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    **PART ONE**
    CHAPTER 1…….

    It was a bright saturday morning
    on the 7th of september 2013.
    Akinola oluwasegun was walking
    along a popular street in Ibadan,
    Oyo state. He was dressed in a
    white T-shirt and a black pant
    trouser and a black vickers shoe.
    He was on his way to Loyola
    College, a government owned
    secondary school around Agodi
    gate GRA Ibadan for his WAEC GCE
    He entered into the school
    compound and walked towards
    the school building. Being his
    first paper English Language, he
    had no idea of where the
    examination hall was situated.
    So, he had to ask for help from
    other candidates who had come
    the previous days for chemistry
    practicals and Commerce. He
    walked up to a girl seated on the
    staircase reading to ask for the
    “Hello, good morning.” he
    “Good morning.” she replied.
    “Please, are you here for exam?”
    he asked.
    “Yeah.” she replied.
    “Okay. Please, which way is the
    examination hall.” He asked.
    “I don’t know. This is my first
    time here.” She answered.
    (disappointed) “Okay, lets ask
    others the way to the exam hall.”
    He adviced.
    “Okay.” She replied standing up
    and dusting her skirt.


    The invigillator walked into the
    exam hall carrying a green sack
    with the inscription; WEST
    No 62. He was accompanied by
    five teachers of the school.
    A laptop was removed and with
    a thumb printing device attached
    to it.
    “Line up for your biometrics.”
    one of the teachers barked.
    After the completion of the
    biometrics. The candidates were
    asked to sit down according to
    their numbers. The answer
    booklets and the question
    papers were first distributed
    before the attendance was
    marked. The paper lasted two
    and a half hours. The paper
    ended by 11:30am and they
    were given 3hours break before
    the commencement of the paper
    2&3(objectives & the Test of
    Orals respectively).
    Outside the examination hall,
    students were seen in group,
    some in fours, in fives and so on
    discussing and arguing over the
    just concluded paper.
    Oluwasegun(segun for short)
    wast sitting alone under a big
    three near the school football
    pitch. He was flipping through
    the pages of the WAEC English
    language past question. Just then
    someone tapped him from
    behind. He looked up and saw
    his cousin Omolayo Akinola.
    He stood up and hugged her.
    “What are you doing here?” he
    “I came to greet my friends
    writing their exam here. She
    “Where is your centre?”
    “Ikolaba grammar school.”she
    “Most of my friends are in that
    centre.”he said.
    “Are you the only one here?” she
    “Yes, am the only one here from
    my school.”he answered.
    “You must be feeling lonely
    o.”she said.
    The gisted for like ten minutes
    before Omolayo stood up to go,
    “Let me introduce you to my
    friends over there.” she said
    pointing to a group of 2 boys
    and 4 girls gisting.
    He stood up and followed her
    towards the group. Immediately
    they saw them approach they
    stopped talking.
    “Where have you been? One of
    her friends jummy asked
    Omolayo suspiciously.
    Ignoring her question. “Meet my
    cousin, Segun. Segun meet my
    friends.” she introduced.
    “Hi guys.” he greeted.
    “Hi.” They chorused.
    They all hung around till it was
    1:30pm, 30minutes before the
    next paper.
    “Bro, i think we should get going
    so, we won’t be late.” Omolayo
    “Alright, bye. Segun answered.
    Omolayo left with four of her
    friends remaining two who were
    also in segun’s centre. Among
    which was Jummy.

    –to be continued–

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    Episode 2


    The English language paper 2&3
    had ended and students trooped
    out of the exam hall. Some were
    gisting while some walk towards
    the main gate.
    Segun came out and saw Olanike.
    The girl he met in the morning
    on the staircase. He walked up to
    “Hi”. He greeted.
    “Segun?” She asked smilling.
    “Yeah, how was ur papers?” he
    “It was fine and yours?” She
    “Same.” he replied.
    They both walked towards the
    main road.
    “What’s your name?” He asked.
    “So, you don’t know. My name is
    “Nice name.” He complimented.
    “Thanks.” She replied.
    Moments later, they got to the
    bus-stop but unfortunately, they
    are going different ways.
    “Which way are you going?” She
    “Iwo road and you?” he replied.
    “I live in the GRA”. She replied.
    “So, you even lived very close to
    the centre?” he asked.
    “Yeah, don’t you see am lucky?”
    she asked.
    “Very lucky.”
    “Bye, see you on monday.” she
    “Alright.” he replied.
    They parted and Olanike crossed
    to the other side of the road,
    while Segun entered a
    commercial but that will take him
    “a nice begining to a great
    examination.” He thought to
    himself and smiled.

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    TEENAGE LOVE episode 3

    Segun got down at the junction
    leading to his house and started
    walking along the untarred road
    that led to his house.


    He knocked on the big black iron
    gate at the entrance of his
    father’s house. His junior sister
    Mary opened the gate for him.
    “Welcome bro Segun.” She
    greeted bending her knees.
    “Thank you.” He answered.
    “Bring your bag.” She requested.
    Giving it to her. “Is Daddy at
    home?” he asked.
    “No.” she replied.
    “What of mummy?”
    “She’s not back from the shop.”
    she answered.
    He entered into the sitting room,
    climbed the stairs and went
    straight to his room to change
    and take a shower. He came
    down some minutes later and
    asked for his food. He was
    served a plate of rice and fried
    plantain and fish. He ate the food
    hungrily and went into his room
    to take a nap.
    He woke up two hours later and
    he discovered that the PHCN
    (Power Holding Company of
    Nigeria) had restored the light.
    He scrambled out of bed to plug
    his phone to charge. Then he
    settle down to read for his next
    paper, Agricultural Science which
    was scheduled to take place the
    following monday. He read for
    the next on hour before he went
    to the dining to have his dinner.
    He got there and found mary in
    the living room watching T.v.
    He finished his food and rose up
    to go to bed.
    “Won’t you go and sleep?” he
    “I will. But i want to finish this
    move. She answered.
    “Okay, but kindly reduce the
    volume so that you won’t disturb
    dad and mum. He requested.
    She picked up the remote control
    and reduced the volume.
    “Goodnight.” He said
    “Goodnight.” She replied.
    Immediately he got into his
    room, he unplugged his phone
    and logged in to a popular chat
    application known as ‘2go’.
    He was suprised to see a
    pending friend request from a
    strange user ‘jummy77’. He
    accepted the request and he
    discovered that the user was
    online. His phone beeped. A new
    message. The following the
    course which their conversation
    Jummy77: Hi.
    Shegzy: Hello.
    Jummy77: How are you?
    Shegzy: Am good and
    you?….please do i know you?
    Jummy77: Am fine.
    Jummy77: This is Jummy,
    Omolayo’s friend .
    Shegzy: Oh! Its you. How was
    your day.
    Jummy77: It was good.
    Shegzy: Dat’s good to hear.
    Jummy77: How is your girlfriend.
    [smile>big grin]
    He chatted with a few more
    friends before exiting the
    application. He picked up his
    essential Agrictultural science
    textbook and started reading. He
    slep around 2am the following
    morning which was a sunday.
    –to be continue–

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    TEENAGE LOVE episode 4


    Mr Akinola was seated on a sofa
    in the sitting room with his wife
    and daughter.
    “You! Call your brother for me”.
    He said.
    She stood up and went upstairs
    towards Segun’s room.
    Knocking the door. “Bro Segun?
    Daddy is calling you.”
    “Okay, am coming. He replied.
    She left the door and went back
    to the sitting room to join her
    Few minutes later, Segun
    descended the stairs and went to
    the sitting room.
    “Yes Dad, I learnt you’re calling
    “Yes. Aren’t you going for your
    papers today?”
    “I will but i have an afternoon
    paper.” He replied.
    “Okay! Take. He said handing him
    a #50
    “Thank you sir.”
    Standing on his feet. “See you
    later in the evening.”
    “Bye Dad.” They both chorused.
    “Daddy, wait let me pick my bag,
    so you can drop me in the shop.”
    His wife said.
    “Aren’t you taking your car?” he
    “Yes, i don’t feel like.” She replied.
    “No problem. Meet me outside.”
    he said.
    Mrs Akinola stood up and went
    inside to pick up her handbag.
    She re-emerged a few minutes
    “Yes mum.”
    “Make sure you prepare
    something to eat before you
    father comes back.”
    “Ok ma.”
    With this, she went outside and
    joined her husband in the green
    Toyota RAV-4 parked outside. Off
    they both went out.
    Segun came out of his room
    dressed in a blue long sleeves
    fitted shirt and a black pant
    trouser with a black paul smith
    shoe. He was looking handsome
    and cute.
    Mary was seated in the living
    room reading a novel. She looked
    towards the dining area when
    she heard footsteps on the stairs.
    “Where to?” She asked.
    “Am off for my papers.” He
    “But i thought it is scheduled for
    2pm.” She asked.
    “Yes, you’re right but i have to
    make it early to the exam hall to
    avoid stories that touch.” He
    “Okay, safe journey. She prayed.
    “Amen, thanks. He replied.
    “Heads will surely turn in that
    centre when they see a
    handsome boy enter.” she said
    “hmmm. He giggled before
    rushing out of the house.


    Segun walked into Loyola colled
    on monday afternoon. He walked
    towards the examination hall
    opposite the school football
    pitch. He entered the hall and
    walked towards his seat. Only a
    few student were around as at
    the time he came. He greeted
    those seated at the front seats,
    he looked towards the end of the
    hall and saw someone wave at
    him, he waved back and sat
    down. He mumured a few words
    of prayer, opened his textbook
    and did some 1th-hour revision.
    “Hey!” she said tapping on the
    “Oh! It’s you?” he replied.
    “How are you?” she asked.
    “Am fine and you?” he replied.
    “Am okay.” she answered.
    “that’s good.” he said.
    “Are you busy?” she asked.
    “No, why?” he replied with a
    “Just want to read my books.”
    “Ok have your sit.” He said
    shifting for her.


    A light complexioned guy walked
    into the exam hall burning with
    anger. He tapped segun’s table,
    disrupting their conversation.
    “Yes! How may i help you?”
    Segun asked.
    “What are you doing with my
    girlfriend?” He asked.
    –to be continued–

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    “What are you doing with my
    girlfriend?” he asked.
    Segun pretended as if he didn’t
    hear what he said. He looked
    back as if he was helping him
    search for his girlfriend.
    In a blink of an eye a slap was
    release atomically on segun’s
    handsome face. Before Segun
    could react, the guy had slapped
    Olanike too.
    “It’s over between us! The guy
    “Emmanuel please, it’s not what
    you think.” olanike explained
    with a shaky voice.
    She tried holding him but he
    freed his hands and released
    another slap on her face. Just
    then Segun stood up and
    retaliated with two hot slaps on
    Emmanuel’s face. Causing him to
    stagger backwards. Emmanuel
    face segun with a burning eyes,
    then he carried a chair with the
    aim of hitting Segun with it but
    Segun was fast enough to push
    Olanike out of danger and
    blocked the chair from hitting
    him with his hands. He pushed
    Emmanuel to the ground and
    “You’re a disgrace for hitting
    your girlfriend. Even if she is
    cheating, there are better way
    through which you can call her
    back to order and not by
    humilliating her in public.”
    Emmanuel stood up angrily but
    before he could take another
    step, other candidates in the
    examination hall had held him
    and bundled him out
    “I’ll catch you later, you fool and
    as for you, Dam, don’t ever come
    near me again. He ranted on and
    on as he left the examination hall.
    “Am very sorry about that.”
    olanike said packing her books.
    “No problem.” segun replied.
    Segun sat down and thought
    about the incidence that just
    took place, he smiled. He was
    suprised, he muster such
    courage to face such an angry
    guy. He opened his textbook and
    continued reading.
    Olanike on her own part was
    seated on her seat head bent on
    her locker holding back tears.
    “So, i have finally lost Emma? But
    is it a crime to be friends with
    another guy? Does that mean am
    cheating? Or maybe they both
    have an unfinished business
    before. What am i thinking? I met
    this guy just last week. It’s not
    possible we have started dating.
    I’ll have to explain myself to
    Emma.” she thought to herself.
    Meanwhile jummy had been
    watching the unfolding drama
    since. She decided to talk to
    “Hey! Good afternoon.” she said
    immediately she got to segun’s
    “Good afternoon.” segun replied
    without looking up.
    “What just went wrong between
    you and your girlfriend?”
    “You’re sick.” segun cursed
    inwardly. “She’s not my
    “So you guys aren’t dating and
    you could defend her by taking
    such risk?” She asked smilling.
    “I don’t like when guys treat girls
    bad.” He said.
    “Anyways, i just came to say hi,
    and to commend you for your
    ‘jack bauer’s’ action.
    “Thanks.” he replied laughing.
    She left for her seat while segun
    continued reading. Just then
    Emma entered the exam hall and
    went straight to Segun’s seat. He
    got there and handed him a
    piece of paper.
    –to be continued–

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    Episode 6

    He unfolded the paper and read
    the words scribbled on it.
    “The battle line has been drawn. I
    pray you don’t loose your life cos
    you have gotten entangled in a
    web of trouble.”
    Segun sighed and stood up
    facing the enraged Emmanuel.
    Meanwhile Olanike had left her
    seat for Segun’s seat.
    Immediately she got there, she
    collected the paper from Segun
    and read what was written on it.
    She looked at Emma with an
    angry face.
    “Emma! Why are you doing this?”
    “Hey! You’d better stay out of
    this.” he retorted.
    “Segun please don’t do
    anything.” she advised.
    Segun tore the paper into pieces
    and gave it back to emma before
    walking angrily out of the hall.
    Leaving Emma and Olanike
    “What do you think you are
    doing? She asked.
    “What does it look like?” he
    replied with another question.
    “Leave the guy out of this. We
    aren’t dating. We are just
    “friends my foot. Continue being
    friends with him, since he is
    more important to you than me.”
    He said.
    “What do you mean?” she asked.
    “You can’t deny seeing my
    messages on whatsapp
    requesting to see you outside. He
    “What message? I didn’t see
    anything of such.” she said
    bringing out her phone from her
    “Oh my God! I don’t knw you
    sent me a message. Infact my
    phone is in silent mode.”
    “Your phone is silent mode to
    avoid disturbance right?”
    “Yeah, but not disturbance from
    “Save it for all i care.” he cut her
    short and walked away angrily.
    “Emma!” She called after him but
    got no reply.
    He met segun by the door and
    blocked him from entering.
    “Hey! Let me in. Segun warned.
    “Do your worst.” emma dared
    Segun held him by his collar
    causing him to gag and leave the
    way for him to enter.
    Just then the invigillator entered
    into the class. Paying no
    attention to struggling boys.
    “Bastards. See how they are
    fighting in public.” he said
    The whole hall bursted into
    “Only God knows what they are
    fighting for.” he said.
    “They are fighting because of a
    girl.” a boy shouted from the
    “You see. They were sent here to
    write exam but they are chasing
    girls.” he said and hissed.
    Segun went back to his seat and
    waited for the distribution of the
    question and answer booklet.
    –to be continued–

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    Ha nawa ooo… U started dis story with quite a long update… Now dat we re following u re reducing d lenght… Why nw?? Aw many months re we gonna spend on all dis stories?? Habah

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