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    ?Tears of a
    Blind Girl?

    ??(Twist of fate)??

    By. Humble Smith & Clara William

    Episode 19

    Anna’s POV

    I took a deep breath as I dropped my phone, I swear things are really getting hectic….

    A call came through that moment and it was Amanda…

    “What is it??” I asked immediately,

    “Presh father was found but he was shot dead before they could find him…” She broke the annoying news..

    I fumed and bite my lower lips..

    “So the men must have gotten the information they needed right?” I sighed

    “Yes…I’m afraid Victor must have gotten the information..” She said and I arched my brow..

    “Do you mean he must have known that we are the people behind presh suffering??” I asked and she breathed..

    “There is a probability that he knows, just be careful, we shouldn’t make any mistake” she said and I nodded

    “Okay…” I muttered and hung the call before resting my head on the headrest…

    I have really gone through a lot to get to this, you can’t tell how desperate I am..I badly wants to be the queen, I want to rule the land and it still baffles me how I grew up without having the Royal blood in my vein…

    My parent are from the Royal family, I was bore without the blood in me and it really shocked me to see someone like presh having the blood in her…

    Presh was my best friend in the past, we were very close and does things together not until she had a wound one day while we were playing in the bush, the wound was profusely bleed so I carried her on my shoulder in search of help…

    We later met a man who was a great sorcerer, he decided to help us treat her wound…

    I can’t forget his scream as he saw her blood..

    “She is the real princess and heir to the throne!!!” His voice had echoed in my ear repeatedly…

    Presh was unconscious when he said that and I couldn’t let her hear it before I took her home cursing her in my mind…

    How can she be the heir while I myself that is expected to be the princess is not having the blood….

    From that day, presh became my greatest enemy…I hated her intensely and that led into wiping her memory and making her blind so she won’t see Victor…

    “We have finally reached your Highness” one of my guard announced drifting me off my thought..

    I nodded and alighted….

    Time to end all this….

    Presh can never be the princess… I wouldn’t let that happen the same way i was able to make the oracle point at me..”I laughed as i recalled what I did…

    I stepped down and head to the house I had booked as a base to carry out my plans…

    Victor isn’t aware that I am in India so he wouldn’t be more careful…

    “Hello…Dr Eric, what is the state of presh now?” I asked him

    “She is still the same, we are yet to carry out the last surgery which could eventually make her see..” He explained

    “That last surgery must not go through till I’m done guess you know..” I said

    “Yes ma’am… I would delay it till you come..” He said and I smiled

    “You would get a very huge amount of money if you could do It, I swear..”

    “Thank you ma’am..” He said and I hung up the call…

    Tomorrow morning, I’d begin immediately, no time to waste…

    I can’t wait to take Anne away and show her that she can never run away from me..

    I put a call to Victor with my Nigeria number..


    “Stop calling me you evil girl!!” He growled


    ” well, I’m just bored here in Nigeria and decided to hear your voice ” I said

    “F**k you there, I don’t care if you die!!!’ He yelled and hung the call..


    It was really harsh..I don’t even give a d--n..

    Very soon, presh would be gone and he would have no other choice than to marry who the Oracle pointed at…

    I can’t stop laughing…

    I lay on my bed after taking my bath, I can’t stop smiling as I imagined how shocked presh would be, I’m sure her hope to see must be very high…

    She would be d--n shocked when all of a sudden she finds herself in my grasp again..

    Victor’s POV

    ” hello Jade, I want you to find the location of Anna.. ” I said into my phone…

    “Okay sir” he replied and hung up, I took a sigh and head to the hospital..

    It was morning already and I just needed to see presh before going any other thing…

    It was still 6:08 but I am just too anxious to see presh, today would be the day when she would be undergoing the last surgery, I need to spend sometime with her before then..

    Her mother was still sleeping so I left without her…

    I got to the hospital and headed straight to presh ward, I was still on my way there, when my ear heard come murmurings..

    At first I wanted to ignore but I couldn’t just pass, it looked so suspicious..

    I stood still and listened…

    “You would dressed as a nurse, I’ll give you a content to inject into her vein…with that she would be unconscious” that was all I heard..

    I couldn’t understand what it meant but strangely I was feeling fright, my heart was even beating very fast like I was the one that would be injected…

    I looked up the door and saw Dr Eric written on the door, so the doctor’s name is Eric..I wonder which patient he wants to inject the content…

    I sighed and left to see my presh…

    The smile she gave me when she heard my voice left my heart flipping for joy…

    I swear I’m the only one who knows how much I am loving this beauty goddess here, everything about her makes me glad I love her so much!!

    I talked to presh for some time before i head back home, the surgery would be exact 7:00, I can’t wait, please God let it go well, so she would see my face…

    “Hello you are Victor right??” A nurse asked me and I nodded…

    “The surgery would commence in few minutes now, this are the list of doctors to work on can meet any of them in two hours later” she said and I smiled and took the list..

    Thanks… ” I muttered and left

    Anna’s POV

    “The surgery is about to begin, you can come in two hours time, I’m among the head doctor to work on her, trust me..I’ll make sure there is complication that would leave her blind forever, it would be just a mistake..” Dr Eric said as I called him on phone..

    “Okay…so the content would make her unconscious so we can now take her away right??” I asked and he said a yes…

    “All you would have to do is dress as a nurse and go to the ward where she is…number 22, the content had already been hidden there, under her pillow” he said and I smiled broadly..

    “That’s great!!!!’ I screamed and leaped for joy…

    There is still a chance to win!!!!

    I switched off all my phone and got dressed, I don’t want to get tracked or any annoying thing to erupt, no communication till I am done…

    Victor’s POV

    I got to the house and dropped the list on the table but just then, my eyes fell on something.






    Dr Eric???…

    Wait oo..the one who made the secret call and wanted to inject a substance to make a patient unconscious???

    I gasped as something struck my mind…

    Could it be presh he was talking about???

    No it can’t be…

    I picked my phone and called the nurse in charge of presh..

    “Please I have a question, does Dr Eric have another surgery after presh??” I asked

    “No…” She replied and my jaw dropped as my phone fell of…

    “He was talking about presh!!!!!” I screamed and picked my phone…

    The time was 7:05 and there was no doubt that the surgery must have begun but I need to stop it…

    Dr Eric is out there to harm presh, I don’t really know how, but he is a suspect…

    I picked my phone and ran off to the hospital…

    I got to the hospital and headed straight to the receptionist office…

    “I need the contact of the head doctor here!” I requested making her stare at me surprisedly..

    “Hey stop those stare and do what I say, I’m Prince Victor I guess you wouldn’t love to suffer for wasting my time..

    Her eyes widened as she heard the name and without wasting a single minute, she gave it to me and I quickly called..

    ” hello, its Prince Victor on the line..” I said immediately

    “Ohh, prince why did you call??..” He questioned

    “I want a doctor to be removed from the team working on presh, do it now!!!!” I screamed as the fear of presh suffering covered me..

    “I..I..don’t understand..” He stuttered

    “Dr Eric should be remove there now!!!..if you waste a second, I’ll sue this hospital and we will be rival forever!” I yelled and he breathed .

    “Okay I’ll do it now..”

    “Fine, I’m waiting…”

    Anna’s POV

    I was all smiles as I finally found my way into presh ward, there was no bandage over her face but I was sure she would never see, the complication must have been done…

    My face was slightly covered with a face mask and I was dressed in a nurse uniform…

    I head straight to the pillow and saw the ampoules and injection leaving a huge smile on my lips…

    I quickly transferred it into the syringe and turned around to check if anyone was watching but there was no one…

    You can’t tell how glad I am now…Dr Eric is just a saviour…

    I took her hand and was about injecting it into her vein when I got the greatest shock of my life…..

    Presh opened her eyes and stared at me…

    “What are you doing nurse??” She asked and I shook in horror…

    Did she just saw me???

    “Can I see your face well??..what are you doing here all alone?” She asked peering into my face…

    Oh no!!!!!!

    She has regain her sight!!!!

    With the speed of a lightening I dropped the syringe and ran away…

    “Hey” she called but I wouldn’t listen…

    I’m dead!!!!

    Presh has regained her sight!!!!!
    To be continued

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    God has taken control for sure.

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    I’m happy for you presh. I think both presh and victor are destined to be together.

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    Am so happy for presh now u can see, anna u are in trouble

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    Thank god u can see anna u are in trouble

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    I’m happy for you ooo

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