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    The Activist by Rapmike

    All rights reserved.
    © Osemekeh Ugochukwu Micheal.
    This work is property of rapmike and is not to be reproduced in any form without the permission of the owner, as it is protected by the copyright law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


    He walked fast, trying to evade the piercing darkness that was midnight. He had been with the DPO of Moro all evening, listening as the man explained times without number why Kareem won’t be released or freed. Kareem, known as Lightening, was the most feared cultist in OAU campus. A seasoned killer, his various accomplishments included the murder of the electoral chairman of Osun state or rather The State of Osun and the governorship candidate for NCP in Osun State. The Candidate, Chief Omisore, was known to be a seasoned and no-nonesense accountant who decided to get his hands dirty in Osun state politics. The Ruling Party, RSF, knew that he would win in a landslide victory and employed the cheapest, yet most reliable person to kill him; Kareem. His death caused an outrage in the whole of Osun State, which had led to his arrest. To capture him was tough though, Andrew had to personally take him captive, after he took care of the ‘babalawo in charge of him, use some brave police officers to attack his hideout or better put ‘fortress’ and then beat him in physical combat. That’s why he needed those assurances.

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    Episode 1

    ] Yet such assurances did not totally get rid of the anxiety in Andrew’s heart. After all, this is the Nigerian Police Force, which is malleable under the right circumstances. He suspected that Kareem was well-connected and will soon burst out of prison, that is if he is not even released by the same DPO.

    The man called Kareem sent jitters to any student who knew or had perceived his name. 7ft tall,dark and muscular, Kareem was the son of higly successful parents,his dad a minister of technology in the Fourth Republic and his mother, a senior lecturer in Harvard University, a position even high for the British locals. He, however was a complete anti-thesis to his parents. His first act was to murder them in cold blood, then joining the Ravens almost immediately. He rose up the ranks and in no time took the Ravens to the pinnacle of cultism in Ife and beyond, killing people in the process. By the time he was leader, the Ravens were virtually untouchable on campus, always retaliating any offence committed against them.
    But someone had to stand against them and Andrew was the candidate.

    He had self-imposed himself as the biggest opposition to the Ravens. He decided on this as far back as when he was admitted into the varsity, incidentally at the same time with Kareem himself. Both of them watched as Old Soldier, another notorious cultist killed Gbade, their classmate and Andrew’s friend because of some dues. He choked the poor dude to death before smashing his head against the wall of their department. It was a gruesome murder and the sheer impudent nature of it was what drove Andrew against cultism. Unfortunately, it also drove Kareem towards the phenomenon, as he brought himself under the tutelage of Old Soldier before murdering his tutor in similar fashion.

    His train of thoughts were cut by the sight of a middle aged man, who did one of the most ridiculous deeds by wearing sun glasses at this time. The man stood in front of Diganga hotel, looking lost.

    “Please where is Fine Touch Hostel? I was told it was around here.”

    Andrew looked at him in surprise. The man was quite some distance away from the hostel and his shabby clothes suggested that he did not belong to the class of people he knew frequent the hostel. Andrew himself was off course, finding himself drifting away from the safety of campus and out on the expressway. What brought him so faraway, he could not fathom.

    He kindly directed the man to the location of the hostel and walked back towards campus, the man following him. Andrew’s mind flew back to his train of memories, currently selecting the one that concerned his dad.

    His father, Wale Martins was a young medical doctor who had lived happily with his wife and two kids until Andrew entered the University and join various anti-cult groups, hunting down cultists all over the place and slowing bringing some sanity to the campus.

    His dad feared for him and had warned Andrew severally times to desist from his activities, an advice Andrew ignored blindly. The last time they spoke, it almost resulted to a fist-cuff, with his dad disowning him and he refusing to return home in over a year. This casted a shadow on his life and he wondered if he could ever get it right with his dad again.

    To be continued


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    Abeg no use real name o…
    Another nice story for @Rap_mike again..
    Make people come join…first roll occupied..

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    Abeg @khola46 c-m do ur tin.

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    Viz one is qoinq 2 be Intrestinq/Excellent……can’t wait…… Next plz

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    Nyc start

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    Tenk God nobody take my seat dis tyme around(i mean front roll seat

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