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    Certified BaeCertified Bae
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    U wnt too faa…

    nw Nemesis av caught up wit u

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    maybe bisola was the one that sold you off

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    Who is that lady?

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    mr couplemr couple
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    I couldn’t believe what I saw infact she’s the least person I expected. I was dumbfolded seing my room mate since my first year in university as the sole brain behind my predicament. Haaa! Busayo of all people. That’s day I believed this ascetion that “no more friend but enemy in pretence”
    Busayo: I’m here love.
    Femi: welcome dear. So this is your friend that turned me to ATM.
    Busayo: yes so. Ms advanced chatter aka Temilade the facebook babe.
    Femi: if they ask you what led you to it now, is either you blamed it on devil or economy of the country.
    Busayo: don’t mind her, its simply greediness and ungodliness.
    Femi: you’re right, she lacked fear of God.
    Segun: which action you want me to take now?
    Femi: let her face the wrath of law.
    Segun: okay.
    Femi: well, before we leave, I’m happy to tell you that Busayo is my fiancee.
    Busayo: why bothering yourself? I knew she don’t need soothsayer to tell her that. Temmy, I think I warned you but you said am too local and poor. Can you see now that who laugh last laugh best. I’m getting marry soon(showing me a golden ring). In whatever you are doing remember the “LAW OF KARMA”.
    Suddenly and involountarily, I took courage and said……..
    Me: arresting me or sentencing me is not my pains, but you! My best friend. you did this to me. Believe me you will regret you ever do so.
    Busayo: (laughing) so you can still face me to talk. Please sir! Ensure they torture her very well.
    Femi: thanks Segun for the job well done.
    Segun: I was only doing my job besides what are friends for.
    Femi: all the same thank you.
    Tunji: take her back.
    Clarion came later requesting to tell my mum but I warned her not to do so.
    I spent three weeks in the cell which was contrary to the Nigeria constitution before they charged me to court but does a criminal like me has any right? No.
    When I got to court, Clarion has arranged a lawyer for me.
    I could see different people sitting down to witness the pronouncement of judge on various cases. As the Judge walked in……….
    Secretary: court!!!
    We all rise for the arrival of the judge.
    Judge: call the case number.
    Secretary: case no 333/HFU/07A of one chief Abiodun.
    Judge: appearances.
    Both lawyers did introduction and whom they stand for…….
    I was bit happy when I noticed it’s the same chief case. After much of quotation and citation from constitution, the judge gave pronouncement thus….
    Judge: after we’ve heard from prosecuting counsel. and defense counsel, this court found out that the charges levied against Chief Abiodun Olohunlogbon CEO of ASA T global investment is baseless, lacked justification and mere deformation of character.
    This court therefore strick the case off and discharge you unacquited.
    Hmm! I could not believe my ears as Chief and his entourage were jubilating. He was discharged after all my efforts to bring him to book, to put him behind the bar. Infact, nothing like this saying again “judiciary is the hope of a common man”.
    No doubt! the judge was bribed.
    Poor man faces the crime they commit as well as those they don’t, whereas rich go scot free irrespective of the gravity of their offence.
    Suddenly I heard the judge said, Next case!
    Secretary: case number 202/G12/12C of one ms
    Ogechi Temilade.
    My chest pounded faster when I heard my name.
    I moved to the dock.
    After taking the oath….
    Judge: appearances.
    My lawyer and Femi’s lawyer stood up and said their names.
    After a lot of arguments and justification from both
    lawyers, judge gave his verdict thus…..
    Judge: before I pass my judgement do you have anything to say Barrister Akorede?
    Barrister: my lord, I don’t have anything to say than to tamper her justice with mercy.
    Judge: with evidence presented to this court. It was seen clearly that you Ogechi Temilade is guilty
    of Conspiracy and fraud which is punishable under the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria. On this note, this is my judgement.
    Hmmm!(I took a heavy breath).
    Judge: this court sentenced you to four years imprisonment with hard labour without any option of fine.
    Barristers: as your lordship pleases.
    Judge: I rise……
    Secretary: court!!!!
    I was sentenced to four years imprisonment just like that
    whereas a murderer was discharged unaquited.
    Temilade you came from a devouted Muslim family. You was brought up very well to the best of your parent ability though they are poor. You deserted your lord and embarked on “REVENGE ADVENTURE” you forgot that, the best judge is God. Hmmm! Have you now realised God is all knowing (a thought came in). Suddenly I shouted NO! NO!! NO!!! I can’t accept this (weeping in the process).
    I was locked in blackmaria and drove to prison.
    *********THE END*********
    Thanks for being there always.
    I love you all.

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    You have alot wolves as friend.
    Ur revenqe led to your destruction…
    Patiently waitinq..

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    See where your revenge schemes led you to!…Now you ended up in the prison with 4 years imprisonment coupled with hard labour with no option of fine. . . .

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    Etz FroshberryEtz Froshberry
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    Waiting patiently for the season 2….

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    AvatarMhiz Bee
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    Dats Y It Is Nt Gud To Pay Evil Wit Evil Or Revenge

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