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    Waiting patiently to find out

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    (Destiny Calls)
    Episode 4
    :Written by #Bright_Daniel
    Ena pretended as if she had never seen the river or knows where it can be found. “No, i have not seen it before” she replied handing the paper back to Sarah. “But I’ll help you make a research on it”
    “Thank you very much, ma” Sarah stood up to leave.
    “It’s Ena”
    “Oh, pardon my manners, Ena”
    “One more thing” Ena stood up too. “I will charge you five thousand naira for the research”
    Sarah opened her mouth surprisingly. Where would she get such amount of money from? “Umm.. Ma, sorry, i mean, Ena, i don’t have the..”
    “Is okay” Ena interrupted her with a smile. “I was only pulling your legs”
    “Oh, thank you” Sarah smiled back at her.
    “Just come back to tomorrow or next, i might have found the answers you need”
    “Okay, thank you”
    “Welcome” Ena was quite kind. After Sarah left, she began to feel guilty for not telling her the truth. But that wasn’t how they work: they don’t give out informations easily. Though she never wanted to carry on with the research about the blue river but Sarah’s feeling and connection motivated her to do more research on it.
    At Ututu town, Lora set to go coz the nature of the atmosphere gradually began to be dark. She could be seen with Benlo strolling on the road in a romantic locomotion. Jasper walked behind them as if to give them some privacy.
    “It’s nice having you around, Lora” Benlo broke the silence. Though he was drunk but was still in his rightful senses.
    “Thank you” glanced at him. “You’re drunk on your birthday”
    “No, I’m not drunk”
    “You are”
    “I’m not”
    Both stopped at the place Lora needed to enter a bus. There was an eye contact between both of them without any wanting to break the silence.
    “I guess i have to go now” Lora finally broke the silence but within herself, she never wanted to go wishing to spend the night in his arms.
    “Alright, may i have your number?” Benlo brought out his phone.
    “Sorry, i don’t have a phone”
    “Really?” Benlo looked at her in disbelief. “You’ll have my own number then” he gave her his number before she departed.
    “I think there is a force of attraction between you and this girl” Jasper said from behind then Benlo turned to him as both began to go home.
    “What force of attraction?”
    “Is love a force?”
    “Well, in this case, it is”
    Benlo remained quiet for a moment. He suddenly stopped looking at his friend with a hand on his shoulder too. “listen, Jasper, no girl, i repeat, no girl has ever interested me in my whole life, so stop this shit you called force or love” he released him and began to walk again leaving Jasper behind who wondered why he has no record of a woman in his life. He met up with him again.
    “But why?”
    “I don’t know”
    “That’s strange”
    “Yes, to you but not to me” Benlo concluded.
    Though Sarah came back home before Lora but she wasn’t at home at the moment. She had gone to a nearby stream to fetch water forgetting to replace the paper from where she took it.
    Lora returned home with the excitement of gradually getting close to Benlo whom she believed had fallen in love with. She searched her bag without seeing the paper, so she angrily went outside standing at the entrance of the house while the grandfather sat on a wood taking some fresh air.
    “Grandpa, where is Sarah?”
    “She went to fetch some..” Eric saw Sarah coming with a bucket of water on her head. “here she comes” he said.
    Immediately Sarah sighted Lora, she remembered the paper was still in her pocket. She drew closer fearfully. “Welcome, Lora”
    “Where is the paper i put in my bag, Sarah?” Lora glared while their grandfather watched them from a distant.
    Sarah put down the bucket of water, brought out the paper and stretched it to her. “Here it is”
    “Why did you take it?”
    “I’m sorry”
    “That isn’t the answer to my question, Sarah!”
    “I said I’m sorry!”
    “Oh, you are raising your force back at me. How dare you!” Lora raised her hand to slap her but Eric’s voice interrupted her.
    “Don’t you dare lay your hands on your sister!”
    “Then warn her coz she’s stepping on my toes!” she flung the paper from her and went inside.
    Sarah remained quiet for sometimes then carried her water inside the house too. She pleaded with her sister before going to bed but she never answered her thus making her feel sad.
    Ena fixed her eyes on her computer reading every single structure of the blue river, even the source of the water. “Oh, my God!” she exclaimed going to the manager’s office.
    “Ena what’s it?” Mr Rain asked from his desk.
    “Sir, you won’t believe this. About the blue river i told you, it’s actually a source of pure gold that can generate you countless number of money!”
    “Are you serious?” Mr Rain stood up.
    “Yes, sir”
    “Does anybody knows about this?”
    Hearing the question, Ena’s mind went to Sarah. “Sir, what if somebody already knows about it?” she asked.
    “Then the person will not live to see tomorrow” Mr Rain concluded, and Ena knew him as a man that does what he says..

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    Keep it coming…

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    I hope u are not the river goddess? next

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    ride on pls

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    Oooh so Dis all wat de blue river is about? den wat kind of connection does Sarah have with de river na???

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    @chimmy: lack of power ke? power only comes from God, ask Him to empower you oooo,,,, oya receive power in Jesus Christ name. lol

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