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    ?Tears of a
    Blind Girl?

    ??(Twist of fate)??

    By. Humble Smith & Clara William

    Episode 14

    Victor’s POV

    I got outside the ward and took a deep breath as I couldn’t understand my self anymore, I can’t believe I had suddenly turned to a woman beater just because of presh, its not any woman but Anna my girlfriend or should I even say fiance because she is the woman I was to marry..

    All of a sudden I am hating her to the extent of even beating her.. I am doing all this to her just because of presh who just sees me as a friend or a helper..I am suddenly making her take the place of Anna with a reason I can’t tell..

    Oh gosh!!!

    This is ridiculous…

    I turned back to the ward and saw Anna staring at presh mother with an expression I couldn’t tell..

    “Why those stares??” I asked making her cringe

    She turned to me with a teary eyes and I also felt pained as I saw her mouth swelled up with tint of blood..

    “You have suddenly turned to a beast just because of a blind now hates me right?? loves her more than me ugh??..” She sobbed and quickly ran off from the ward before I could notice..

    “Anna!!” I called her but she wasn’t listening, she ran faster and faster..

    Oh god!!

    I pray I am doing the right thing..what if presh turns to fall for another guy when she gets her sight??..she hadn’t said anything about deep feelings for me, she may gets her sight and see me as a brother and a helper without having the feelings of deep love for me..

    I pray it doesn’t goes that way, I am loving her deeply as the day goes by…

    I can’t wait for a phone call telling me that my angel is now seeing, I would burst in joy and fly to India immediately..

    I wonder how she would feel to see the light again..

    I can’t even wait for her to see me..



    Anna’s POV

    I ran off to Amanda’s apartment with anger all over me, I was really furious and feels like killing everyone I sighted..

    “Hey, Anna what happened to your face?” She asked immediately I came in..

    “Victor is at it again, fighting for presh..well I’m now ready to end it all finally..” I seethed and she sighed and plopped on the couch

    “Those doctors succeeded in sending presh to India before they were caught right?” She asked and I nodded..

    “We should start making her see hell immediately, we should increase her pain in a way that she would commit suicide..let’s even send seven bouncer to make her regret her being alive..” She breathed and I smiled and walked over to the device which was resting on the table..

    “I need to check her current location now before we send men to her..” I said and clicked on a red button which made a dot appear on the screen of the system..

    After some minute, it displayed a blank location making my eyes widened..

    “What happened?” I mused and clicked on the button again..

    After some minutes, it showed the same thing..

    “The chip had been crushed!!” I exclaimed to Amanda who jolted up in surprise..

    “How??..I thought it once showed she was in India??” She asked and I growled as something crept into my mind..

    If presh was taken to India by those foolish doctors then Victor wouldn’t be himself again, the Victor I know would be totally restless searching for her…

    Something is fishy…

    “Someone tricked us..” I said to her


    “Yes, presh was sent to India by another person all because he or she may have heard the conversation I had with the doctors, that person must have sent her to India so that we would think that the mission was successful..” I explained breathing heavily .

    “Ohh gosh!! seriously!” She grunted

    “That person has something to do with Victor, Victor is aware of presh current location..we failed to see he wasn’t so disturbed about presh..if she was really missing and he doesn’t know her location, he must be the most frustrated man in this world…” I seethed and sprang up from the chair..

    “I think Victor is now suspecting you..if not, he must have told you how he was able to take presh away from the country”

    “Yes, I’m now his suspect..that must be why he suddenly hates me..” I breathed

    “What would we do now..” She asked and I sighed..

    “We would wait a little longer, if Victor all of a sudden wants to go to India then that would make us know he is really behind all this…he would definitely decides to go and see presh if truly he was the one that arranged her flight up there..” I stated

    “What would we do when we discovers he is the one?” She asked

    “We’d go there with him and start up a plan to destroy presh for the last time, there would be no mercy at all..” I fumed

    “That sounds great..we would leave no stone unturned, she must leave the surface of the earth with her mother…both of them don’t have to live!!” She hissed and grabbed a wine..

    “I hope presh’s mom won’t recall any thing when she wakes right??” I asked and she nodded..

    “Can’t we even attack her in that hospital??” She chipped in..

    “It would be risky because we are suspects and that would even disrupt our plans of knowing if Victor has a hand in presh secret location..if presh mother gets well then Victor would want to take her to presh, that would make everything clear..” I explained and she shrugged and gulped almost half of the content..

    I took a deep breath as I clicked on the red button again and the same result came out..

    I felt like smashing the device, I hate it when my plans gets ruined, the doctors may have not secretly smuggle her to India before they were caught…

    Someone who heard our conversation must have sent presh to India to make us think it all went well…

    Ahhh..I hate all this..I can’t wait for it to all end.

    If Victor should beat me because of presh then why wouldn’t he be mad by her sudden disappearance, he should be totally sober and pained now…

    He must have been the mastermind behind all this..



    I drove back home and saw Victor on a phone call, before i could get any where closer, he cut the call and walked to his room…

    “Victor!!!” I called out

    “Come to the room let’s talk!” He replied back still walking away without even glancing at me.

    I hurried behind him and got to the room..

    He sat on the bed while I stood at the door post..

    “Do you know I feel so sorry for all i had done to you, the slaps or punch..I’m so sorry!” He began with a drawn face..

    “Its not about being sorry but letting me know all what you have as a secret, you got many secret which i don’t know..” I paused and walked closer while he stared at me

    “I don’t know if I am still your girlfriend, please tell me what I am to you..” I sobbed and he sighed..

    “You are still my girlfriend” he muttered

    “Then why doesn’t I know anything about you again, many actions you take are personal and private to yourself, you just left me aside..” I whimpered and he sighed and stood up.

    “If I should start pointing at the suspect on presh’s condition, you are the prime suspect, you are the only lady I even have as a suspect for all her agony..I am even hating you for that but I need an evidence so I can clear my doubt” he breathed..

    “Why do you suspect me?” I asked

    “Because I knows them when i sees them, just go and bring back presh wherever you keep her, go and get her for me!!” He bawled and I flinched at those words…

    I looked up to him and saw his countenance exuding worry..


    “What do you mean by that question??” I asked still shocked…

    What if it isn’t victor that took presh then who else??

    “You know what I mean..just bring her back before I do something nasty!” He growled and turned to the door..

    “I already know you have presh with you!” I stated and he paused his pace abruptly


    “You knows where presh is, you are the one who sent her to India…why then are you asking me to find her” I said aloud and I could see he was stunned

    “Who told you??” He muffled and turned to me..

    “I got the information when I was trying hard to find her, after you told me she was missing, I felt sorry for the young maiden and I decided to look for with every single means..” I stood up and held his palm..

    “Sometimes in the past, I may have hated presh so much that I want her dead, I may have detest her because she is blind…but just some days ago, I got to realize that she needs care and attention..” I whimpered

    “Please I’m so sorry for hating her, she has so many enemy who want her to suffer, I can’t add myself to them, my baleful attitude to her is making you hate me, I have finally decided to start loving her because that’s what she needs from the people around her..please help me to start loving her..” I sobbed and he hugged me..

    “I thank god that you had a resolution, she is a poor soul and doesn’t need oppression, thanks for having a rethink, I would start loving you so well like my wife if you starts having a good heart and treat her nicely..” I smiled fondling her back..

    “Yes dear, I would change for better…so you are going to meet her right?” I asked and he nodded..

    “When?” I asked anxiously..

    “Tomorrow, I planned to do it secretly because you were being heartless, but I’m happy you changed..” He smiled

    “Yes, please let’s go to her, I need to plead for forgiveness, I have to join hand with you and fight her unseen enemy who want her life to be hell..” I stated and he kissed my lips..


    I miss his kiss so well..

    “Please try and start trusting me, forget my past..I have changed!” I squeaked and hugged him again..

    “So will presh mother go with us?” I asked

    “Yes, I need to hand her to presh so she would take care of her..” He replied and I felt sweaty..

    She mustn’t see me..

    “She would not be so strong for flight after being under treatment” I said and he sighed

    “She would have to try, i need to meet presh tomorrow and she would come with me..” He stated..

    “I have an idea..Amanda your father’s sister was the woman that saved her from death after picking her from the road side right??” I asked and he nodded..

    “She should also be the one to help us here..we should tell her to bring up presh mother when she is healthy enough while we both fly to India..” I said

    “Do you think we can trust that aunt of mine??” He asked

    “Why not!!..she is the woman that had taken care of her even when the whole people hates her and her child, she has a good heart so I don’t think she would hurt her in anyway..” I explained and he nodded..

    “That’s a great idea!” He exclaimed and held my palm..

    “This is the kind of Anna that caught my heart and not the cold hearted one, so sorry for ever beating you..never knew you had a good heart in you” he grinned and kissed me deeply spending shivers all over my body..

    I can’t wait for him to take me to India where presh is..

    This time around, she should be expecting the worst because I would shatter her life and leave her having no choice than suicide…Amanda would take care of presh mother..she can even kill her and frame up a fake accident…


    Presh get ready for me!!
    To be continued.

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    And am sure you will never acomplish your mission

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    Amanda and anna both of u mission fall…. Prince plz be secretive

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    You will not succeed

    Evil people everywhere

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    Prince i don’t expect you to believe that devil’s incarnate.

    Nothing should happen to Press and the mum o.
    As for Amanda and Anna, their down fall is near.

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    that’s were you will see your death too stupid

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