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    Ugo! Ugo!! Ugo eh!! “u don warm d
    soup wey dey 4 pot?” dat question
    brought me back to reality from
    dreamland. “chei mama i never warm am oh”
    dats d price i had to pay for being
    the only child of my parents. Mama was off to her early morning
    routine watering of our vegetable
    farmland. Farming was not only
    mama’s own quota to support d
    family, but it was the trend for
    barracks women as they assume it as their own “white collar job”. I gradually roll off from bed so as
    not to feel d pains in my right knee
    gotten from a ferocious tackle
    courtesy of Cosmos my hausa
    friend, well, maybe he wasn’t
    happy i was his opponent in yesterdays match as it is a rear
    occurance for us as close friends
    to play against each other, i
    thought as i dragged my feet to d
    kitchen to warm d ogbono soup as
    mama instructed. Today the cloud is bright, i could
    feel d cool breeze of the morning
    on my hairy skin. It rained heavily
    last night, with water gathered
    everywhere on d floor, the
    drainage in d barracks is very poor as the d gutters were blocked and
    grass infested. UP NEPA! UP NEPA!! The children
    on their way to school shouted,
    what came to my mind first was
    the T.V, “oboy e don tey wey man
    pekin watch tv oh” i said to my self
    as i put on the tv, ehn Nigeria 2- algeria 0, a local station was giving
    highlights of yesterday’s match, i
    was happy 4 nigeria as it’s been
    long we won a friendly match. I glanced at d wall clock, it was 9
    already, when suddenly i
    percieved something, it was as if
    something was burning, maybe our
    old fridge was burning again, i
    thought.Aaaaah! D soup dey burn After d meal of hot ogbono soup
    and fufu, i as off to the farm to join
    mama, helping her fetch water
    from d well while she did d
    watering, i was wondering how she
    coped with the farm work when i was still in school. Well, she said she hired labourers
    but i doubt because mama was so
    hard working that she could handle
    all the farm work by herself, so i
    thought. The evening comes with d thought
    of “sokoto-the place of smoke”, so
    i took my bath and i was on my
    way to sokoto-the place where the
    neighbourhood boys gather to take
    a smoke of weed. On my way i met Femi, a friend
    that was enlisted in d army last
    year, due to d stress of JAMB, he
    opted for recruitment in d army.
    Since he joined d force he has
    been of useful value to us “bloody civilians” as whenever we get into
    trouble, he bails us out easily, we
    also use his house as charlet to
    have fun with our girlfriends. “femi, how far u dey go sokoto?” “fanta i dey go sokoto oh, e don
    tay na” (u will get to know how i got d
    nickname “fanta”) “me sef dey go
    there”, i said. We shook hands and walk slowly
    to the bush path called sokoto. We
    got there at d nick of time when
    boys haven’t finished their first
    “jumbo”. Cosmos was already
    there. We shook hands with everybody
    while chanting “in sokoto we stand”
    as was the custom. I finished rapping up my jumbo
    when Olu started playing tupac “do
    for love” from his “china phone”, he
    was far from me as i was in sokoto
    5(seat number) and he was in
    sokoto 1, but i could hear the tupac song as if d speakers were inside
    of my head, so i whispered d lyrics
    word for word. Cosmos was telling d house how
    he asked an army lady out and the
    lady told him to come see her in
    her duty post in d barracks. Everybody laughed, but i laughed
    more, maybe i laughed more
    because i was on my third jumbo
    and was on top of the world,
    maybe. Suddenly my phone rang… “Who b
    this?” “Chei na papa oh” i said as i
    recieved d call. He wanted me to
    come home immediately. I took my last ki*ss of weed with
    so much excitement, i told Cosmos
    i was leaving and he pleaded 4 me
    to wait for him while he rushed his
    last jumbo. On my way i bought tom-tom and
    took it inorder to prevent papa from
    knowing i smoke; (a secret i kept
    from him for long now) On our way home cosmos
    informed me of an interview he
    was to attend d next day. Me and
    Cosmos had applied for jobs and
    attended interviews together, but
    this time i sense betrayal on his part as he refused informing me
    earlier to apply for d job in a
    telecommunication company. I wished him well as i walked
    through d narrow road to my
    house. I saw papa’s jalopy toyota
    car parked outside. “wetin dis man wan tell me sef?” i
    thought as i greeted mama outside
    and rushed in to meet my dad. He told me he will take me to a
    General friend of his the next day
    to introduce me to him. Sometimes
    i wondered how he got so friendly
    with Generals since he was only a
    staff sergeant in the army. I went to the kitchen to assist
    mama with the kitchen chores,
    “why i no get sister sef” i said to
    myself as i finished slicing the
    “ugwu” leaf. It was morning devotion, and i
    promised God to stop visiting
    sokoto, a promise i had made more
    than hundred times. I was dressed
    with my green long sleeve and
    black fitted trousers, ready to go see “the General” .”see fine boy” i
    said as i looked at the mirror image
    of myself. We got to my dad’s place of work
    but the General wasn’t there yet,
    so my dad called him and he said
    we should come straight to the his
    house because he wouldn’t be in
    the office that day as he had a seminar to attend. That was to be
    the third General i had visited, and
    the most memorable. We arrived the General’s house in
    no time. I instantly noticed that
    everywhere was interlocked (e
    remain small dem for interlock
    outside d compound sef). “so this kin house dey dis
    barracks?” i said to myself as we
    walked in. Shun sir, my father saluted d
    general in attention, d general
    responded d salute and gestured
    us to seat down. “staff sergeant Okonkwo, dis is ur
    son ehn?” he said. Yes sir, My dad introduced me as
    a fresh graduate still in search of
    job and that i was his only son. General Adebayo listened keenly, i
    saw his name from d name tag in
    his glamorous army uniform. “Well, staff sergeant u can go to
    work now leave me and this young
    man here to gist”, he said “gist wetin?” i pondered as my dad
    saluted and left. “Well young man u said ur name
    is?” I almost forgot my name as i could
    feel cold shivers running gradually
    down my spine. Peter, i said “peter
    okonkwo”. I used peter as my
    name on such formal scenerio,
    albeit my full name is Okonkwo Ugochukwu Peter. “Peter ehn” “yes sir” i said, before i finished
    saying dat i saw dis drop dead
    delectable girl walking towards d
    living room. She was as beautiful
    as my Onyinye, but my onyinye
    was taller. My jaw droped as such ebony
    queen. I smiled at her revealing my
    beautiful set of teeth dat made
    Onyinye fall for me. “Fanta bobo, today na ur day” i
    said to myself… ________________ ________

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    Episode 3

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    Episode 5

    Episode 6

    Episode 7

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    I jst dey look u…… u dey eye general pikin, ur own don finish

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    Another story……

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    Dreamland… Wake up.

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    @mubarak… Make sure u finish dx story.

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