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    When a contestant arrived,to the ancient temple bringing on his evil threat upon mankind
    in the place and killing many contestants in the place, having learning about the mysterious realm in place, he makes his plan to have the power in it finding possible ways to have it.
    He makes waves after waves and a ferocity never seen before while manys feared him all over the world setting his sight in the realm.


    master combatant
    sences dangers
    healing factors
    lifes skills
    wisdom and knowledge


    This story is a short story having already eight complete episodes in it and was from reader 1 series of the ultral crystals comic stories written by Abiodun David Anointed the author of the ongoing story “AGES OF HERO” .welcome to ultral universe comic world.

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    Short time ago seems like yesterday , a temple exist in the northern part of the world were warriors and brave trained and make their contest their, no one knew the secret in the temple, especially a gate locked for no reason, the warriors would try to brake the gate but it was invincible.
    A warrior of nowhere with his gangs arrived making everything worse, he came for contest after winning them all then became very excited then makes his plan that if anyone could survive that he was going to ruled bringing on his gangs mighty than him , and then become the successor of the temple , making everything worse for the people , making a ruled that every one must not try to run out of the temple premises , then bring on army from far away, the gang still hopping to know the secret behind it , but it doesn’t revealed to anyone.
    In the present day the gang makes his residence in the temple but still going out to hunt and then become one the dangerous and deadly human trafficker.
    At New York
    Miss Lauren: welcome , welcome welcome as you all know the deadly criminal called Garry has been missing for about two years now , but the government never support us , telling us to quit in this case ,
    General mang: how could government says that , as you guys know peoples have been complaining all over the world , I know that we can bring him down all cost with cooperation.
    General keng: even many countries and many nations had tried but still failied , did you think you guys can succeed in bringing them down.
    General RAM: yes General keng is right , many soldiers of different nations had tried they still failed even he had murdered many governors , many ministers , and even many peoples in high places , then I want to ask you a question , what evidence can you proof that surely we could take him down.
    ( General Mang could not says any words , then silence for a while )
    General Mang: then it might be magic
    General RAM : then let leave him now , their are many gangs in the world, we can take them down instead of that notorious gang
    General Mang ; one more objection.
    General keng : what is it , but don’t let it base on that previous topic
    General mang: nothing else than that , i think we should lend or plead for help from different nations, or we should blast the temple,but what of peoples it,many slaves many peoples that have been taken in captivity.
    Miss Lauren: that is what we are still saying , we need experienced soldiers this time not like you fools , this time around anyway, am going to let you know about we are going to do,for now.
    ( they all go straight to their department why General Mang blames himself in uttering a word,he too go to his office )

    In a Room
    A guy wake up , comes out if his residence , some gangs then blocked him in his way
    Carl : please who are you
    Gang 1: you don’t need to know
    Carl: oh oh , through your appearance I know who you are
    Gang 2: today we are not fighting, but if you don’t cooperate with us and followed us you shall be devoure
    Carl : then come on
    ( Carl furiously hit one gang in his face , then twisted his hand and released him , then fall )
    Did you still need me
    ( the remaining fifteen all bring out a dagger , and Carl then off his jacket )
    As you come
    ( they begin to battle him , a gang stretched his dagger wanted to stab him , Carl dudge it then hold on his hand , another gang coming , Carl too hold on his hand too , and then Carl makes them to stab each other they all fall )
    Are you still coming
    ( the gangs all bring all drop their dagger , then bring out a gun , and some bring out a sword , Carl begin to fight them , and also stabbing them , Carl suddenly fall down as he turn back , a giant man slapped him then fall too , the police then arrived wanted to arrest the gangs , but the gangs frightened them , then rise up a police man with one hand , holding his neck , the man then begin to paint , and giant grunting , Carl furiously rise up then , he fly up and then forcefully hit the giant on his head , immediately the giant man cranium skull break , then fall helplessly, the remaining gangs all run to Carl , Carl then begin to fight them hit every one on their nose , they all fall down , seeing their nose had become flat, and the bone in the nose break , they all faint )
    Carl: don’t dare me , I am not as you , fury’s flow in my body not blood
    ( he put on his jacket , as he was about to go the police men stopped him )
    Police man: thanks , young guy , I really appreciate
    Police officer: hi can I know your name
    Carl: my name, alright my name is no name
    Police officer: Mr no name , nice to meet you, anywhere I am officer joke
    Carl: I have something to do , see you later
    ( then turn back (
    Make sure you arrest those criminals
    Officer joke: funny can’t you see the tatoo on their hand and also the logo in their jacket
    Carl: see you later , I have an important thing to do before it is too late
    ( Carl walk out of the place )

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    At The Street
    Carl thinking
    Carl: why are the gangs are after me , what have I done , may be they needs me to join them , weather I run out of this country, but what about my family.
    ( actually a bus hit him , then fall helplessly, a girl then walk out of the bus )
    Jane: please are you OK
    ( then rise up )
    Carl: yes thanks , am sorry
    ( then turn back going )
    Jane: I was the one that supposed to say sorry , I am Jane , what if you
    Carl: I am no name
    Jane: wonderful , my no name , why are you called no name
    Carl: you ask too much question
    Jane: that is my hobby
    Carl: please I don’t have much time to wait , I am already late
    Jane: OK bye
    ( Carl then walk out of the street )

    At the field
    James: hey , dude where have you been since
    Carl: forget about it , let go to the straight point , where is mike
    James: mike is in the room studying
    Carl: wait
    ( actually Carl close his eyes , then begin to see nightmares , then wake up )
    James: what is that , Carl
    Carl: nothing
    James: something is going wrong Carl
    Carl: I said nothing
    ( then went on his way )

    At the Temple
    Many warriors all bow down , as Garry step in , with six mighty giant man , having swords and guns on their hands , then Garry sit on a throne
    Garry: what is the report concerning, the next target
    Henry: the guy is strong indeed, we have tried times without number
    Garry: l already given you many chances , now I am going to kill you
    ( he bring out a dagger , then stab him )
    Never tell me you can’t have him kill
    Max: sir , let me go, I am going to accomplished the mission right from this moment
    Garry: I trust you , you are not like Henry, what is the next thing
    Dam: you haven’t kill for past one day
    Garry: bring the next feast
    ( a gang bring out a man )
    Man: please have mercy , have mercy please
    ( crying )
    Please, please
    Garry: Dam , but you said I haven’t kill, what of Henry
    Dam: henry my brother is just a refreshment , this is a real feast now
    Garry: good of you, now let makes the feast
    ( a gang rush in )
    Gang: sir , some of our man has been arrested by the police officers
    Garry: how will they, even their generals and the commissionals can’t do that
    Kenny: dont worry I will sought it out
    ( Kenny brings out a phone then makes a voice call , with one general telling him that a guy , was the one the one that bring them in , to the station )
    Kenny: a guy was the one that bring them to the station
    Garry: let the man dig his grave

    At Carl house
    Carl come in
    Mr Dang: where have you been
    Carl: at the station
    Mr Dang: that means you have cursed trouble again
    Carl: no no no , trouble against the enemy
    Mr Dang: enemy , do you have enemy
    Carl: have no time
    ( Carl enter his room )
    Mr Dang: this guy
    Carl: oh my God
    ( actually a sirens of police cars begin to sounds )
    Mr Dang: I think they are here
    (The police all invade the house , and then arrest the guy )
    At the station

    ( they all arrive at the station, mark could see the gangs that he could capture, getting inside a car, with police waving at them, they drag Carl in,and they put him into jail )
    Carl: what is the meaning of this , I just left here
    ( after two hour general ram come in , sitting down in front of Carl )
    General Ram: thanks for that excellent job you did that time
    Carl: why are you freeing them and also why did you jailed me
    General Ram: good question, as you know before , Garry men are not said to be arrest , even the government sign for it
    Carl: you mean , you guys can’t have them to be arrest, they will destroy your country and ruined it , if you support him , in what he is doing you will also see the result
    General ram: listen , we are not the one that makes the law , government makes the law for past seven years ago
    Carl: you are funny , then how will I believe you
    General ram: many peoples like you have tried , but still they failed , did you know that the officers that help you to bring them out of the car are sacked immediately you are jailed
    Carl ÷ then why will you do that
    General ram: I already told you that is not us.
    Carl: then what of me , why have you jailed me
    General ram: is an order from far away place, you will be jailed for somedays , because of what you have done
    ( General ram then rise up )
    Carl: so Garry , makes you as his pet
    General ram: as you have said , please guy , quit out of this , this is not a child play Garry is dangerous than you thought
    Carl: listen , police was the one who stopped crime , but never support crime, so what are you doing, you support crime , you are not to be called police but to be called one of Garry gangs , you just covered your self with uniform , but criminals acts flows within you , do I lie , alright I am going now to my residence now let me go
    General ram: after you have said those words ,funny , all what I have to said is that Max will be coming tommorow to take you along
    Carl: funny , let him come , I will be waiting, but mark my word.
    In the next day
    ( Carl begin to train as usuals he already destroy everything in the prison, early in the morning police arrived in shivering , they drag Carl out then force him to a large room, where max had sitted )
    Max: wow perfect ,so this is the guy
    Dam: let kill him, and takes his body to Garry
    Max: dont let do that , let takes him alive
    General mang: take him away
    Dam: good of you police, now Garry will give you what you want
    Max: back to the scenes, so this is how he look like ,
    ( as he want to touch him, Carl furiously hold his hand tight then twist max hand )
    Carl: why are you after my life
    ( the gangs with the police officers all surrounded them with their gun, but max ask them to stop , they all stop )
    Funny even you can command police officers
    ( then Carl released him )
    Max: I should have have killed you
    ( Carl exreamly hit him in his neck then fall down , and be give up ghost )
    Carl: who is the next
    ( they all begin to shoot , but Carl dudge all the bullets , the gangs all bring out their swords and their dagger , then Carl bring out his nunchaku then begin to fight with it , forcefully strike it on a gang head , the gang fall down, another gang run to him , then skillfully use it to twist a gang head too , and he fall too , then another run to him , forcefully hit him in his face and he also fall, another come again then hit him in his leg , making his bone to break , and he too fall, the remaining two, they all run away , Carl then go on his way )

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    Episode 3

    Carl going , sweating , Jane actually run to him
    Jane ÷ hey guy
    Carl ÷ please who are you
    Jane ÷ don’t you recognize me anymore
    Carl ÷ IH sorry
    ( actually Carl see twenty men coming seeing their logo having daggers and gun in their hands including machete , coming majestically towards them )
    Jane ÷ who are they
    Carl ÷ come on
    Jane ÷ what is that
    Carl ÷ I say come on

    ( They all begin to run , while the gangs are chasing them with bike and some of them running , Carl holds jane hand tight )
    Jane ÷ who are they
    ( in frightening )
    Carl ÷ come on, let find any possible ways to get out of here , they all run , the gangs then begin to shoot )
    Jane ÷ oh no oo
    Carl ÷ what is that
    Jane ÷ can’t you here the sounds of gun shoot
    Carl ÷ are you afraid , although this was not the first time for me , but I don’t know about yours , just let get out of here first
    ( they all run under a tunnel , the gangs then cross them , and they were surrounded )
    Jane ÷ please who are they
    ( frightening )
    Carl ÷ don’t be afraid anymore
    Gang ÷ on your kneel, I said on your kneel , if not I am going to blast your head
    ( Jane then want to kneel down , but Carl stopped her )
    Jane ÷ why are you stopping me , even you supposed to have kneel
    Carl ÷ are you afraid of them, don’t you know that they even are afraid of cockroach, they are coward gangs
    Gang ÷ you are not serious
    Gang ÷ kill hell out of them
    Gang ÷ I enjoy killing
    Carl ÷ then shoot me , and leave her
    Gang ÷ no both of you
    Carl ÷ then shoot,I said shoot
    ( Carl forcefully , drag a gun from a gang )
    Not even , sharp
    ( Carl forcefully shoot them all , except the gang that said he enjoyed killing )
    Gang ÷ oh no
    Carl ÷ now you enjoyed killing , right
    Gang ÷ I didn’t says that
    Carl ÷ then what did you say
    Gang ÷ I said that , you enjoyed killing
    Carl ÷ actually , I am not interested in killing , but if you dare , I will kill , is that clear
    Gang ÷ yes, yes
    ( in frightening )
    Carl ÷ come on Jane let go
    ( Carl then throw the gun to him )
    You can have it , it is a gift for you
    ( they turn , going then the gang shoot the gun , not knowing that it was a toy gun, then a water come out of the gun , then wet Carl cloth )
    Gang ÷ oh no toy gun
    Carl ÷ after saving your soul , you still plan to kill me , all is well, actually when I drag the gun from your friend, I kill them all , I then change the gun, with out anyone knowing , then gave it to you , hopping that you have repent , but now still trying to kill me , funny
    Then bring out the real gun )
    Now remember me your hobby , I mean what you enjoy doing
    Gang ÷ please , I said please
    Carl ÷ you enjoyed killing ,then how many life have you reap , I mean take
    Gang ÷ seventy nine souls
    Carl ÷ you want to make me the eighty right , if that impossible
    ( Carl then shoot him, to death )
    Jane ÷ oh
    ( amazing )
    Carl ÷ are you still afraid
    Jane ÷ yes , but let get out of here

    Carl ÷ welcome to my residence
    Jane ÷ please I want to ask you a question
    who are they, can’t you call police officers for secure, is it money because police officers this time can’t do without money
    Carl÷ the police officers hunts my life too
    Jane ÷ what have you done
    Carl ÷ I didn’t do anything wrong , but they hunt me like a game with Garry by their side
    Jane ÷ I think they work for Garry’s , but police men’s was the one to stop crimes , but supporting crime
    Carl ÷ they fear Garry , that he might takes attack on them .
    Jane ÷ then you have to run out of the country .
    Carl ÷ only a coward peoples do that, and also Garry is everywhere
    Jane ÷ you are funny , so you don’t care for your life , leaving your enemies to penetrate over you , then you might be someone else, then who are you
    Carl ÷ who am I, who am I, who am I
    ( then closed his eyes , and then open it )
    Jane ÷ what wrong

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    Carl ÷ Short time ago seems like yesterday , a temple exist in the northern part of the world were warriors and brave trained and make their contest their, no one knew the secret in the temple, especially a gate locked for no reason, the warriors would try to brake the gate but it was invisible.
    A warrior of nowhere with his gangs arrived making everything worse, he came for contest after winning them all then became very excited then makes his plan that if anyone could survive that he was going to ruled bringing on his gangs mighty than him , and then become the successor of the temple , making everything worse for the people , making a ruled that every one must not try to run out of the temple premises , then bring on army from far away, the gang still hopping to know the secret behind it , but it doesn’t revealed to anyone.
    Now Garry still finding a way to kill me, for his sacrifice
    Jane ÷ why is he hunting you
    Carl ÷ because he had not gain the immortality power which was the seven temple spirit god power, my father was one of powerful and strong contestants and also the key to the gate , then try many possible ways to kill my grandfather, kill my mother and also kill all my brothers , this makes my dad to weak , then kill him too , just try to get the seven spirit god power now I am the last , and also I am the key to the secret door , if he can takes me down and also kill me with a weapon called the blood reaper, because it was the only secret weapon that kill my immortality for , but not an ordinary blood reaper , but the sacrificed one use by the first mighty temple contestant.
    Jane ÷ had he know about the weapon
    Carl ÷ he had convince the elders of the temple wanted to kill their family, and also the weapon will be use as the key to unlock the secret gate , burning me as the sacrifice
    Jane ÷ what is in the secret gate
    Carl ÷ the seven temple spirit god power will comes to him after seven days , it will closed for another successor to open it
    Jane ÷ so you have pass all those areas
    Carl ÷ no
    Jane ÷ why , then you can’t have the power
    Carl ÷ I still have my father life so my father spirit is in me
    ( unexpectedly mike and James come in , then Carl quickly comes to them, not knowing that Jane was inside )
    Mike ÷ hi guy
    Carl ÷ watxup men
    James ÷ some gangs was attacked by a suspected person, I think the police officers are searching everywhere, in order to get the man red handed
    Carl ÷ funny , then what is my concern in that , and why did you all focus on me
    Mike ÷ a survive General , called General meng knew him very well , and also the police officers have went for the research all over the country
    Carl ÷ what did I have to do about that
    James ÷ as a good citizen of the country
    Carl ÷ did you have the image of the person
    Mike ÷ yes of course, and they also said that , if anyone could bring the person , that their will be a lot of gifts, like moneys, treasures and jewelry, golds and also my kind of gift that cannot be mention
    Carl ÷ did you have the image of the person
    James ÷ yes yes yes
    ( then he bring out his phone , chewing gum )
    Carl ÷ so it has been sends to all social media
    Mike ÷ it was the fastest means to track peoples , especially when money is included , and also tracking people like you
    ( then show him the image )
    James ÷ it is resemble to you right
    Carl ÷ come on , Jane
    ( Jane then come out )
    Mike ÷ going some where , oh even he got a new partner, first time
    Carl ÷ I am going now , please take your leave
    ( mike and James then laugh )
    Mike ÷ you are not going anywhere , we will takes you both to the station
    Jane ÷ who are they
    Carl ÷ they are my best friends
    Jane ÷ I don’t think so , they are traitor
    Mike ÷ now on your kneel
    ( then mike bring out his phone calling the police officers to come, describing the place )
    Jane ÷ let go , Carl
    ( then mike and James drag his cloth )
    James ÷ I said you are not going anywhere
    ( Carl forcefully kick them, they all fall painting heavily )
    Carl ÷ I should have kill you , traitors , but I won’t you are my friends, best friends sometimes paths , even best friends helps his friends in times of need but not as you
    ( then walk out with Jane covering their face , immediately they get out , then the police officers arrived , including FBI officers, they all in seeing James and mike on the ground )
    Officer ÷ where is he
    Mike ÷ he just left, kicking hell out of us
    Officer ÷ terrible
    ( they all leave the building, and then went back to their station )


    At the tunnel

    Jane ÷ so those guy mean you
    Carl ÷ I have just started with them
    Jane ÷ we have to leave new York, right now
    Carl÷ have you forget that image has been post to many social media, so I won’t be able to run out of the country
    Jane ÷ what will we do,don’t you know that your life is in danger, two forces want you dead
    Carl ÷ funny two forces,actually I can’t cant them all, how many they are
    Jane ÷ I know somewhere
    Carl ÷ have you forget,Garry is everywhere
    Jane ÷ trust me, we have to go now
    Carl ÷ where
    Jane ÷ my grandmother residence

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    EPISODE 5.

    At the jungle

    ( they arrived to small hut, in a jungle)
    Carl ÷ I think this is a old hut right
    Jane ÷ my grandmother reside their twenty years ago, when a man is hurting her,wanted my father to reveal a secret to him,he kill my father and also want my grandmother to reveal the secret to him,the man works with Garry also, but Garry killed him about his bad report, I think Garry forget about his issue, may be he focus on having the invincible power that time.
    Carl÷ it can be, where was now your mother and your grandmother
    ( cleaning the hut )
    Jane ÷ they leave happpily in china now
    Carl÷ when are you going to meet them
    Jane ÷ you ask question a lot , actually I won’t , until we accomplished this mission completely.
    Carl÷ you don’t have to do so, because your life might be in danger they will begin to hunt you by my side
    Jane ÷ don’t say that, I mark your world, true friend help his friend in time of need, and also reals heroes are born in the face of real danger, we both have the same issue now, and we have to work together in bringing Garry and his crew down.
    Carl ÷ OK if so
    ( actually his phone ring )
    Jane ÷ who is that
    Carl ÷ the real enemy friend of mine
    Jane ÷ you mean Garry
    Carl ÷ yes, hello
    ( silence for a while )

    Garry ÷ long time no see, hi boy the son of a great contetestant on the earth surface
    Carl ÷ why have you called me, go straight to the point
    Garry ÷ I just want to tell you that, you are already in the danger of mine, now that you have been tracked
    Carl ÷ go to hell
    Garry ÷ bye it is Garry your real enemy
    ( Carl forcefully strike the phone down )


    Jane ÷ what did he said
    Carl ÷ we have been tracked, he make the use of the phone now, that is how he could get us now
    Jane ÷ we have to run out of this place
    Carl ÷ have you forget your word, reals heroes are born in the face of real danger, warrior must not fear his enemies, he have to fight to the end
    Jane ÷ anywhere
    Carl ÷ come on let pass through the jungle

    ( they all come outside )

    ( their was a sound )
    Jane ÷ can you here that
    Carl ÷ helicopter sounds right
    Jane ÷ yes, what will we do now
    Carl ÷ I have bring them together like a bunch of key
    ( they continue their journey, unfortunately they were surrounded by a multitude of gangs )
    Max ÷ going somewhere
    Carl ÷ now go on your way
    Max÷ are you commanding or demanding
    Carl ÷ now go, I will will give you five seconds to go on your way, after that you are going to see what will happen
    ( he cant one to five, he forcefully drag a gang, then kicked him, and then forcefully twist a guy neck,then skillfully break a gang hand then throw it forcefully at a gang, he then give a gang an heavy fatal punch in his chest, he then hit a gang cranium with a stick, then break another gang femur bone and his humerus, then strike another gang with a stick at his stomach, and another gang at his sternum,then forcefully kick another gang on his face, the remaining gang see what had happen then they stay back )
    I give you several warning, to get out of my way, you donot, now another warning, get out of my way
    Kenny÷ hey stop all those noncence, you might have not see me before, but now you have seen me, actually I am not popular person, and also not just an ordinary person, I am Kenny Garry messenger
    Carl ÷ would you please repeat your self again
    Kenny ÷ I said I am Kenny , Garry messenger
    Carl ÷ one more time
    Kenny ÷ listen attentively noooow
    ( he move to Carl )
    I said I am Ke ( before he say it finish, Carl forcefully slap him, then break his fingers )
    ( he begin to grunt in pain, then Carl look back he could see Jane already faint in max hand already at the helicopter then start the engine )
    Max ÷ if you can save her, you have to come
    Carl ÷ noo ( he quickly hold on Kenny then tied him up then drag him to one helicopter and then pilot it )


    The two helicopter landed on the temple, immediately some gangs showed up they all invade Carl, then Max was able to drag Jane , why Carl drag out Kenny,
    Carl ÷ long time
    ( he look at the temple wall, then seeing some slave, and he begin to remember of his past, when the peoples in the temple lives happily, and also the seven god spirit, unfortunately Garry was escourt with some mighty men at his back why the gangs all stepped back )
    Garry ÷ oh long time friend no see, how are you doing, so you have come for my sake right in order to let me have the seven god spirit and to be the through successor of this temple right and the great contestant in the world ( he smiled )
    Carl ÷ I have no time to stay here for long , all I want now is Jane , the girl, before I beheaded this gang
    ( holding hand, wanted to cut his throat with a dagger )
    Garry ÷ funny , It is not so much difficult for me to do so, you ask I will give you, Max release the girl
    ( he then ask Max to release the girl )
    Max ÷ yes my lord, your wish is my command
    ( he bow, then release her, Kenny run then was released, still grunting, then bow before Garry )
    Kenny ÷ my lord, this monster is too dangerous, and too powerful than I taught
    Garry ÷ you work hard, very very well, extraordinary welcome
    ( Garry then furiously bring out a saber sword then beheaded him )
    Carl ÷ funny and I will tell you that it doesn’t have any meaning to me of killing one of your best and loyal gang
    Jane ÷ let go Carl
    Garry ÷you can have your way now, now go on your way
    Carl ÷ before you said,I do
    ( they all go inside the helicopter then Garry turn back going to the upper building )
    Garry ÷ I won’t let Kenny the most loyal servant of mine death go in vain, I will take revenge right from this moment
    ( he then smiled )
    ( Carl see all those peoples then a drop of tear come out, he then quickly clean it up )
    Jane ÷ why are you crying
    Carl ÷ my people
    Jane ÷ listen attentively Carl , you have to believe in yourself that you can still bring light to your temple, you can still erased all those gangs in your temple
    Carl ÷ thanks Jane for your support
    ( actually Carl look back then see a time bomb already reach five seconds for it to explode at the helicopter seat in his back )
    Come on Jane , it is a bomb
    ( the two all run forcefully, then the bomb explode, and the blast drive them letting them to hit their head in a wall, why Jane faint, the explosion kill about fifty slave, working near by, and also twenty gangs, why Garry clap , then smiled, actually see Carl, wondering how he survive the crash, they both look at themselves, why Carl rise up,unexpectedly stab by Max, and also some mighty men drag him, and a gang inject him with a poisonous injection, causing him to weak
    Carl ÷ I won’t let the death of this peoples go in vain, I will revenge
    ( he then faint, the gangs then drag him inside )
    Garry÷ at last, I have victory over my enemy

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    Carl find himself in the prison alongside with Jane, he rise up
    Carl ÷ Jane are you OK
    Jane ÷ yes
    ( he then remember when he was stabbed, with a dagger, look the place, then see it already healed )
    Carl ÷ what is happening to me,it has healed, how long have we been here
    Jane ÷ it has been three days ago now
    Carl ÷ how does it happen, we have spent about three days now, it seems like a magic
    Jane ÷ I wondered how your chest get heal quickly, it means you have a supernatural power,and also it seems as if you are not a ordinary person
    Carl ÷ to the next topic

    ( a gang showed up outside the gate )
    Gang ÷ oh you have already wake up, I tried to wait, but thanks to God you have already wake up, my lord want to see you
    ( he then turn back then Carl see the guy falling on the ground, then Garry show up )
    Garry ÷ that guy talk too much,and also I have not kill today, I must kill person or thousand of peoples in a day, that is my deadly principle, you make me to kill my loyal warrior, if you want to get out of this place you will have a challenge to face by facing some of my deadly warriors on the surface world, just prepare
    Carl÷ I want a quest from you
    Garry ÷ you are free
    Carl ÷ let this girl go
    Garry÷ anywhere, you will have to face the challenge, before I could released her, actually it will not be easy, just prepare
    ( Garry leaves the premises )
    Carl ÷ a challenge
    Jane ÷ Carl are you going to face the challenge
    Carl ÷ have you forgotten the world, reals hero are born in the face of real danger

    After some time, the gang open the prison gates dragging Carl to the temple bringing on Jane too,Carl rise on his head he could see multitude of gangs sitting and also seeing Garry on the throne with some of his loyal gangs at his back, why some ladies giving him fresh air.
    Carl furiously hit the ground making gangs laughing at him,some said that he just come to waste his dare life and some said that he don’t know what he wanted to face.
    Unfortunately Garry stand up from his throne.
    Garry÷ your father is a great warrior, I fought him but I hardly defeat him, now let me see how stubborn you are as your father,what I will tell you is that, this is your end, you have no chance, and it is time for me to take on my revenge from you, you have stress me alot no one has stress me like this, you bring agony to me of letting me losing some of my trusted warriors ever.
    Carly÷ so you know that.
    Garry÷ now this is your end, and I am going to have the powers in the mythical temple after opening the gate with your blood.
    Carl÷how will you
    Garry÷ you makes me talk so mush,now let the challenge begin.
    Carl÷ then who am I fighting, just to bring that innocent girl to her home.
    Garry÷ some will see her as an innocent one, but for me she is not including you, but let makes a deals if you can win on Mr beast the Monster man I will released her, but if you can’t I will kill her in your front.
    (Their is a mighty sounds and everything begin to shake even the gangs are afraid,a mighty man called Mr Beast the Monster,a very gigantic man with a sword and shield come out of a cave,when killing three man for sacrifice before he go on for battle, he then drink their blood, becoming so furious)
    Carl÷ funny( he picked on a sword)
    Mr Beast÷ who am I fighting, who am I contesting with, who did I want to devour.
    (he speak as his voice thunderer causing places to shakes, why Garry was laughing)
    Carl÷ no other one than me
    ( he smiled, Garry then was astonished due to Carl courage)
    Mr Beast÷ does parents don’t tell you story about me, I killed manys with my swords and I have taken many lives,then many called me god and you this wanted to confront me.
    Carl ÷ no matter what they called you,have you not hered about the Sovereign or the Awesome,if not then you are not a God.
    (Mr beast furiously rise on his sword to strikes him, actually Carl hit him with his pattela on his face, and then use his sword to cut his head down, then fall down)
    Now is he a God
    (all the peoples remain silent,and was surprise to see the first man to kill Mr Beast, Having killing him within Seven seconds)
    Are you surprised
    ( he then face Garry)
    Now let us go
    ( he was extremely anger but he could hold it)
    Garry÷ the challenge has not over
    (Actually all gangs rise up from were they are and Garry walked inside,Jane was afraid to see the Gangs rising on their feet)
    Jane÷ what is going on
    Carl ÷ Jane step back, we are in danger
    (the gangs all surround him, they all run to him at once, Carl could beat some of the enemy actually was stabbed with sword at his back, he then look at his back, it was Garry in armor suit)
    Garry÷ now that you have been weakened, it is time for me to take over you and kill you for good.
    Carl÷ you stabbed me with a sword, although if you kill me many will rise on you to dethrone you finally just as I deed.
    Garry÷ how dare you speak to me in such manner.
    (He angrily bring out the the dagger of darkness, and he stab him)
    Carl÷no oo
    (he grunt in pain)
    Jane ÷ oh noo what have you done to him
    (she cried)
    Carl÷ you will see my return
    ( he then close his eye )
    Garry÷ finally, now takes this daughter of a b---h to the prison,let her remain their for some time until I order.
    Gang÷ yes sir
    ( they take her to the prison )
    Gang÷ will this guy remain here
    Garry ÷ how will he here
    Gang÷let cut his throat
    Garry÷ no I have made my plan, now takes her to the mountain throw him downward into the river.
    Gangs÷ yes sir your wish is our command
    Garry÷ ha ha ha ha
    ( they all takes him then throw him downward into the river they all leave the place, as he wanted to land, actually something like gravity hold him protecting him not to fall, he then crawl to the beach )
    Carl ÷ I can’t die,and I will not
    ( he close his eye immediately he was healed and the toxic his body cured)
    Carl÷ I have to go home.
    ( Carl makes on a journey to new York were he was drived by a girl called Mara)

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    Mara÷ please where are you coming from, and if you be annoyed why is blood on your cloth)
    Carl÷ probably not, I was attacked by the temple enemies
    Mara÷ you mean from the mythical temple.
    Carl ÷ yes
    Mara÷ how did you escaped, you mean that Garry attacked you
    Carl÷yes, but why did you show more concern about it.
    Mara ÷ Garry is a cruel and dangerous being, killing many contestors in the temples in twenty three years ago
    Carl÷ how did you know much in the story
    Mara÷ my mother told me that, my father too leave in the temple that time, but I don’t know whether he is still alive or not.
    ( a drop of tear run out from her eyes )
    Carl÷ why are you crying
    Mara÷ I miss my father, I wanted to see him
    Carl ÷ you still have hope, he might still be alive.
    ( Mara drop Carl in front of his resident )
    Carl÷ thanks, my name is Carl
    Mara ÷ you can call me Mara
    Carl÷ what a nice name
    Mara ÷ my father call me that, when I was two years old.
    Carl÷ just believe in your self, I wish you best of luck
    Mara÷ thanks, I really appreciate your words
    ( she drive away )

    At his Mansion

    Carl sit on the chair thinking of Jane, actually the police arrived, he could fight some of them but Miss Lauren and General Mang arrived.
    Miss Lauren ÷ stop Carl
    ( he stopped )
    General Mang ÷ wait, you don’t have to do that but you are forgive
    Carl ÷ from the government right
    General Mang ÷ yes we need you
    Carl÷ but don’t act smart just as you did last time to take me down.
    Miss Lauren ÷ trust me
    ( they all takes him inside their car )


    They all assemble at the military head office
    Miss Lauren ÷ we are sorry for our bad deed, so we apologize, we realize what the peoples as been saying about Garry the world Criminal, and also we know what he doing, be participate in killing human trafficking and bring on illegal drugs to country saying no one his going stop him, now that we have risen we only rely on you now with our arm forces to bring him down.
    ( Carl rise up )
    Carl ÷ I taught you had realize, I only want to take him down because he makes the peoples in the temple to do hard labour killing my peoples and killing of past contestors some years ago.
    GeneralCarl÷ we can take him down together
    General Keng ÷ yes we can
    Carl ÷ I don’t trust you guys this is a spell
    General Ram ÷ you might not trust us,but you have to believe in us, we had realize our mistakes, please,we had takes some gangs down that came here to do as usual and we have conquer our fear in facing him.
    Carl÷ ok, OK prepare
    ( he smile, then agreed )


    Jane was still in prison, then Garry come in
    Garry÷now you have seen with your eyes,Carl is gone and he had rest in peace,now we will been having an occasion to celebrate it.
    ( a gang arrived )
    Gang ÷ sir we have a bad news
    Garry ÷ about what
    ( smiling )
    Gang÷ Carl is still alive
    ( Jane rise up in surprised )
    Garry÷ weather the person is resemble to him
    Gang ÷ it his him I saw him clearly in the head quarter.
    ( Garry rage summon,looking at Jane face )
    Garry÷ did you mean that.
    Gang ÷ even the officers has taken some of our men in captivity, I manage to escaped.
    Garry ÷ how dare you bring me bad news in front of my enemy
    ( he bring out his dagger then stabbed the gang )
    You wait, am still coming for you
    ( pointing his dagger to Jane, leaving the premises )

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