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    ?Tears of a
    Blind Girl?

    ??(Twist of fate)??

    By. Humble Smith & Clara William

    Episode 17

    Victor’s POV

    I took a deep breath as I rest my head on the head rest..

    Should I draw conclusion of Anna and Amanda being evil??

    I still needs some more evidence, I can’t fully tell now because I hadn’t got a concrete evidence, I’m still working with instinct and what I thinks…

    But..what would be the connection between them and presh??

    Why do they hate her and her mother to the extent of wanting death for them..

    I had known Anna before meeting presh, all of a sudden Anna hated presh so badly that she wants death for her like her life depends on it,

    I pray the secret opens very fast because I can’t hold on for a long time, Anna is the lady I had to marry as the Prince…

    She is the one assigned for me but with the way things are going right now, I don’t know what is coming into my mind…

    I am hating her because she hates presh???

    According to the lineage of kingship it was her that I got to marry, I had loved her since we met but now it is gradually fading off in fact right now, I don’t want to even see her…

    Who is presh to Anna and Amanda??

    It was even strange for me the Prince to develop feelings for a commoner, it is something unusual, how was she able to capture my heart…
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    I took a deep breath again and wiped the sweat on my forehead…

    Presh mother was in the intensive unit built in the plane…

    I just wish I would get a call from the doctor, they should just call and tell me that presh has regain her sight…I swear I’d burst in joy..

    Finally after hours, we finally got to India..


    My heart thump very fast as I walked into the ward with presh mother…

    There was presh lying on the bed with her whole face covered with bandage..

    The sight sent shrill down my spine..I felt really touched at her condition…

    “I hope she would be fine?” Her mother asked me as she sat beside her holding her palm….

    “She would be fine and will even get to see again, just after all this surgeries, I’m sure she would get to see the light again..” I purred and held her other hand softly with my eyes getting wet..

    What she went through in the hand of those doctor came rushing in my memory making me feel pained, her shrill was too intense that you would really cry when you hears it..

    “Prince I thank you so much for all this you are doing for her and me, I don’t think we even deserve all this from you” presh mother cooed smiling calmly..

    “You deserve it all ma’am, you both has passed through a lot, you need to live a good life like every other person in this life..she isn’t a curse” I breathed and glanced at her again..

    “Everyone calls her that and wants me to believe it, they calls her curse and treats her like nothing, even her father hates her so much that he would beat me for giving her food” she sobbed..

    “Do you know if there is a particular person or group responsible for all this?” I asked and she turned her gaze sharply at me like she remembered something but later looked away..

    “I can’t tell..I’m sure there is someone because anywhere she goes, at first the people would accept her but later they would all hate her instantly like someone just said something about her, she stopped school because all the teacher suddenly defeat her so badly that they would join the students in criticizing and maltreating her calling her the same name ” curse”..” She paused and sniffed bitterly..

    I buries my face down as tears also rolled down my cheeks, I just imagined how it would feel having the student and teacher hating you…

    Presh must be a string girl to be able to stay alive after all this intense suffering..

    “I want to find the person behind this??..can you help me with any information??..can you recall the person who kidnapped you then?” I asked and she raised her gaze sharply again like she remembered a name but when she opened her mouth nothing came out…

    “The person is someone I know but the face is really blurry, her name would come flashing through my memory but wouldn’t stay up to a second before disappearing..” She sighed and I breathed heavily

    “So the person is a she??..a woman right?” I asked and she nodded..

    “Is it Amanda??” I asked and her eyes widened as she stared at me intently…

    “Do you know Amanda??” She asked with shock..

    “Yes she is the sister to my father” I said and she sighed

    “The Amanda I know isn’t the king sister, she is a friend of mine long time ago..” She said leaving me confused..


    “Yes….Amanda was once my friend but I swear I don’t know about now, I haven’t seen her for so long, I just got some kind of feelings that she hates me now…let’s just forget about that now” she stated and turned her gaze to presh..

    “So you don’t have a suspect?” I asked and she squinted her eyes..

    “There is one person I can’t really call a suspect but with the way he treats presh, I’m forced to have a little feelings he has a secret which can lead us to something about the past” she said and stared at me

    “Who is that then?” I asked..

    “Her father, yes..he is the man who hates presh like a leper, I don’t think its normal, he lashed her so much when he heard you came to her that first day you saw presh” she explained and I cringed with a squeezed forehead..


    “He said she is a curse and would bring curse on you and the isn’t normal, he is her father for goodness sake, he shouldn’t hate her that much if there isn’t something hidden..” She breathed and closed her eye taking in a deep breath..

    I took out my phone immediately and dialed a number..

    “Do you know of presh father??” I asked the caller..

    “I don’t actually know but just give me a minute and I’ll tell you all you want to know about him” the hoarse voice sounded..

    “All I need is for you to torture him so much and make him tell you all he knows about presh, there is a secret he is hiding” I said and ended the call..

    “I hope you don’t mind the torture?” I asked presh mother and she shrugged and turned back to presh who was still unconscious..

    The bandage covering her face is really affecting me..

    “Do you intend to marry my daughter?” She asked suddenly taking me unaware..

    “I wish to” I muttered

    “You know it is close to impossible if not totally impossible” she said and I sighed

    “I’m the prince and it was Anna that was appointed to be my wife by the Oracle..but…how possible is it for me to fall in love with another lady??..has it been heard in the history of royalty..has it happened before?” I asked confused.

    “It is still one of the thing that stuns me, there is only one reason for that..Anna is not the true heir” she said and I hiccupped immediately

    “What????” I exclaimed and she sighed..

    “That’s the only way possible reason why you would have feeling for another lady, the oracle doesn’t permit that…” She said and I felt my head pound..

    “Then why I am fallen deeply for presh? it what I am thinking???” I muttered under my breath…

    “I know it may sound queer to you but…the lady you are really in love with is the real heir, she is the woman to stand beside the prince, she is the woman with the royal blood….” She said and I jolted up in shock…

    The woman is Presh!!!!!!

    Is she the real princess and heir to the Queen ship of the throne??

    I am in love with presh I swear…. Could she be the real heir???????”

    “We can’t tell because the Oracle said it was Anna, there is a secret we don’t know..time will tell” she said and walked over to the window..

    “There is a secret behind the birth of presh, I’ll tell you some day but we will wait till she regain her sight..” She said without looking at me…

    Tears was rolling down her cheeks..

    Anna’s POV

    “We are doomed!!!!” I screamed immediately I got into Amanda’s chamber..

    “What is it??” She asked curiously

    “Out secret would leak very soon, I can feel it!”

    “What??..why??..and why aren’t you in India with Victor??.. What is happening?” She kept asking while I moved around in frustration

    “He left without me, he drugged my wine and I over slept so he left without me, he also went with presh mother..we don’t even know the exact place he is now…we don’t know where presh is, who knows if she is being treated..” I breathed heavily..

    “Omg!!!..why is this happening now that the time with is close.. Oh god!!..we have to rise up and fight!” She said and I took a deep breath,

    “Its time to fight hard…Victor must be mine!!! one should know the secret.. No one!!!!” I squealed and we both contorted our face in grim..

    “Presh and her mother must die at all cost!!!” We screamed and jolted up..

    Just then, one of the personal guard rushed in..

    “Presh father had been kidnapped…I’m afraid he may spit out the secret, we found a note in his sitting room…” The guard said and gave the paper to me….

    ? We are coming for everyone who has hand in presh suffering..we would get to the root…

    I read……


    Who is this?

    Could it be Victor????


    I’m going mad!!..what is all this??.. I pray he stay strong and keep the secret till I finds him and kill him…

    Ohhhh, who is the brain box behind all this??

    I’m confused!!
    To be continued

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    So her wicked father has hand in It…. prince plz call them to beat him to death so that he will feel a little from presh pain

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    Evil women

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    You dooms are drawn already. Wicked human beings.

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    Your doom is near

    Wicked people

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    wonderful, nice move prince, getting more interested

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    Adepoju Yemisi
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    This life,hmmmm,wicked people everywhere

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