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    Babysitting The Bad Boys

    Episode 2
    ?Babysitting The Bad
    ?[ Our Nanny ]
    (Get lost)

    ?Kendra’s POV?
    Jason smirked and the others chuckled.

    “Looks like she’s scared, mason said and walked up to us.”

    I forcefully moved from Jason.

    “Chill baby, we aren’t devouring you, Jason said still with a smirk.”

    “What do you guys want?” I asked again.

    “Aren’t you our nanny?” Mason asked in a ridiculous way and laughed.

    Jason joined him in laughing.

    “Let’s give you a chance, mason said and stood right at my front.”

    Getting in between your legs is the first thing I wanna do, Jason said.

    “Wait, what’s he saying?”

    “In between who’s legs?” I asked fearfully and the both of them started laughing again.

    Mason sat down at the other side making me sit in the middle of em.

    I stood up immediately and faced the twins.

    “What do you want?” I asked again.

    “You can’t handle your self ken. How do you wanna babysit grown ups?”

    Let’s give you a chance to go tell my mom that you can’t do this shit, Jason said and stood up.

    I..I can’t, I replied.

    “Well, you’ll enjoy hell here then, he said and went out.”

    “Do it before mom leaves, go tell her you aren’t interested.” You’re too pretty to be used baby, mason said and also left.

    Now am left alone with Rico who was just starring at us.

    I turned and faced him.

    Expecting him to also leave but he walked up to me instead.

    He stood facing me and bent a little.

    “Get lost, he said more like a whisper and left.”

    I blinked repeatedly and went to lock the door.

    Always lock the door kendra. So that this shit won’t repeat itself.

    A knock came at the door after a while and I went to open it.

    It was the pretty maid from earlier.

    Hey! I called as I opened the door.

    “Hi Kendra, are you ready?” She asked.

    “Em..yea, I replied and closed the door behind me.”

    “What’s your name?” I asked along the way.

    “Kora, she replied and I nodded.”

    “Nice name, I complemented.”

    “Thanks, yours is also nice.”

    She took me round the mansion showing me every inch and corner of it.

    The pool, the basement, the garage, the garden, the basketball court, the kitchen, all the rooms and the occupants, she introduced me to the other maids.

    The other maids seems to respect her.

    “Um kora, I called as we walked to my room.”


    “The other workers seems to respect you a lot, I said and she smiled.”

    “Well, that’s because I’m the head of all workers here, she replied.”

    Wow! Nice.

    We got to my room and she got in with me.

    She closed the door and examined my room.

    “Your room is very pretty now that I look at it, she said and I nodded in agreement.”

    “Yea, it’s really beautiful.”

    “Kora, why is my room the first ? ”

    Because Mrs Rebecca wants you to know everything about the boys, the time they leave the house, where they go to and what they do, she replied.

    “Yea, but I don’t think it will be possible, they look intimidating, I said and she chuckled.”

    “They are worse, when the’re mom leaves you’ll get to see the real them, she replied and I signed.”

    “To be honest I don’t think I can do this, I said sitting in the bed.”

    She came and sat beside me on the bed

    Well its hard but not totally impossible.

    You’ll have to gain their trust first and that’s by doing what they want and want they will want from you firstly is s3x, she explained and I became really bitter.

    The problem starts from there, once they have you on their bed you’ll be nothing to them.

    Tho they’ll talk to you and all but the respect won’t be there. They believe all ladies are the same and are easy to get, she explained further.

    “Well, considering their cute face which lady will have the nerve to resist or reject them?” She said.

    “I’m not every lady kora and I won’t let them get in between my leg, I said and held my legs tightly.”

    She laughed.

    “Seems they already approached you, she said amidst laughter.”

    “Its hard to resist them but I wish you luck kendra, she said and got up.”

    I’ll be in my room, she said and left.

    I signed and laid on the bed spreading my hands and legs on them.

    There have got to be a way.

    There must be a way to handle them.

    I’ll find it.

    I won’t back out.

    ?Rico’s POV ?

    What’s mom even thinking?

    Why on earth did she bring such idea into her head?

    “A babysitter?” And worse a girl our age, mason kept on saying as I laid on my bed.

    “And she’s really beautiful, Jason added.”

    “What do you think she’s thinking? There must be something that made her do that?” Mason asked but I kept still.

    Its obvious she wants someone to monitor us but that girl obviously can’t, she won’t stay for long, Jason replied Mason.

    “Why aren’t you saying anything Rico?” mom brought someone you’re older than with a year.

    “Shouldn’t you be against it?” Mason asked.

    “Of course he is, its a slap actually, Jason replied and chuckled. ”

    “She won’t last guys, don’t worry, I chipped in.”

    Aha! At last you said something, mason said.

    “Well, she’ll be attending high school with us.”

    “Mom said so, Jason added.”

    “That means she’ll be all over us, mason said.”

    She will back out herself. Just keep on doing what you do guys, I need a nap, I said to them and closed my eyes.

    They left afterwards.
    Next day.

    ?Kendra’s POV?
    I heard a knock at the door and stood up sluggishly to open up.

    I opened the door and a maid was standing there.

    “Miss, ma’am Rebecca request for you at the dinning, she said and left.”

    I closed the door and got into the well furnished washroom and brushed my teeth.

    Everything looks super expensive.

    I washed my face and cleaned it with a towel then went down to the dinning.

    There I saw the boys and Mrs Rebecca.

    The boys were sitting roughly throwing their legs at different angles.

    I took a sit beside Mrs Rebecca.

    “Morning ma, I greeted as the maids served different meals.”

    “Morning kendra, hope you had a pleasant night?” She asked.

    “Yes, thank you, I replied politely.”

    “Let’s eat, she said and slapped Jason’s leg and he quickly sat down normally.”

    She glared at mason who was still sitting anyhow and he brought his leg down.

    Rico brought his leg down from the table and we all started eating.

    Honesty I’ve never had a meal so delicious and expensive.

    I ate slowly not wanting to finish up.

    It was so delicious.

    Rico just picked on his food and stood up.

    I’ll be in my room, he said icily and left.

    “Huh, why didn’t he eat? ”

    He blearily touched it.

    Next the twins got up and left.

    I was really surprised.

    “They blearily eat, don’t be surprised kendra.”

    “Especially Rico, he loves fruit than food and the twins are learning from him, she explained and I nodded.”


    “This delicious expensive food?”

    “Well, they are wealthy anyway.”

    Not like me who eats bread everyday.

    “Kendra can you really do it?”

    “Everything I asked you of?” She asked after a while and I reluctantly nodded.

    They smoke, drink, womanizer and so on.

    Can you really do it?

    “Can you help change them?” She asked peering into my eyes.

    “Y..Yes, I’ll try my best, I replied and she signed.”

    Be careful Kendra.

    “Don’t let them use you okay?” She asked and I nodded.

    So tomorrow I’ll be returning to Chicago and don’t know how many months I’ll spend there before stepping my foot here again.

    Tomorrow the real job starts. Once again be careful kendra, she said.

    Oh, I’m starting to feel scared already.

    Hope they aren’t too bad. I surely won’t let em get in between my legs.



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    Babysitting The Bad Boys

    Episode 4
    ?Babysitting The Bad
    Boys ?
    ?[Our Nanny] ?

    By: Ife oluwa

    Next day.
    ?Kendra’s POV ?
    A knock came at the door and I struggled my eyes open.

    I sat upright and yearned.

    “Who’s it?” I mutter but didn’t hear a response.

    I got out of the Comfy bed and opened the door to see Kora with one other maid.

    Kora was holding a school uniform and a pair of shoes while the other maid was holding a bag.

    “Come in, I beckoned on them and they entered.”

    They dropped it on my bed and the other maid left.

    So Kendra bath and put on this uniform.

    You’ll be having breakfast with Mrs Rebecca before she leaves.

    “Be fast about it, lemme go get dressed, she said and left.”

    I looked at the cream coloured uniform and smiled.

    I’ll be attending the riches school.

    I went into the bathroom after I’d locked the door.

    I brushed and had my bath.

    I came out eagerly and put on the uniform.

    I put on the cream coloured inner shirt and the dark blue jacket on it. I wore my dark blue skirt and holy molly.

    It’s too short.


    This is too short.

    “How am I gonna walk in this knowing fully well that my laps are too exposed?” I wondered.

    I took the five inch high heel kora brought and wore it.

    I walked towards
    the big mirror and stood in front of it.

    The only problem is the skirt.

    I sat down and packed my hair in a bun leaving strands to fall across my face.

    I opened the little box of makeup kit I saw and took out a mascara.

    I applied it and blinked repeatedly.

    I took the red lip stick and also applied a little then little brown powder i also saw on the table.

    This will be enough for today.

    I don’t wanna look bit**y or unkept today.

    I smiled to the mirror and got up, then took the bag which already contained some books in it.

    I went down with it straight to the dinning.

    There I saw Mrs Rebecca and Kora.

    Kora was actually sitting and eating with her.

    “Morning ma’am, I greeted as I took a sit.”

    Kora was also on uniform and she freed her long dark hair making it fall on her shoulder.

    I wonder why she said she isn’t pretty.

    She’s so d--n pretty.

    “Morning kendra, hope you enjoyed your night?” She asked and I smiled.

    “Yes ma’am, I replied.”

    I can see you’ve gotten ready for school.

    Not to worry kora will help you do the things required to ensure you’re fully admitted.

    “She’ll take you to the principal’s office alright?” Mrs Rebecca said.

    “Yes ma’am, I replied and a maid showed up with a tray.”

    It contained three cup of coffees.

    She kept the tray and immediately the boys showed up.

    They were looking….


    Too cute.

    Way too cute.

    They sat down after mumbling a good morning to Mrs Rebecca and drank the coffee.

    Immediately they were done drinking the
    coffee they stood up and left.

    Is that their morning food??

    A maid showed up and served me my breakfast.

    Wonder why it took so long.

    She served me breakfast and took the coffee cups away.

    “Mrs Rebecca, kora and I continued eating.”

    After a while the boys showed up again.

    They went to their mom one after the other and kissed her.


    The first good thing I’ve seen in them so far.

    “Bye dear sons, Mrs Rebecca said and they left immediately.”

    I think headed for school cause they were on uniform too but without a bag.

    “Alright kora, kendra remember to do your jobs okay?” Good bye, she said and stood up.

    “Good bye, kora and I said simultaneously and she smiled and left.”

    She’s a nice woman.

    “Alright kendra its our turn to leave, kora said standing up.”

    She took the plates we used in eating and left.

    She came back few minutes later to call me.

    She was holding a bag – her school bag.

    We went out of the house and into the compound.

    “Wait, how are we gonna go to school?” I asked kora and she chuckled.

    “Of course a driver will take us there, kora said and walked towards a van.”

    I followed her and she got in, I also got in and a guard went in and ignited the engine.

    This van will be the one taking us to school daily, she said and I nodded.

    Thank goodness we have a ride at least.

    The van alerted at the packing lot and we came down.

    I’ve been starring at the school from the window ever since we drove in.

    The school is too big.

    Eight times bigger and more beautiful than my former school.

    “Wait, why I am even comparing?”

    Its incomparable.

    Its d--n beautiful.

    I stood at a point and looked round the school.

    Students could be seen walking towards different angles.

    They all looked wealthy.

    The huge space is what is still surprising me.

    They could build another school in the space available.

    “Kendra!! Snap out of it okay?” Kora yelled at my face.

    “Let’s go, she said and held my hand dragging me along with her. ”

    I kept looking around baffled by everything am seeing.

    I only see things like this in a movie.

    I don’t believe am seeing something like this is real life.

    My goodness!

    She dragged me into a corridor and we got into the hallway.

    There were some many lockers there.

    “Students were at every corner, mostly in pairs.”

    We kept on walking as I turned my head left and right.

    I love the high walls.

    I love everything here.

    We continued walking until she stopped and knocked on a door – office.

    “Come in, we heard a manly voice say.”

    She pushed open the door and we got in.

    “Good morning sir, kora greeted.”

    “Good morning sir, I also greeted and he beckoned on us to sit.”

    We sat facing him and I looked at the name on his desk.

    Mr Patrick – the principal.

    “Wow! He looks really young and handsome too.”

    I mean really handsome.

    “Isn’t he supposed to be in college?”

    “What’s he doing here as a principal?” I thought.

    Without asking questions he brought out a book and passed it to me.

    “Write down all your details.” Mrs Rebecca already told me that you’ll be coming, he spoke so sweetly.

    I brought out a pen and write everything needed.

    Alright kora will do the rest for you.

    Ensure you get her a locker and show her round the school.

    “You no where to go for her text books, he spoke directly to kora. ”

    “Yes sir, kora replied and stood up.”

    I also stood up with her.

    “Enjoy your stay here Kendra, the young principal said and I nodded.”

    “Thanks sir, I said as we got out of his office.”

    “Kora is that really the principal of Salvador high?” I asked in disbelief.

    “Of course kendra. You’re really funny, she replied laughing slightly.”

    “Wow! His so young, I exclaimed.”

    Yea, I heard he studied high school here and also attended Salvador’s college in Chicago making it easy for him to become the principal.

    Heard he is super brilliant and his parents are also wealthy so it was an easy thing getting a job here as a principal, she explained as we walk along the hallway.


    There weren’t much students on the hallway again and I wondered if lesson has commenced already.

    But no, they were gathered ahead.

    “What’s going on over there?” I asked pointing ahead.

    It must be Rico and Cole again.

    “Come let’s go so you’ll see my cole, she said and started walking fast.”

    I followed her hastily.

    I really needed to see the cole this she’s in love with.

    We got to the crowd and forced ourselves to the front.

    There I saw Rico and another super cute guy.

    Holy Christ!

    I think I’m going blind.

    Guess the guy is cole.

    Rico and cole were standing face to face at a close range.

    Their hands fisted.

    Their eyes burning with rage.

    “What are they doing?” I whispered to kora.

    “Isn’t it obvious??” She asked.

    “They are about to fight, she replied and I gasped.”

    “Wait, this morning? ”

    You must be kidding!

    “How am I to handle someone like this?”

    “Someone this dangerous??”

    TBC ?
    You’ll handle them in Christ name.

    Our sweet cole.

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    Babysitting the bad boys

    Episode 5
    ?Babysitting The Bad
    Boys ?
    ?[Our Nanny] ?

    ?Kendra’s POV ?
    Everyone kept watching as they faced each other.

    None of them made a move.

    Its like they were waiting for the other to punch first.

    I shook my head unbelievably.

    This isn’t happening.

    I’m really getting discouraged.

    Mason and Jason showed up and whispered something to Rico.

    He moved back and left with the twins while cole also left following the other side.


    Its interesting tho.

    “Are they always like this?” I asked kora and she sighed.

    “Yes, since I’ve known them but they were actually friends before.”

    Best friends but suddenly turned to each other’s nightmare, I wonder what happened tho, she explained as we started walking away.

    Other students as dispatched.

    She took me to a class.

    Wow! The class is spacious and beautiful.

    Desk and tables were arranged properly making everything look perfect.

    I smiled as I got in.

    Few students stared at me in a strange way.

    She took me to a sit at the middle and we sat down.

    Um..we forgot your time table.

    I’ll help you get it later, kora said.

    A teacher walked in with few notes in her hand.

    He cleared his throat and everyone concentrated on him.

    “Morning class, he greeted.”

    “Good morning sir, we replied simultaneously.”

    So we’ll be starting a new topic on statistic but before that I’ll like for the new student to
    introduce herself.
    He said and people turned to look at me.

    “Oh, they all knew!?”

    I stood up on my feet and got in front of the class.

    H..Hi everyone, my name is kendra and I’ll….

    “Alright you can take your sit now, he cut me in and I returned nervously.”

    He didn’t even allow me talk and they all kept starring like zombies.

    I went and sat down and he started teaching.

    The electric bell went off for lunch period and the teacher teaching rounded up and left.


    I must say I enjoyed it.

    The quietness…everything.

    “So kendra do you have money with you for lunch?” Kora asked.

    “, I replied.”

    My mind didn’t even reach there.

    “Well, no worries I’ll buy something for us both but you’ll have to get money for lunch from tomorrow okay?” She asked as we headed out of the class.

    “Alright, I replied as we continued walking.”

    We got to a point and she stopped.

    “Wait, your time table?”

    “Oh kendra! You didn’t even remember, she said.”

    “I’ll go get it, wait here for me, she said and took a corner.”

    ?Cole’s POV ?

    “Can’t you stop fighting with him?” Nick my younger bro asked.

    “Are you crazy?? Why should I?”

    He is so inconsiderate accusing of things I no nothing of.

    “You want me to back down first?”

    “That will mean am actually guilty of the accusations laid on me okay?”

    “Get that into your f**king tiny skull, I cooed and throw my eyes away from him.”

    “You’re annoying must times nick, I wonder if you’re actually my brother, I groaned and stood up.”

    “Hey where are you off
    to?” He asked and got up as well.
    He followed me out of the class.

    ?Kendra’s POV?
    I kept standing there waiting for Kora when I sighted Rico.

    “Hmm where is he going?”

    Lemme follow him.

    I have to know what he does for me to handle him.

    He can’t be that hard.

    I started following him and he took a turn, I followed him to the passage and there was no one around.

    “Hold on, where is he??”

    “Did he disappear or what?”

    I looked straight and there was no human there.

    I turned back and…


    He was standing right behind me.

    I held my chest so my heart won’t jump out from it.

    Sweet lord!

    “Why are you following me?” He asked icily and I swear I almost fell down.

    He was so close and our faces were almost touching cause he bent to my size.

    Wow! His really tall.

    I’m just noticing it and his really tall.

    I raised my eyes up a bit looking at him.

    What I’m I gonna say?

    What do I say?

    Uh….I tried to talk but paused.

    “Am supposed to be his nanny right?” So its right I no where he is and what his doing.

    “Am just checking up on you, I mouthed as he continued starring at me coldly.”

    I didn’t no you’ve suddenly turned to a bodyguard, he cooed and stood straight.

    “Well, I’m just checking up on you as your nanny, I replied and scoffed.”

    Didn’t I tell you to leave?

    “Do you think I was joking when I did, huh!?” He hushed and my heart jumped again.

    His way of talking can make someone land in a hospital bed.

    I..I am just doing my job, I replied and throw my face away.

    I wanted to act tough too.

    If they see me as a weakling they’ll keep pushing me out and maybe succeed.

    He took my hand and turned me forcefully making my back land on the wall and he leaned closer.

    “Ouch, I groaned out as he brought his face closer.”

    I aren’t kidding ken, stay off my part if you wanna continue living, he threatened.

    His really threatening me?

    His face is really mean.

    We heard foot steps and he turned to see the person giving me a spare to also turn.

    Oh, my!

    Its cole alongside a cute guy.

    He stopped walking and Rico grinned.

    He walked up to him.

    I really hate seeing your disgusting face, Rico hushed with his hand fisted.

    “Same here stupid, Cole also replied as they starred at themselves. ”

    “Hey, its enough already, I heard that guy behind cole said and Rico scoffed.”

    “Maybe you should tell it to your unfaithful idiotic brother, Rico said and left.”

    I stood watching him leave.

    “Cole started off too and he walked pass me, followed by the guy whom Rico referred to as his brother.”

    But he suddenly stopped and turned to look at me.

    I also looked at him and our eyes locked.

    My heart skipped immediately as our eyes remained locked.

    We starred at each other for minutes and he suddenly turned and left with his brother.

    I released the breathe I was holding and sighed.

    That was closed.

    ?Cole’s POV ?
    “Nick is was that girl?” I asked as I puffed in smoke from the cigarette I was holding.

    “The girl with Rico?” He asked.

    “Yes, I replied and released the smoke from my mouth.”

    I don’t no really but she’s a new student and her name is Kendra, he replied.

    “Why is she with Rico, he looked really angry with her?” I asked again.

    “Maybe something happened between them, he replied.”

    “Go find out what’s between them, I said and he scoffed.”


    I looked up at him angrily and he dropped the drink in his hand.

    I’ll be back, he said and left.

    I looked into the beautiful garden as I puffed in smoke.

    This is where I normally come to smoke when am less busy.

    I waited for nick and he returned few minutes later.

    “Hey Cole, you won’t believe what I heard?” He grinned and sat down on the wooden chair there.

    “What info did you acquire?” I asked as I puffed out smoke.

    He took the pack of cigarette and took out a stick lighted it and started smoking.

    “His their nanny, can you believe that?” He asked and chuckled.

    “You mean all of em?” I asked doubtfully.

    “Yes, both Rico and the twins.”

    She actually started the nanny work fully today.

    I don’t think they liked the idea. I mean who will? Nick said and laughed.

    He seemed to be really angry with her, I said and an idea popped into my head.

    I smiled unruly.

    What is it?

    “Why are you smiling?” Nick asked.

    “Kendra, huh!?” I said.

    “What happened?”

    “What is it?”

    “What are you planning??” Nick asked curiously.

    I’ll tell you later, but first I need to know more about kendra, I replied him.


    What’s cole thinking??

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    Babysitting The Bad Boys

    Episode 6
    ?Babysitting The Bad
    Boys ?
    ?[Our Nanny]?

    ?Kendra’s POV ?
    I turned around and went back to the place kora asked me to wait for her.

    “Before I got there, I already saw her pacing up and down probably wondering where I went too.”

    She sighted me and came to me.

    “Kendra, where did you go to?”

    “You kept me worried, she cooed.”

    I’m so sorry,I just saw Rico and decided to follow him secretly but he caught me anyways, I explained.

    “Huh, you followed him?” She asked puzzled as we started off again.

    “Yes, I just wanted to no where and what his up to, I replied.”

    “OK then, here take this, she said handing a paper which I guess should be the time table.”

    I collected it and kept it inside the bag I was carrying.

    Yes I carried the bag with me.

    And wait….

    She said and paused again.

    We need an empty locker gosh!! She said placing her hand on her temples.

    We forgot that one again.

    “Well, remind me to get it for you first thing tomorrow, she said as we walked.”

    We got to a place and wow!

    It was the canteen.

    Its really huge.


    Everything in this school is perfect.

    Super perfect.

    We went to an empty table and kora beckoned on me to sit.

    I sat while she went to where the food sellers are.

    I kept looking
    around in amazement.
    Its beautiful.

    She came back few minutes later with two trays.

    She placed one tray in front of me and one in her front.

    It contains the same meal.

    Waffle,sausage,grapes, apple and apple drink with vanilla cup ice cream.

    “What??” I exclaimed in shock and she looked at me puzzled.

    “You bought all this just for lunch?” I asked with wide eyes.


    “But I thought you don’t have much money?” I asked.

    “Well, yes but this are cheap but not that cheap, she replied.”

    “Let’s just eat okay?” She said and started eating.

    I joined her, after a while I started hearing giggling, cheers and silent talks.

    Looks like everyone was looking in one direction.

    I turned towards where they were looking and there I saw Rico, Mason and Jason coming in.


    Rico was in the middle of em.

    Some ladies were even smiling foolishly and waving at them but they seems not to care.

    They went to a table and sat.

    I noticed that table and chairs are kinda different from the rest.

    It was more big and more chairs where arranged round it away from the rest.

    They sat down roughly and brought out there phones.

    Three fruit sellers showed up with trays and placed it in front of them.

    Jason whispered something to one of the sellers and she left and later came back with a cup of juice.

    “Do they eat fruit all day?”


    I took my eyes away from them and continued with my unfinished business and after a while I heard same noise raise up again.

    “Okay? What’s going on this time?”

    “Is it the country’s
    president this time?”
    I turned my eyes to the direction of the door and saw Rico and his brother.

    They walked pass us and wanted to sit at a table but cole paused and looked at Rico who was already glaring daggers at him.

    Cole smirked and left the chair he was pulling out then turned.

    He ran his eyes all over as if looking for someone.

    All attention were placed on him.

    “What or who is he looking for?”

    Then his eyes met mine and my heart missed a beat.

    I quickly took my eyes away from him but noticed him coming close to our table.

    “Hold on; hope its not what am thinking.”

    He got to our table and stopped.

    I raised my eyes again to look at him and the spoon in my hand fell off.


    His more handsome when his closer.

    “Hey, he cooed and I turned to look at kora who was also puzzled.”

    She was starring at him nonstop.

    We both kept quite starring at him.

    “Can I sit with you?” He asked and kora and I looked at ourselves at the same time then back at him.

    “Who is he talking to exactly?”

    “Can I?” He asked after we didn’t reply.

    “Y..Yes, kora replied and he sat down.”

    He snapped his hand and a Waiter walked up to us.

    “Get them what they want, he said and I gulped.”

    What’s this guy saying?

    Did he say them??

    Maybe I heard wrongly.

    We don’t even no each other.

    He might be here for kora.

    Its best I leave them be.

    As the waiter talked to kora asking her the things she want.

    I stood up slowly and was about leaving but his voice stopped me.

    “Where are you going?” He asked and I gulped hard and turned to look at him.

    Kora was also starring at me.

    “What am I saying?” The whole school were starring at me.

    Even Rico and the twins.

    I suddenly felt sweat forming on my fore head.

    What’s happening?

    “Where to?” He asked after he noticed my silence.

    I…um.. I wanted to leave you two alone, I replied and he scoffed.

    “Am actually here for you, he said and I became more confused.”

    I looked at kora who was also starring at me.

    “Me…Me? I asked pointing at myself and he nodded.”

    “Sit, he said and I sat down back.”

    My gaze focused on the table as the waiter asked me what I was gonna take.

    I’m..I’m..okay already, I replied and cole scoffed.

    “Am not taking that as answer, he said.”

    I looked at kora and then to the waiter.

    “Get me what she asked for, I told her and the waiter left.”

    “Alright seems this won’t do kendra, cole suddenly spoke up and I raised my head to look at him.”

    “What is he insinuating?”

    “We’re gonna do this some other time, I’ll fix another meeting with you later, he said and smiled.”

    “Later, he cooed and went to meet his brother.”

    Before he sat he took a glance at Rico before sitting.

    I don’t understand all this at all.

    Kora kept starring at me.

    “Kendra, what just happened?”

    “Do you no each other?” She asked.

    I swear that I’ve never met or talked to him before kora, am as confused as you,I replied and she sighed.

    “Something is up, she said under her breathe.”

    The waiter returned and served us what cole bought for us.

    At home

    ?Cole’s POV?
    “You must be kidding me right?” Nick yelled.

    “Stop yelling bro, I hushed as I took a sip from my shot. ”

    “You’re gonna ask her out? Like ask her to be your girlfriend for revenge? ”

    “Are you kidding me??” Nick continued yelling.

    “So what?” I asked as I looked up at him.

    He was standing at my front.

    “You can’t, he said bluntly.”

    “Why can’t I?” That nigga disgraced and accused me wrongfully.

    “You just can’t cole, there are a lot of reasons why you can’t do it, nick said. ”

    “What’s number one reason nick? Tell me?” I demanded.

    ”You’re gonna fall in love with her, he cooed.”

    “I can’t and won’t,I replied.”

    “Who are you kidding Cole?” You will.

    “You and I no that you fall in love at the snap of a finger and once you fall in love with her its dangerous for you, he said.”

    I said I can’t, I insisted.

    “You will because that kendra is really pretty and who knows if you haven’t already, he nagged again.”

    I said I can’t, I yelled and threw the glass cup with me on the wall breaking it in the process.

    He sighed knowing fully well that I’ve gotten angry.

    “Suit yourself, he said and left while I continued drinking.”



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    Father of two,igwe u try o

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    Wow igwe,this is intresting

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    Hmmm,igwe this is serious

    I cnt belive my ears

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