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    “oh yeah baby scatter my ass for me please” Sandra cried out asi pounced on her like a tiger, sampling her ass as if am sampling chemical Chromatography things. I was alone at home my brother has gone to work and since nothing to do i decided to callmy girlfriend Sandra to ginger me and i must confess am already in cloud nine. I turn her over our big table and make her bend down pause and i started sampling her from behind, i hold her ass and pump her from the back hitting her ass at various interval, why am hitting her ass i dont know why oh but i watched it in movie so am practicing what i see, anytime i hit her on her ass she will shout and tell me to continue of course i aint gonna stop before, i continue pumping her behind why she keep on shouting like someone who want to give birth, i just hope our neighbour wont hear her shout, no light and everywhere was getting hotter and you know na all my body has turn to river niger,i have to stop and took her to parlour so that breeze will be coming from different angles, i sat on the sofa and she lay ontop me, with her macho breast like afroncandy facing me calling on me to please s--k them, i pounce on them and started s-----g her boobs, she balance on me and use her hand to insert my dickson inside her well, then started going up and down making me uncomfortable to s--k her breast so i just lay back on the sofa while she continue the excercise ontop me, she do know how to whine well am not surprise because there must be reasonfor her well to be this wide, i relax on the chair while she continue jumping up and down like frog looking for where to hide from snake, after some time i stand up and use my two hands to raise her up with my dickson still inside her, then i started moving her front and back omo that style is hard because am using power tomove her, but the flavor quench the stress, we continue for five minutes before i lay her on the chair and climb her then start fuccking her again “hmmm fucck me, fucck me hard, harder boy”.I was fuccking her harder already i wonder how she want me to fucck her again oh, after some time i came and rest on the floor,. She stood up and wear her clothes, i gave her two hundred for transport, i took my bath and relax on my bed. I just finish my Neco Exam and am with brother in Auchi Edo state, i have nothing doing for now though am looking for a place to work, i was pressing my phone when my phone started ringing, i look at the screen and saw my elder sister in Benin. Me: good afternoon ma. Sis: how you they? Me: am fine ma how school? Sis: school isfine am through i dey look for work. Me: oh thank God. Sis: wetin you they do now? Me: i just they Auchi doing nothing you know i just finish SSCE exam. Sis: oh yeah right, wetin you plan to do? Me: oh well i wan learn computer but no money so am planning to look for work and use the little money to learn computer. Sis: no worry just come Benin you go learn the computer for here. Me: but you never get work na how we go manage? Sis: no worryabout that one, just come when you come we go talk about that one. Me: okay thank you ma, i will tart preparing immediately. Sis: okay. After the phone call i quickly called my mum in villa and she approve of it and then i waited for my bro to return, in the eveninghe came back from work and i told him what my sister said, he say there is even better because i have higher percentage to get a work there, so i started preparing to enter Benin City the heartbeat of Edo State, i heard Benin girls are hot in bed is it true?

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    Episode 2
    I was so happy because i was already getting bored in Auchi here, sitting at home all the time with nothing to do except watching tv and fuccking pusssi, i need a new adventure and believe me Benin is the ideal place, i arrange my things and the next day i bade my brother goodbye and enter motor to Benin direct, at first i was disappointed with the roads in Benin (but kudos to Adams he has done some) i called my sister to tell her that my flight has landed in Benin Empire and she told me to take Bus going to Upper then from there i enter another bus to Dumez and she said that i should stop at School of health and technology Benin, i followed her instruction carefully and anytime imiss my way i will ask any person i see, thats one thing i like about we nigeria you can never get lost so far you know how to ask question, i enter bus to dumez direct to school of health and as usual i kept on reminding the driver to drop me at the school gate exactly because i dont know the place make him no carry me pass oh. When we get there the driver stop and told me to come down, then i took my phone and called my sister again, shesaid i should wait for her there that she will be with me in ten minutes, i walk to one shade where they sell recharge card and stand there waiting for my sister, after some minutes i saw her coming with headtie like pastor wife,. Me: good afternoon ma. Sis: how you they? Me: i dey oh na church you they go? Sis: yes i go drop you for house before i dey go so follow me. Me: okay ma. My sister Joy senior me three times so i have big respect for her and also she don finish school na work she come they find now, na she wan train me go school so na me they pray pass make she get Job quick quick, she never they work she say make i come they with her imagine if she come see work nko. We walk back to where i came from till we get one street and we enter, thestreet look neat with tarred road and shops everywhere, we passone big house for our left with boil hole, my sister told me thats the place they fetch water, we pass three more houses before we reach our own, our house they back of the main building evenif you see the house you nor go know say building they the back, we pass the first building and enter backyard and i was surprise to see three students room for the back, our own is at the middle,the others aint at home i guess they are student too so they probably wont be at home by this time, she open door and we enter, she told me to eat the rice on the pot and rest for the long journey, she took her bible and hed to church without delay, i lookaround the room it was very neat with big bed and chairs, just a normal student room but fuckup go they oh, how i go they carry babe when she is always around, omo that wan no matter first make i just settle down first, i check pot and eat the rice wey dey then i arrange my things and relax for bed they sleep, i slept till evening and i was really angry when a heavy knock landed on ourdoor, even the person no wan go the person just continue they knock, i sluggishly stand up and open the door, there i saw a beautiful girl with good stature, tall, big standing boobs, and a well endowned ass, omo today na today accordiing to don coleon. Me:hi Girl: good evening am looking for sister Joy. Me: shes not around who are you? Girl: am cynthia, her friend junior sister. Me: okay am her junior brother. Cynthia: ooh she said something like that. Me: okay do you want to come in? Cynthia: yeah of course i hope you bought bread from the village (na how she take know say na village i for come?). Me: not reallly. Cynthia: why na? Me: i really dont expect anybody to ask because i dont know anybody here. Cynthia: hmmm you will still buy something for me then. Me:no wahala so tell me about yourself. Cynthia: not now i will return later in the night when your sister is around maybe by then we discuss more. Me: alright see you later. Cynthia: bye. She stood up and walk to the door na so i concentrate on her ass and they imagine my dickson inside that her big ass, omo that one no go pass me by in jesus name, can i hear amen?

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    Episode 3
    That service hold my sister for church till 7pm in the night till i hearpeople noise from our frontage, then somebody open the door and my sister walk in with two other girls. Me: una good evening Sis: how you they flez Benin? see my friends Anita and Fidelis. I stood up and exchange handshake with them and they are graduate too like my sister looking for work, that means they senior me like my sister meaning na no go area be that, but sincei know myself all girls i have been dating they all senior me either with three or four years, so maybe i fit run parole with my sister friends, Anita get big breast with average ass while fidelis short and get big ass with average breast, cynthia the girl that came here earlier na junior sis to Anita, but na that cynthia get the perfect shape, big breast big yash and she come tall with nice lips.They took sit outside and started discussing how they will go out tomorrow to look for Job, my sister gave me money to go out and buy indomie and when i walk out of the compound and pass only one house, the next one there is a store there, i greet them and told them to give me indomie and as i was waiting i heard from inside “i hope you go buy my own join?”. The person came out and i saw that its cynthia. Me: good evening madam, na here una they? Cyn: yes oh na here we they manage, my sister they una house abi? Me: yes she and another girl. Cyn: that is sister Fidelis, oya buy something make we gather go una house. Me: alright. I paid for the indomie and cynthia followed me home, we discuss about ourself on the way and when we reach house i didnt see my sister or her friends again,. Me: ah ah where them come go na? Cyn: maybe they escort Fidelis because her house is a little bit far. Me: oh okay, come inside let me cook the indomie so that we eat. Cyn: i hope you know how to cook it very well? (she said as she walk inside our room) Me: maybe you should help me out. Cyn: nah lets see how your food taste. Me: hahaha you better carry water near body because pepper they they my food well well oh. Cyn: we go manage. She wore short skirt with singlet and guys this girl is really endowned, maybe its because ofher dbang sang the song “Endowned”. I on the stove and put the indomie inside pot, i cook it normal, Cynthia sit down for bed they read one nursing book like that, after i put the pot for fire i join herfor bed and sit close to her. Me: what book are you reading? Cyn: nursing dictionary Me: you want be nurse too? Cyn: yeah. Me: hmmm all of una for family wan become nurse. Cyn: my mum is a nurse so it kinda run through our blood. Me: hmm thats nice, so tell me more about yourself. Cyn: huh i thought you want to knowmore about this place first? Me: oh well we will come to that, just want to know the girl that will be taking me out first. Cyn: oh well am Cynthia and i just finish seccondary school am 17. Me: waoh you look so beautiful when you talk. Her lips was so tempting as we look at each others eye i dont know how, i just wanted to kissher before she suddenly stood up and said “time to go” she just open door and ran away. Whaaat, did i do anything wrong, what about the indomie?

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    na me u d ask….make Jerrie kum help u answer DAT q

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    @jerrie come answer this bross question ohh

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    pray Make e burn

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    Ibrahim abiodun
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    nice starting

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