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    This story was sorely fabricated, written and posted by the author Johnysky on this site and facebook page originally posted on his blog No part of this work may be reproduced, used or copied without prior authorization from the author.

    You can reach the author on
    Tel/whatsapp : 08147060538
    email: [email protected]
    blog :

    THE BASH [one night of horror] by Johnysky

    episode 1

    Evelyn exhaled deeply as she dropped the hooks of her bra and her breast jiggled freely on her chest giving her an unparalleled soothing sensation.

    ‘’I have no idea where tochi gets all these push up bra that wants to strangle someone’s lungs and back’’ she muttered to herself with a hiss.

    Next was her shoes, high heeled pointy black shoes that hurt like hell but she had been wearing it for hours now through out the night, she had borrowed this one from mimi, that girl is a high heel freak.

    As the shoes slipped out of her feet she let out a long whispering ‘’aaaaah’’, massaging the sole and toes of her feet.

    ‘’I wonder how these girls survive in these’’ she said to herself again making towards the fridge to get a glass of water and the door banged open immediately as Tochi washed into the room, shouting and howling at the top of her voice.

    Evelyn on seeing her turned back towards the mini fridge in the room reaching for her water, tochi’s howl seemed to be getting louder and wilder.

    ‘’eheeeee’’ I have noticed you eve snapped turning to face Tochi who was dancing and twerking to an imaginary music in her head.
    She dropped a crisp wad of 1000 naira notes in 3 huge bundles on the floor while still dancing and shouting.

    Eve’s eyes widened on seeing the money and her curiosity was pricked.

    ‘’where did you get all this money from?’’ she queried in a lean tone.

    ‘’virgin Mary, this is the result of staying for the party to finish’’ Tochi snapped dumping her whole weight on the bed in one free fall at the same time flinging off her shoes which had even taller heels than the one eve wore.
    Eve’s mind went back to the party, she just got back few minutes ago even though she left the 2hours early, but getting a taxi in the wee hours of the morning proved herculean as she had to wait more than an hour and half to get one.

    It was just yesterday, Friday evenin. Shewa came to their lodge after an almost five second call to Tochi, few minutes after the call the door opened and Shewa stepped in, gestured Tochi to follow her – few minutes later she left and Tochi came back and announced to Eve that there had a little party gig that’d yield much.

    ‘’you know I am not into things like this party things’’ eve had replied still trying to make sense out of the mesh of words the lecturer for general science call a text book.
    ‘’biko spare me that your holy mary crap, you always act as if this guy is not bleeping you like everytime you visit him’’ Tochi cut in sharply.

    ‘’Tochi but he’s my boy friend’’

    ‘’eheee and so? Now stop acting like a virgin and listen – shewa just told me about a small party organized by all these yahoo yahoo boys at HillTrap hotels at new avenue, they just need hot girls for the waiting jobs and any other job that comes inbetween’’ she giggled.

    Before Eve could open her mouth again, Tochi had pressured her into accepting the offer, how many times do you get a chance to make 30k for just serving drinks for a night.

    ‘’I am just going there to serve the drinks, any other so called ‘in between’ count me out oo’’ she said holding her ears to project a sense of seriousness and unshakable resolve.
    ‘’ok holy mary’’ Tochi teased jumping down on her body playfully.

    Moments later there were already surfing through Tochi’s wardrobe for a suitable wear for the job, after minutes of surfing through a seeming assembly of skimpy dresses, they settled for a skimpy black pencil skirt aimed at bringing out as much contours as possible to be matched with a tiny shirt that stops just before the belly button.

    In a little time the party was already happening, Eve could not account for how many times she was hit in the bums by the men she served drinks, having thinking that this probably was one of Tochi’s anything in between, she ignored it and went about her job.

    The party was one of the wildest and extravagant parties she ever being to, she served long gold bottled Champaign she was sure was more expensive than her yearly house rent and almost twenty bottle of such drinks has been washed down or poured on a stripper’s body by these boys that seemed very young to have this type of money to her.
    Number of naked girls dancing in poles or swimming in the pool was overwhelming, shadowy figures lurking in the dark one could be sure were couple’s making out in the open.

    At a time one guy had grabbed her by the bums and gave it a tight squeeze, she jerked and turned immediately.

    He was young, too young to her barely as old as Ivo, her younger sibling who just newly was admitted into the university of benin In their state.

    He had a bottle of moet that he drank right from the bottle, a girl cling to his side rubbing his chest clad only in a tiny bikini.

    ‘’hey babe, get me another bottle of Champaign’’ he said with every air of authority to eve who could smell alcohol and tobacco from his breathe at the same pissed at the alacrity of a boy younger than her junior ones giving him such command in a very rude and disrespectful manner, she imagined herself getting the drink but smashing the bottle on his head rather.

    She managed to utter an almost inaudible ‘’ok’’ and strode off to the bar to get the drink.
    Before 3 the party was already losing momentum as most people were already either too drunk, worn out or inside having sex.

    Their group was called into the lounge and each given an envelope which she peeked into right there in front of the man paying them.

    Several girls from their group left with some boys, some stayed back and danced on the now almost empty floor with drunk people crawling on the floor, eve grabbed her purse, slipped the envelop inside and made her way out of the party a little before 4am.

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    Wow ave been a ghost reader for d past 2 yrs in dis humble site

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