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    Bring it on

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    Episode 1 : SHE’S FOR SALE
    JAJA’s Point Of View
    Uncle Troy and Auntie Polly’s actions today
    is strange. I feel like I am very important
    person, like a princess to be exact, from the
    way they serve on me. They didn’t hurt me
    and haven’t let me do the household
    chores, just like I have used to do. I am
    staying with them for more than a year
    and it is my first time to experience this
    kind of treatment. They look at me like a
    diamond, and I am enjoying it. How I wish
    they will do it always.
    “Auntie, why are you making me
    beautiful?” I asked. She’s on my back,
    fixing my hair. She rolled my hair up and
    tied it, she left some curly strands in front
    of my face. Now, she’s putting make up on
    my face.
    “Because your Uncle Troy will take you out
    and meet his friends.” She looked at the
    mirror at stared at me, smiling.
    “Really? I am excited to meet them,” I
    happily replied.
    “Stand up and try to execute the walk I
    have taught you earlier.”
    I stood up and walk femininely in front of
    her. “Is it okay, Auntie?”
    “Yes. Don’t forget to smile, okay?”
    I nod. Auntie just got finished spraying
    perfumes on my neck and my body when
    Uncle Troy came in to my room.
    “You look beautiful, Jaja,” Uncle Troy
    “Thank you, Uncle.”
    “I am sure that my friends will like you.
    Here, drink your milk first.” He give me the
    glass full of milk. I took it and drink it.
    It taste so good. I really love milk. “Uncle,
    have you eaten yet? I’ll prepare your
    “No, no. I already ate my lunch. Now, just
    relax there. I’ll fetch you later if we’re
    Auntie hugged me tight and kissed my
    cheek. They left my room and closed the
    door. I sit on my bed. I became dizzy and
    sleepy. Seems like I am going to sleep. I
    tried to wake myself up, Uncle and I will go
    I can’t take the drowsiness I am feeling
    anymore. The last thing I saw when I close
    my eyes is the glass of milk I have drank.
    WHEN I woke up, color red dim light
    troubled my eyes. It hurts. How come that
    the light of my room became red? I can
    also hear slurred and indistinct voices not
    far away from me. Am I still on my room?
    I pushed myself to sit. It is not my room. I
    am now sitting on a couch of an unknown
    room covered by dark red curtains. I am
    still wearing the silver backless dress
    partnered by silver stilettos that I received
    from Auntie.
    “Uncle Troy?” I call. I am still drowsy and
    feeling dizzy.
    My gaze switched to the curtain shifted and
    two man including my Uncle came in. They
    are looking at me.
    “She just turned 18 yesterday. She’s still
    virgin and fresh. I assure you that you’ll get
    big money if you put her on the auction,”
    my Uncle said to the man.
    Petrified. I can’t move my body and I can’t
    open my mouth. What is he talking about?
    Big money?
    The man nodded while staring at me. “She
    is indeed pretty, look fresh, and innocent.
    Lot of men will surely like to get her. I will
    take her.”
    “As we have been agreed upon meeting,
    the sixty percent will come to you and the
    rest is mine,” said by my Uncle. He’s
    grinning at me.
    It takes time before my brain worked up.
    My Uncle is selling me! I look around to see
    where I can run.
    “Stand up, Jaja. Come here. Meet my friend,
    Chen. He liked you, I told you,” my Uncle
    said as if he’s talking to a naive girl. I know
    where am I and what he is up to.
    I used the opportunity to stand up and
    walked towards them, near the curtain
    where they came in. I weighed myself and
    practiced my stilettos. Too good that I can
    still handle my heels, I can run with it.
    I pushed my Uncle and attack him between
    his legs using my knee. I used the
    opportunity to run. I am thankful that the
    man named Chen is super fat, he can’t
    swiftly move.
    I saw lot of men facing the stage and busy
    listening to the emcee. I took a glance on
    the stage, there is a petite girl like me
    standing in the middle of it. I know that it
    would happen to me if I didn’t run away
    from here and scape.
    I suddenly stopped when I saw two way.
    Which way? Which hall? God, I don’t know
    where should I go! Help me!
    Not thinking, I chose the left hall and
    bumped to someone. I gasped when I felt
    his arm wrapped around my waist and
    pulled me to his body.
    “She’s here!”
    Oh, no! They found me! I tried to flee from
    the man’s arm but he’s too strong.
    “Let me go, please.”
    He loosed his arm. I immediately readied
    myself to run. I am almost free from the
    man’s arm when someone shouted.
    “Don’t! Don’t let her scape! She’s an
    entertainer!” I recognized Chen’s voice.
    The man grabbed my wrist and gripped it.
    He faced me and I know he’s scanning my
    body. I faced down, trying to not let him
    see my face.
    “How old is she? She look so young,” the
    man said.
    “She’s eighteen, Mister Benjamin. She look
    young because she has a baby face and
    she’s petite,” answered by my Uncle.
    “I like this girl. Let me take her service.” His
    full husky voice gave me shivers. It is so
    I restrained myself from looking up to him.
    Shame on me!
    “I am sorry, Mister Benjamin, we can’t. If
    you want her badly, you can join the
    auction. She’s for sale.”
    to be continue
    Wat do u think will happen

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    @fb-danieledem post subsequent episodes as a comment under this thread

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    Which kind yeye uncle be this

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    Abidemi Fenuga
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    bring it on smallest

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    Prosper Yeboah
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    What kind of heartless uncle be Dis na???

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    Daniel Edem
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    Episode 2 : AUCTION
    BENJAMIN’s Point Of View
    I looked up to someone entered my office.
    I am busy reading up papers that consists
    agreements and proposal from our new
    “What are you doing here, Timmy?” I
    asked. I focused myself on reading.
    Timmy, he is my bestfriend and I am
    treating him like my own brother.
    He sit at the edge of my table, facing me.
    “Come on, this day is your special day,
    Jamin. You shouldn’t drown yourself with
    those papers. Come with me, let’s have
    some fun.”
    “Now what, you’re going to take me to
    that club again?” I asked. I’ve been there
    thrice and I admit that they have a good
    services. But, I am not in the mood to go
    there and f--k.
    “You’re only twenty five, Jamin, don’t
    stress yourself. You have no family to feed
    for you to work so hard. Enjoy your
    bachelor moment. Come on, it is my treat.”
    I heaved a heavy sigh. What can I do?
    Timmy won’t leave me here and give me
    peace if I didn’t accepted his invitation. I
    can’t concentrate on what I am doing if
    he’s here.
    “Alright. Tonight, fetch me here,” I finally
    “See you, Jamin!”
    And he left. My ears relaxed when silence
    filled the room.
    I am working in JewelCore, a company that
    produces jewelries and ornaments. I
    inherited this company from my parents.
    It’s been two years since I took the
    position of Chairman, and I am grateful
    that our company risen up and became
    famous in the business world.
    JAJA’s Point Of View
    Stunned. That’s my exact, literally,
    situation now. Why is this happening to
    me? Am I born just to experience this? God,
    you’re unfair!
    They caught me and placed at the
    backstage. They chained my feet and
    handcuffed my wrists in front. I received a
    slap from my Uncle and it really hurts.
    So this is the reason of their strange
    actions earlier. They will sell me.
    I felt tears forming in my eyes. I am really
    hopeless now.
    “You’re next,” said by the event
    coordinator. He led the way.
    I grabbed his arm. “Please, Mister, save me.
    Don’t let me go there, I am begging you.”
    The event coordinator shook his head and
    pushed me onstage. I heard men whistled
    and expressed their amazement.
    “Gentlemen, fantasize this lady in front of
    you. Fresh, beautiful, virgin, and naive. Kind
    of girl you were looking. We will begin the
    auction at a price of $1000.”
    “$2000!” yelled by someone while raising
    his card.
    “$2000. Anyone who want to raise the
    price?” asked by the emcee.
    “Anyone who want to surpass the $2500
    and will have this fresh lady in front?”
    I remained stunned. Listening to their
    biddings. Those money they were betting
    is too high. I heard my heart pounding so
    hard and loud that it is the only thing I
    hear despite the noise around me.
    I wanted to scream in front of them that I
    am not a thing to be bought. I am a human
    who have a life to live! A girl who have
    rights to choose and to be free!
    Tears never stop flowing down my cheeks
    while listening to their bid. I saw my Uncle,
    smiling widely, at the side of the stage.
    He’s happy because he will receive big
    amount of money because of me. Money is
    more important to him than me, his own
    niece. How did I end up with him? My
    parents and my only brother died all at
    once from an accident, only me who
    survived. He and his wife is the only
    relative I have. I thought they will treat me
    like their child but no, they treated as their
    I pity myself. I should have killed myself
    and followed my family.
    “Any higher than $30,000? Remember, this
    girl will be yours and you can do whatever
    you want!”
    Aren’t they going to stop?!
    I looked up and searched the man who
    yelled the biggest bid I have ever heard. It
    isn’t hard for me to find him because
    almost all of the men here are looking at
    him. He’s at the very corner of the room.
    He wears three-piece suit, like a
    businessman. I can’t see his face since his
    place haven’t reached by the light. But I can
    still see the card he is raising, it was
    number 89.
    “Any higher than $100,000 of Mister 89?”
    asked by the emcee.
    “You think we can still afford to raise it,
    id*ot?!” shouted by someone at the emcee.
    “$110,000!” shouted by another man. Our
    gaze switched on him. He raised his card
    while staring at Mister 89.
    “Higher than $110,000 of Mister 13?”
    “$120,000!” Mister 89 shouted again.
    “$121,000!” raised by Mister 13.
    Are they competing to each other? Our
    head is switching every time they speak
    and raises their price.
    “$126,000!” shouted by Mister 13 again.
    Uncanny silence.
    Like me, they were flabbergasted on what
    is happening.
    “Higher than Mister 13’s price?” asked by
    the emcee.
    Silence. We are waiting for Mister 89 to
    speak and raise the bid again.
    “Bidding will end in three…two…o–”
    “$150,000!” shouted by Mister 89.
    Indistinct voices and buzzing murmurs
    filled the room. That is too high.
    “Bidding will end in three…two…one!” The
    emcee pounded his wood hammer on the
    table. “This lady is sold for $150,000!
    Mister 89, you can take her backstage.
    That’s all for today. Thank you for this
    exciting auction!”
    BENJAMIN’s Point Of View
    “You…you’re really serious on buying that
    lady?” shockingly asked by Timmy.
    “Yes,” I answered.
    “Just when did you changed your fetish?”
    “Earlier. Just when I felt her body. That lady
    awaken my desire, heated up my blood,
    and it is unusual to happen. I won’t let it
    Frederick approached us. He’s the guy
    named Mister 13. My great opponent in all
    terms. He’s my stepbrother, son of my
    father’s new wife. He’s one year older than
    “Nice one, Benjamin. You won,” he said,
    “Better luck next time, Frederick,” I coldly
    said and leaved him.
    Timmy followed me. Still have his widen
    eyes. “Are you really serious?”
    “I can’t buy that lady for you, Jamin.
    “That’s not part of your treat. I will use my
    own money.”
    We go to the backstage. Mister Chen and a
    man is waiting there. I took my check from
    my pocket and wrote the price of the lady.
    “Where is she?” I asked.
    “You really want her, Mister Benjamin.
    She’s on your car now. Here’s the key of
    her handcuff and chains.” Mister Chen gave
    me the key as I handed over him the check.
    “Enjoy your lady, Mister Benjamin,” Mister
    Chen said.
    I just nod. I took a single glance to the man
    beside Mister Chen, he’s smiling widely.
    “Timmy, I’ll leave you here. Save your treat
    for me, I’m going to take it one of this
    I immediately gone to my car. I saw my
    driver outside.
    “She’s inside, Sir.”
    :::::::::::::::::: to be continued :::::::::::::::::::

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    Wat do u think will be her fate

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