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    Relationships are negotiated and if you deal with ultimatums and authority all the time, then you’re not going to get anywhere.
    -Phil McGraw
    Marco Orsini’s POV
    “You want me to find what!” I nearly leaped out of my chair as I asked my grandfather again in case I just misheard him.
    “A bride.” MyNonno, Alfonso Orsini, repeated calmly. “I want you to find yourself a bride before my birthday. Your birthday present to me.”
    I snorted, laughing at the idea about finding myself a bride. “What makes you think I need a bride,nonno? I’m still young to think about settling down.”
    “You’re already thirty-one,figlio.” Grandfather pointed out flatly. “I married yournonnawhen I’m in my late twenties. I should say it’s past time for you to settle down, Marco.”
    Right now, I am debating if my impromptu decision had been correct in deciding to visit my grandparents in their vineyard just outside Rome. Maybe I should have just stayed in the city instead of visiting their fortress.
    Now I am stuck here inside my grandfather’s study room–or throne room as I privately called it, babbling things I am not interested to hear with.
    “I’m not interested in marriage.” I told my grandfather arrogantly. “Marriage is not for me.”
    “How do you know?”
    “I just do.”
    My grandfather just laughed heartily, fishing out an expensive cigar from the inside pocket of his suit. He savored the smell of it. “I won’t be arrogant if I were you, my boy. Look at your good friend–the duke, he also once sworn he will never walked down the aisle of matrimony. Now look at him he’s already happily married to his duchess and expecting their first child. The dowager duchess couldn’t shake off the smug on her aristocratic face about the news that she will be a grandmother at last.”
    I knew that we will come to this conclusion once this conversation started. Of course, mynonnoalready heard the news about the pregnancy of Lucca’s new bride and as a proud Italian that he was Alfonso Orsini wants his dynasty to continue through the next generations. This enormous vineyard had been passed to the next male heir of the Orsini for centuries. Since I am my father’s only child, grandfather might fear that the Orsini dynasty will stop if I did not take a wife soon.
    He probably thought that I’m on my dotage age already that few more years I couldn’t fathered even a single child.
    “Aren’t you envious to your friend?” My grandfather prodded, dragging me out of my reverie. “That he finally settled down with a good woman?”
    Grandfather held a private smile that made me frowned, as he placed his cigar between his teeth. “What a heartless answer.”
    If he just knew the length Lucca had suffered because of his wife. He’d fallen like a hapless chap. Watching him suffered jealousy on many occasions because men paid attention to his beautiful bride. I couldn’t watch him surrender to the thing they called ‘love’. The great duke had fallen. I can’t let myself to be like that. Not in this lifetime.
    Falling in love? Surrendering your heart to a woman?
    What a laughed.
    “Nonnawill skin you alive if she caught you with that cigar.” I warned him as he lit the cigar and puffed the smoke.
    “I don’t think so.” My grandfather said smugly, as he continued to puff his cigar.

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    I frowned. “Why? Is she in town?”
    “Nope. She’s here, actually.” Deviousness showed in my grandfather’s dark eyes. “She’s in the library entertaining hervisitors.”
    I didn’t like the way my grandfather said the word ‘visitors’ uneasiness creep inside me. “Who were her visitors precisely?”
    “Oh, an old friend of hers…” Grandfather replied smoothly. “…with a pretty granddaughter in tow, I might add.”
    I knew it.
    “I believe there will be an introduction later between you and the pretty granddaughter.” Grandfather added.
    I scowled at my grandfather as his snow white hair gleamed in the sunlight. “I am not interested.”
    “Tell that to your grandmother.”
    Suddenly, I feel uncomfortable with my chair. I sorely regret my decision in coming here. I should have seen it coming.
    “Just tell her I’m not interested in her matchmaking,nonno.”
    “I will.” My grandfather answered swiftly that made me more nervous than ever. He’s about to bargain something of his own. “But I have my condition of my own.”
    I rolled my eyes. “What is your favor?”
    Nonnogrinned evilly. Have I somehow let myself to be trap? “I want you to find a bride of your own.”
    I sighed heavily, looking at my grandfather exasperatingly. “Are we back to that thing again?”
    “We never left this subject,figlio.” My grandfather contradicted, he permitted himself to smile slightly. “We just merely sidetrack.”
    “For the last time.” I told mynonnowith annoyance as I stood from my chair preparing to take my leave. “I.Will.Not.Marry.”
    I nearly reached the door when my grandfather spoke again. “You have to present your bride-to-be on my ninety-second birthday, Marco…”
    “I told you…”
    “Hear me out, boy.” The seriousness on my grandfather’s voiced gave me a pause. “If you fail to introduce your bride-to-be by the time of my birthday I will disinherit you. I will make your cousin my heir.”
    “Are you crazy?” I asked my grandfather indecorously. “You hated Fabio. You never even want him to set foot in Orsini Industries and you will name him as your sole heir?”
    “Call it a drastic measure, then.” My devious grandfather had said. “If I have to use that ultimatum so you will finally take a wife, so be it. And it will stop your grandmother in shoving girls under your nose if you find yourself a wife. She will be delighted if you will give her great-grandchildren to fret.”
    It seems that I have been finally cornered by my sly grandfather using my dear grandmother to nudge my conscience. I guess I have to take a wife or I will lose my control over the Orsini Industries and I cannot let it happened.
    “Is there a criterion for my intended bride,nonno?” I knew when I was defeated.
    Triumph. Satisfaction. Glee. All flashed in my grandfather’s dark eyes before he blinked them away. “Not much.” He said. “Except she must come to a good family with fine elegance.”
    “I’ll see what I can do about that.” I breathed deeply, opening the heavy wooden door.
    “Where are you going?” My grandfather asked. “Yournonnais expecting you to see her in the library once we finished this discussion.”
    I looked back at the man they considered as one of the most powerful men in Italy. I gave him a rakish grinned. “Tell her that my presence needed in Rome immediately. I have to go. I think I knew who can help me to find my bride. Goodbye,nonno.”
    I didn’t wait for his reply and walked out on the Orsini mansion. I slide to my Ferrari and sprang the engine to life immediately. My grandmother might see me and forced me to introduce to another girl she thought will be suitable bride for me. If they are desperately wants to see me married like my friend Lucca Cavelli I might as well chose my own bride. There is one person I can think of that could help me with my dilemma.
    I don’t know how she will react to my business proposal to her but it was worth the try. I grimed smile slip off my face. It’s been awhile since I saw the ice queen. Since we helped Lucca in rescuing his wife who had been abducted by her ex-fiancé in Las Vegas few weeks ago. I also need some good adrenaline rush after the blackmail grandfather gave me.
    When I woke up this morning this was not I’m expecting when I visited my grandparents. Hell! It was the last thing I expected.
    After an hour or so, I finally arrived at the building where the ice queen’s office was located. I rode the elevator and punched the number of floor. Once I arrived at her office I strode directly to her office.
    “Sir! Sir…” Her loyal secretary blocked my way. “You can’t just barge in Mrs. Marcolini’s office without appointment.”
    I just ignored her and continue to walk. My sole purposed was to see the ice queen so I opened her office door and shut it firmly on the secretary’s stunned face.
    “What the…” The ice queen started as the door closed rattling the frames on the wall.
    “I need you to find me a bride.” I stated without preamble looking directly to her beautiful hazel eyes.

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    I’m loving this already!
    Mah swear Shaxee, you be correct Author/writter….
    I just deh gbadun every bit of your story..

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    Chapter 1

    Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
    -Francis of Assisi
    Francesca Marcolini’s POV
    I have a very busy morning. I have been reading papers for the coming charity ball next week. I am one of the organizers of the event. My peaceful but hectic day at the office momentarily interrupted when someone barged in my office as if he had every right in doing so.
    “What the…” I started but then again good manners were wasted on this man. He strode in my office as if he was the king and I should bow to his feet.
    “I need you to find me a bride.” He announced arrogantly. I wouldn’t be more surprised if he asked me to give him the moon.
    “Are you drunk?” I asked, looking at him briefly before I settled my gaze back on my papers.
    “Are you on drugs?”
    “Are you mad?”
    “Good.” I told him coldly. “Now get going. You’ve made a mistake. I’m not a matchmaker I’m a teacher. You’ve come to a wrong person to ask for help.”
    “Ah, that lovely school teacher’s voice.” Marco Orsini remarked, taking the chair in front of my desk. “It makes me want to be a naughty student.”
    “Signore.” I warned, glaring at him openly.
    He held up his hands in what it seemed like surrender. “Okay, fine. I just want you to find me a bride, Francesca.”
    “I’m not a matchmaker,Signore.” I told him firmly. “I’m a private teacher for etiquette.”
    The devil got that look of innocence in his dark eyes. If I didn’t know better him I would believe that he’s genuinely disappointed with my refusal. “Aren’t you going to help your friend on his predicament,Signora?”
    “We aren’t friends,Signore.” I replied truthfully. I can never be friend with this womanizing devil who changes women as often he changed his clothes.
    “I believed we are.” He contradicted smoothly, flashing his infamous grinned that often makes women swoon. “Remember that we made a deal to call it a ceasefire when we helped our friend, Lucca to rescue his wife from that psycho ex-fiancé of hers in Las Vegas? That makes us friends.”
    I frowned. Remembering that day I agree to have a truce with this devil. “Well, that agreement was now null and void.”
    “How cold.” He remarked, making himself comfortable in the chair across to my table as if he intend to linger longer here in my office. I should have sent him away as fast as I can. He’s too much for my peace of mind. “You wounded me, Francesca.”
    “Are you not busy running the Orsini Empire? Thousands of employees depend on you and here you are slouching in my office as if you have all the time in the world?” I asked in a bored tone as I settled my gazed on his dark cynical eyes.
    “If I was another man I would think that you are sending me away,cara.” His lips twitched with a private smile.
    I glared at him.
    But then he sighed heavily. “But then again I might lose my position in the Orsini Industries if I didn’t find a bride.”

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    Now that he mentioned that again. I made me curious. So I decide to ask him offhandedly. “Tell me, why do you suddenly want to acquire a bride?”
    He focused his intense dark-eyes in me that made my shiver. Not by fear but something else entirely. “I just paid my grandparents a visit early this day and my grandfather threatened me if I didn’t present my bride-to-be before his ninety-second birthday I will be disinherited.”
    I couldn’t help but to raised my eyebrows. Is that true or his just playing prank with me?
    “So you need to help me.” Marco Orsini said.
    He’s not asking for my help. He’s demanding for it. The devil didn’t know how to ask. “If your grandfather wants you to be married before his birthday why not find a bride of your own.”
    “Because I don’t want a wife!” He exploded, standing from his chair he pace my office like a caged beast. “I don’t want to get married. But if I will not take a wife, I will lose the chairmanship in the Orsini Industries. I couldn’t let it happened.”
    “Oh, yes.” I told him with pleasure. I even placed a smile in my face. “If you ever happen to find a woman—with that personality of yours—willing to marry you she’ll be ecstatic at the thought you’re just marrying her so you can retain your control over your family’s company.”
    He gave me a thunderous scowled in his Roman god face. “What’s wrong with my personality?”
    I shrugged, eyeing him from head-to-toe. “Well, let’s face it. You’ve known for having sharp-tongue that couldn’t even say a single complement to another person with that sarcastic character of yours…”
    “Enjoying what you see?” He asked maddeningly.
    I fought hard the blushed that kept on spreading on my cheeks as I look away.
    I heard him laughed throatily. “There’s no law that saying you couldn’t stare,cara mia.”
    “I wasn’t staring.” I murmured, still avoiding his gaze. “Truthfully. I wasn’t.”
    “Yes. You are.” He answered cheerfully. A devil’s satisfaction gleamed on his dark-eyes. “I can tell when I woman looked at me.”
    I snorted. “You’re deluding yourself,Signore.”
    “Really?” He asked. He surprised me when I started to advance here where I am sitting and stood in front of my table as he placed his hands on either side of the glass table and leaned down. I automatically sat back on my chair. “Are you fascinated with my body, Your Highness?”
    “Are you flirting with me?”
    His voiced became silky soft. His eyes held flames on their depth. “What if I am?” He asked. “Is it working?”
    I ignore the thunderous thud of my heart, as I laughed off his ridiculous suggestion. “Of course not. Why would I be swayed by your flirting? It may work on other women but not me.”
    “Ah, that’s more the pity.” He said, as he thankfully removed himself from my table and walk back in the chair he occupied awhile ago. “That’s why I need you on the job to look for my bride.”
    I sighed. “I told you…”
    “I will pay you.” He offered sweetly. “I will pay you trice the amount your student willing to pay you in order for them to learn the social etiquette of the society.”
    “No.” I told him firmly. “I will not accept your proposal to me. I will not find you a bride.”

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    If I thought that he finally surrender I was mistaken. He gave me a rakish smile as happened to glance at his watch and stood from his chair. “Oh, you will.”
    “I’m not.”
    “I have to go now.” He announced regretfully as he opened the door of my office. “One way or the other, my lovely ice queen. You will find me a bride beforenonno’sbirthday. I will make sure of it. We will be in each other’s pocket until then. This will be thestartof our good friendship. Goodbye for now, Francescamia. I will keep in touch.”
    Once he firmly shut the door on my office. I breathe deeply I didn’t realized I was holding. I didn’t know where I’m more scared, the fact that he stubbornly wants me finds him a bride or the fact that he promised that this will be the start of our friendship?
    I shivered at the thought.
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    Marco doesn’t know that there are some things Money can’t do!!!
    Is like Love has started playing it games with Francesca…….

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