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    Thats true…..
    You are the first Angel here and as faith has it I’m the first guy here…nah your side(or maybe l.a.p.) ah go siddon oo…..

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    @Khola, ah don enter ooh buh still buckling my shoes.

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    It seems like dis story is gonna be interesting oooo…
    [email protected]

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    I head straight to my small desk, observing my messy
    surroundings in a small glance. The far wall is a deep
    purple, almost completely masked by posters of bands
    and concert tickets. In fact, by my pillow, I have a signed
    My Chemical Romance ticket that my Dad got me for
    Christmas. I think its second hand, but I really don’t care-
    it’s my prize possession. I practically went through
    cardiac arrest when they split up.
    My bed is an unruly mess, as always. It is right opposite
    the window, which is in exactly the same position of that
    from the neighbouring house- meaning either side can
    see perfectly into the other. What sort of a messed up
    architect would design that? Especially now that we have
    neighbours…oh crap.
    I tiptoe towards the window and cautiously peer around
    the window frame into the room opposite. I fight to
    restrain a deafening groan as I see who’s in the room. Of
    course it has to be the freaking boy. Guess my curtains
    are staying closed from now on…
    Curiously, I tug my purple curtains further back to see
    that he’s packing away his things. It’s only this close up
    that I realise quite how hot he actually is. He has a strong,
    chiselled jawline and defined cheekbones, making his face
    appear angular and dare I say it, sexy. Inky locks curl
    over his forehead, matching perfectly with his pair of
    deep cobalt eyes.
    He turns away from me, and I snap out of it. What the
    hell am I doing? Checking out my next door neighbour is
    one hundred per cent pathetic, especially seeing as we’re
    probably never going to talk. Well, not on my watch
    anyway. It’s not like a guy like him would want to talk to
    me anyway. By the first day, he’ll be one of the most
    popular guys in school, I bet. Having a sarcastic chick
    next door will only come in useful to him when he’s
    having trouble with his homework. Yay for me, right? I
    shake my head in attempt to clear my negative thoughts,
    stepping away from the window to draw my curtains
    and hopefully, block out the boy.
    Putting on my music, I settle down to do some studying.
    Yeah, I’m not a nerd but I do like to at least try and get
    decent grades for my finals. Call me a geek, whatever,
    but I prefer intellectual badass. My maths final is the one
    coming up first, and I s--k at math, so I guess I’ll try and
    do some revising for that. The Killers blast through my
    docking station, and I nod my head in time to the music
    as I stare down at the equations in front of me until my
    eyes blur. Excuse me for asking, but when am I ever
    going to need simultaneous equations in life? A text pops
    up on my screen and I glance over at it.
    Violet is hashtag amazeballs: I escaped from that
    hellish date! I’ll tell you the details tomorrow 😉 Thanks for
    the help xx
    Don’t get distracted by the phone.
    Ugh go on then. Might as well reply.
    I type in a hasty reply before turning off my phone to
    avoid distractions. No doubt if I didn’t, mom would walk
    in and see me texting Violet, and think that is what I’ve
    been doing the entire time. She would never believe me if
    I told her otherwise. Me, her daughter, her own blood
    and flesh. Yeah, we have some major trust issues going
    on in our relationship, mainly due to the time she made
    me get a bowl cut when I was a kid. I shudder at the

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    After what seems like endless hours of studying, I’m
    finally finished and it’s getting late. Well, if like me, you
    count half ten as late. Hey, what can I say? I need all the
    beauty sleep I can get. I stifle a yawn quickly, and begin
    to get changed ready for bed, making sure the curtains
    are firmly closed before I strip. Wouldn’t want neighbour
    dude to get a bit more than what he’s bargained for, eh?
    I slide into the covers in my pyjama top, frowning when
    I realise that music is playing very loudly next door.
    Surely that screamo couldn’t belong to the mum of a
    toddler. No, my bet is placed on the boy in the room next
    door- which would be why I seem to be taking the brunt
    of the volume. I’m assuming Mr Neighbour dude over
    there has some guests, by the laughing and heavy rock
    music I can hear. I can’t believe he hasn’t been here a day
    yet, and already he’s having a party. Looks like my
    predictions are coming true.
    I sigh defeatedly and slam the pillow over my head in
    attempt to muffle the sound, curling further into the soft
    duvet and hoping for the best.
    Twenty minutes later, I’m still unsuccessful.
    Looks like this will be a long night.
    I stir awake to a small sound, and groan quietly as I
    awake from my slumber. The music from next door still
    hasn’t stopped?! Can a girl not get her beauty sleep
    anymore? Blinking furiously to clear my vision, I prop
    myself up on one elbow and turn on the lamp beside my
    bed. Light floods the room, and I survey the lit scene
    quickly only to freeze in my tracks, my jaw slacking in
    I stare wide eyed at the boy, who seems just as
    paralysed as I am.
    His eyes lock onto mine in shock and we stare at each
    other for what feels like hours, but is actually mere
    seconds. He’s positioned halfway through the window,
    reaching for the opposite sill, with my Minnie mouse bra
    swinging from his tight grip.

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    Wow! Interestn story z loading ready 2 b downloaded,im waiting…@khola,u ddnt invite me,itz nt fair at al o.anyway,i don get my own seat,c-m join me chop popcorn

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    I don land gidigba for here*** oya mak una clear road as d president don c-m***heheh

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    Maybe thats a dream…or for what reason would he came to steal your bra and not even something hear-able….funny and somehow crazy…


    I’m realy sorry dear… sorry..ynur username does skip my mind but I would register it…..

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