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    ?Tears of a
    Blind Girl?

    ??(Twist of fate)??

    By. Humble Smith & Clara William

    Episode 20(finale)

    Doctor Eric’s POV

    I sat restless on my the couch of my room with sweat all over my face, I just pray Anna hasn’t been caught…

    It happened so sudden that I couldn’t even explain how it went and what prompted it..

    It was the most shocking moment of my life, I never thought of something like that happening at that moment…

    I had been set to carry out the surgery, already dressed as every other doctors, we had even stood at our position ready to work on her eyes…

    Just all of a sudden, a call came in and ordered me to leave the surgery room…

    At first, I thought it was a joke, I was really ready to operate and cause the complication that would leave her blind forever..

    “Dr Eric eliminated from the surgery with immediate effect” that was the message that shook me…

    “You can leave, the head doctor orders your departure from the hospital till the end of the surgery..I was filled with fear as I walked out…

    Immediately I got out of the hospital, I quickly dialed Anna’s number to inform her of what happened but I couldn’t get to her, her line was totally shut.. I tried countless time because I knew she would come to the hospital in two hours time like I had told her, I knew she would go to presh’s ward to inject the substance into her vein, I knew she would think presh was unconscious not knowing the surgery went well…

    I just pray that she covers her face so presh wouldn’t see her when she tries injecting the content into her…

    Just then, my phone rang and I glanced at the screen, I flinched seeing it was Anna..

    “Hello..” I breathed..

    “Where are you!!!.. Send the address to me now!!” She shouted and I took a deep breath and hung the call,

    I quickly sent the location to her before slumping on the couch…

    Not long after, the door of my house sprang open and Anna stomped in with her face red in fury..

    “What happened?????” She growled and slapped me so hardly..

    “I’m sorry…an issue came out, I don’t even know how…but..I was sent out of the surgery room…” I stuttered and she slapped me again…

    Anna’s POV

    “You are a mad dog!!!..” I screamed slapping him again, I really feel like killing him right now only that he ruined my plans, he also gave presh the chance to see,

    Why did I put my trust on this fool!!!

    Agghr!!..I am going mad!!!

    Presh is no more blind???

    Oh, please let this be a dream..please I want to wake up from this deep sleep..

    I slumped on the floor with tears rolling down, all my plans had been ruined just this moment that I thought I was winning everything just got ruined because of this d**k head…

    “I’m very sorry, I never intend to….”

    He couldn’t complete his statement before I threw my shoe to his face causing a streak of blood on his head…

    He growled but couldn’t do anything, he knows more than trying to yell at me…

    “So what should I do??..what should I do now that you have shattered my dream..all of them had been ruined.” I bawled and he bend his head feeling glum..

    I stomped to and fro feeling really angry that I wanted to burst..

    Just then my phone rang and I took it and saw the caller was Victor..

    I angrily cut the call and put a call to Amanda..

    “Hey we are finally ruined, presh has regained her sight!” I announced making her scream in shock…

    “We have to plan on what to do or else our life would be a disaster..” I said and hung the call, my gaze fell on Dr Eric and I felt like strangling him..

    “I can still help to bring her down, I can still help..”
    He breathed making me sneer at him……
    Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
    “How would you help when you can’t carry out that little job” I snorted

    “Trust me, I’m a doctor and i know how to make a patient live or die..I can’t still make you win” he breathed..



    “So how??”

    “I was dismissed from operating from her for some reason which I would get to know tomorrow, but I want you to know that I would still resume work and presh would still be in the hospital to get fully recovered, I can still inject her and make her unconscious, I can even inject a chemical into her vein and it would badly affect her eyes…because she was just out of surgery, It would make her blind again…it would look like a complication that resulted from the surgery…all hope isn’t lost ma’am” he explained and his words looked good…

    Yeah, he can still make things happen my way…

    “So can I trust you in this one?” I asked with a straight gaze

    “I had done many clean job for you, count this one as one of them” he said with his head lowered…

    “Why do I feel like killing you if you fail the second time??..well, I’d kill you if you fail but if you should do it clean…I’ll give you a million dollars” I said with a smirk and he bowed

    “Wish you luck!” I breathed and lay on the couch…

    Presh can see??..oh, I don’t want to believe that now…

    Presh’s POV

    I blinked my eyes repeatedly trying hard to believe I wasn’t dreaming…

    The light was really penetrating in and my vision was blurred, sometimes everything would go upside down…

    I shut my eyes and opened it again…


    Please someone should tell me I’m not dreaming please, I can see!!!!

    I couldn’t stop screaming, I couldn’t stop the shout..

    Who cares if I wakes up other patients who may be asleep…

    I sprang up from the bed and sighed as I saw that there was a drip in the back of my palm…

    “Where is everyone!!!!!!..come let me see you!!!!” My voice echoed through the whole building…

    The first person I had seen blurry was a nurse who wanted to inject me with something…

    I suspected her that was why I asked why she was here alone, to my dismay, she ran away…

    I had slept back and woke up now only to find out that I can see?!!

    I can’t even recall the face of that nurse…

    The door of the ward opened and someone came in…

    “Presh…” He called and I smiled

    “Yes, how can i help you” I squeaked as I stared at whosoever he was, well he is a doctor because he was wearing a white lab coat…

    But….how did I knew doctors wear white coat???

    Well, I don’t care, all I know is that I know…he is a doctor…

    “You can see me?” He asked with the sweetest smile I had ever seen..

    “I can see you sir, I can feel light..I can see everything!!!” I shouted jerking like I would faint…

    The joy was just too much, i can’t just take it, I feel like i would slump in this happiness..

    “How many finger?” The doctor asked showing me four fingers…

    “Hey mab stop those f**king..I can see four fingers..please there are people I want to seeeeeeeee!!” I squealed biting my lips as I struggled not to burst in great joy…

    “You would see all of them now, they are even on their way here..” He smiled

    “Victor is with them right???..what about my mother???” I asked as my whole body shook in joy.. I could even feel cold chills run through me as I wondered how they would all look…

    Oh god!!!!

    Victor come here before I die of waiting!!!!!

    “I have to leave..” The doctor said and I waved my hand and looked around feeling everything my hand could touch…

    Something struck my mind, I need to see how I look!!..

    There was no mirror there so I just sat there waiting for those people who had make my life meaningful especially my love victor…

    I can’t just stop glancing at the door as I waited…

    Just then, like I expected, like I had longed for….

    The door was pushed open and a woman I guess was my mother walked in with a man that made my heart throb..

    I couldn’t move as I gaze at him…

    His eyes was on me and I felt the connection, I don’t need anyone to tell me that he is my Victor…

    His eyes was wet and mine was also wet, emotions covered me and I felt like I would go crazy…

    Should I say he is handsome, no..its an understatement…

    “Presh..” They both called together and I flinched and smiled

    “Can you see me?” They both asked again with tears falling off their eyes…

    “Yes mom and you Victor.. I can see your cute face, so this is the man I had man I had been talking to??..” I smiled more widely..

    My mother ran into me with a hug as she screamed and shout in glee…
    She hugged me like she would die if she didn’t…

    “So you can see your mother now!”..

    ” yes mom, you look so beautiful even at this age..” I muttered

    “You had always been beautiful my daughter, so you can see!!!!!!” She squeaked again hugging me more tightly…

    “Yes mom, I’m very happy…” I muffled with more tears falling off…

    “Its time for you to meet your man, he is the reason why all this happened..take a look at charming..” My mother said and gave way for me to admire the man after my heart….

    “Presh I feel like I would can see..” He mumbled in tears of joy..

    I quickly pulled out the syringe in my palm and ran to him with a very tight hug…

    He also hugged me and we stayed that way for a long time as our heart beat together..

    Cold chills filled me that I shivered…

    “My body is really drown in sensation, my presh can now see me…what else should hold me from making her mine…” He muffled

    “Let us kiss…” She said with the sweetest smile I have seen..

    “Oh yes!!! are my life..I love you more than anyone can explain..” He cooed with his hand on my cheeks

    Victor’s POV

    “I can’t say I love you because the word love doesn’t explain what I feel for you…” She said in tears as I brought her head closer…

    I brought my lips into hers and kissed her deeply sending shrills down my spine…

    I feel like collapsing…the joy in me is just too much…

    My presh can see now!!!!
    To be continued

    End of season one…….

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    Eddy Ug
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    Anna u don get ur share,

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    Plz bring the season 2 out bcos i cant wait….. Doctor u never learn ur lesson u just want anna to use u and killed u like others…. Am so happy for u presh… So now let the secrete open

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    Congratulations Victor and Presh!

    Anna we shall see your end in season 2

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    Wow, my Presh is now seeing

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    Wow! what a happy ending.

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    Please bring the season 2 on.

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