Tales By The Brothel

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    A blockbuster story about the adventures of Onose with different prostitutes and how he ended up with HIV…

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    Episode 1


    I was feeling very h---y one saturday evening, the 14th day of september 2002. The day was a saturday and my girlfriend hadn’t visited me for like 3months. My girlfriend was a final year law student and at that time she was writing her project and was very busy. A friend once told me that a brothel existed not too far from our place of residence but I had never gone there. This particular evening, the konji status of my phallus was very high and I needed a quick release. I picked my phone and dialled my girl’s number but she wasn’t picking. I dropped the phone, reached for my shirt and trousers, wore it and set out on an adventure to the nearby brothel. I got to the brothel in no time as I walked with giant strides and entered into the complex. The time was 8.00pm in the evening and the whole place was lighted with blue and red lights. The walls were painted blue and skimpily clad ladies thronged up and down the complex. One wore a very short skirt and a top that revealed her boobs and cleavage. Another pulled down her bumshort so down that the cleft of her bumbum was readily visible. Then my eyes caught one very beautiful one at the extreme of the complex. I walked up to her immediately without wasting time.

    “Fine girl,” I greeted when I got to where she was standing.

    “Yes fine boy,” she replied turning to my direction. She turned immediately and cat-walked into a nearby room and motioned me to follow her. I followed her sheepishly as her rounded bumbum bounced up and down seducing me in the process. She took off her clothes as soon as we entered into the room and stretched out her hand in demand for money. I brought N1000 from my pocket and gave to her. Her b00bs were well formed and the shapely contours of her waist further accentuated the hairy love triangle situated between her legs. I drew closer while she took my d!ck in her hands and unrolled a piece of c0nd0m unto it. Then she lay back and spread her legs wide apart for me. Without wasting time, I positioned myself inbetween her legs and plunged my d!ck into her pu$$y with all the power my loins could muster. In and out I moved my d!ck and groaned as the pleasure mounted. I held her hips with both hands and fkd her with reckless abandon. Soon I got to the point of no return and ejaculated all the tension in my loins into her pu$$y. By the time I climbed down and looked at my d!ck, the c0nd0m was broken and my phallus was bare and exposed. That marked the beginning of my ordeal and battle till date with HIV…


    episode 1 2&3 (SCROLL DAWN)

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    LAST EPISODEhttps://www.coolval.com/forumsss/topic/tales-by-the-brothel/page/77/#180626

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    Fine girl with HIV….
    Thats cute in as much as you contacted it from fine girl…….
    I deh gbadun this.
    Next please

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    Dykolala is back with anoda super story!

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    Episode 2

    I stared at the broken c0nd0m on my d!ck with mouth agape. My heart pumped hard with fear and my adrenaline level increased tremendously.

    “Its broken,” the girl told me staring at the c0nd0m. She didn’t look perturbed at all.

    “How come?” I asked still bewildered by the whole thing. “Please let me have tissue,” I demanded in a bid to clean off as much germs as I could before they all entered into my d!cky hole. The girl brought tissue from a nearby cupboard and unrolled some for me.

    “What do I do now?” I asked looking terrified.

    “See question o,” the prostitute echoed laughing at me. “Na me u dey ask wetin u go do? Go drink andrews liver salt nah.”

    I was greatly terrified and my limbs were shaking. So much have been said about the dreaded HIV virus and this added to my fear.

    I ran back home but not without first buying the andrews liver salt from a roadside pharmacy shop. I lived alone in a one room self con apartment and currently worked with a brewing company.

    I took the andrews liver salt as soon as I got to my room and settled on my bed to sleep. Apart from the broken c0nd0m, the experience was super. The highest was when I got to the point of release. The pleasure I felt was out of this world. If not for the terror that came with the broken c0nd0m, I would have been much happier.

    In my sleep I had a dream.

    In the dream I had gone to the hospital to inquire about my HIV status. I was having constant diarrhoea and general body weakness so I had to go to the hospital. The Doctor I met then sent me for the test but before the result was about to be handed to me, I woke up with a start sweating profusely…

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    See as you deh ask fine-girl ugly question?
    Andrew Liver Salt for HIV…?
    (I don tire with laugh)……
    It would help the virus to increase in it tempo……..
    Why you con wake up nah?
    You should have first see your First Class HIV-positive result before waking up!

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    Episode 3

    I looked at the time and it was exactly 3 o’clock in the morning. My body was hot and my bed was drenched with sweat.

    I got up and went to the toilet to ease myself. A giant rat stood at the front of my door staring at me. I waved my hand at it to scare it away but it stood there staring back at me.

    Out of annoyance and fear, I reached for my footwear and stoned aggressively at it. The rat dived into a nearby hole for safety.

    Temporarily relieved, I went to the toilet to ease myself. The thoughts of my adventures with the beautiful prostitute kept flashing into my mind. Then that of my girlfriend came up.

    Ijeoma had been really good to me. Right from the time we started dating a year ago, she had always had this special likeness for me which I couldn’t explain.

    I was coming back from work one fateful evening the day I met her. She sat beside me in the bus and our conversation had started off spontaneously. Before I knew it I had collected her number and everything had taken off from there.

    The very first time we did it was a day I would never forget in my entire life. It was on her 3rd visit to my apartment and everything had happened like magic. Infact, when I eventually penetrated her in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t believe I was the one doing the penetration. Ijeoma was as sweet as anything I could think of. Her pu$$y lips were as voluptuous as ever and her b00bs were more succulent than water melons. When I finally got to my c----x, it was like an explosion of euphoric pleasure as I felt her pu$$y muscles contract against my spurting d!ck as my semen flowed freely. After the o----m, we remained interlocked in each other cuddling romantically. After that day, it became a regular activity for us. If not for her being busy with her projects, I would have had no reason whatsoever to seek out any prostitute for any reason. But then here I was eventually…

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    Tenniebenson (Area Mama)
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    Following….. But u didnt complete d oda story u started after runs girl o

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