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    Ride on with it

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    THAT VAL 18+
    Episode 2
    I breathed softly as my memory ran riot with intense excruciating pains flashes, I braved up and picked up my pen then started writing.
    We were just four in the room, as we were all novice to the nightlife in campus.
    The school was just starting barely two weeks and we were told we will be four in the room, we anticipated for the owner of the remaining bulk to arrive as we formed three sisters.
    Life in the campus was boring as you could barely see what is fun, the serene environment and captivating Campus community buildings were enchanting.
    We had our first lecture and we were barely ten as I did the head counts, our course representative for all courses were elected.
    I was always on phone with mom and dad as I s----d in boredom “hope you are taking your books and prayers seriously? Don’t give the devil room” my mother’s advised one of those days I called her.
    Drunk with excitement and freedom as I went on sight-seeing, as weeks came crawling by I had knew places in the campus that any fresher will boast of knowing.
    As the weeks crept pass students started appearing, the number of people in campus were surpassing a community.
    Kiki one of my room mates showed off all her assets, it was barely four weeks when she had different boys coming to visit her.
    She stayed out night long talking with each one of them as faces changes.
    The other of my room mate Ella was simply fine, she is not as attractive like Kiki so she keep to herself.
    I was thinking Kiki is something else when our new room mate showed on the fourth week, with make-up on her face that preached her model life.
    I hate to admit she was naked, her mini-skirt was barely covering her laps and the singlet she wore showed off her shoulder and ample of her br*asts.
    I thought I have seen it all until she started attending lectures without br*.
    I was left alone as Ella got herself a boyfriend that she bragged about, he is cute and his name was John.
    Ella didn’t let us rest in the room ’cause of her boyfriend, it was always John did this and that.
    “Jenny, which day you wan get your own boyfriend?” Cynthia the 300level student that is my room mate asked mockingly.
    I was worried as I kept nursing my pains of not having a boyfriend as others in my room, the time they will be on call with their boyfriends I will be on call with my parents.
    Not like what you think am extremely beautiful that is why I was nick named “fine face” in my department, I was not addressed by any other name except that.
    I began to feel inferior with the kinds of clothes I wore around campus, girls were dressing to kill as you could make their pants outline and bra outline.
    I pitied the hot-blooded male in the campus as they were tempted every now and then.
    There was this night that I was deserted in my room as everyone of them went to their boyfriends house, they called it sleep over according to them it was on Friday I supposed.
    Cynthia was the first to arrive on Saturday looking infuriated she barely answered my greetings when she angrily reached for her towel and disappeared from the room to the restroom.
    Her phone was ringing when she came back from the bathroom, she stood naked in the centre of the room and picked her ringing phone up from the bed, when she saw the caller ID she hissed and ended the call abruptly throwing her phone back on the bed.
    The caller still called and this time she answered “see see, Jude. I will not visit you again, look at what you have in between your legs. See no call me again oh! Before thunder go strike you” Cynthia yelled angrily at the caller and ended the call.
    The Month of January crept away and February surfaced slowly.
    I cry, that val!

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    THAT VAL 18+

    Episode 3

    I wiped away the rolling tears on my cheeks, I choked in emotion when I remembered the most difficult time of my life.

    As the Month of February clock one, we had a full house as Kiki and Ella returned beaming happily, I was curious to share in source of their joy but didn’t have the gut to ask.

    “aunty Cynthia, can you imagine I handled two boys, David that my fair boyfriend challenged me that I can’t. And I gave them so hot” Kiki exploded happily giggling like a hero, Cynthia mood lit up like someone who hasn’t had a bad day.

    Ella was a shy one, she only whispered to Kiki and Cynthia and I was left out, the noise in the room didn’t allow me to read so I went to the common room.
    I couldn’t get to a place without seeing valentine advert banner, the talk of valentine was the trend on campus.

    “priscilla, I have never seen someone as pretty as you. You melt my heart from afar and set my soul ablaze. A drug to my pains, a remedy to my sorrow, please honour my noble request. Will you be my val?” If my memory didn’t fail me, those were Joe’s exact words when he asked Priscilla out on a date openly with our public speaker, it was so lovely as both heart mended to be one.

    I began hating myself, I felt rejected and defeated amongst the crowd. I was tired of the clothes I wear, everything was turning against me.
    I entered my facebook account to see if I had a Val request from someone, it broke my heart that I only had three likes for the picture I uploaded as my profile and those likes were from my mother and father.
    And my mother comment was “you are a Jesus daughter and an example to this generation, beauty defined in our Lord Jesus Christ.”

    I was desperate to have Val ’cause my room mates were already picking from their applicants, Cynthia even got two proposal of Val from two guys with cars.
    I don’t know how they will make it up, every night they kept on disappearing from the room and returned to the hostel next morning polluting the room with alcohol.

    “I failed the test, am scared Cynthia. My father will kill me” Ella cried out she wasn’t as brave as Kiki who took things lightly. “School na scam, just pay the lecturer or you f--k to your A, some people don’t even come to school they are having A’s, chill girl” Cynthia comforted her.

    My parents were opposite that attract, my dad is soft and lovely whereas my mom is a radical and a dictator in a lovely way.
    She doesn’t wait for time she force things to go her own way, my dad never bothered about what I do, he simply would say “allow her to experience life, how will she be wise if you keep manipulating her?” my dad will beg my mom when she was doing things extremely.

    I became so popular in my department and in the faculty also, lots of lecturers were always interested in me ’cause of my brilliance, the attraction was a positive one.
    Guys were drooling over, all wanting to be my friends. I hardly could go a place without ten of them following me, they see me as symbol of their ‘A’.
    Daniel was a cute guy and soft, he is the finest guy in my department, he was my bestie and he spoilt me silly with jokes and gifts.

    “Can I ask you something?” He asked one of those days he came visiting me in my hostel as we sat under a mango tree.

    Why me, that Val!


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    I feel for you

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    Episode 4

    I exhaled softly as I remembered the better part of my memory, I gripped the pen as haunting memory persist.

    I nodded shyly I thought he would ask me out on a date or I should be his girlfriend, I didn’t look at him I focus on the cup of ice-cream that I was scooping. He came along with it “have you ever had a boyfriend?” That was his question to my surprise, I replied and asked for the reason he was asking such question. He gave no substantial answer.

    He placed a bait on a story he told me that he took a whole day to disv*rgin a girl and I fell for it, telling him I have never experienced s*x all my life.
    We ended the night discussion on the note of him discovering my chastity, my life in the circle of my seven male friends took another turn. They all saw me as a kid sister that all of them should protect.

    I always nurse the wish of dating any of my male friends except Victor, who is known as girls daddy. Both of you cannot go to anywhere on Campus without him getting a kiss or hug, he has been having an off and on relationship with his girlfriend who always get tired of his lifestyle, but still glued with him.
    They have the best chemistry any couple would wish for, I envy them at time wish I could have such relationship.

    Valentine was coming faster, as girls who are looking for a Val date started catching them faster with their dressing, “I will give it to him from behind, then knack am for front. Ride am sotay em go call me mommy” Cynthia said laughing loudly, as the girls discussed their plan against valentine day.
    I mind my book on the bulk I laid on, Cynthia abruptly turned to me and asked if I have and I replied negatively.

    “All these your friends no one wan be your Val, change those mama dash me they will all propose to be your Val” she advised but I didn’t listen, I never attached so much value to valentine’s day ’cause I have never celebrated it before. My mother is a woman who is strongly against it.
    I never did it with my ex boyfriend, and that particular day has always been the same like other days.

    “That day have come, the day devil has sent his demonic agents to deceive the youths that are very stupid enough to be deceived. Only futureless and stupid people celebrate valentine’s day” my mother protested strongly when my dad on his good nature tried to be romantic on that day with her, I never knew the bitterness that clouded my mom’s judgment.

    “So Jenny you are a virgin? you will not come to my house so that I will use my cucumber and open that door, asap!” Victor joked on one of our conference call session, we always do it before we sleep. He isn’t a regular ’cause of his nature of having visitors.
    I was so full of life as those guys made my stay in Campus worthwhile, they drag me to football field just to watch them play, and also dragged me to film hall anytime their different clubs are playing. I was glowing with happiness with them around. They always get me gift anytime any of them is travelling, I have never been so lucky as I was spoilt with gifts.

    The valentine’s day was very close and I was expecting to have a valentine’s date from the circle of friends, I was shocked to hear that Daniel the last person that was yet to have a Valentine’s date without me knowing “so, Daniel is that girl with big bumbum and big br*asts you see to make your val. With that your small destiny?” Kenneth revealed to my knowledge, I was so sad that night that I was caught in dilemma. My room mates made it no easy for me, as they advertise their Val date like anyone that doesn’t have one belongs to the animal kingdom.

    I confronted Daniel to explain the meaning of what he did “you are a sister to me, valentine isn’t what you think it is” Daniel defended his action with flimsy excuse, I was sad the whole day and I hid myself from my friends the whole day.
    I was in a class alone when a very handsome guy walked in and wooed me, he asked me to be his Val and I accepted how foolish.

    I was extremely desperate, I never bothered to know him better. I only know his department and his level, with his name which is Emmanuel. He always called me everyday and I started skipping our exciting conference call with my circle of friends, my friends started complaining about my behaviour, Emmanuel started demanding I should wear attractive clothes and he bought them for me.
    I became an object of s*xual desire, as guys started wooing me every single day, I felt on top of the world and lost communication with my friends who valued me.

    What an act of ingrate!

    Sniffed, that val!


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    THAT VAL 18+

    -Last Episode

    I got up from the table and stood up, pacing around my room contemplating on my life experience. I pray no one should face these challenges I had face, I sat back and picked up my pen, I started reflecting.

    I stayed away from my friends and glued to Emmanuel who clouded my sense of reasoning, I was the talk of the room as they praise my new dressing sense.
    Emmanuel never visited my hostel, time I should be reading my books I will be chatting or on call with him. I opened another facebook account and started uploading seductive pictures of myself.

    I got tired of replying messages as they keep on flooding in, I felt on top of the world. My mother gave me a surprise visit a day I was in the hostel, luckily for me I have not burnt my old wears.
    I put it on and washed my face removing any trace of make-up, I ran out and met my mom outside with her arms folded.
    “Do all these people live here?” She waved her hand around in irritation, I nodded. My mother wasn’t comfortable at all about what they wore in particular, she warned me vigorously not to follow them and concluded on how proud she is of me.

    I began giving my friends attitude, ignoring them whenever they wanted to talk to me. We wrote a text and I underperformed, the lecturer called me and shared his fear about my score.
    David wasn’t finding it funny as I moved around school with Emmanuel, he confronted a day I was heading to the car park after lecture “Jenny! What is your problem? That guy had no good intention for you.” He tried to talk sense into me but I ignored him and asked him to stay away, that he is not my boyfriend or my parents to tell me what to do.

    The night before valentine, a lecturer fixed a test on valentine’s day in particular. I was glued to my phone likewise everyone in the room, Emmanuel and I were planning on how to spend the next day.
    “Jenny, no tell me say you no get val oh!” Cynthia jokingly said and everyone laughed, I informed them that my Val will be the most handsome amongst theirs. I wore a very beautiful red gown and waited for Emmanuel to come take me out, Cynthia was concerned about my test but I assured her that I will make it up.

    Emmanuel came and his handsomeness made everyone envied my success, we went out shopping and did a lot of things. We went to places around town and visited his friends who were partying, we went swimming and took lots of pictures.
    That day was fun and I loved every bit of it, my friends were calling me concerning the test but I didn’t pick-up.
    I ended up on his bed and he devoured me like a lion without pity, I was crying and begging him to stop but my tears drive him to pound me more harder.
    We went round after rounds, I could barely walk the next day as I slept on my blood.
    I woke up the next morning and didn’t find Emmanuel by my side, I only saw all what we bought and a flower with a letter.

    “You are so sweet, thanks for the val gift” I was very tired and in between my legs were aching.
    I couldn’t make any move as I waited for Emmanuel to return, he never did. I was very hungry that I had no choice but to use the bathroom, I took my bath and the gifts we bought and headed back to the hostel.
    I tried his number several times but the network provider kept on reporting switch off.
    I was surprised that I was welcomed with lots of gifts, I was later informed that my circle of friends bought them for me. Didn’t know when I started crying, I tried making effort to mend our relationship but every of my efforts came to nothing.

    I never heard of Emmanuel and the more I seek for him the more it became a mystery that never existed, no one in that department he said he is knew him.
    David only confirmed my fear that he usually does that every valentine that he is non-academic student of the university, David and my other friends stayed away from me like plague.
    I was dying in solitude, my world crumbled when I started getting unnecessarily sick and sleepy. During our first semester exams, I wasn’t able to read ’cause I always slept off on my book, I had no one to talk to or look up to.

    I was caught several times cheating and sent out, once a symbol of glory became symbol of shame.
    “You are pregnant!” Cynthia declared in exclamation, I rejected it and think myself to be sick.
    The semester ended, I went home and mom confirmed what Cynthia said “you are an idiot, I sent you to school you decided to be a mother. You will never abort that child, from now henceforth, you will remain in this house till this child can talk, walk and even attend school” mom vowed and kept to it against my father’s wishes.
    I spent my whole life indoor till I was due for childbirth, I never stepped foot in the university and the world there forgot about me.

    I lost my identity, am now a mother in my father’s house without a father. What a valentine’s mistake, here comes another valentine’s day that rekindled the haunting memory, I stared at my crying baby and dropped my pen.

    Oh! That val!

    written by El Victor

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    Hmmm what a story!

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