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    Episode 13
    It’s been three days since Nathaniel last saw Natasha, ever since Natasha ran out of the kitchen he hasn’t seen her he should be worried but he is not because it felt it was for the best, he has earlier called Michael to give him the full details and Michael advise him to talk to his parents about it which he agree to do when they comes back, he has most times pass the room of Natasha and wonders what she is doing inside that is if she is till in there but he never care to knock, its hurts but he was getting uses to the pain already, he goes out for gymnastics more often, read, watch movies and goes out with friends to get himself busy and to get somethings off his head and it was working for him.
    It was a cold evening, the rain just finish pouring down what it has been holding for only God knows how long, Nathaniel was seen in the sitting room, the tv was on and there was a movies playing on the screen, it was already late and he was already feeling sleepy but he was determine to hold it in until he finish his movie that seems interesting to him, he was so focus on the film that he didn’t hear the ringing sound that was coming out from the door bell, one of the maid quickly run out from the other side of the sitting room and head to the door, in less then few minutes she comes back struggling to hold someone who is finding it difficult to stand in her arm.
    Sir it ma Natasha
    This alerts Nathaniel and he turn to look at the maid, he get on his feet and immediately goes to take Natasha into his arm while the main let him, he was so surprise and shock to see Natasha drunk.
    He is a motherfuker, how dare he hate me, does he know who I am.
    Nathaniel then knew the reason for her frustration, and he was disappointed at himself for making his sister do this to herself, he holds her tightly so she wouldn’t fall.
    Who brought her back
    The security brought her in saying some group of girls came to drop her, maybe they are her friends.
    I don’t need him, I can do everything myself
    Trying to free herself from Nathaniel grips but Nathaniel holds her firmly.
    Don’t worry I can take it up from here, and don’t tall anyone about this, not even my parents.
    Yes sir
    Nathaniel lift Natasha into his arm and starts ascending the stair, Natasha hand was warp on his neck and she was murmuring words that Nathaniel couldn’t comprehend, and the strong smell of alcohol was all over her even her breath, he walk to her door and swing it open, he walk to her bed and lay her there to rest, as he was about to get up Natasha hands that was still wrap on his neck draw him back that he falls on her making their lips to meet, he gaze in shock unable to stand up, that sensation comes back immediately, he quickly alerted himself and pull himself up trying to remove her arms but Natasha just didn’t want to release her grip, he never knew that being drunk can make you this powerful.
    Stay with me brother, please don’t hate me please.
    She said this and doze off, Nathaniel goes still when he hears that, how could he do this to his sister, he push the hair that lay comfortable on her face to her side and for the first time in a long time he smiles at the sight of her beauty, he stares at her lip, it was soft and tasted sweet when he had accidentally kissed her and he wanted more, his heart was telling him not to but his body was doing something else, he just couldn’t control it, he bend down his head and places his lip on hers and allows the urge to pull out, from her lip he went down to her neck, he could feel his blood boiling, he wanted more, his hand goes to her br**st, she was putting on a short v-neck dress so it was easy for him to have asset to her body completely. Natasha morn as Nathaniel mouth touch her ni**le and this arouse him more, in less then few minutes he has succeeded in taking off Natasha clothes and she was totally necked, he too takes his clothes off, he wasn’t in control of his body and mind anymore, looking at her one more time he spread her legs open and goes into her, she gives a light scream while he morn, he didn’t know how he feels but he knows he wanted more and this he like so he went in again and again until he was full, he fall on her side breathing heavily, looking up to the ceiling he exhale heavily and close his eyes for sleep to take over.
    To be continued

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    tell her d truth

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    so u finaly f--k ur sister

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    hmmmmm nath i kwn itz nt easy to control oneseif in this kind situation. Bt should’t had let your lust rule over you. For christ sake she is your kid sis

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    Oh my I don’t even know what to say

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    Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Nathaniel what have you done? God have mercy on u

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