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    This is a complete work of fiction, any resemblance with anyone dead or alive or occurrence is a pure coincidence.
    Candidly the story is not in anyway my autobiography. USING my name TEMI is just my own way of acknowledging myself and my name “TEMILOLUWA”. Because that name is actually the inspiration for the story. Please kindly stop the negative notion about me.
    No part of this work can be copied, reproduced or sold without the consent of the author. Anthony Temiloluwa Kenny

    Contact details; Whatsapp 08031568621 call 08053256537 or email [email protected]

    After the successful completion of “TEMÍ” (MINE) i had no idea i was going to pen down the season 2, well thanks thanks to the fans from coolval here and outsiders too who have ceaselessly urged me through my email and whatsapp to write a sequel. At first i tried to suppress the urge, but when it became grounded, well i just have to succumb. Now I’m bringing TEMÍ (MINE): ALL ABOUT TRUE LOVE SEASON 2 back on

    Comments flooded everywhere praising how the season1 ended on a happy note, hmmmmm… lets see how it ends in season 2 because i myself i don’t have an idea. I’m just writing and don’t even know where it will end.

    Some characters in the previous season would fall out from the this season 2. Characters like Tunde Ogunyemi, Nurse Tracy are going on exile, but i can’t say for now if Eliza and Dami remains on the set. However, expect the likes of Inspector Lance, Mirabel and Racheal Fatoyinbo and Dr.Banji! Also, there are lot of incoming characters such as Captain blood, Sofia, Sting, Rhamort cleo, Tony and Tonia


    Destiny they say is an event that will inevitably happen in the future. The ultimate agency regarded as predetermining the course of events.

    It was so patent in season 1 how Temi cheated on Destiny by protecting Mirabel and co. part of the household of Dr.Banji he was doomed or destined to annihilate. But like the say, “destiny can only delayed it can never be denied!”

    Now sit back, relax and enjoy the tight gripping, action packed, suspense filled and of course romance story of how situation changes TEMÍ into becoming the monstrous doom he thought he had escaped from.

    Temi is back as the doom to exterminate all of Dr.Banji’s household and unfortunately including Mirabel the love of his life and his two lovely twins Anthony and Anthonia and his biological father, Dami.

    Would Temi eventually fulfil destiny by killing everyone he had ever loved and cherish most in life? Dr.Banji came back to life, but how did he manage to do that ? After all he has been razed down to incinerate. How would law karma finally bounce back on Dami after he thought he has been acquitted by his prickly conscience ? How would inspector Lance save the day ? Another romance story is entangled between Sofia and who ? Who is Rhamort cleo ? How deadly and desperate is Captain blood and Sting ? Eventually, there is a brutal death of someone.. And Who is that person ?


    NEXT ON TEMI season 2

    Temi’s eyes flickered as he tried adjusting them to the quirkiness of the room. Everywhere, everything was strange to him. The vented room had cool breeze oozing inside the room, but they were not enough to quench the heat burning inside his head, his body, as it seemed the breeze had even aided to drench all of his body with sweat.

    He looked around in quizzical manner, to get something, probably an idea that would strike him out his state of ignorance state, but unfortunately he got nothing from the well spaced room that only had one bed which he was sitting upon. A bed and two large windows embellish with blinds were the only thing his eyes could capture. A ceiling fan doing justice to breeze that floated the room was squeaking noisily to his irritation. The place reflexed nothing but gaol to him.

    After minutes of futile tries, something struck him. His name. He couldn’t remember his name. He couldn’t remember who he was. He couldn’t recollect anything about him. He struggled to remember but the more he strived his head, the more it panged. Then he receded from trying to know who he was. He gave up to his state of delirium, just to appease the pain panging louder.

    Then he heard a whisper “captain blood, it seems he is awake, let’s go check on him”

    “Oh really? Alright let’s go” a voice replied the former.

    Then the metal door of his pricy prison creaked opened. While two chaps entered with a sinister smirk but decrepitate look.

    “Who am i ? And who are you people”? Temi snapped at them with most curious look his face could muster. But instead of getting a reply, all he got was a serial nods and grin from the chaps. Then one of them moved towards him, brought out a photo album from his breast pocket and flipped the first page open.

    “Do you know this person?”

    Temi stared at Mirabel’s beautiful face glistering out if the picture. But he had no idea who she was.

    “i don’t know her” he replied. Then the man brought another picture of his children. Tony and Tonia. Temi gawped at them too, he noticed a striking resemblance between the previous picture they showed him. The lady and the children shared something in common. So he couldn’t momentarily decipher.
    Temi he didn’t remember his children either.

    “Who are they ? And what have they got to do with who i am and what i am doing here. Just tell me who i am”

    The two chaps grinned happily as they confirmed his total misplaced identity. Now it was about time they execute their plan. Time to help him fulfil prophecy to their own vantage. Time to coerce him to kill his beloved ones without bathing an eyelid.

    “I’m Captain blood, and him, call him Sting”

    “So what’s my own name ? What am i ? And what do you want from me ? Temi queried..

    “Your own name is ..” The chap paused a little like someone meditating, thinking of whether to give him his correct name or lease him a new nickname. Giving him his real name could jeopardize their mission sometimes in the future. So they had better lease him a pseud name for now till is mission accomplished.

    “Jahah.. Your name is Jahah” he finially quipped.

    “Jaahaah ? I’m Jahaa ?” Temi repeated casting a leery look on Captain blood. Even though he didn’t believe him, but still he couldn’t find any cue attesting he lied to him.

    “So what do you want from me ?” He quizzed more

    “Your are mistaken Jahah.. We dont want anything from you.. We are only here to help you.. We are here to help you fulfil your destiny. We are here to help you reinstate your fate”

    “And what is the destiny ?” Temi asked befuddled. While the two chaps sinister smiles turned to menacing stares.

    “Your destiny is to kill. To exterminate the Sagutarys .” Captain blood pointed to the pictures of Dami, Mirabel, Tony and Tonia. “To annihilate them all” he roared!


    Guys this is just a snippet or let me say a teaser. The full story starts on 20th of February. I’m sorry if you think it too long but my reason is that i want to finish writing and posting “Broken Angel, 2gods and 2loverboys” so i won’t be strangled with the pain of writing of two stories at a time while i have other personal stuffs to attend to as well. It wouldn’t be easy that way. So just hold on guys till the story starts properly. And incase you haven’t read the TEMI season1, i will advise you to do so before joining this blockbuster. Thanks thanks guys. 🙂

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    iyaf landed

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    emi khe…mi miss e ti..

    20 loun loun nd tuday z what? 5 we qat 15 days tu qo..any how sha we qo wait…. @omodemilade59 darlinq @pemamezi @invincible @pizzaro @sonshine u quyz really need tu c dz

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    I’m right here! Thanks @pheranmmie041 your face dey scarce ooo

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    wow nice 1…patiently waiting

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    wow good to be here on time,OK let d story [email protected] good to go

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    Who ar those nd whr ar dey from? I mean captain blood nd sting? Waiting 4 answers nd episodes

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