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    Delaney is officially the worst waitress ever. When she is nearly fired, she she will do anything to keep her job, so her boss Tim makes her a deal…
    I practically flew down Wayward road on my skateboard, trying to dodge in and out of busy people on their way home from work. Whereas I was going the opposite way, to Louisiana Restaurant. And I was late. Again.
    “Excuse me, sorry, thank you.” I repeated as I sped past all the shopping bags and briefcases and dog leads. I knew I needed a car desperately, but I needed to save up, and if I didn’t get to work on time, I wouldn’t have a job, which meant I couldn’t save up any money.
    I slowed down when I came to the alley down at side of the restaurant, and decided to walk so I wouldn’t fall off my skateboard with all the bumps and stone down the alley.
    My boss, Tim, said that I should not skateboard to work, as it is ‘inappropriate’ with the uniform we have to wear. It’s more like a school at Louisiana’s, with Tim being like a headteacher and the uniform (we have to wear a white blouse, tucked into a knee-length skirt with black tights and high-heeled shoes).
    I carefully and quietly opened the side door, which lead straight into the kitchen, so Tim hopefully wouldn’t notice I was late. The head chef Linda came running up to me.
    “D, you’re late again. Make sure Tim doesn’t catch you this time!” She panted, looking flustered as usual and throwing a tray into my hand like a circus freak.
    “Table 5, go!” She pushed me towards the door so I nearly tripped up in my 70 inch heels, and made some of the lemonade on the tray spill.
    “Dang,” I gasped, as some of it spilled on me, but I pushed the door open into the restaurant with my back anyway, not bothering to clean up the drink. I conked into somebody on the other side.
    “Delaney!” Shrieked a voice. Tim’s mom Sylvia was rubbing her head in pain. “Watch where you are going!”
    “Ooopsies…” I smiled, trying not to laugh.
    “Sorry Mrs. Carney.” Sylvia cursed under her breath and walked away, muttering to herself.
    Table 5 was full of, let’s say idiots. I rolled my eyes and decided to get on with it. There were about 6 boys, about 16, trying to fit into a 4-seater booth. One of them raised his eyebrow at me, and smiled as I came up to the table.
    “Well hello..” He said. I gave him a disgusted look, but ignored him and passed him his drink, hoping that would be the end of it. It wasn’t.
    “I don’t recall ordering a piece of hotness like you.” He said. The boy next to him sighed.
    “Shut it, Derek. Just leave her alone.” He mumbled.
    “So, babe.” He said, ignoring his friend. “I think you’re worth a big tip, being such a hot waitress and all, so I have an idea in mind.”
    “And what would that be…?” I sighed, passing the rest of the drinks around.
    “You and me, outside in the alley, what do you say?” I sat on the edge of table, ruffled my hair and cleared my throat. Then I leaned closer, as his friends watched us.
    “I say… in your dreams, sucker.” I whispered. “I wouldn’t trust you as far as I could throw you.”
    “Oh, you just looked like one of those girls that… you know, takes advantage.” He said taking the piss now.
    I stood up, picked up his drink, and threw it in his face, as he gasped.
    “My eyes!” He screamed like a little girl.
    “Ooopsie!” I said, walking away from him as his friends were bent in half, they were laughing that much. He did not look impressed.
    “Delaney Jones!” Boomed a voice, making the whole restaurant go silent. “Office now!”

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    Continue na

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    Nice start

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    Etz d’bramo
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    Feed us more…

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    Nyc start

    Next pls

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    Lol dis girl 4ny o

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    Just in time fr de ride

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