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    I wrote this story this morning when I found myself thinking a lot and needed to channel my energy somewhere else
    Date,(05/04/2018) prince chinedu young

    A short tragedy.

    As Tamara stood staring at the photo on the wall, she felt a peck on her cheek and turned gently. It was her hubby Marvis.
    “What are you thinking about?” He asked hugging her from behind.
    She let out a gentle sigh and smiled. “Mom. I wish I got to know her.”
    Marvis slide his hands gently to her protruding tummy. “I understand.”
    She turned slightly lifting her face to his. “I’m afraid. What if I don’t make it?”

    Marvis understood her fears so he quickly replied placing a finger on her lips, “Hush. Our daughter would grow with us. Nothing’s gonna happen to you okay?”
    Again, she sighed. “You should go to work already.”
    Marvis frowned. “I don’t want to. I want to be with you all day.”
    Shaking her head, Tamara got off his hold and chuckled slightly. “You’re getting lazy by the day.”
    Marvis laughed. “For your sake, I don’t mind.”
    Although Marvis was fully dressed, he was feeling reluctant to leave the house.
    Tamara held his hand dragging him to the door.
    Marvis laughed hard at that. “You really are serious.”
    Tamara made a face and at the expression, Marvis grinned. “Okay baby. I would be back soon. I promise.”
    Planting a peck on her cheek, he walked off.

    Not long afterward, the doorbell rang. Tamara rolled her eyes as she thought her hubby had probably forgotten something but her eyes met granny as she opened the door.
    “Grandma!” She called excitedly as she hugged her grandmother. “Welcome!” Leading her into the house, she asked. “How is everyone at home?”
    “They’re good and sent their greetings.” Granny replied.
    Tamara was raised by her granny after her mother died during childbirth. She died some moments after delivering Tamara.
    To Tamara, granny was all she had as she had no other sibling.

    Tamara let out a short laughter as she ran her eyes through her grandma. “You really don’t wanna age at all.”
    Granny made a face. “Who says I’m old? Is it because I am your grandmother?”
    Tamara grinned. “Okay ma you win. My granny is not an old woman.”
    “Now you’re talking!” Granny let out a smug.

    As Tamara picked up granny’s bag and headed to the bedroom, she felt huge liquid gush off her. She looked down and was surprised at what she saw. It was like she had urinated on herself without realizing it.
    Grandma noticed and gasped. “The water is broken!”
    Tamara could not comprehend what that meant as it was her first pregnancy so she starred at her grandma surprised.
    Grandma rushed down to her. “We need to get ready for the hospital. It’s a sign of labour.”

    “I’m fine grandma. Let me clean it up first.” Tamara replied.
    Granny held her up. “Please call Marvis.”
    “Grandma ___” Tamara begun but granny interrupted. “Now!”

    Tamara placed a call to Marvis and not quite long, the pain begun. In a short while, Marvis was back as they rushed to the hospital.

    At the hospital, Tamara was confirmed due for delivery and Marvis was instructed to get the baby things.
    “You should get some rest granny. You know you just arrived.” Marvis tried convincing granny to go home.
    Granny shook her head negatively. “My child is in labour. I can’t rest until she has delivered safely.”
    Knowing it was no use trying to convince granny, Marvis hurried off to get the baby things. Two hours after he returned, the doctor approached him with a baby in hand. “Congratulations! Your have a baby girl.”
    Marvis was excited and so was granny. He could not believe it that he was now a father.
    Pausing briefly, he asked. “How about my wife?”
    “We’re cleaning her up.” The doctor walked off with those words.

    After about forty minutes, granny became impatient as she stood.
    “I don’t understand what’s going on.” She tapped her chin restlessly.
    “Marvis stood and held granny.” Relax I believe they’d be done soon.
    At that moment, the doctor passed by and granny stood by the way.
    “Aren’t you done yet.”
    “Sorry ma. There’s a little complication but ____” Marvis held the doctor at those words. “What complication?”
    The doctor tried freeing himself from the grip. “She has an internal bleeding but don’t worry it’s under control.”
    Marvis gasped. “What?” And the doctor seized the opportunity to hurry off.

    Granny began to pray and Marvis began to pace.
    Holding the baby close, granny prayed. “Your mother shall not die. She would raise you just like I raised her.”
    After what seemed like ages, the doctor hurried out as the nurses rushed out a weak and bleeding Tamara. “I’m sorry we’d have to refer you right now to Luthz hospital.”

    Marvis was sweating at the horrible sight of Tamara and Granny was crying profusely.
    “What have you done to my wife?” Marvis shook the doctor who tried to pull off.
    “There’s no time. You’d have to hurry.”

    Tears gushed down Marvis eyes as he sniffed and they hurried to the car while he zoomed off. Granny kept praying and assuring Tamara that she would be okay.
    Marvis was no longer himself. He kept praying silently as he drove. Slowly, fear was finding it’s way into his heart.

    What if something bad happens?
    What if Tamara never makes it to the hospital?

    “Marvis!!!!” Granny called interrupting his thoughts but it was too late. He was so engrossed in his thought that he did not realize a trailer was coming right before him.

    In a flash, it happened and blood filled the scene as people gathered.
    Not even a soul was saved. They were all gone in the twinkling of an eye.

    If only just the baby could be saved.
    If only.


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    oh God, that’s so sad,,,,, Tamara and marvis didn’t even have time to hold their little angel

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    what a tragedy

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    Oh,wat a tragedy

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    ride on

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