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    written by debbietiyan

    []Okay, so there is always a ‘he’ in every girl’s diary. Some…quite remarkable, Others? well…not so much.
    Thelma always believed she was the most unfortunate girl alive. Hell, luck was just created to spite her. That didn’t change even when she saw Alfred. She knew she had no chance of getting him to notice her and she had no intention of trying.

    “Hi, is this seat taken?” a voice asked from behind. She didn’t bother turning, she’d recognise that voice any day.
    “Yes…I mean no…if you like to…its free” she muttered in one breath.

    It was the eight period and the subject assigned to that, was English. English was the only subject the art and science students had a combined class in. He was a transfer student and with the way he blended in with the class high flyers, no one would have guessed he didn’t start junior school with them. While he was one of the popular guys in school, she was labelled ‘nerd-girl’ and all through that time, this was the first time they had crossed path.

    Adjusting to the edge of the seat thereby making sitting space for him, she did a quick eye sweep of the classroom. Apparently, her seat was the only double seat lacking a partner.

    “Little wonder…” She murmured.
    “Do you have an extra pen? I must have left mine in my locker, silly me” he added.
    “Yes” she whispered, fiddling with the zip of her school bag. She brought out a bic and handed it over to him.
    “Thanks” he grinned.

    She noticed his gap tooth amongst other things.

    He wasn’t drop dead handsome but his features fit so well, If perfect had a description, he’d fit it to the teeth. He was light skinned. His nose was so straight and nostrils so small, she was sure his tiny finger couldn’t fit in. His eyes which seemed to be half shut most of the time closed to form a line each time he smiled. His teeth was so white, she concluded it hadn’t missed a day’s brushing right from when he had grown them.

    The closing bell rang, She realized she hadn’t heard a word their teacher had said.

    He thanked her and dropped the pen into her book as he stood to leave. His friends were already beckoning to him. With his bag swung over his left shoulder, he turned and flashed a smile.

    Her heart did ten push-ups.

    From then on, he waved whenever he saw her and she smiled back( blushed more like it). Three weeks later, he approached her and suggested she joined the school’s debating club which he headed, She did.

    The upper week, he admitted he liked her and that was when she blurted out she had had a crush on him see she laid eyes on him.
    He smiled.

    It was three days to their mid-term tests, he invited her to an empty class room, so they could study together, she obliged. Barely ten minutes into their maths textbook, he leaned in and kissed her.

    The next day, as she got to school she sensed something was amiss, Everyone was staring at her. With head bowed she made for her classroom.

    As she settled in her seat, she felt eyes boring into her back

    “Pretenders do the worst.” A girl hissed from behind.
    Sensing what might have been the cause, she stood and headed for class 3B.

    He was with his friends and they were obviously in a heated discussion but all kept mum as soon as they saw her approach.
    “Can I speak with you?” she asked in a pleading tone.
    “No.” came the curt reply.
    Her eyes bulged.
    “Have you forgotten what happened yesterday?” she sniffed.
    “How can I forget…I won.”
    “You won? won what? I don’t understand…” she stammered.
    “The bet love…I won the bet” he smiled and turned to join his bickering friends as they joined in a rupturing laughter.

    As realisation dawned on her, She fled.

    The End

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    John Walter El Marshall
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    Hay Kay
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    great, I feel for her tho!

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    Ehya 2 bad of Alfred, I feel for Thelma @fridex come read this

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    So bad! why will he do that?!

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    Too bad. So it was a bet

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    hmmm, bet love for person head

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    too bad

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