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    Continue pls

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    Carry on

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    Okay, lets ride

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    confusing begining

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    @danfavourer ok I didn’t know

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    episode 2


    It was a few more days of pure hell in homeroom before I had been worn down. Every day became a little bit harder as I had to struggle with it. At first it was just denial – at first, denial that I actually had a crush on my teacher, then denial that it was here to stay.

    It was almost pathetic how easy it was for her to wear me down. I would stare intently at her while she stood at the front of the class and just… taught, with that voice of hers. She had the perfect blend of authoritative voice and one of those ‘one of the girls’ voices. She almost had a lilt of Valley Girl to her voice, which made the fact that she was in charge of us that much more sexy for some reason.

    Sexy. I never used that word beforehand. Now I was thinking about it a lot. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

    It was like a drug. It wasn’t just her curvy, filled out, voluptuous body that was sexy. It was her voice. I needed a bigger hit, and I needed it to be addressed to me. Scared as hell but knowing I needed to do this, I raised my hand.

    Even though she was only a few weeks into this job, she knew that I wasn’t the type to raise my hand. She stopped mid-sentence and looked at me. My heart skipped a beat.

    “Yes, Mina?” she asked melodically.

    “C-could I p-please go to the washroom?” I managed to choke out.

    She smiled at me. I had to hold my breath to stop my quickening breathing from showing. “Of course you can,” she told me warmly.

    Slowly and clumsily, I stood up from my dumbly-designed seat-desk and walked calmly out of the classroom. As soon as I was out, I was practically hyperventilating and ran to the washroom.

    A heat was surging through me. I never had felt this kind of heat before, but now I just wanted the heat to flourish. I slammed the stall door closed and immediately rested my head against the wall.

    This woman had barely even acknowledged my existence, and yet… I felt a throbbing down below that I had never felt before. A hunger. A heat.

    I had never done this before. I undid and lowered my jeans and sat down on the toilet, experimentally running my hand over my left thigh. Every time I ran my hand up my thigh, I’d get further up. Closer to it. I was so turned on, so sensitive, that even the first time I ran my hand against the area next to my labia, I nearly cried out.

    I was going to do it. I was going to learn how to m--------e, here in this grimy washroom, because I wanted to… do things with my teacher. A primal need in me had sprung forth, a side of me that I never even knew existed.

    I rubbed my outer lips for almost a full minute longer before I slowly slipped a finger inside myself. As soon as I did, my mouth became locked in an ‘O’ shape and I leaned back, closing my eyes and picturing Ms. Wagner.

    She would give me the most intense look, and bite her lower lip as she looked me up and down. “You want me to kiss you?” she’d ask teasingly in her authoritative yet flirty voice. She’d reach up and undo her ponytail, letting her hair fly free, perfectly framing her face. She’d start undoing the buttons on her shirt. “You’re such a naughty girl, lusting after your own teacher,” she’d purr, unflinchingly grabbing the back of my head, giving me a small smile. “Go on then. Show me how much you want me.”

    I was well beyond using two fingers now. It was a struggle to hold back my moans, with my hands feeling out the patterns and figuring out what felt the best. I had discovered I liked using two fingers over three, and that if I periodically rubbed my c--t, not too hard, but went back to fingering myself after about half a minute of c--t attention, it made the fingering feel so much better. I was figuring myself out, I was being diligent. I was being a good little schoolgirl.

    One of my feet was up against the stall wall as my first o----m approached. My mouth was still in an ‘O’ shape, my eyes squeezed shut, my imagination overflowing with images of Ms. Wagner making out with me and taking off her shirt. I could barely breathe when I exploded, and couldn’t hold myself back. To this day I hope to God there was no one else in that washroom, because not only did I moan, I said more.

    “Oh, Ms. Wagner!!!”

    It took me a full thirty seconds after I came to realize that I had actually said that. After giving a silent prayer that no one else was there, I lay there in the afterglow, only deciding against doing it again when I realized what time it was. When I got back to class, I quietly slunk back to my desk, feeling the shame of what I had done settling in, and tried to get caught up with the lesson as quickly as possible.

    When Ms. Wagner saw me for the first time since I came back, she gave me a small smile to see me back. My v----a throbbed, and I swallowed hard.


    So, welcome to my sexual awakening, I guess. From that day forward I masturbated at least once a day. As fun as it was to m--------e at school seconds after seeing her, I very rarely masturbated at school anymore – I’m sure word would have gotten out that there was a girl going to the washroom every homeroom period and crying out Ms. Wagner’s name in sexual bliss, and that wasn’t going to end well.

    Lucy kept asking to get more information about the person I had a crush on, and that went about as well for her as one would expect. Over time, I just accepted that, like most high schoolers, she was nosy and loved drama, so I just talked to her less to make sure I wouldn’t slip up and say it.

    I thought that there were no other real changes to my life (thank god the physical effects Ms. Wagner had on me plateaued instead of getting more and more intense), though it’s hard to see yourself from the outside sometimes. After another week or so, as class was about to finish up, Ms. Wagner approached me during a work period.

    “Mina, could you see me after class please? I have some notes about your last assignment.”

    One or two of the class jokesters gave an, “Ooooh,” as if I was in trouble, but I couldn’t even focus on them. I looked up into Ms. Wagner’s eyes and could barely do any more than nod. Satisfied, she went back to her desk and sat down. I was amazed that with her gifts that she could even sit in a chair.

    There were only five minutes left in class but even then I couldn’t think or process anything. She wanted to see me? Why? Was I caught, did someone tell her about that time I moaned her name a week ago? Did she feel the same way? Did she want to tell me off right there? I was practically squirming in my seat, half in fear, half in anticipation.

    Whatever it was, Ms. Wagner wanted to see me. In private. This was a blessing and a curse – I had a good excuse to look into her eyes the whole time she wanted to see me, but this also meant I had to look into Ms. Wagner’s eyes and not lose my composure after a few seconds.

    My mind was a cold blaze by the time the bell rang. I almost jumped when I heard it. Everyone else started calmly filing out of the room, but I just sat there, practically paralyzed, unsure of what I should do. While I sat there overthinking to hell, everyone quickly left and Ms. Wagner, satisfied that there was no one there but myself and her, quietly shut the door and sat back down at her desk.

    “Do you mind coming here?” she asked. Like a zombie, I obeyed, never talking, never even making eye contact with her. I approached her desk and she seemingly waited until I dragged my eyes up from the floor.

    She had the most beautiful face on the planet. Whether she wore those reading glasses she kept on her desk or not, her face was constantly the image of perfection. Her freckles and natural blush, splashed across her face, made every single feature of hers pop. Her beautiful deep brown eyes, her nose, her fun-loving smile… everything about her was just so d--n sexy.

    And now that I was this close to her, something else became apparent… her smell. It practically made me dizzy. It didn’t smell like perfume, it didn’t even smell like anything conventionally ‘good’ like flowers or shampoo or something… I swear I was just smelling her pheromones. Something about her smell made me want to reach forward and just… devour her. I just wanted to reach forward and touch her.

    “I’m sorry that I called you here, I hope you can understand,” she began, smiling sympathetically at me. She gestured towards a chair. “You can go ahead and have a seat if you want.”

    Wordlessly, I obeyed. Her eyes followed me. I was so turned on by her.

    She waited until I sat down to continue. “So, I’ve been going over your past few assignments, in-class work, and I’ve noticed that recently… you’ve been kind of slipping.” She took out a few of my past assignments as evidence and laid them out before me. “I have the feeling that you’re a smart girl, but it just sort of seems that something has been… kind of off lately.”

    My face scrunched up. Me, doing poorly? I may not have been a class genius or something, but I never even had to try for these classes. Clearly some sort of mistake had taken place. I can’t just sit here looking dumb, especially not in front of the woman I like.

    “And I hope this is okay, but I asked around, both your past and current teachers – only because I want to make sure you succeed – and sure enough, they all remember you as a bright girl but your other current teachers tell me the same thing is going on. I realize I may have not been your teacher for long so I totally get if I don’t know you as well as the others and this is weird or something, but I just wanted to check and make sure everything is going well with you.”

    I looked her in the eye, my expression giving away how I felt about this situation. I looked from her to my assignments. It was still kind of early in the school year, but sure enough, my assignments from last month had good grades across the board, and my more recent assignments… not so much.

    Ms. Wagner was eyeing me intensely. Her scent was still capturing me. It took all of my focus not to let my mind wander off to my fantasies again. “Is everything going okay with you, Mina?”

    “Y-yes, I’m f-fine.” I managed.

    “There’s no… problematic situations going on at home or anything? If something is stressing you out, you can tell me.” Her voice dripped with concern for me.

    “I w-would want to tell you. If something was going on. Which it isn’t. Nothing bad. Like, nothing to note,” I stumbled.

    “Okay,” she said resignedly. “Is it just a tough month for you? Or maybe you’re in a rut or something. Unless you find you’re not understanding the class content.”

    I was fine at understanding the class content. If this was happening, it was clearly a fluke, maybe I just wasn’t adjusting too well to the school year or something. I opened my mouth to speak.

    “Because if you’re not, I do have sophomore lunches free,” she continued, smiling at me. “I usually sit here alone eating my own lunch anyway, so it’s not putting me out. You’re a special student and I really want to see you shine.”

    My mind stopped in its tracks. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. Was she asking me to be alone with her? Yes. I wanted this. Yes.

    “I hope it doesn’t come across as me being too controlling or anything,” she laughed, practically to herself. “We could start small. If you think you want a little boost, we could do Tuesdays at lunch here. I can’t really help you with your other classes, but I can at least give you some resources and private tutoring here, on my own time, if you’d want that.”

    I felt my mouth go dry. She was offering for us to spend time together. Alone. Just the two of us. “I c-could see the benefit of that, if you think it would help,” I nervously mumbled.

    “Great!” I could feel her eyes dancing and penetrating my soul. “We can start next Tuesday is that works for you. We’ll just cover the material from your last few assignments, catch you up to speed, see how we feel from there. Does that sound good?”

    I could only nod dumbly. I was going to get private tutoring. Private, one-on-one lessons. This had to mean something. Right?


    The first lunch meeting went as expected – she actually just went over coursework. But this time, there was no class, no sea of people I could get lost in. Now it was a fact she was only talking to me and me alone. It was just us two, with no excuse not to stare at her eyes and see hers meet mine right back.

    This is beginning to heat up
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