and she
    wondered how Sandra
    could stand up to such a
    powerful and wealthy
    Maybe she couldn’t and
    that was partly why
    she ran.
    “You actually know him.
    Gbenro from primary
    school that used to look
    for your trouble at the
    time. The 2 of you were
    always at it.”
    Sandra’s brow
    furrowed deep in
    thought for a while
    trying to remember
    whoever it was that
    must have caught her
    attention at such a
    young age.
    Suddenly, her eyes
    “Olagbenro! The same
    Olagbenro that couldn’t
    keep his hands off my
    hair right?”
    Anu nodded.
    “Of course I remember
    him.” She laughed to
    herself. ”I wonder how
    he’ll look presently. It’s
    been ages…,
    “sort of.”
    “Wow…” She mumbled
    more to herself than
    her sister. ”So you two
    are really going out, I
    mean is it official?”
    “Well, we’re taking it
    step by step….”
    “I can’t believe you’re
    going out with him
    though. I mean I can’t
    even imagine the both
    of you together…” She
    “Why? do you have a
    problem with him?”
    “Well, If I do remember
    clearly, Gbenro is not
    the type of guy I think
    you would want to
    hang out with, I mean,
    wasn’t he kinda short
    and had a funny looking
    face asides the fact
    that he has a funny
    way of showing
    affections to a girl he
    likes. What kind of
    immaturity was that?”
    “That’s like 20 years
    ago Ebun!” She didn’t
    like the way her sister
    made a mess of the
    guy she was dating.
    Almost like if he didn’t
    pass her ‘test’ he
    wasn’t worth it or good
    enough for her.
    She looked unperturbed
    “No pun intended babe
    but the blurry image of
    him which I have in my
    head ain’t helping.”
    “You can check him up
    on Facebook. At least
    your Ipad is with you.”
    Anu suggested.
    “Not a bad idea.” She
    was already logged in.
    All she had to do was
    write his name into the
    search box hereby
    leading to several
    search results
    displaying before her.
    She signaled to her
    sister to come identify
    her beau.
    On seeing him, Sandra
    exclaimed excitedly. ”Oh
    my goodness, It’s a lie,
    Is that the same
    Olagbenro? He’s grown
    so much” she giggled to
    herself. ”Who would
    have known he’d turn
    out to look like Denzel”
    She didn’t hesitate to
    click on the friend
    request button while
    Anu watched as she
    scrolled through his
    other albums
    unabashed trying to
    calm her racing heart.
    As if Sandra read her
    mind, she spoke up. ”At
    least, let me get
    acquainted with him if
    he’s going to become
    my in-law.”
    Anu’s fear subsided. So
    Sandra was happy for
    her and thought she
    would get to marry
    Gbenro someday. She
    gave a shy smile and
    shook her head . ”He
    hasn’t asked me to
    marry him.”
    “But he will. How long
    have you two been on
    “Almost 2 months
    “And when are you
    moving in with him?”
    “We don’t believe in
    stuffs like that. We’re
    “Your view or his?”
    “Both of us.” She tilted
    her chin proudly. She
    wanted her sister to
    know that finding good
    men out there who
    respected the marriage
    bed was no myth. Not
    all had gone morally
    “Impressive. A good
    looking man who shares
    your faith. You’re sure
    he’s not hiding behind
    some closet or
    something? I heard
    people aren’t permitted
    to be gay in Nigeria so…”
    “Sandra! That’s not a
    nice thing to say.” Anu
    felt slapped in the face.
    Was there something
    wrong in her sister
    being happy for her?
    ”Not all men sleep
    around like you think.
    Just because a man
    respects his belief
    doesn’t mean he’s
    something else.’
    “I was only joking…”
    Anu wasn’t pacified.
    “Ok, I’m sorry. Really I
    am. I just don’t want
    you to get hooked unto
    some guy that’s hiding
    behind something or
    has one or two things in
    his closet. The world
    we live in these days is
    just something else.
    Living in England made
    me see many things
    that I wouldn’t have
    believed if you told me.”
    “You know we haven’t
    really talked about
    when you’re going back
    to England or if you’re
    staying permanently.
    Teniola called me
    yesterday and I miss
    her already. I don’t feel
    too comfortable that
    I’m leaving her out of

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    “It’s been only 3 days
    Anu, Sheesh! You’re
    letting that girl get
    attached to you o.
    When she goes to
    boarding house, will you
    be going to see her
    everyday? Better let her
    start practicing how
    she’ll be on her own
    when you’re not there.”
    Anu shook her head.
    ”Teni is not going to
    boarding house. I’m
    planning on sending her
    to a Day school. I don’t
    think she’ll cope as a
    “You coped. If you could,
    then she can so stop
    putting it like you’re
    sending her to a military
    camp or something.”
    “Mum and Dad don’t
    want that for her
    Sandra gave a slight
    shake of her head and
    shrugged. ”Oh well,
    anything you want.
    She’s your child
    anyway.” She tapped on
    her screen a few times
    obviously carried away
    by some pictures on
    instagram. ”As for
    returning, I don’t know
    how soon but when it’s
    time. You talk as if you
    want to get rid of me
    or something.., the last
    time I remember, you
    wanted us to spend
    time together.”
    “Of course I want us to
    spend time together.”
    She turned on the tap
    to rinse the plates.
    ”How would you think I
    want to get rid of you…,
    If there’s anything I
    want, it’s for you to
    come back home. You
    don’t know how much I
    miss you. How much I
    feel sober anytime I
    see you on Tv and it
    hurts me so much that
    we’ll never be together
    like we were.”
    “I miss you too.
    Sometimes when I’m
    acting I remember
    when the two of us
    used to dress ourselves
    up and pretend to be on
    a movie scene.”
    Anu smiled. “Teni likes
    the nano ipod you sent
    her. She puts it in her
    ear like almost
    everytime. She’s a
    beautiful child. I really
    wish you can drop by
    sometime and have a
    chat with her. I’d love
    to see her face when
    she realizes we are
    twins. I remember a
    time she saw a pose of
    you in one of those
    magazines you sent me
    and she was
    like..”Mummy, come
    look! This woman looks
    like you.”
    “What did you tell her?”
    “I smiled at her and
    rubbed her head telling
    her that sometimes in
    this world we have
    people who look like us.
    Since then you need to
    see the way she tries
    to see if there’s a
    double of herself
    somewhere in the
    world. She uses my
    phone to browse. The
    girl is just an intelligent
    girl. The last time she
    was telling me how
    she’d like to be like
    Isaac Newton when
    she grows up. She says
    she also wants to be
    the first Nigerian to
    climb the moon or pull
    some crazy science
    stunt. She’s the best in
    her class. Sometimes I
    know I don’t have to go
    through her homework
    but I do it all the same
    so that she doesn’t get
    too confident that she
    knows it all.”
    There was no response.
    By the time she looked
    behind her to see what
    must have held her
    sister mute, Sandra had
    left the room to
    answer a phone call.
    Anu sighed and
    continued with the
    Brian was engrossed on
    his Macbook when a call
    came through. His friend
    Carlos Rodriguez had
    just sent him some
    pictures he’d taken the
    previous day concerning
    the new creative design
    he was working for.
    Carlos had been the
    new friend during his
    internship programme
    for the company he’d
    been working for before
    Debbie died and the two
    of them had been rolling
    ever since. Carlos still
    worked for the
    company as their
    photographer while
    Brian was still the free
    lancer though the option
    of returning back to his
    former place of work
    was still held open.
    Last night he thought
    about it. The freelance
    thing didn’t seem to be
    paying him so well as
    much as he had
    expected and he’d quit
    his job because he
    didn’t want Nate to feel
    the absence of his
    He stared at the
    pictures once more
    trying to get his
    creative mind to work.
    He had integrated most
    of his Client’s
    requirements into
    artistically rendered
    pages and was trying
    to make more the site
    more palatable for the

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