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    Nyc start

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    Chapter 2

    The highest exercise of charity is charity towards the uncharitable.
    -J. S. Buckminster
    Francesca Marcolini’s POV
    I stood proudly at the ballroom in one of the famous five-star hotel here in Rome as I watched the people mingle around. They were all came from the cream of Italian society supporting the charity event for the orphan children here in Italy.
    It was a success, I thought smugly. I couldn’t help but to feel proud that I am one of the organizers of the event. My late husband was a strong supporter of charities and since we began dating I get involved to such affair.
    Now six years after his tragic death I dedicated myself to different charities here in Italy to continue his legacy. I hope tonight’s event would be successful I hope we’ll acquire enough money for the orphans in the asylum…
    “Congratulations, Francesca.” An-all-too-familiar male voice drawled behind me, so much for my luck tonight. I should have known that he’s coming to this event. “I’m proud of you.”
    So what choice do I have than to face him? I placed a regal smile on my face as I looked at my nemesis. “Buonasera, Signore.”
    Satisfaction flashed on the depth of his dark eyes, as if he knew that he was the last person I wanted to talk with tonight. But then again, he will never let the opportunity pass not ruining my night. I knew it based from experience in the past.
    “How are you,mia regina di ghiaccio?” He asked, running his bold gazed appreciatively on my body. I silently screamed at his audacious stare and his gut for calling me his ice queen. “You look…fabulous.”
    I could swore that he was mentally undressing me right this moment, then I happened to notice the venomous glare the blond woman in his arms shot at me. I think she’s a supermodel with that red show-stopping gown and those chandelier earrings and necklace studded with diamonds it was enough to blind me when they were caught in the lights.
    I smiled kindly at her as I asked this womanizing devil the question that would put him on the hot seat. “Is she your bride-to-be?” I asked in saccharine sweetness. “How rude of you not to introduce us.”
    The blond supermodel’s face broke into a million-dollar smile as she gazed adoringly to her date while the devil merely paled.
    Serves you right, I thought silently as I hide my smile.
    “Darling,” He said to his beautiful date. “I thought I saw your friends there awhile ago. Why don’t you join them for awhile?”
    “I will join you later.” He said resolutely, which the woman in his arms reluctantly removed her hand on his arm and drift away where her friends located. Once she was out of sight Marco Orsini glared at me impertinently. “Now, Francesca, that was rude.”
    “I, rude?” I scoffed.
    “Yes. You are.” He answered conceitedly. “You gave her wrong ideas.”
    “But I thought she’s your fiancée.” I told him innocently though I only said that to annoy him. “You arrived with her so I assume…”
    “Why would I still send you flowers and gift at your office this past week asking for your help if I already found my bride-to-be thatnonnowould approve?”
    Oh, yes. Those flowers and gifts he constantly sent to my office along with cards asking to help him with his dilemma. At first, my secretary thought that I have a suitor but then I explained to her that my nemesis was just annoying me.

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    I instinctively rubbed my wedding ring. I will never marry again. Lorenzo, my husband, would forever be in my heart.
    “Have you heard that Lucca and Tatiana were already in town?” I asked to change the subject about marriage and my thoughts to my husband’s memory. I still saddened me every time I remember him.
    A twitched smile fitted his sinful lips as I helped himself with two fluke of champagne on the passing waiter. “Really? Are they staying for good now?”
    “That’s what Tatiana told me when I talked to her over the phone last time.” I replied casually, taking his offered champagne.
    “If they were already in town then why the hell they weren’t here?” He asked, looking around the glittering crowd. “I assumed that the great duke wouldn’t let the opportunity passed in showing the society that his wife was already five months pregnant with their twins.”
    Taking a sipped of my champagne, I told him. “He just phoned awhile ago telling me they couldn’t come because Tatiana is not feeling well.”
    “Ah, that’s the problem, isn’t?” He inquired mockery flashed on his dark eyes. “He’s totally fallen to his lovely wife? He couldn’t bear to be away from her even one night.”
    “That scornful comment just really came from a man who’s currently looking for his own bride.”
    “There’s a difference, cara mia.” He said with a rakish smile on his Roman god face. “He married his Tatiana out of love while I need to get married or I will be disinherited.”
    I raised my eyebrows at him. “You are forgetting, Signore. That Lucca and Tatiana started their marriage as convenience look at them now they were so in love with each other.”
    “No one force the duke to marry that Russian heiress…” He opposed, giving me the same tilt on his strong eyebrows. “…he did it all by himself. Lucca wedded the woman the whole world thought died on the sea a week after she’d gone missing…”
    Every time I remembered how my friends started with marriage I still couldn’t believed. It was like story from a movie or drama series. The wallflower only wanted in life to avenge on the people who played her fool. But now I’m so glad that Tatiana finally let go of her revenge and starts a new life with her husband.
    “…while I need a wife because my grandfather is forcing me to take one. So you have to help me.” Marco Orsini dragged me out of my reverie.
    I sighed. So much for our talked about our common friends we were once again back to this thing. “I told you for a millionth time now. I can’t help you to find your bride, Signore.”
    “Oh, you will.” He said stubbornly.
    I shook my head in resignation. Answering him was only futile. He wasn’t going to listen to me.
    Then he surprised me when he spoke again in nonchalantly tone. “Such a pity that Lucca couldn’t attend this charity ball I know he’s a strong supporter of this things.”
    Now that he mentioned it I felt somehow poignant about it. He’s donation would be a great help to the tonight’s cause. “Yes, you’re right.” I agreed to this annoying man as I frowned at him. “But now that you mention it I’m surprise to see you here this is not your usual crowd.”
    “You wounded me, Francesca.” He grinned devilishly. “I’m a strong supporter of charities, my dear.”
    I couldn’t help but to smile to that. “Truthfully?”

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    “Of course.” He raised his glass for a silent salute to my direction before drinking every last content of his champagne. There was something mischievous in his dark eyes that my instinct told me to raise my guard even higher as the glee inside my heart for Marco Orsini’s donation instantly vanished.
    “Of course…” He said again, placing his empty fluke of champagne on the passing waiter and get a new one awareness sneaked up to my spine. “…I will donate a generous amount if you will help me in return, Francesca.”
    “What the…” I glared at him.
    The devil merely shrugged. “A fair trade, wouldn’t you say?”
    “Are you saying that…?”
    “Obviously.” He smiled adoringly at my direction like Lucifer who wants to claim my soul. “If you promise to help me find a bride I will contribute a generous amount into this charity.”
    Sweet Lord, he’s really heartless.
    Marco Orsini’s POV
    Coming here to the charity event was only last minute decision when I learned that the ice queen was coming. Looking at her now among the bejeweled crowd she was probably the only woman who was unadorned with jewerlies saved her gold wedding ring and equally her gold wristwatch. She look so untouchable like the ice queen that she was with her demure gown that any red-blooded man couldn’t help but to mentally peel that cover off her body as I do right this moment.
    I watched with satisfaction the shock on the pretty young widow’s face as I told her that I will not donate a single centavo in this charity ball if she didn’t help me with my quest.
    The look she’d been sending me was enough to freeze the entire Italy. Why she’s so stubborn in not helping man with his quandary? It is not enough that I’m courting her favor over the last few days sending her gifts on her office to soften her up to me?
    Then she cold-heartedly asked awhile ago if my date was finally my bride-to-be I’ve been force to seek. She gave, Rebecca Kendrick, the hot supermodel the wrong ideas. From the amused look she’d gave me awhile ago she now thought that I’ll pop the question anytime after this party. I should have got rid of her tonight.
    I don’t think my old-fashioned nonno would approve that my bride was seen half-naked on billboards and magazines across the globe.
    That’s right. It’s up to this icy woman to find me a bride that my grandfather will approve. She’s a teacher of fine etiquette, hasn’t she? She can teach my bride how to act properly in the society. She’d done a pretty good job in polishing Lucca’s bride several months ago. The once wallflower heiress was now every inch of a refined duchess Lucca Cavelli could be proud of.
    That’s why one way or the other I need Francesca Marcolini for the job even I have to blackmail her into submission, so be it!
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    Francesca hadn’t even praise Marco with a good word…
    & Marco is also proving her right by blackmailing her knowing fully well that she had no option……
    How do Marco want a teacher to find him a bride???
    He should just went straight to his point that he want Francesca to act as his bride(which would even turn to wife)
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    From d look of things, they may end up getting married

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    Chapter 3

    Unless both sides win, no
    agreement can be permanent.
    -Jimmy Carter
    Francesca Marcolini’s
    I couldn’t believe it. I
    stared at the report on last
    night charity ball. He wasn’t
    lying, I thought furiously.
    He didn’t donate even a
    single centavo because I
    refused to help him with his
    ridiculous quest. That
    heatless man walked away
    without giving donations to
    the charity he claimed he’d
    been supporting.
    I stood abruptly from my
    chair and grabbed my bag
    on the table. “Lucy,” I told
    my young secretary just
    outside my office without
    stopping from my tracks.
    “Cancel all of my
    appointments today.”
    “May I ask where are you
    going in case someone looks
    for you, Mrs. Marcolini?”
    I gave her a grim smile as I
    look back where she’d been
    sitting. “I’m going to see an
    exasperating man.”
    I didn’t wait for my
    secretary’s reply before
    marching to the elevator
    purposefully. Right now, I
    only have one thing in my
    mind—that is, to confront
    that womanizer devil who’d
    been a plague to me ever
    since I have the misfortune
    to meet him years ago.
    The moment I saw him
    fifteen seconds of his
    company I concluded that I
    didn’t like him as much as he
    didn’t like me. He was the
    personification of what I
    hate in a person. He’s
    sarcastic sharp-tongue
    libertine who viewed the
    world with such cynicism in
    his pitch black-eyes. You
    couldn’t say a single
    observation without him
    replying in sardonic manner.
    Sometimes—no, most of the
    time we’re forced to endure
    each other’s company I am
    sure as hell that we only
    prevent ourselves in killing
    each other.
    He’s my nemesis. My
    So why in the world he
    suddenly wants me to find
    him his bride?
    Why he’s plaguing me with
    this stuff?
    Is this the new way he
    thought to amuse himself in
    annoying me?
    I have enough of this. I
    flagged the taxi and barked
    his office address to the cab
    driver. I will confront him
    and demand what is wrong
    with him. I will not let him
    toyed the charity just to
    infuriate me. Those children
    seriously needed his
    After suffering from the
    gruesome traffic in Rome the
    cap finally pulled over the
    pavement in front of the
    Orsini Industries. I took a
    deep breath as I slid of the
    cab. I can do this, I told
    myself once again as I
    repeated those words inside
    the car.
    I strode at the magnificent
    modern lobby where Marco
    Orsini ruled like a king he
    thought he was. I rode the
    elevator ignoring the
    curious stares being thrown
    in my direction by the people
    inside the lobby. I held
    myself with such dignity. I
    never let them affect me
    with their curious stares.
    Once I arrived at the top
    floors where his office
    located I strode inside not
    bothering to ask his
    secretary if he’s available
    or not. By now I have only a
    thread-bare of patience left
    for him as I invade his office.
    “You are sarcastic.
    Heartless. Ungrateful. Man.”
    Marco Orsini’s POV
    I wasn’t entirely surprised
    when Francesca Marcolini
    barged in my office and spit
    those words with such
    menacing fervor, given that
    I didn’t donate even a
    single penny on the charity
    event where she’s one of
    the organizers.
    Oh, I intend to donate to
    that charity but I thought
    keep my endowment first
    and used it as lever to this
    woman so she can help me
    with my problem.
    And I am not mistaken, I
    thought smugly. She’s
    standing in front of me,
    wasn’t she? With all of her
    refine glory.

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    “To what I owe you this
    unexpected visit, Signora?”
    I asked innocently as sat
    back from my chair and
    studied her fully. “Have a
    “No. Thank you.”
    As always she’s so
    fashionably dress with her
    hair styled with a neat
    chignon, subtle makeup on
    her fine-looking face. She
    wore a satin royal blue
    blouse and a high-waist
    pencil skirt with black
    stockings and super high-
    heels shoes. Her attire was
    demure but at the same time
    it spoke sexiness…
    “You know why I am here.”
    She answered vehemently
    looking at me with such
    coldness in her pretty hazel
    I hide my smile as I played
    with my pen while examining
    her intently. “Do I?”
    “Yes, you do.” She snapped
    “Hmm…” I pretend to think
    why she’s in my office early
    this morning.
    “Stop playing games with
    me!” She said furiously.
    “You know why the hell I am
    here in your office.”
    “Remind me again.” I goaded.
    “You are sarcastic,
    heartless, ungrateful man.”
    The ice queen repeated her
    opening speech when she
    entered my office, her eyes
    flashed with anger towards
    me. “You are not bluffing.
    You really walked away last
    night without giving donation
    to the charity.”
    “I told you last night if
    you’ll help me with my
    search of bride I will give
    your charity hearty
    “This is all just game to
    you, wasn’t?” She fired
    back, glaring at my
    insolently. I never met a
    woman who always glared at
    me. Now I wonder if she
    ever smiled at me. “Many
    children depend on that
    I frowned at her. Did she
    think I was just playing
    games with my hunt for a
    bride? Hell, I am the last
    person on earth willing to
    find a woman and marry her.
    If nonno just didn’t
    threatened to give the
    company to my cousin Fabio
    if I didn’t present my bride
    on his birthday I would not
    bother to ask for her
    “Do you think its all game to
    me?” I asked her. “Dio. If
    nonno didn’t give me
    ultimatum I would not bother
    to look for a bride,
    “So you’re serious about
    “Of course.” I answered
    honestly. I bit back the smile
    that threatened to slip from
    my face because I have I
    feeling that I am making
    progress here. It is only a
    matter of time before she
    submits to help me.
    “If…if…” She bites her
    bottom lip which I find it so
    alluring. “If I help you with
    your quest in looking for a
    bride how much money you’ll
    This time I couldn’t help the
    grinned that broke into my
    face. Because I knew I’ve
    already won this battle with
    the formidable Francesca
    Marcolini. “Half a million
    The shocked in her face
    was priceless, her pretty
    eyes went saucer wide.
    “You can’t be serious!”
    “I am.” I smiled at her
    reaction. Really, it’s not
    every day I get to stun this
    ice queen and I am vastly
    happy about it.
    “Do you promised to donate
    half a million if I help you to
    find your bride?” she asked
    again after she regained
    her composure.
    “Of course.” I replied. I
    couldn’t help the glee that
    roared inside me as of this
    She exhaled deeply. “All
    right, fine. I will help you to
    find your bride-to-be. When
    do you want me to start?”

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