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    The more u hate, the more and more i grow. U can neva be me…….

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    @Chuks when are u bringing it?..am ready 4 it

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    Copyright © 2017 by Chuks Kent
    All rights reserved. This story or any portion thereof
    may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever
    without the express written permission of the writer
    except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.
    ISBN 0-9000000-0-0
    World wide storiesPublishing
    www. World wide stories.com/ facebook.com
    Author’s language: English and pigin(not always)
    Date: 28/08/17
    ABOUT THE STORY: This is a love story about a young man who fell in love with a stripper, who he always ask for sex (TAKE ME TO BED) buh was not giving. Everything changed when he met another stripper who happens to be the sister of the other stripper..
    (story about love, and magic).
    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Chuks Kentmy name. A young writer, who has taken it to be fun writing stories. He has written different stories that has been reed in different website like Coolval22, Nairaland, and Facebook.
    Dedication: this story is dedicated to God almighty. And it is been written for all young men.
    .My special thankz goes to ma Lilly brother who has been sick since he return from holiday. (KC get well soon. To Senior brothers reading this also, thankz to u. To World wide stories, You fanz re wonderful. Thank you. To josephine, thankz honey, To ma Lady- T (uche) thankz bae, To Elizabeth, thankz sweddy, To ma dearest Blessing Tricia, Thankz bestie.. To Luxguy, thankz nigga, To David (brother from anoda parent) thankz gee……. To ma admins (danwizzy, De-prince, and others, thankz dudes).
    World wide storiesloves You all.
    Written by @chuksKent
    My graduation date was almost here, been on of the graduates from the university of nsukka was like a dream come true, have always dreamed of that, finally, it came to reality. My dad died wen i was still in secondary school (ss1), his death brought about hardship to the family to the extent that i almost dropped out of school. The intervention of my Brother who won 10 million naira from bet9ja brought a suddenchange to the family. ”Am a rich kid, who was bore into a middle class family” all thankz to bet9ja.
    The day for the graduation was here, all graduating students was sitting quietly in the seat given to them, while me on the other side was still at home trying to look dope. (as a rich kid nah…) *winks*.
    ”Chuks” my mommy shouted my name from the sitting room.
    Me:: mummy am coming, just give me a sec, am trying to look good.
    Mommy: we gat no time on our side, so hurry.
    Me:: shall we?
    Mommy: sure.
    Me:: wait a sec, i hope we re not going together?
    Mommy: *laugh* nop, we re not. I just wanted to make sure u will leave this house early.
    Me:: *smiling* (inwardly) Yes ,this is what have dreamed of. Lets go…
    ( i zoomed off)
    ”Drive carefully, that was mom’s voice.
    ”women of nowadays can fear for African lolzz” i said to maself.
    After mins drive, i drove into the school car park wit my luxus 350, only too see that theevent has already started. ”oh yes, finally, am through with university life. Can’t wait to enter into the real world…….
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    Take Me To Bed (strippers) 2
    Story written by Chuks Kent
    The graduation was indeed fun, u know, last day for all the graduating students to sit and merry together. Life is full of Ups and Down, some student died, while others dropped, buh here we re. Thankz Be to God for that…
    Me:: hey, pastor * i called on one of my course mate.
    ”Hey pastor, i hope u will finally open ur own church” i said to him.
    Pastor: u re funny, God will Direct me on what to do.
    Me: i pray so ooh.
    Pastor: so what’s ur plans?
    Me:: well, since i studied about business management, my brother made me an offer to start work immediately am through with varsity of nsukka. Buh working with him won’t give me my freedom.
    Pastor: what other freedom do u need,??? Dont u know that getting a job here in Nigeria is difficult or have u forgotten our bahd government?Me:: i know that getting a job won’t be easy, and i haven’t forgotten that Nigeria is corrupt buh i still insist on having my freedom.
    Pastor: well, i like ur words, at least u can’t depend on ur brother’s wealth.
    Me:: that’s why have been trying to him. I have my Cv so nothing else than to look for work……. Before i forget, am throwing a party lerra tonite at sugarland hotels. See u there.
    Pastor: buh—–
    Me: *cut in* see u there.. * i laugh as i walk back to ma car.
    Pastor has been a friend of mine since our First year till now. His real name Solomon, and He got that name ”pastor” when he prayed for one of our sick lecturer and it worked. And since then, the name ”Pastor” has been in our mouth.
    The graduation was over, and within 2hrs everywhere was as quiet like a graveyard. The afterparty took palace at the hotel where i invited them. ”Woohh, the music was already wild, and wild dancing was introduced, since it was already night fall, some students was in one dark corner orthe other banging hell out of themselves, while i was in one position sipping my hollandia yogurt. I was the kind of guy that doesn’t put my interest on alcohol or ladies. I neva fell in love with any girl back in high school, so love wasn’t on ma side. The dj lowered to music in other for me to be heard while i speak.
    Me:: goodevening ma graduates
    All: goodevening nigga (some girls were shouting ”Oh yes baby, u re the real gee)
    Me:: u all knows what today is, and that’s why i organised this parry for us to dine together one last time before separation. Enjoy ur evening.
    * They all clapped* . ” Dj we need to dance tango. We tired of dancing all these naija funny music” someone shouted.
    ”That was funny” i said to the guy sitting beside me.
    ”Yep” he replied.
    The Cool music was locked in, me that doesn’t like dancing was carried away by the way an unknown lady was dancing. Immediately, i grap her hands, took her to the stage and danced with her.
    My dance with the lady got to another stageand that was romancing my whole body with her hands..
    After that dance, i took her up to the reception, paid for a room and we entered.
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    Next. Mr plank is here with another story. @jerrie come here. @qeenvick come with ur boo

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    Nice start bro…. Am right behind you

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    Nigga no wahala carry go cos na wetin u sabi do b dat.

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