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    []I plunge into the express road and walk far as my leg could carry me, i thought to myself why not just end it here, but how? Of course you just lie on the road and see how vehicles will run over you in successful turns, but do i have the guts, no i cant, i just cant take my life, i thought that was what the angel heard that makes him takes interest in my matter. I sat beside the road and the pictures of my life roll before me like a movie scenes, i had been a wretched folk as far as i can remember, i tried everything i can, lay my hands on everything possible for me to be successful in life but all was to no avail, being the first child with siblings behind me makes matter worst, not that they depend on me but they are emerging as a reputable icons of success. Oh no i cant bear the shame of looking upon my younger ones to live nor can i bear them overruling my decree as a result of their affluence in the extended family. Well it seems i have no place in this life, no place in the community, no place in the world then what else am i living for,..that was the thought that filled my heart as i sat beside the express road, i never want to return home, i was still bent on this suicide mission. Immediately, i plunge into the forest beside the express road, hanging myself could be much easier i thought, but where am i going to get a rope since i didnt come with any, well i should be able to get one i thought. I walked into the forest for like an hour without fear, of course anyone bent on a evil or suicide mission fears nothing, what only confronted me in the forests as i walk then were just the tall trees, bushy grasses, rocks and attimes some of this creeping things that would ordinarily put fear in the heart of men living in the cities, i walked past them and made my way through. Ahead of me the forest was dwindling down and i was seeing a clear road, well it puts a little comfort in me, i thought the road leads back to the city, thou i have seen just a vehicle passed through it since i set my eyes on, are’nt they suppose to be more than a vehicle on a road. As i was approaching the road i was thinking i should just forget about the suicide mission and just go back home, Wait a minute thats another vehicle passing, i ran quickly as my leg can carry me and i was shouting help, help, help, i ran into the road and the vehicle came to an abrupt stop, i draw closer and move to the driver side of the vehicle, “young man where are you going” the young fairly handsome driver asked and i replied “sir please i am going to the city, i dont mind if you will help me” without hesistating he ask me to come on board, i entered into the vehicle without knowing what was waiting for me.
    I saw some folks in the vehicle and i eagerly join a particular lady on an empty seat beside her. After about 20 minute drive, i noticed that none of the passengers was talking, thou they look as if they were talking but know they were’nt they only had some specific expressions on their face,this got me a bit worried, i thought within me, have i entered one chance, have i entered the wrong vehicle, why are these people not talking, wait a minute we have been moving for the past few minutes yet we have’nt reach any junction or a spot nor meet any other vehicle on the road. At this time my heart has begin to beat faster, heavy fear crippled into me, i tried to calm myself down but i failed, at this point i summoned the courage to talk to the lady beside me, as i was about to talk, i heard a dark growling voice from the back, when i turned back to the direction of that voice, what my eyes beheld was enough to kill me, three open coffins with the occupants writhing in pains and covered with worms, what my eyes saw stopped my heart, i was going to shout but fainted….after some few minutes i opened my eyes and saw that i lay beside the road, i stood up look around me and plunge into the forest,i climb a tree and was recollecting what i had seen earlier, this is it, i said to myself i was looking for death yet i couldnt behold it, i thought of going back home but where is the road to take, i dont know what to do or how to do it, a heavy hunger hit me and i felt like fainting,it soon disappear when i set my eyes on a lady wrapped in a traditional attire walking down the road…. I thought i should accost her, but how can the living accost the dead in a dead territory, but i may not have this chance again i thought, so i quickly jump from the tree where i was hibernating and ran down the road, i thought i should disguise myself as a ghost too, so i put some shreds of leaves around me and tied some dried leaves around my waist. Immediately i got to the road i started walking in a ghostly form, little did i know that host of others were behind her,i was still taking my ghostly steps towards her when my eyes opened and i saw lot of dead ones behind her, some without head, some without legs and yet they were moving, oh,oh this world is truly a mistery……

    …my head rise and swell like an inflated balloon as i set my eyes on the strange sight, i dashed back into the forest and ran as fast as my leg could carry me, i ran without looking back, ran without having hope, ran regretting my decision, ran wishing i am dead, at this point i cried to God to forgive me of my stupidity, if i am ever given a chance to make the worst decision its definitely not going to be this one that i made. However, little did i know that the girl in the traditional attire leading the group of the dead ones caught my sight, and as such was in pursue of me, i relax the pace of my speed even as i crush on tall grasses and little trees during my flight, not minding what i am stepping on. The quaking of the earth under my foot, even the swaying of the thick forest tree caught my attention, and i thought what could be the cause, looking back seems to answer my thought, it was the girl, and now she is beginning to change into a huge horrible looking hideous form, oh my God a demon from hell, what have i gotten myself into. I summoned all my courage, ran as fast as i could, and prepared for the worst, so this is it, yeah, it is really it. I could here the footstep, and the howling of that monster behind me, i dont know what came over me, but i felt something all over me like strenght, like power and i roared so loud like a wounded lion, at this i turned around and face the moster, we plung into a lenghty fight, he was horrible and demonic, he use his strenght against me, he use his long sharp claws against me tearing my flesh in quick succession, however i didnt even feel it, i fought back with all my might, even thou he was over-powering me i pierced his one eye which looks so big and ugly, he screamed in pain and fell at the floor, at this i had the chance to run, i never thought it twice before i took to my heels but almost immediatelly he followed me,at this the sun as begin to dwindle down and the forest was getting dark, i ran and he followed when i look back, he has change into a big python, this got me more scared, he swirl fast along the path, open his mouth to reveals his long poisonuous fangs, i ran as fast as i could but it seems am not running faster, i quickly tore a dried branch from an old oak tree standind along the path, by now i could here his snarling behind me, i paused a bit hit the dried branch on his python head, he fought back with his head, grab me by his tail and fling me against a tree, i fell and roll forward, he was about to crush me with his fang when i hit him hard on his python head, he crushed against a tree immediatelly i pierced his head through with the sharp end of the dried branch in my hand, he shook fiercely roll back and forth then hit me hard with his tail, i roll over and over and fell down into a pit, i can hear him rolling and swirling over towards the pit where i was but something held it back at the edge of the pit, it stood and snarl angrilly, with its pierce head where the dried branch still hangs across it, sway left and right, turn around and move away. I wondered why it didnt approach me, i wondered why it turn away and would not continue the fight, i tried to escape from the pit, i discovered that my foot was’nt balance as i was moving in the pit, almost getting to where i am to climb up the pit i look down deeply, by now the sun is no longer in the sky and the forest is getting darker what i saw baffled me, i was actually stepping on a heap of dead pythons, i quickly jump out of the pit, i dont know whether the pythons were dead or alive but as i look on i discovered that they were all dead without any sign of life, maybe thats what the demonic python that was wrestling with me saw and turn back, but who could have killed the multitude of this great pythons and packed them all here in this pit i thought. Now what is the way forward, i really dont know, as i walk a bit forward i saw a large burning fire which redness lighthens the dark sky, what could be happening there, who could have set up a large fire in a very thick forest like this, with the light from the fire i was able to walk my path through to where the fire was, as i was going, i was moving with caution, threading gently and looking carefully incase of any apprehension from the unknown,the burning fire seems to be in the open, and i move closer a bit, i couldnt sight anyone but only the inferno, i thought its going to be a more secured place to pass the nite, i stood and watch the fire burning so high in its glory, it looks alive, it seems its dancing, i look intently and something got hold of me, i did’nt see what it is, nor how it looks but it took hold of me and lifted me above the ground, i tried to loose myself from its grip, i shruggered hard, shook myself heavily, and cried loud but i couldnt just loose myself from it, i cried louder again and it threw me on the ground, i thought of running but it picked me up again and this time drawing me to the fire, oh no, no…..

    []…..I struggled hard to loose myself from the unseen force that is pulling me to the inferno but it was to no avail, written over me was fear and gloom, still petrified and left to my fate, all of a sudden a loud and mighty force speaks from the fire, the voice was authoritative, its a kind of voice that can cripple the mighty with fear, a voice that can command hundreds of battalions, that’s exactly how I felt about the voice that spoke from the fire, this made me more horrified “thou art transgressed, making an attempt on an innocent man”, the voice says “you have decided to deny the man the life that has been freely given to him”, I was lost in his words thinking about what I am being accused of, in all my life I have never planned to kill a goat talk less of a human being, the highest I killed was chicken and that’s at the end of the year during the yuletide feast am always the chief butcher, apart from that I can’t relate the accusation to any other thing, the only event that has a little resemblance with it was when Tunde and I had a disagreement over my relationship with Tania. Tania was from a wealthy home, she loves me so much and I also love her but little did I know that Tunde is having crush on her, Tunde told me a false story about her and I was so angry, and decided to end my relationship with her, while on the other hand Tania had understood what Tunde is trying to do, she set him up and had him beaten blue-black, yet Tunde was unrelenting in his love advancement to Tania, he seems to be obsessed with her. well, the next I heard was that Tunde had a fatal accident while he was in a hot pursuit with Tania’s car on the highway, he died pursuing what is not his, so how come did I became the murderer. All this thoughts flash through my mind within seconds yet I couldn’t ascertain the genuity of the accusation, so I cried out, shouting “please, have mercy, I have not kill any man before neither have i made any attempt to do so”, the voice thundered “quiet, you lied”, at this point I felt am in deeper trouble, “in so much you made an attempt on your own life, to kill and destroy the man you were created to be, to forfeit your own destiny and cause problems for those whose destinies are attached to you, to cause sorrows to overwhelm your loved ones and those that bore you, to lived an unfulfilled life, an unfulfilled purpose and tarnish the image of your creator, then, you have sinned greatly”, the enormousity of the consequential effect of the decision I took overwhelm me, at this point all I was crying for was mercy, mercy, the voice thundered again “if not that I have loved you and will continue to do so, this fire you see here would have been your reward and portion. when you took the decision to take your own life, I tried to warn you but you wouldn’t listen, when you sway your foot into the highway, I made you invisible to the vehicles, I ordered your foot into the forest in order to teach you some lessons, when you fought with draconia in the forest of the mighty i clothed you with tehydron’s war garment, you fought like malagrai, and I show you my prowess over the great dark Arkalayds army, and now I will send you back to the world, to where you came from, but you will pass through this fire”……when i heard that, a chill went through my spine and terror filled my countenance, i wish there is a way i could avoid it, but no, no way….he continued “this fire you shall pass through shall remind you of your foolishness, of my greatness and of my mercy, of your foolishness because thou have cowardly acted to take your own life in the face of trials, of my greatness because thou has seen how I rule in power, judging the great and the mighty, of my mercy because thou has been saved and send back to earth through fire, Now GO..” the force push me into the fire, immediately i felt my flesh burning vehemently and falling away from my bone, my soul and everything in me was set on fire, i cried and cried asking for mercy, the fire increase and gulps me whole, thou am feeling and passing through an excruciating pain in the inferno yet I can feel that I am still alive, I cried and lamented painfully, all of a sudden the force push me down and I landed right in the center of my room….I heard footsteps running towards my room, the door was open and the pale eyes that met with mine were filled with shock and fear, I limped and staggered to stand up, I was aided by supportive hand whose curious eyes beckons for lots of answers……..Over a week, I tried to regain my strenght, after recovering fully, I narrated my ordeal and my people were so baffled but more grateful having me alive in their midst.


    The End

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    you should be given tanks to your creator everyday,everyseconds,everyhour of your lyf

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    Very captivating

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    Thank God u gat a second chance to life else your name would have been sorry

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    Nice write up

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