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    (Be prepared for a long one, this story is ~25k words!) A girl finds out she has a crush on her teacher and stops at nothing to fulfill her fantasies. Hope you enjoy!
    I had a crush on my teacher.

    Saying it now feels like no big deal, but at the time I remember it was the hugest thing. It was kind of stupid – boys were allowed to talk about how hot their teachers were, and you couldn’t go a single lunch period sometimes without overhearing some of the bolder ones talking about “how big Ms. Lawson’s ta-tas” were or something. Occasionally a mildly popular guy would claim he had sex with one of his teachers to earn reputation points or something, but he’d quickly get shut down by his classmates and enjoy going back to being one of the less popular ‘full of shit’ guys for at least a few weeks.

    But if you were a girl? You were screwed. If you talked about it in front of your friends, it would reach the whole school the next day. If it reached the school, you were officially a crazy h---y b---h with an Electra complex. Good luck getting a boyfriend after that.

    And if you were like me, and you had a crush on your female teacher… well, you were extra screwed.

    I guess I didn’t have much to lose anyway. I wasn’t exactly one of the most popular girls at school, but my looks would kind of give that away. I was so stereotypical it hurt. Shortish brown hair, a baggy shirt, always clutching your books close to your non-existent chest and presto, you get Mina. Sheltered all her life, the teachers barely notice her, let alone the students, and to top it all off, even the bookworms at Hazelwood High School had a clique, so I was truly on my own.

    Well, that wasn’t entirely true. There was Lucy. We were close, but it was one of those things where she was my best friend, but I clearly wasn’t hers. Still, I was grateful to have her around, even if her very presence made me jealous sometimes. It wasn’t enough that of course she was more endowed than me (even though we were in high school, the fact that people our age were judged based on the balls of fat we had on our chests was kind of disgusting). She also was constantly chatting up others as we walked in the halls together, talking with people as they passed by, texting others when we hung out, and… I just didn’t feel like I was enough for her.

    People kept telling me I was just mature for my age. My mom would tell me that at least once a week. Maybe I was, and maybe it was inevitable that instead of one of the dumb boys, I’d fall for Ms. Wagner. And oh my god, did I ever fall for her.

    I don’t even know when it began. I know that from the moment I saw her I was shocked by how good she looked, but there was a difference between that and a crush. This was Ms. Wagner’s first year, a point that was not lost on her class – we students could always tell who was older and who was younger. Part of it was their attitude, part of it was their looks, and part of it was their aura too. Ms. Wagner had this look to her that was equal parts intimidating and just downright gorgeous. She had straight brown hair that she always had done up in this ponytail that told her class she was all business, but there was no fooling me, especially in her eyes – she clearly had a more childish side, or a more mischievous side or something. Add to that the freckles on her face and her knowing smirk she’d give all too often, and a face like that would begin to wear anyone down, given time.

    I wasn’t the first student she’d unknowingly seduced with that smile. In fact, within the first few days of her teaching at the school, I had overheard a bunch of the boys in my homeroom class talking about her at lunch.

    “What do you think?” Quincy, the leader of their rat pack, asked his ragtag team. Lucy and I were standing in line for lunch and couldn’t help overhearing them.

    “I’m thinking… thirty? Twenty-eight?” Johnny, the cutest one of the group, shrugged.

    “Thirty?! Ms. Wagner, thirty? C’mon, dude.” Quincy laughed at him. “She looks like she could have graduated from Hazelwood last year.”

    “Bull-shit!” Artie, another one of them, joined in.

    “Got something to say, Artie?” Quincy challenged him. “I’m not saying she’s fuckin’ thirteen or anything.”

    “What’s going on?” Lucy asked me, eyeing the boys.

    I shrugged. “I think they’re talking about my homeroom teacher, Ms. Wagner.”

    “What’s she teach?”


    She stared at the ground in thought for a few seconds. “Is she the one with the hips?”

    “The what?”

    “No? Maybe I’m thinking of another teacher.” Lucy replied thoughtfully.

    “I… don’t know,” I managed. “I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the hips of my teachers.”

    Lucy laughed at me. “Mina, come on. If she’s the one I’m thinking of, you can’t not see them. Check it out. Save my spot.” She sauntered over to the boys at the lunch table and posed coquettishly in front of Artie.

    “Hiiiii, Artie,” she purred.

    “Hey Luce. What do you want?” Artie asked.

    “I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation, and was wondering, who’s Ms. Wagner? I feel like I’ve seen her before.”

    “Oh. Um, she’s that new English teacher. Kinda young-looking, the one with the ponytail,” he replied.

    Lucy pretended to think for a bit. “I think I’ve seen her around. What does her body look like?”

    “Huh?” Artie asked, with Lucy only staring at him in response. “Well, y’know, she has… she’s…”

    “Hips. The one with the hips.” Quincy practically burped.

    “Thank you,” Lucy replied merrily, skipping back in line, leaving a confused Artie staring at her. “See?” she asked me.

    “I guess,” I laughed. The boys were now staring at me and with no doubt a blush on my face I turned away.

    Lucy smirked at me. “You’re getting attentionnnn,” she sang.

    “It’s just weird,” I awkwardly replied.

    “You should ask out Johnny sometime. I think he likes you.” Lucy had the courtesy to say that under her breath.

    “Isn’t it his responsibility to ask me out?” I asked.

    “It’s 2021. F--k gender roles.” Lucy flipped her hair dramatically.

    “Wow, I had no idea I was talking to Susan B. Anthony,” I mumbled. My mind was definitely not on Johnny.


    If I could have cursed Lucy to never fill my head with an idea again, I would have, because the next morning the first thing I noticed were Ms. Wagner’s hips. Some people just had those kinds of bodies, and now that I was looking at hers, I had to admit I was surprised I didn’t notice it sooner. She had such beautiful wide hips that her walk was forced to be a saunter, like some kind of sexy tease. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, just a consequence of what God gave her.

    And now, I was looking at her full body, and that was the first day I knew I had a crush on her. Not only did she have an impressive set of hips, but also a pretty impressive chest on top of it. I still didn’t get the appeal of boobs, but if every single other person in this school was going to pretend that boobs were a measure of hotness, then I could now understand why everyone in the school was talking about her. The mischievousness in her eyes now took on a whole new meaning – combined with her walk, it was clear this woman was built to have kids.

    Imagine how lucky it would be to be her husband.

    I clenched my teeth and immediately tore my eyes away from her to my desk. Oh my God, was I breathing heavier? How weak was I? Class hadn’t even begun yet. I kept my head down until I had to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and after, attendance.

    Some teachers liked to have fun with their attendance, making students say what they did last night or even make their students say their names in a pattern. Miss Wagner was a fan of the classic – ‘name, here, name, here.’






    “Yeah. Yeah, I’m here.”

    I turned pink and eyed the desk again. That was possibly the most I’d ever said to a teacher in my entire time at this school, and I wasn’t even aware when it was exiting my mouth. I don’t know if anyone was looking at me but Miss Wagner just kept going, down the list of names. Then afterwards, she would stand up. And I would see more of her body.

    Oh my God. What was happening to me?


    “Hey Lucy?”

    “What?” Lucy asked me, taking a bite of her sandwich, pretending she was studying like me.

    “How many boyfriends have you had?”

    Lucy gave me a smile, a ‘where is this going’ smile. “My fair share,” she said with an awkward chuckle. “Funny you should bring it up, I had three boys ask to go out with me on the same day yesterday. Three in one day! I think I hit a new record. Summer has been making these boys thirsty.”

    “Wow, congratulations,” I replied, my heart not in it.

    “I’m thinking I might go out with Artie, actually.” she continued. “I don’t know. I still have to think about it, see if he’s… you know…”

    “Not scum?”

    “He’s a boy, so my odds are low,” she laughed. “Why do you ask?”


    “Ooh, are you actually gonna go out with Johnny?” she interrupted excitedly.

    “What? No. He never even asked me out,” I replied a little impatiently.

    “Oh. Well, he should. You know, the only reason I never asked if he wanted to do something sometime was because I let you have-”

    “You let me have him, yeah. How many times are you going to tell me that?” I asked, annoyed. I let a beat of silence flow between us. “I was just wondering how you know when you’re falling for someone.”

    Lucy sighed heavily. “Okay, so there’s falling for someone, and there’s, like, falling for someone. I think the first time you feel like you fall for a boy, you won’t know what it is, but you’ll know it’s something, you know?”

    I nodded, signalling for her to continue.

    “So, the first time I really fell for a boy was probably Jack, last year.”

    “Jack Marks?”

    “That’s the one,” she replied with a smile. “And at first it was like, ‘yeah, I like you’ but after a while it just kept getting more and more powerful. I couldn’t look at his face without picturing his abs. I kept feeling my heart beat faster when he was around. And – ahh-ha-ha…” she trailed off nervously, looking around. “Okay, can I tell you something and you swear it won’t leave us?”

    “Yeah, sure,” I replied.

    “So… that’s when I actually started, you know… touching myself.”

    I gasped. “Masturbating?”

    She lowered an eyebrow. “Sure, if you wanna be a medical dictionary about it. Anyway, things actually got kinda bad, and I ended up forcing myself to stop being in the same… what’s the word… starts with a V…”


    “Thanks – vicinity as him. I don’t think we ever actually met, and it wasn’t like he was going to fall for me as soon as he met me. At most, I was just some girl he’d seen a couple of times.”

    “Yeah, I can understand that,” I lamely replied, looking down.

    Lucy looked at me for a couple of seconds. “Do you…”

    I shrugged. “I can’t tell yet.”

    Lucy squealed and clapped her hands together. “Oh my god oh my god! Finally! Who is he?”

    I sighed in turn. “Okay, nothing leaves this room, right?”

    She nodded enthusiastically.


    “Mina, I promise,” she said solemnly.

    “It’s… not a he.”

    The silence was deafening. “Oh,” she finally replied. “…Huh. Okay, just to make sure I’m covering all my bases, is it, like, me or something?”

    “It’s not you,” I laughed, weirdly out of breath from the nervousness of telling her this.

    “Okay, cool,” she also laughed alongside me. “Because, like, I have no problems with, y’know, that, but if it was like, with me, then we’re gonna have a problem, you know?”

    I wasn’t sure what she meant but I thought the best course of action was to ignore that. “Not only that but… it’s an older girl.”

    “Wow,” Lucy laughed. “You set your sights high, huh? Wait, does she go to our school?”

    I was in too deep to back out now, but even still, there was no way in hell I was spilling my guts to that extent. “Lucy, I don’t get out. At all. Of course she goes to our school.”

    “Okay, so it’s an older girl that goes to Hazelwood…” Lucy trailed off, thinking.

    “And if it’s okay, I’d prefer if we… didn’t play twenty questions about who,” I continued. “I think this is just my Jack. She’s pretty unavailable and I don’t want people knowing I was attracted to her.”

    “Uh, yeah, okay, cool,” she awkwardly replied. “But hey, maybe she feels the same way and you two will actually end up dating. It’s high school, there are no rules.”

    “I really doubt it,” I answered. “Plus, we do have rules, the ones set by the teachers.”

    She shrugged with a smile. “Yeah, but, f--k teachers.”

    So should I continue

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    Chapter 2

    Chapter 3

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    This one will be good

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    Let’s see how it goes.

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    Carry on

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    @fb-ajiblolaelizabeth this @grace is not the one you wanted to tag, the real on is @akhenabor

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