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    Good for you, wickedness doesn’t pay

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    ?Tears of a
    Blind Girl?

    ??(Battle for Supremacy)??

    By. Humble Smith & Clara William

    ?Season 2?

    Episode 2…

    Dr Eric’s POV

    He walked closer and closer smirking as he clapped his hand…

    Fear was really gripping me as I dipped the syringe and ampoule into my lab coat.

    Just then, something crossed my mind…

    The Prince doesn’t know I am working for Anna…

    There is nothing to be afraid of..

    “Hey why are you coming in here now??” I asked and he chuckled

    “What do you want to inject into her?” He asked with an arched brow

    “Who are you to her??..I just want to make her recover faster” I said smiling to cover my fears…

    “Can I see the ampoule of the content?” He asked giving me the reasons to shudder in shock..

    “What???..why??..” I stuttered

    “Let me see what you want to inject into her” he requested this time with a stern face..

    “I don’t understand…”

    “You will understand later..” He said and brought out his phone, he dialer a number..

    “What are you trying to do?? me for doing my job??..I’m here on duty!” I snorted trying to stop him..

    “Tell that to the cops after they had seen what you have in hand” he shrugged

    “Hello, you van come in..” He said into the phone and grinned at me..

    “You are wasting your time Prince… I am here to give her medication’s, what makes you think I want to hurt her..” I huffed making him chuckle

    “You are working for Anna!” He stated and I felt shudder run through me with my eyes widened in shock…

    My whole body trembled as I stared into his face…

    So he knew all this while..

    “Today would be your last day as a doctor and I swear you would regret ever working for her!” He seethed giving me the reason to tremble…

    I blinked my eyes repeatedly as I thought of what to heart raced do fast that I couldn’t breath normal..

    I looked at his face and I could see anger in it, I feel like kneeling and pleading for forgiveness but how can I do such..

    I was still trying to think of what to do when the door of the ward opened and three cops came in with the head of the doctors…

    My eyes widened as I saw them, I couldn’t help but shiver in fright…

    “Hi, Dr Eric” Dr Stan the dead doctor greeted with a smile..

    I couldn’t reply or glance at him, I was too shocked and afraid…

    “You said you came here to apply some medications on her right??..first, I thought I removed you from the team, secondly, can I see the drug you want to use on her??” He asked leaving me shaken, I gasped in horror wishing the ground would just open so I can sink in and elude this terror about to befall me…

    I was still trembling and finding a way to escape when one of the cops dipped his hand into my pocket and brought out the ampoule and syringe…

    Stan gasped in shock as he saw the content..

    “Arrest him!!!” He screamed still staring at it..

    “He is working for someone…torture him till he tells you where she is and how to get her!” Victor added before walking up to where presh was lying…

    His word send my legs wobbling as I thought of how torture feels like, one things really surprised me, I thought Anna was his fiancee, I thought they were to marry, how would he want the cops to catch her…

    “Hey move on!!” One of the cops seethed

    “Take it easy….I..” A slap landed on my cheek..

    “What??.. How dare you….”

    Another blow landed on my face and that sent me crashing on the floor…

    They dragged me out like a criminal and that was when I found out that I was really doomed…

    The pain of blow couldn’t ease a little and I felt like my face was in fire…

    Would I be able to bear the beatings before spitting out all the truth…I don’t think so…

    They bounded my hands and took me away in their van,

    I can’t help but regret ever indulging In all this,I could have been contented with the money I gets, I had just wanted to acquire wealth so faster that I never cared about what I does…

    As I sat on the bare floor of the van, I felt like killing my self, I am just a total failure…

    Just then, I heard sounds of gunshot from every angle, it was like a gun battle and I had to lie down to escape the shots..

    After some minute, it eased and the door of the van was rolled open

    Who I saw left me trembling…


    “I told you I’m gonna kill you if you fail…goodbye!” She huffed and sent a bullet into my chest…

    It pierced deeply causing an excruciating pain all over body…

    I tried screaming but strength had left me..

    I fell on the ground and gave up….


    Victor’s POV

    I sat beside my princess having her palm into mine as I stared into her face…

    Her beauty really mesmerized me, she looked so calm and fragile making me feel like staying all day with her, I could recall those past moment when she wanted death to take her away, those time when pain was always beside her taunting her life, those tears she sheds…

    I couldn’t take that out of my mind and seeing her being calm now makes me feel like a hero, I was able to put smile into her face…

    I kissed her palm before leaving with the head Doctor…

    “Always keep an eye on her..” I instructed him before finally leaving the hospital..

    I drove home feeling really glad that in succeeded in getting that doctor.

    I got home and my eyes popped out as I notice something unusual..

    The gate was opened and there was some kind of silence in the environment…

    I quickly hopped down from the car and ran in, my heart was really pounding very fast and loud as I pray it wasn’t what I was thinking…

    I got to the porch and it was unlocked, I couldn’t hear any sound…


    It can’t be!!

    I rushed in and just as I feared, no one was in there. .

    I couldn’t see presh mother..
    To be continued

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    Anna again

    She no dey tire?

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    O no anna hand work

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    Anna is at it again

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    this Anna wouldn’t stop upon say she dey oyibo man land

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    I tot victor asked his private investigator to get him Anna’s location, has he nt gotten it? I pray nothin happens to presh’s mother o

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    That Ann must be a devil’s? incarnate .

    But had i kn will b her cry at last, Ewu Gambia.

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