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    hmm they are getting back so soon

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    maya keep up with ur inteligent i like it.. Longest name i de follow u slowly like a turtise

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    So how are they gona meet each other

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    The Bodyguard Episode 23

    The Bodyguard – Episode 23

    By Tisa Phiri


    A week later I drove back home from work. I was over working myself trying so hard to stay sane. I had been trying to contact people and some connections I thought Ackim could have had. I even paid off Kakoma to tell me anything he knew about Ackim but according to him, he had believed Ackim was dead. He even mentioned that if he were alive he would have at least appeared to make him suffer for what he did.

    I didn’t want to tell him that Ackim went to George’s place, so I silently walked away.

    “Good evening mam and welcome come back” the house worker greeted me as I walked to the house from the garage.

    “Thank you”

    ” is dad back?” I asked as she took my laptop and hand bag from my hands.

    “No mam not yet” she responded

    “but there’s a man in the house who came to see you and have been waiting for over 20 minutes now, he insisted he had to see you.”

    “Oh I see” i nodded..

    “where is he now? ”

    “In the living room” she responded .

    ” let me see Him then, just put those in my bedroom and please prepare Me something to eat am so hungry” I instructed.

    I walked to the living room and before me was a tall guy with funny small eyes. He looked like a giant Chinese man his mouth turned into a wide smile making it shape like an egg.

    “Good evening” I greeted brushing off the thoughts of analysing him.

    “Evening mam” he greeted back his voice taking me by surprise. it was deeper than his slim body. One would think someone else spoke behind him.

    I sat across on the couch a small coffee table separating us . He had been served water and the glass cup was half empty.

    I cleared my throat..

    “yes sir ” I managed to say..

    “how may I be of help?”

    “Yeah I came to speak to you, am Chab. Ackim hired me months ago to find his family. I have been trying to contact him but all his lines won’t go through. so i remebered he had given me your address and names to come to you in case of anything.” he explained..

    “so am here to find out if you know where he might be cause I have some news on his family.”

    “Oh I see” i sighed after listening silently..

    “unfortunately I also don’t know where he is sir. I have been looking for him, we were involved in some accident and i survived. we are unable to find him since then. Not even so sure whether he’s dead or alive” I told him..

    He shook his head.. oh sad indeed.. no wonder he hasn’t contacted me he added sitting up .

    “If Ackim told you to come to me it means he trusts me, you can tell me What you found out. God willing he comes back, i will be able to pass on the message.”

    “Yeah sure” he smiled handing me a file.

    “there are pictures of some people I found at what I think is the family. I located them near Kapiri MPoshi. no wonder looking for them in Ndola didn’t yield any results. They moved to some farm in the area a few kilometres to Kapiri all the details of the location are there” he pointed at the file in my hands.

    I asked him a few more questions and he explained. he even told me Ackim was yet to pay him a balance of what he charged him. I right away wrote a cheque and gave it to him, thanking him I saw him to the door and he left.

    Later in the night i placed the file contents on my bed looking at Photos of a woman who resembled Ackim and another girl of about 16. I wondered if that was all the people at that farm.

    A thought crossed my mind. I started thinking that maybe Ackim had found his family and that is were he went. I planned that very night to travel to Kapiri the folowing day.

    I didn’t know whether I was chasing after the wind like Dad said the time I went to tell him what I was up to or not. I just felt the strong urge to go and seek and find answers I wasn’t willing to let go of him yet.

    Being a weekend I woke up early and prepared myself..I knew I would get tired driving all the way but the idea of getting a driver wasn’t an option. I had to do it alone.

    Some hours later, I turned off the main road to a gravel road. I was being guided by the map drawn on some paper. It was a bit dusty. I drove for another 15 minutes when the house from the map appeared in front of me.

    it was quite different from the others around that area, built out of burnt bricks,looked like it had 6 or so rooms. The wide area behind showed that the family there cultivated maize. some dry trunks of maize stems were cut down.

    I placed my head on the seat top as my heart started pounding fast. I was so nervous. I pushed back my hair and tied it into a rough knot and got out to go to the door.

    A tall slim girl I saw on the photos came out and greeted me. I felt glad she could use English. Since I came to Zambia I had never bothered to learn any local language, the only thing I could say fluently was a greeting and I learnt it from Ackim. Anything else was hard to pronounce. I greeted her back and explained my mission.

    “Am Paula coming from Solwezi, am a Friend of Ackim and I came to see his family.” I told her..

    She looked at me and I saw her face frown. she asked me to go in..

    “wait here” she indicated pointing at a sofa.

    “Let me call my mother.”

    She come back later with a woman. I presumed Ackim’s mother. He looked a lot like her only that she was lighter in complexion and her face was wider.

    She looked pale and I could tell she wasn’t ok.

    I stood to greet her and she responded weakly.

    ” who are you my child” she asked gently her calmness reminding me of Ackim. she had this tendernes in her voice that would calm you down just like her son’s.

    I went on explaining myself again and told her I was looking for Ackim.

    She was silent for some minutes and started sobbing.

    ” am sorry my dear, just that it’s been over 6 years since I last saw my son and i was meant to believe he’s dead . Unfortunately his father also died 7 Months ago. It’s so painful and has not been easy for us.

    I felt a grip on my throat..

    “am so sorry mom, I didn’t mean to cause you any more pain, but there is a chance that Ackim is still alive..”

    I saw her look up at me expectantly.

    I went on explaining about how he was held captive in Congo and all the details that followed later on. I explained the accident too.

    “Am almost certain he’s alive somewhere and I promise to find him” i told her,

    “he’s a good person and I know your son would do the same for me.”

    She smiled,

    “you are heaven sent my child. I can see it in your eyes you care so much about my son. I know among my children he was the one with a gentle spirit but the strenght of a soldier too. I miss him and my heart somehow gives me hope of seeing my son again” she said with tears in her eyes.

    We talked for more than an hour and she told me about Ackim’s child hood and his other siblings, the girl who welcomed me was Ackim’s sister, the last born.The others went on to live in various areas.

    Her illness was as a result of her kidney condition. Unfortunately she told me she had not been able to find enough money for the proper treatment since her husband died.I promised her to go back and see how I could help.

    I left the farm when it as almost evening. I honestly felt relieved it was like i saw Ackim in some way. . “I have to help his mother” I thought to myself as I drove to Nsobe camp. I didn’t want to drive in the night so i Decided to lodge there.

    I loved the sereninity of the camp. It had this natural envirnment that made one connect with their inner self and was so relaxing.

    The cool air touch my skin as i stood near the dams in front of the chalet I booked, the place was quite even though they were a few families around.

    I wore a bum short and some flat slippers, a loose body top and felt so relaxed wishing Ackim would just walk from behind me that minute.

    As the soft wind blew off my hair covering part of my face, I pushed it back to the side and sat in the bench. That night i planned on starting to look for him in Chingola. I gathered he might be around there since he wasnt in Solwezi and George claimed to have seen him there. I was certain the news of his family would make him so happy.

    To be continued

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    The Bodyguard Episode 24

    The Bodyguard – Episode 24

    By Tisa Phiri


    “Uncle Will.!” Maya called me as I worked in the garden. I was always working around the house, sitting idle was making me feel bored. I always wanted my mind kept busy. James , Dr Mwaba’s hubby told me he would help me get a job in the mine. He was in management so he said it won’t be so much of a problem. He even suggested I got some new identification documents to help me start over.

    I was still feeling lost but lately I had dreams of being in some kind of military. Dr Mwaba even thought it could be true since the dreams and visions persisted.

    “Am here Maya!” I responded when she called for the third time. she came running..

    “hey what’s up? ” I asked her wiping the sweat on my forehead.

    She came close and whispered.. “Uncle Will, that neighbour is here again ..”

    I let a laugh there was a girl from the neighbour who always came over to chat with me. For some reason Maya never liked her. she said she wasn’t a good person and that I was to be with the lady she met in town.

    “I hate Jane Uncle please chase her ” she whispered.

    “she’s in the front yard looking for you..”

    I giggled as I washed my hands.

    “come on Maya she’s not that bad” l told her holding her as we went to the house.

    ” besides she’s just a friend” i added.

    ” I didnt say am going to be her boyfriend..”

    “Good then” she shrugged holding me,

    “otherwise, I want when I meet that coloured girl you should be free to be with her.”

    I smilled and patted her back, her insistance on pairing me with a stranger was so overwhelming .

    I even wondered why she felt so obliged to her bet. she couldn’t even say the name of the lady.

    All she said when I asked her was.. “well, I will ask her the next time i meet her and I will I can promise you just be patient ” she assured me confidently.

    “Hey Jane” I called out as i walked to our neighbour. I was surprised she was all dressed up that morning..

    “Hey Will” she smiled widely..

    ” how are you ?”

    “Great, was just working in the garden..”

    “Well then, i came to pick you up, remember i asked you to escort me to get some things in town today.”

    “Oh sorry, I forgot” I apologised and I saw Maya peep from the window from the corner of my eye. she made a face at me and I knew she wanted me to refuse.

    “Well, prepare yourself then” Jane responded

    ” will come pick you up later.”

    I felt bad to get back on my promise so I reluctantly agreed.

    Some minutes later I took a bath and changed into my usual dress code, a pair of jeans and a stripped v neck t shirt. Said bye to Maya who frowned with a sad face.

    “Am going with you, since today is a weekend” she added grabbing her small bag..

    “I can’t remain alone with the maid Uncle” she pleaded.

    ” dad and mom are working and Mwamba is away for some school projects.”

    I smiled at her, It was hard to say no to her silly face. I asked Jane if it was okay for Maya to tag along and she agreed though Maya whispered in my ears that Jane was pissed..

    I let a small laugh and ignored her as we walked to town. It was a few metres from home.

    We went round in circles of the small town centre. Jane got all the things she wanted as I patiently beared the burden. shoping with women was really a hard thing to do.

    Jane was a teacher at some secondary school, she had recently graduated from the university of Zambia and told me she was teaching at Chingola secondary. she was fairly looking and in all honesty I wasn’t looking past our mare friendship. she was easy to talk to and I liked her cheerful personality. besides, she was the only friend I knew in the neighbourhood or maybe I just say everywhere else since i couldnt remember anything about my past life.

    I sat down in some internet cafe as the two girls Jane and Maya went to the next shop trying on some clothes.

    I sighed in relief as I remained behind after protesting going into the boutique with them.

    I watched some people browse on the internet as i chatted with the guy who worked there. He was explaining about the system and their operations as i listened in attentively like i wanted to learn something, it was better than shopping with the girls.

    Just then a beautiful coloured girl casually dressed in a flayerd skirt and a sleeveless green top that matched her fine skin walked in. she had this vibe that made me wince, but I stayed calm.

    She talked to the guy at the counter and I watched her walk to a computer. she connected her phone to the PC and carried on working as i watched in silence.

    After some minutes she stood straight and paid some money and turned to leave, my heart skipped but I didn’t have the gut to stand and talk to her. she seemed to be in a hurry.

    I followed her like a stalker and watched as she went down to the road across the shops.

    My inner voice told me to follow her as she walked behind the small path behind the shoprite warehouse at back door. The area had some trucks packed and a few people walked past the route which went down to the other side of the town.

    I saw a shoddy looking guy walk past me and straight away headed towards her. I watched, he held her from behind as she tried to scream he put his hand on her mouth as she struggled to get free.

    “What the hell!” I screamed inside and quickly ran to them closing the gap between us.

    I charged forward and hit a blow on the guys head and he fall down letting go of the girl. she staggered and stood back as i tried to go after the guy who had quickly stood and ran fast to the other side..

    “Are you ok lady ?” I asked concerned .

    I saw her open her mouth in shock.

    “Ackim? ” She asked looking really shocked and surprised..

    “What are you doing here?” She asked me.

    “What?” I responded

    ” Ackim?” I asked her.

    “Do you know know who i am?” I asked her as she moved closer.

    “Who are you?”

    I saw her face frown.

    “You are asking who I am, are you serious?” she shouted angrily.

    I wanted to respond but Jane walked towards us.

    “Will, whats happening here?” She asked me holding my hand like showing me off to the stranger.

    I saw the lady I rescued look at our hands and her facial expression turned pale.

    “Oh I see!” she exclaimed.

    “so this is why you decided to disappear and fake your own death ?” she asked angrily and picked her phone.

    I watched in shock as she walked away.

    “Wait!” I tried to follow her but she rushed to the grey X5 packed at the end of the path.

    “Come on Will ” Jane held me pulling me back

    “let her go”

    I pushed her aside..

    “don’t you see that lady knows who I am?” I snapped furious..

    “now I missed a Chance of learning something about myself because of you.”

    I ran to the road but it was too late. she drove past the round about and I saw her car disppear on the other side of town.

    I felt so disappointed as we went back to th boutique with Jane.

    “fake my own death..?” I echoed her words.

    “what did she mean?” I asked still lost.

    Maya noticed I looked upset but I smiled and assured her i was ok.

    Later at home Dr Mwaba told me I was supposed to ask the lady about my life. she also felt the person could be someone close to me and explained that from the way I explained her response she could notice the lady could be my wife or maybe girlfriend.

    “No i don’t think so. am almost certain that girl is rich and I don’t think am someone from such back grounds.” I told her with a sigh

    “no Doc that coloured girl is definately not my class.”

    She smiled gently..

    “It’s posible Will, by the way, did you say she’s a coloured ?”

    “Yes i agreed..why? ”

    “Well, could it be the same lady Maya talked to the other week? ”

    “Mmmm I dont know for sure. Maya didn’t see her so am not sure shes the same person. I will ask her later and hear if her description matches the one I saw this afternoon.” I told her.

    Maya jumped with joy when i asked her about the coloured girl.. “yes yes! She’s the one uncle” she said excited.

    “tall with a lot of long silk hair.., ” “yeah” I nodded..

    “And very beautiful” she added.

    “That too Maya” i answered casually.

    She told me it was her and she sat down next to me on the couch.

    “Why didnt you call me to introduce you guys..?” She complained..

    “well am sory little one everything happened so fast I didn’t get the chance to do that.”

    I told Maya that the lady seemed to know Me and she was even more excited.

    ” I knew it!” she shouted..

    “you guys are meant for each other, it’s destiny !” she exclaimed..

    I smilled at her and didn’t get the rest of the things she was saying.

    My mind wondered back to the scene in town earlier. I wondered who the girl was. Wishing painfully I had a chance to talk for some more minutes. Apparently she was the second person who seemed to know i who I was. my efforts to confront the guy I followed in river side had failed.

    Some one from there even told me the George guy worked with some gang members who were dangerous.

    I wasn’t scared though and I had been spying on his house since i came back from the police cells, hoping he would lead me to the truth about myself.

    To be continued

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    New episodes don land o

    @fb-danieledem @maths @ladyg @royalgold … Make unah invite others o

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    Shey gen or Jane don dey mad abii, which kain bad market be dis kwanu… @LadyG, @Maths, @henrymary, @fb-danieledem this people are making me vex ooo…

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    Chaii Paula forgive my soldier biko, it wz nt intentional, i blive soon enof u guys “ll come together,d man with d longest name well-done o. My G’s @henrymary @emreks @harzaroboy @kelly-kelvin @hormortiyor nd many more of my g’s abeg make una show o.

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