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    Segun was busy writing and
    supplying answers to the
    questions given to them.
    “WAEC in trouble.” he thought to
    “Submit everybody.” the
    invigilator shouted. Signifying
    the end of the theory paper.
    The students all stood up at once
    and walked towards the front to
    submit their answer booklet
    causing pandemonium. Segun
    waited till everything had settled
    before he stood up and
    submitted his booklet and sat
    down patiently waiting for the
    OMR sheet for the objectives.


    The students all trooped out of
    the exam hall signifying the end
    of the paper for the day.
    Segun came out and was
    surprised to see everybody talking
    and pointing at him. He
    pretended he didn’t hear them
    as he continued walking towards
    the gate when he saw Olanike
    walking in front. He increased his
    pace and caught up with her.
    “Nike?” he called out.
    “Yes.” she answered coldly amidst
    “What’s wrong with you? Why
    are you crying?”
    “Am not crying.”
    “But tears is in your eyes.”
    “Please i want to be alone.” she
    “Okay. Can i have you number?”
    he found himself asking.
    “No problem.” she collected his
    phone and typed her number.
    “Thanks.” he said.
    They walked on in silence till they
    got to the bus-stop where they
    went their separate ways.

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    Episode 8
    Segun got home around 5:30pm
    and was surprised to find his
    father in the sitting room.
    “Good afternoon Dad.” he
    greeted prostrating.
    “Welcome boy.” his father
    “How was your paper.” he asked.
    “It was fine.” he said handling
    the question paper his father.
    He looked at it for some minutes
    before giving it back to him.
    “Best of luck.” he prayed.
    “Amen.” he answered.
    He made to leave the sitting
    room but his father called him
    “Segun. What happened to your
    “Erhm. Nothing sir.” He replied.
    “So you mean my eyes are
    deceiving me.”
    “No sir. It’s just that i hit my face
    on the window frame of the bus
    i boarded home.” he lied.
    “Okay. Just make sure you take
    care of yourself.” he advised.
    He knew his father didn’t buy his
    lie but he possibly can’t tell him
    he fought a guy because he was
    talking to the guy’s girlfriend. He
    would be in trouble if he said so.
    He entered him room, changed
    his clothes and took a shower
    before coming downstairs to eat
    his lunch. Once he is through
    with eating he went back to his
    room to sleep. As he lay on the
    bed his phone rang. He checked
    the caller ‘unknown number’. He
    picked it up.
    “Hello” the caller said.
    “Hello. Please who is this?” he
    “It’s me jummy.” the caller
    “What’s this girl’s problem.?” he
    asked himself.
    “Oh! It’s you.” he replied.
    “Yeah.” she answered.
    “How did you get my number?”
    he asked.
    “I collected it from Omolayo.” she
    “Okay. So how are you doing?”
    “Am fine. I just want to say ‘hi’
    and to ask if you didn’t feel any
    pain from that guy’s hits.”
    “Not at all.” he answered.
    “Thank God you’re okay.” she
    “Thanks for your concern. Good
    night.” he said and ended the
    [“What’s wrong with me? Why
    did i end the call when she was
    the one that called.”] he thought
    to himself and smiled.


    “What’s this guy’s problem sef.
    I’m showing him face, yet he
    kept on proving hard. Who will
    see a girl like me and say he
    didn’t see an angel.” she thought
    and hissed angrily.
    –to be continued

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    She picked up her phone and
    dialled Omolayo’s number. She
    picked the call immediately.
    “Hullo!” Omolayo greeted from
    the other end.
    “What’s you brother’s problem?”
    jummy asked angrily.
    “How did it go?” omolayo asked.
    “He was just behaving so weird
    and the most annoying part was
    that he ended the call.”
    “But you were the one who
    called him? Layo asked.
    “Abi o.” jummy replied.
    “Maybe he didn’t want you to
    waste your credit.” layo said
    “I thought you are in the best
    position to advice me, that was
    why i called you. Mtcheeew.” she
    said angrily and ended the call.
    Immediately she switched off her
    phone and laid on her bed to


    Segun picked up his phone and
    dialled olanike’s number. It rang
    for some seconds befor she
    picked it up.
    “Hello.” he greeted.
    “Hello, who is this?” she asked.
    “Am i speaking with Olanike?” he
    “Yes. And may i know who this
    “It’s me segun.” he informed.
    “Okay. How are you?” she asked.
    “Am fine and you?” he replied.
    “Am good.” she replied.
    “I just called to say ‘hi’.” he said.
    “Oh! That’s very good of you.
    “Don’t mention. goodnight.”
    “Yeah good night.” she replied.
    Segun ended the call and laid
    down on his bed to sleep.

    10:30AM TUESDAY

    Segun came out of his room
    dressed in a white T-shirt over a
    blue jean and a gucci palm
    “Where are you going?” Mary
    “Micheal’s place.” he replied.
    “Mtcheeew.” she hissed.
    “I don’t know your problem with
    this guy.”
    “I have no problem with him. I
    just dislike him.” she countered.
    “God will help you.” he prayed.
    “Buy something for me when
    you’re coming back.” she said.
    “Something like….banana? He
    “Do i resemble a monkey? She
    said and bursted into laughter.
    “Okay, see you later.”
    With this he dashed out of the
    house into the main road and
    walked to the next street where
    micheal’s house was located.
    He knocked on the door and
    micheal opened the door for him.
    “My guy how far? Micheal
    greeted extending his hands.
    “Am okay o.” he replied shaking
    his hand.
    He entered and sat down on his
    favourite chair close to the door.
    “Oga how far about the Olanike
    of a girl you told me?” Micheal
    –to be continued–

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    EPISODE 10

    “Hw far about the Olanike of a
    girl you told me?” mike asked.
    “I still dey on top am o.” segun
    “Hope sey her boyfriend no dey
    fumble sha? Mike asked.
    “Him just dey form hard guy.”
    segun answered.
    “You just have to treat his Bleep
    up.” mike advised.
    “I’ll see to that.” segun relied.
    “But you need to change your
    strategy concerning the girl. You
    have to be more caring and more
    considerate of her feelings and
    you’ll see that sky is not the
    limit.” mike adviced.
    “Okay boss.” segun said and they
    both bursted into laughter.
    “Won’t you come and chill with
    me in my centre?” micheal asked.
    “I’ll come but that will be on
    saturday. When we’ll write
    mathematics. He replied.
    “Okay. Just bring girls along.”
    “A cousin of mine is even in your
    centre.” segun informed expertly
    changing the topic.
    “What’s her name?” mike asked
    “Akinola Omolayo.” segun told
    “So, she’s your cousin. She
    happens to be my seat mate.
    That girl make mad sense o.”
    mike said.
    “Don’t try anything with that girl
    o.” segun warned playfully.
    “You dey craze. No be another
    person’s cousin you dey target?
    Mike replied.
    “what’s your own? Segun asked.
    Segun brought out his phone
    and opened his 2go application
    and loaded jummy’s picture and
    showed mike.
    “Oh my Goist! Micheal exclaimed.
    “What’s that?”
    “This girl set o.” mike said.
    “So, how does that one concern
    me.” segun asked irritatedly.
    “And you said she dey give you
    face?” mike asked.
    “Yes nau.” segun replied.
    “O boy you better act fast so you
    don’t loose two things at a time.”
    mike advised.
    “So what are you insinuating?
    Segun asked.
    “What gave you the assurance
    that Nike will break up with
    Emmanuel?” mike asked.
    “I don’t know.” segun said.
    “If you devote all you effort on
    Nike and you neglect Jummy.
    Jummy will find solution to her
    problem.” Mike stressed further.
    “But, she’s not my type.” segun
    “Sit down there and said, she is
    not your type. I pray you don’t
    regret it.” mike said.
    Segun stayed with Mike till
    around 3pm talking about
    sports, girls and their ongoing
    examination. Before segun left
    for his house. On getting to the
    junction of his street he
    remembered what Mary sent
    him. He quickly bought apples
    and kept it inside a polythene
    He got home and gave it to her.
    “You are the best brother in the
    world.” she said.
    “It is only when i do something
    for you that you know that i am
    your brother.” segun said.
    “Whatever, your food is on the
    dining table.” she informed.
    As he was about to sit down to
    eat his phone rang. He checked
    the caller, it was Jummy. He
    considered ignoring it but on a
    second thought, he picked it.
    “Hello.” Jummy greeted.
    “Hi.” he replied.
    “How are you.” she asked.
    “Am good and you?” he replied.
    “Am fine.” she replied.
    “Segun?” she called.
    “Yes?” he responded.
    “I want to tell you something.”
    she informed.
    “What’s that?” he asked.
    “Erhm…erhm….segun, i don’t
    know how to say this, it is
    strange, but i have no choice.”
    she said.
    “Say it now.” segun replied
    –to be continued tomorrow–

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    Hmmm dis is Really a teenage story

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    EPISODE 11

    “Segun since the first day we met
    i have developed a kind of
    likeness or lemme say am fond of
    you. There is this feeling i have
    when i think about you. Segun i
    think i love you.” she said.
    “You said what?” he pretended.
    “Segun don’t see me as someone
    that is desperate. Its just that i
    love you.” she said calmly.
    “But i still don’t get you.” he said.
    The line clicked at the other end
    which means that she had ended
    the call. Segun sighed and
    dropped his phone the table to
    eat his almost cold food.


    After the evening devotion, Mr
    Akinola bade every member of
    his household a wonderful night
    rest. Segun got into his room
    logged into whatsapp to explain
    everything that ensued between
    him and Jummy to Mike.
    Mike adviced him and told him to
    accept her proposal but he
    declined wich prompted mike to
    tell him to suit himself.
    Segun logged into his 2go
    account and found Jummy
    He greeted her but got no reply.
    He got infuriated and logged out.
    His phone rang a few minutes
    later, he checked the caller and
    was suprised to see Nike calling.
    He picked at first ring.
    “Hello.” she greeted.
    “Hi.” he replied.
    “How are you?” she inquired.
    “Am fine o.” he replied.
    “That’s good to hear.” she said.
    “Hope you are preparing for your
    next paper?” he asked.
    “Yes o. Agric practical.” she said.
    “Success is ours.” he prayed.
    “Amen.” she responded.
    “I just called to say hi.” she
    “Okay, thanks for checking on
    me.” he said.
    “You are welcome.” she said.
    “Good night.” he said.
    “Yeah.” she replied and ended
    the call.
    Segum stood up and jubilated in
    his room.
    “Yeah, she is now becoming free
    with me. I said it i posses this
    charming look that attract girls.”
    he said amidst laughter.

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    EPISODE 12


    Segun got to his examination
    centre and was suprised to see
    olanike seated at a confined
    place under the stair case.
    He heard a sound like someone
    is crying, so he traced the
    direction of the sound to under
    the steps.
    “Nike? What are you doing
    here?” He asked.
    Startled. “Oh! Segun its you.”
    “What’s the matter.” he asked.
    “Nothing.” she answered.
    “Nothing! And you are crying.” he
    “Oh! Am i? She asked.
    “You know you can tell me what
    the matter is.” he said calmly.
    She dipped her hand into her
    purse and brought out her
    phone. She opened her message
    inbox for him. He read.
    “Meet me at loyola college we
    need to talk.” 4rm Emma.
    “So, what’s wrong with the
    message?” segun asked.
    “I got to this place at exactly 11
    o’clock but was suprised when
    Emma officially called it quits and
    returned the phone i got for
    “You mean you bought a phone
    for him?” segun asked.
    “No i lied to my dad that my
    phone was stolen, so he gave me
    the money for another one
    which i gave to Emma.” she said.
    “That’s silly.” segun said angrily.
    “I helped him because he was
    not financially okay. I did it out of
    love.” She said as she tried to
    hold back tears.
    “So you duped your Dad because
    of your boyfriend?” segun asked.
    “I thought i was helping him.”
    “But why would he return the
    phone. He can continue using it
    now.” segun said.
    “He said i was trampling on his
    emotions because i am richer
    than him and i have been
    assisting him financially, since
    we’ve being dating.” she said
    “That’s not an excuse.” segun
    “I don’t even know what to do.”
    she said.
    “Try and beg him and talk him
    out of breaking up with you.”
    segun advised.
    “I have done that, but he seems
    to have made up his mind about
    it.” she said.
    “That means he has lost interest
    in you a long time ago. He was
    just looking for an avenue to
    break up with you. Because i see
    nothing wrong in you having
    male friends.” segun explained.
    She listened with rapt attention.
    “Thanks” she said.
    “Wash your face with water to
    clear off any trace of tears.”
    Segun adviced.
    She collected a bottled water
    from him and rinsed her face
    with a face towel he offered her.
    “Lets get out of here.” he said
    leading the way.
    “Okay.” she said and followed
    –to be continued–

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    Episode 13

    They took a walk round the
    school compound talking about
    so many thing. They walked, sat
    down taking, getting to know
    themselves better.
    One hour later segun had
    suceeded in knowing so much
    about her. She is Olanike Olajire.
    She is 16yrs old just like him. She
    was born into a christian family
    of five in october. She attends a
    private secondary school in
    ibadan in the name of ‘Steadfast
    Comprehensive College.” she likes
    reading,writing, cooking, making
    friends and meeting people. But
    disliked watching films. She was
    also a music and fashion freak.
    They got into the examination
    hall exactly the same time when
    the invigillator entered. He
    distributed the question papers.
    And the students began writing.
    Most of the candidates were
    checking answers online while
    some others were exchanging
    micro-chips and all manners of
    examination malpractices. Segun
    was busy providing answers to
    the questions before him. But,
    out of sympathy he managed to
    assist those who called for his


    The paper which started at
    exactly 2pm ended by 3:15pm.
    Segun stood up and made to get
    out of the hall to go and wait for
    Olanike outside but Jummy came
    by and dragged him to the back
    of the hall.
    “Hi.” she greeted.
    “Wassup.” he replied.
    “How was your paper?” she
    “It was great and yours?” he
    “It wasn’t bad. Even though it
    was difficult.” she said as they
    both laughed.
    Segun saw a sign of tension
    relief on her face as she became
    a little bit free with him.
    “You were telling me something
    last night.” segun said.
    “Yes, i meant all what i told you.”
    she replied.
    “But what if i have a girlfriend?”
    he asked.
    “I had done the research about
    you.” she informed.
    “Hmmmm.” he sighed. “That’s
    strange.” he added.
    “What’s strange about that?” she
    Just then his phone beeped. ‘a
    new message on whatsapp.” He
    read the message, it was from
    Olanike. It reads;
    “Am ready to go, wah about
    He read it and pocketed his
    “I have to go.” he announced.
    “Oh! So soon?” she asked
    “No o i’ll sleep here.” he said
    “Okay, bye.” she said.
    “Alright.” he said and walked to
    the enterance wher Olanike was
    waiting for him.
    “Hey, sorry, i kept you waiting.”
    he said apologetically.
    “Oh! No, i just finishe what i was
    doing.” she said smiling.
    “Okay. Let’s go.” he said and they
    both walked down the stairs
    leading to the tarred road which
    surrounded the football pitch in
    “And who was that girl?”
    referring to Jummy.she asked
    breaking the silence.
    –to be continued–

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