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    written by @KaptainAfrika


    ‘Abdul, you still haven’t finished…’ Chief Nelson said angrily, before being interrupted by his mechanic ‘Sir, the car is ready.’ The man on the other line said, in low tone.
    ‘Ba wo ni ?’ Chief Nelson asked, sensing the low tone in his otherwise cheerful mechanics voice, ‘nothing sir!’ the mechanic replied cheerfully.
    Later that day, the Chief arrived, driven by one of his many drivers. Upon testing the car and being satisfied with its condition, the Chief instructed the driver to return home, as he would soon be on his way, home.
    ‘Well done Abdul, how’s Kaffy?’ the Chief asked.
    ‘She is fine sir, she even travelled yesterday to see her parents.’ Abdul replied, taking note that his most prized customer, called his wife by her nickname.

    Thirty minutes later.

    Peace Haven Hotel.

    Room 125.

    ‘Okay Chief, I am done, you can come and pick me from the saloon.’ The female voice said, prompting the hefty man, to smile and proceed to the door.
    The short woman stood under the sun, refusing the offers of free rides by the lust-filled men in their Air-conditioned cars. Who could blame them? Her hips was wide, her thighs were thick and touching each other, her skin was light brown, her million braids tied at the back in a knot, her buttocks stuck out like a pair of over-inflated footballs – and she was short, sorry, petite.
    She wiped her less than appealing make-up filled face, with her white handkerchief as she looked around trying to see if anyone she knew was coming, her Ghana-must-go luggage next to her, with a Nokia 3310 phone on her right hand.
    A flashy red car, parked by her and the window came down.
    ‘I am very sorry.’ The man said, unlocking the car but not offering to aid with the luggage, which the short, sorry, petite woman dropped at the back seat and proceeded to take her seat at the passenger side, next to the driver.
    ‘What took you so long, this sun wanted to kill me.’ The petite woman complained bitterly, the man apologised yet again.
    ‘Don’t worry Kaffy, the hotel I booked has a nice shower and a cool Air-conditioner.’ The hefty man says.
    ‘If you say so…Chief Nelson.’ Kaffy replies.

    An hour later.

    The weight of the Chief presses down on Kaffy.
    Her thighs lifted up in the air, and parted, the Chief climbs in-between with an erect manhood covered by a special brand of condom for his monstrosity, he ploughs into the petite woman’s honeypot.
    Kaffy gasps for air, as she receives the large male organ.
    ‘Mogbe!’ she exclaims, as her pleasure carnal expands to accommodate this new size.
    But soon her legs and body can’t sustain the Chief’s weight.
    ‘Chief, abeg do and c-m.’ Kaffy says, tired of the punishment her honeypot is receiving at the hands of the endowed male organ; ‘how I go c-m, when I never knack you – doggy style.’ The Chief replied, pulling out of the humungous hole his male organ, had just dug.
    Indeed it was Kaffy’s huge backside that caught the Chief’s attention, the first time they met underneath the hot las gidi sun.. at Abdul’s mechanic workshop. She had come to bring her husband, his lunch – both the one in the food-flask and the one in-between her tight thighs.
    Needless to say, Kaffy was saucy to the Chief. This only intrigued the h---y man the more. The thought of Abdul servicing his car, while his wife Kaffy, serviced his manhood – was exciting.
    ‘The way your husband is servicing my car, I don’t like it…’ Chief Nelson said to Kaffy, ‘so what do you want me to do?’ she replied, ‘I will take my car to another mechanic.’ The Chief replied.
    ‘Okay.’ Kaffy replied coolly.
    Abdul greeted Chief Nelson and introduced him to his wife, whose countenance immediately changed, upon realising Chief was the golden goose that laid the golden hen.
    Kaffy rushed in, as soon as her husband had gone to get some materials ‘Sir, please forgive me, I didn’t know who you were, I thought you were one of these useless men that my husband calls friends.’
    ‘Its okay my dear. I like how your husband services my car.’ The Chief said, looking around, he drew near to Kaffy and whispered ‘I will give you 500,000 naira, if you service me, like Abdul services my car.’
    Kaffy stumbled backwards. Chief Nelson smiled.
    ‘Just once.’ Chief Nelson whispered again.
    Kaffy was silent.

    But that was a month ago.


    Kaffy got into position.
    Her hands and knees on the white bed. Her thick thighs parted. Her red honeypot visible to the lustful Chief.
    Chief Nelson stared at the condom-covered manhood of his.
    Kaffy felt the entry of her lover’s manhood into her moist pleasure canal, she moaned as she expanded yet again.
    But something was off, yet sweet, but off.
    Kaffy wound her waist, to feel every part of the male organ fixed deep in her.
    ‘Chief, are you wearing a condom?’ Kaffy asked
    Suddenly he grabs her waists, and begins to violently make love to her, giving her rough thrusts.
    ‘No Chief, please wear a condom, I don’t want to get pregnant.’ Kaffy begged as her big buttocks slammed onto Chief’s body.
    ‘I don’t want to get pregnant Chief.’ Kaffy pleads, ‘I will marry you, if you get pregnant for me, I mean it!’ Chief Nelson shouts.
    ‘Are you serious Chief?!’ Kaffy asks, ‘Yes baby!’ Chief replies now pounding Kaffy furiously.
    ‘Abeg go very deep, before you pour am, I go give you fine baby boy Chief.’ Kaffy says, stopping all resistance.
    Chief Nelson pulls the thick woman’s big bum close to him, and goes for a deep t----t and empties his thick, voluminous creamy substance all over the walls of her cervix – next door to her fertile eggs.

    An hour later.

    Kaffy receives an alert from Chief Nelson “500,000 naira.”
    ‘Let me know when you are ready to meet my parents.’ Kaffy says to her lover, while she sucks his now gentle manhood ‘yeah sure, I will let you know.’
    Kaffy kept on reminding Chief Nelson. Kept on asking. Even as she kept on receiving his semen from his raw male organ.
    Kaffy lost the feeling she once had for her husband’s male organ, and became used to the thick male organ of Chief Nelson, apart from the monetary benefits she was getting.
    And when Kaffy sent an SOS to her lover, that she was with his child, he replied “Don’t be scared, I will call you soon.”
    That was nine months ago.
    Kaffy was in labour. Pushing Chief Nelson’s child out of the very same canal that gave him so much pleasure. Abdul stood by as the dutiful husband.
    The silence that feel on the room, when Kaffy unwittingly gave voice to her thoughts

    ‘God will punish you! Chief Nelson!’.

    To be continued after some comments

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    U r a very big fool



    Episode 3

    Episode 4

    Episode 5&6

    Episode 7-9

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    Ride on

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    Fire on

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    Engr. Frank settled down in his family home.

    The Christmas break was what he needed, away from his financial woes, his creditors surely wont track him here, or his family he had sent to an undisclosed location.
    To everyone else, he had come for the Christmas holiday, his family would join him much later.
    The Engineer was so stressed, he brought out a picture of his voluptuous mechanics wife, Kaffy (it was a group photo taken at his house-warming party) and applied some Vaseline on his left hand and wanked; closing his eyes, he imagined the petite woman, riding his manhood – sweet sensations filled his mind, until…

    Knock. Knock. Knock.

    ‘Food is ready, sir.’ The voice said.
    ‘sh*t!’ the Engineer said, quickly hiding his erect male organ in the pillow, as the door opened.
    Engr. Frank could feel his erection get harder, as the woman came in with the tray filled with Afang soup and Garri, with a bottle of water.
    ‘Chisos!’ the Engineer screamed.
    The woman looked worried.
    ‘What’s the matter?’ she asked.
    Engr. Frank lied ‘all this food for me, I don’t think I will be able to finish this food, why don’t you drop the food over there, thanks.’
    ‘what is your name?’ the Engineer asked, as the woman bent to drop the tray, ‘Ekemini, sir.’ She replied, stopping half-way as she was about to drop the tray when she heard what sounded like a zip…

    Earlier that day.

    ‘You cant be sitting at home all day, you have to contribute to this family.’ The older man shouted angrily, ‘who said I don’t want to work, is it not all those men that will be trying to mount me, how would you feel if another man was mounting me, my husband!’ Ekemini shouted back.
    ‘That’s all an excuse not to work, if you were working, you wont have gotten this big – and if any man wants to mount you, push them away.’ Ekemini’s husband said.
    Reluctantly, Ekemini follows her husband to the compound, where she would be working as a staff for the “Son of the Soil” Engr. Frank and his family.
    ‘…push them away.’ The words of her husband come back to her memory, as Ekemini feels Frank’s erect male organ, pressed in-between her big butt cheeks, his hands wrapped around her waist.
    ‘Abasi mi mbok.’ Ekemini exclaims in Efik, as she pushes the lecherous man away and onto the bed. She turns to see a monstrosity staring at her hungrily, before dashing for the door – Frank gives chase and manages to grab her again, by the waist, lifting up her black skirt, revealing her fat thighs.
    ‘Ekemini, where are you?!’ a voice shouts, her saving grace.
    Frank releases her, Ekemini pants and catches her breath, wiping the sweat off her face and straightening her dress – her eyes red.

    The following day.

    ‘Are you not going to work today?’ Ekemini’s husband asked his wife, ‘No, I am not feeling too well.’ She lied.
    Frank waited in vain for the object of his lust, but she never showed up, and in a show of the theatrical, he went on a rant.
    ‘how can I be paying you people, and you people decide when and when not to come to work!’ he shouted, to the hearing of all.
    When Ekemini’s husband returned home, he berated his wife, informing her that she was about to cost him, his job as Frank’s driver. Not wanting to be a stumbling stone, Ekemini resolved to return back to work and to devise a means of dealing with their h---y boss, Engr. Frank. That was 3 weeks ago.

    2 weeks ago.

    Ekemini never closed the door when she entered Frank’s room…Frank did.
    As she dropped the tray, Frank grabbed her big breasts and began fondling them from behind, she said and did nothing, when he was satisfied, he would let her go ‘Sir, I have to go now, they will soon start looking for me.’ Ekemini said in a tone, that suggested a passive resistance.
    Frank nodded his head, having satisfied himself.

    1 week ago.

    Ekemini had closed the door.

    She had dropped the tray of food.

    And she was seated…on Frank’s laps, making out with him as his hands went up and down her smooth, thick thighs.
    ‘Lets do it now, just once, I will just put just the head, see…’ Frank said, trying to convince Ekemini, to let him “smash”.
    Ekemini refused ‘No Frank, just manage the one I am giving you.’, Frank asked what was that, and Ekemini replied ‘the one that I s--k your p---k.’.
    ‘Oh. That one is sweet, but not as sweet as the one in-between your big laps.’ Frank replied. ‘Ehen! How far with your family, are they not coming again?’ Ekemini asked, wondering where her boss’s family where, but Frank weaved his way out of answering the question with a request for oral sex, from Ekemini, which she obliged.


    ‘Frank, please don’t release it inside me, if you do, I might get pregnant.’ The woman pleaded, to which Frank replied ‘then sleep with your husband, abi, you don’t sleep with him too?’
    ‘Ah! Frank, and what if you are the one that got me pregnant?’ the woman replied, shocked at the response.
    ‘Look, Ekemini, can we talk about this later.’ Frank said, savouring the fleshy honey-pot of the thick woman, underneath him.
    Frank could feel it coming, he could pull out and c-m outside ‘but who eats rice and stew, and not the meat’ he thought to himself, and opted to explode deep inside Ekemini’s honey-pot.

    Ekemini was riding Frank, during the second round of their adultery and the man underneath was loving every motion of her voluptuous body, especially the bouncing of her large breasts; when someone opened the door.
    ‘Sir, your family is outside…’ the man said, stopping half sentence.
    Frank had both of his hands, grabbing Ekemini’s big breasts while she was riding him. They both turned to look at the man, at the door.
    Suddenly, little kids ran into the room, followed by a woman.

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    caught in the act

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