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    Episode one A story written by Dan Chucks
    It was still about 40 (or so days) to the
    year’s August Business Retreat but the
    staff-coverage and verbal attention the
    event was already getting was just
    incredibly exhilarating! The entire office
    had understandably gone crazy with
    most people endlessly asking me what
    plans were in place for the up-coming

    They just wanted to know everything;
    from what venue had been chosen, to
    what activities had been mapped out. Of
    course, judging from previous
    experience, we already knew it was
    always going to be a four-day event and
    would definitely come in August. We also
    knew that every branch of the firm will
    be attending with their own crew just as
    it has always been. So there were little or
    no uncertainties surrounding those
    rather fixed situations. But there were
    still many unknowns with regards to
    other associated factors, which
    invariably kept thrilling most member of
    staff as the month of August gradually
    approached. As a female and the Staff
    Officer at my branch, the heightened
    enthusiasm only made my position a lot
    more wearisome. Every other member of
    staff had the notion that I knew much
    about the planning and staging of the
    up-coming retreat and found me the
    most available source for news and
    gossip from the management. What they
    didn’t really know nor accepted was that
    I wasn’t deeply involved in the planning
    within the branch any longer; as I had
    always done in the past. In fact, the new
    Secretary, Binta (who suddenly doubled
    as the Branch Manager’s PA upon her
    arrival) quite easily pushed me to the

    She took up every single management
    function I ever had in the branch amid
    rumours that she was brazenly s------g
    the Branch Manager inside-out! As this
    particular August Retreat approached, I
    was easily displaced with her. She
    became the one in charge of the
    branch’s staff-arrangements for the
    event ahead of myself, and was always
    beside the executive at every trip that
    concerned the office’s preparations.
    While most of my colleagues, out of
    obvious oblivion, occupied themselves
    with seeking for more details from me
    (to which I never had any to give), I was
    more bothered about my own slimming
    chances of attending at all! I was already
    fearing the worst – after all, the ‘list’ was
    going to be released in just a few days
    from then! Our office, Octopus Analytics
    Ltd, is basically a data mining and
    analytics Company. Although we do
    other not-so-related things, like
    arranging sample models for corporate
    clients when they ain’t willing to allow us
    conduct surveys ourselves, we are much
    more into the actual mining of figures
    more than anything else. The office
    history revolves around the story of two
    gentlemen who are basically friends and
    after securing degrees in the UK, chose
    to float a company. Today, we have our
    Head Office in Abuja with three (3) other
    (branch) offices – Lagos, Port Harcourt
    and Onitsha, across the country. Lagos is
    my branch and we have about 15
    members of staff. I have always quite
    easily thought that the entire outfit
    wasn’t the biggest it could be yet, but
    then had a way of appearing big to
    punters. Clients always feel we are just a
    few naira digits away from going multi-
    national but the staff within know the
    truth about the actual size of the
    organization. We all know that the brand
    and its effective packaging are the very
    force driving the firm. The caliber of staff
    was also another as well as the
    company’s vision for staff incentive. In
    fact, this combination was what
    eventually gave birth to the
    organization’s Annual Business Retreat. I
    was once told it was initially, the idea of
    one of the Branch Heads at our Port
    Harcourt office and the aim was to
    create a few days of interaction among
    staff and Management. Such days were
    also meant to create an avenue for the
    Management to illuminate staff on what
    the current vision and future of the
    organization looked like, while staff
    communicate the challenges they face
    and would face in the pursuit of the new
    goal(s). Fair enough, the idea was
    bought but instead of making it just a
    branch thing, the CEO insisted it be made
    a collective event – all branches would
    come together annually to hold the said
    retreat! Thankfully, it worked from the
    start and has been an annual fixture
    within the coy for nearly 5 years now.
    With the meeting usually awash with
    chats, presentations, staff activities/
    games and a concluding banquet, it
    looked like something nobody would
    ever love to miss!
    Unfortunately though, not everyone was
    invited to the Annual Retreat. The
    executive instruction (usually served via
    a memo) from the Head Office has
    always been that while the Head Office
    would attend the retreat with a group of
    10, every other branch would come with
    no higher than 8 members of their
    branch staff. No restrictions were placed
    over the exact ranking of staff who
    could make up the 8-man crew but then,
    most branches have always opted for
    the most senior of their staff. And
    whenever a rather low-ranking officer
    were to be included at all, it was usually
    the personal secretary to the branch
    head in question or an aide that made
    the cut. Our case in Lagos was equally no
    different. For the five years we’ve been
    attending the symposium, we have
    maintained the 8-man crew. The Branch
    head and his vice, were usually the first
    two on the list. To be followed by the
    Heads of Statistics and Operations. Then
    myself (who was the staff-officer) and
    three other members of staff – usually
    senior officers. And finally, the BH’s
    personal aide. That was our eight! Never
    was there any room for our office
    secretary who used to be a guy despite
    the random manner with which the
    three senior staff members were often
    picked to make up the list. But this was
    certainly changing because of Binta.
    From what was playing this time around,
    it was becoming clearer and clearer that
    she was an absolute shoo-in for the ‘list’.
    Then given that our 8-man crew has
    always been a combination of three
    ladies and five men, I was already
    finding it hard to think that one of the
    men would be dropped ahead of myself.

    It didn’t just feel right. It only just looked
    like Binta was the actual person who
    displaced my position on the list and it
    only felt terrible as the release date for
    the ‘list’ kept approaching. I wasn’t sure I
    was going to be able to bear the
    disappointment if as suspected, I
    eventually didn’t make the crew!
    Anyways, the exact thing nobody
    (including myself) was willing to openly
    speak or discuss yet within the office,
    about the up-coming retreat was the
    high expectation that it would only just
    be a rather debauched continuation of
    that of the previous year; which was
    basically top-drawer for everyone of us!
    That was simply the dirty truth nobody
    was keen to openly admit yet, given the
    depraved implication in admitting such.
    But from the desperate unforgiving
    interest the event had uncommonly
    generated so far, it was a lot clearer
    what the real motivation was for our in-
    house staff! In other words, under that
    veil of ‘the-retreat-helps-staff-and-
    management’, a careful look reveals a
    rather sinful impetus driving the thrill
    among staff and management; myself
    included! To say it in plain language, the
    Retreat of the previous year was simply
    mind-blowing and the ‘best’ so far!
    There were lots of activities and reasons
    to interact with staff from other
    branches with relative ease. However,
    just like what anybody would expect
    when you have full grown and vibrant
    men and women put together in a place,
    it soon became a breeding ground for
    lustful rustlings and attractions! We
    openly began pairing with fellow staff
    signaling the consuming sensual
    connections that were already beginning
    to tie us all up!
    Spectacularly, our bosses were also so
    involved in it; right from the CEO and his
    assistant down to the branch heads!

    They soon eagerly and shamelessly
    began running after the classy
    psychedelic girls that were part of the
    crews from other branches! While it
    seemed rather odd at the initial stages, it
    soon appeared commonplace as the
    event wore on! Ordinary staff members
    were more or less being given green
    light to catch their own fun as we all
    kept clinging to anyone that showed any
    interests at all! In fact by the time we
    were set to have the concluding dinner,
    which usually marked the end of the
    event, the sensual height was already so
    much that people were now brazenly
    pecking and cuddling their crushes in
    the open! The ladies equally didn’t make
    it easy for the guys too as we simply
    dressed to kill that very night! Skirts of
    virtually all sizes in minis, and tops of all
    pluggable depths in neck-lines adorned
    our flagrant curves as we entered the
    banquet hall to a group of drooling men!
    Thighs jiggled, booties bounced, hips
    swayed and Bosom heaved! It was just a
    night of immense sexuality and had it
    not been the final day of the program, an
    extra hour would have turned the
    Retreat into a much more S£x-filled
    raunchy outing – just like we desperately
    desired! We all left the following day
    accordingly, with our Sekxual cravings
    still very much intact!
    To Be Continued…

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    Seated!!! Nah this kind story I dey like shaaa


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    Let if flow!!!

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    Issorite well seated

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    Therefore, conclusively speaking, the
    very gospel reason everybody looked
    forward to the trip was not because we
    wished to get better on our jobs or any
    nonsense like that. No. Rather, because
    we can’t wait to continue were we
    stopped last year! Personally, I did meet
    and chat with one of the guys from our
    Onitsha branch. He told me his name
    was Anthony and he was one heck of a
    powerfully built 6-footer! For the several
    hours we talked, I endlessly kept
    checking out his rather bulgy fly and
    gawd!, he looked real big down there!
    I also noticed his eyes wouldn’t leave my
    burst-line for a second and that gave me
    immense joy! It was unfortunate
    anyway, that I eventually lost contact
    with him after we had left for our
    respective branches. But I assume the
    lovely time I had with him, was same for
    many of our staff that had gone with us
    back then as I observed the connection
    that was undeniably in the air. We all had
    great fun and would feel so bad if we
    missed it this time around. It also didn’t
    help when the Head Office finally
    released the activities for this year’s
    edition! Simply reading through the
    items got my juices running as I
    imagined the sensual side to all of them!
    The symposium was going to last across
    four days. The arrival was going to be on
    a Tuesday while actual activities will
    begin on Wednesday. Friday was
    scheduled for the much-anticipated
    Games Hour while the closing dinner
    would hold on Saturday night against a
    Sunday departure! We were also
    expected to use the Saturday morning
    and afternoon for personal routines like
    shopping, visiting the salon and every
    other thing we may have failed to do
    during the weekdays. In fact, it was also
    norm to use those early hours to get in
    the mood for the much-heralded dinner
    – paying a lot of attention to your hair,
    choice of make-up and of course dinner
    dress! In addition to the usual activities,
    there were also new introductions,
    especially with the games. Just like the
    previous year, we were going to work as
    groups but the choice of games were
    different from the ones we had always
    known. It was while participating in the
    usual ones that I had met Anthony a year
    ago. And before we would get through it
    together, we had embraced and fondled
    each other countless times!
    Also making the list were seminars and
    presentations from selected staff
    members from various branches. I
    already assumed the only guy from Port
    Harcourt would unfailingly be speaking
    as usual. He wasn’t the most senior from
    the branch as a lady was the Branch
    Head there but he was always asked to
    do so. While that spoke a lot about the
    frailties of the supposed Head at our PH
    branch, the dude was admittedly
    intelligent and has never failed to deliver
    sound presentations! We were basically
    in for a beautiful rendezvous this time
    The 8-man crew list was the next thing
    to be announced as well as the selected
    venue for the summit! The venue was
    going to be a popular 2-star hotel in
    Abuja! And contrary to all expectations, I
    made the list! In fact, my name – Ms.
    Daniela Chucks, was number 5(!) as
    always and Binta’s only came at a distant
    8! It was unbelievable and I just couldn’t
    contain my joy! It was as though the
    Head and his allies couldn’t just find a
    way of justifying my exclusion because
    at the end of the day, one of the senior
    male staff unfortunately got the boot. We
    were going to be 4 men and 4 ladies
    with myself, the secretary, the Head of
    Operations (Mrs. Kudirat) and a senior
    member of staff (Ms. Bunmi) forming the
    ladies end. The men remained relatively
    unchanged with just the exclusion of the
    other senior staff being the only
    difference. So we now had our Branch
    head – Mr. Osondu, his vice – Mr
    Kolawole, our Head of Operations – Dr.
    Sani and the BH’s aide – Mark, forming
    the men’s wing. It seemed fair to all as
    the requirement didn’t exactly exclude
    the main secretary. Binta also seemed to
    cherish the opportunity given how
    mellow she suddenly became after the
    list was announced. It began looking like
    she was almost dropped despite all her
    exertions and crack at the top. Her
    Kittycat and Bosom proved to be almost
    insufficient in securing her an
    untouchable place on the list after all!
    However, what I also felt was another
    explanation to her situation was the
    general feeling within the office. Given
    she was only new to the firm, I assume
    the bosses on top must have had
    double-minds about including her. They
    definitely knew what the last Retreat
    was like so should tell what the coming
    one could turn out to be. Even though
    she was supposedly an available S£x-
    machine to all of them, they may have
    been uncertain about how she was
    going to accept the rather
    unprofessional culture that would
    definitely surround the coming business
    Anyways, that wasn’t mine to bother
    about anymore. I was finally on the list
    and it gave me enormous delight! The
    endless enquiries from staff had ended
    too even though I always wondered why
    they ever bothered to ask since about
    the same group of people made the list
    virtually every year. My sympathies were
    only with Mr. Afolabi, who had to be
    dropped in order to retain me on the list.
    Even though I began thinking it probably
    wasn’t appropriate to have him attend at
    all since he only just got married about a
    week before. He was certainly better off
    cuddling his newly married wife – Tope.
    Anyways, that wasn’t the case for my
    single self. I soon began making my
    plans for the jaunt and scheduled my
    shopping for the following Saturday.
    Words cannot literally explain the kinds
    of cloths I hand-picked for my trip,
    because I practically broke the world of
    morality and decency!
    We were all in Abuja at exactly Tuesday
    afternoon as earlier scheduled by
    management! We had first gathered at
    the office from where the staff-bus
    moved us to the airport, culminating in a
    straight flight to Abuja. As always, there
    was an official shuttle waiting to drive us
    to the location which I later realized was
    a bit of a distance from the airport. It
    was a beautiful location all the same
    with the lodges positioned over an
    amazing landscape of trees, green fields
    and distant hills! By the time we would
    settle into our rooms for the evening, we
    didn’t remember we had made such a
    relatively long trip. But that wasn’t until
    we had fully registered with the
    organizing staff and coordinated the
    presentation our branch was required to
    make the following day. The ladies in
    charge of the registration were part of
    the 10 staff members from our Head
    Office and I quickly recognized them
    since they have always formed the crew
    from Abuja. I even knew their names
    despite disliking them with a distinct
    passion! And it wasn’t long before I
    further noticed that unlike the previous
    year when they had 4 men in their midst,
    8 out of the 10 on the current crew
    were all ladies; leaving just the CEO and
    his Vice as the only men. How snooty can
    these ladies be, moreover! They were
    beautiful and classy quite alright.
    They were beautiful and classy quite
    But their supposed involvement with the
    Head Office was certainly getting into
    their heads and the arrogance that
    followed them everywhere they went
    was just appalling. Moreover, they always
    looked like the corporate prostitutes I
    always presumed they were – dressing
    to kill even when it didn’t matter.
    …they always looked like the corporate
    prostitutes I always presumed they were
    – dressing to kill even when it didn’t
    That afternoon, 6 of the less-busy 8 kept
    wandering from one end to another in
    supposed calls for attention. There
    admittedly big booties never stopped
    wriggling their sheer skimpy gowns and
    mini-skirts into submission as they
    swayed from side to side! They did turn
    a couple of heads anyways; especially
    that of the bosses. It was easy to see
    why talks that they take turns to Fork the
    CEO and his Vice was likely true!
    Anyways, I continued observing other
    staff from other branches as they arrived
    even after my own branch had fully
    registered, dropped our bags in our
    assigned rooms and returned to have a
    brief chat. We picked a corner of the
    spacious well-landscaped quadrangle
    were the registration was equally going
    on, and after getting ourselves some
    softs and snacks, found a concrete
    platform to sit on. We soon began
    talking about our plans as a branch for
    the event. As expected, Binta was already
    looking to Lord the talk, appearing more
    like the number two to the boss than
    just an office secretary.
    Strangely, her antics never seemed to
    bother me at all as I was curiously
    occupied with a sudden search for
    Anthony – the dude from Onitsha! I
    couldn’t still tell if his branch had arrived
    since I was yet to see any of them. They
    have always been just 8 men, leaving me
    to wonder many at times if there were
    no women at all in their branch! How I
    sometimes wished I worked with them
    as I could envisage endless fun all day!
    However, it was already becoming
    disturbing as I still found no trace of
    them despite what hour of day it was. I
    had just seen the Port Harcourt crew
    arrive with their ever gorgeous boss
    leading the way. Her choice of a trouser-
    suit was perfect even though the trouser
    appeared a bit too tight on her bum,
    thus giving off a candid display of panty-
    line as she approached the registration
    …thus giving off a candid display of
    panty-line as she approached the
    registration table!
    They were another branch that always
    lacked balance in the selection of their
    attending crew. They had come with 7
    ladies and just a guy who I already knew
    would be delivering their branch’s
    presentation. Predictably, the ladies were
    more or less dressed like their boss. They
    looked very smart but with a tint of raw-
    sexiness to them. One of them even had
    the slit on her skirt running as far as into
    the middle of her Buttocks! I quite as well knew she was a glorious
    sight for the guys as she severally bent
    to zip and unzip her luggage during
    registration! Ultimately, no one was a
    match for the Abuja chics in seduction!
    Their outfits were more or less an open
    invitation to their admittedly tempting
    bodies and even where they made little
    effort to have a piece of fabric covering
    some flesh, they dealt the boys a reverse
    blow by allowing either their panty-line
    or poking Tips to brazenly outline
    themselves across the material! They
    were just a handful to say the least!
    When the shuttle carrying the Onitsha
    crew eventually drove in, I was likely the
    first to notice and predictably, my heart
    skipped! I had been more concerned
    about them more than the supposed
    chat going on within my branch. I was
    suddenly very excited as I watched the
    bus pull over for them to come off. While
    I felt a bit scared that Anthony may likely
    not be in the bus, I still couldn’t contain
    my nerves and even felt my Kittycat
    moisten that instant! It was just
    unbelievable how a mere expectation
    was already turning me on! Fortunately,
    he was part of them! And wasn’t
    changed at all! He was still his usual hefty
    self and his ‘stone-cold’ bald glistened in
    the relapsing sun as he stepped down
    from the bus. I just melted on seeing him
    in full and almost turned fully away from
    my colleagues as I watched him walk
    aside his mates towards the registration
    stand. They were all in black suits and
    how it looked smart on them! I guess his
    mind was probably set on me too
    because I noticed how he frequently
    seemed to check around. He would flash
    a glance here and there as though he
    was keen to find something if not
    someone! Unfortunately, he kept missing
    my spot and how that enraged me! I
    was almost feeling like yelling for him to
    know I was just a few distances from
    him! Thankfully, I didn’t have to do that,
    because he soon caught my figure
    eventually and as soon as his eyes met
    mine, he dashed out a charming smile! I
    smiled back, lifting an arm and waving
    “Hi…” I managed to say as well guessing
    he would barely hear me because of the
    relative gap between us.
    He raised a hand too in response and
    had this smirk in his lips that seemed to
    ask why I wasn’t coming for a hug or
    something. I managed to figure out
    quite well so quickly pointed to my
    colleagues just then. He smiled once
    again, waving his head.
    “Later…” he finally feigned a whisper,
    bringing his left hand beside his mouth
    as though to make it louder.
    I nodded my head while taking up the
    smile and then looked away. Of course
    just momentarily, because I soon
    returned my eyes on him, drinking up
    his chiseled look! He was just breath-
    taking and quite the presence! I
    wouldn’t know why so soon, but I found
    my eyes checking out his fly once again
    even though I was quite lucky he didn’t
    catch me doing so. For he soon began
    checking me out too, choosing to look
    away anytime I attempted bringing my
    eyes his way. It was something I enjoy
    doing with guys and it soon got me all
    sticky and wet!
    By the time he would find a platform
    nearby to sit, I had completely turned
    around to face him instead of the on-
    going meeting behind me! I had been
    completely taken by his presence and I
    hadn’t stopped looking at him still! I kept
    checking out his large chest which
    despite being concealed within his
    jacket, was still visibly hunky! I
    comfortably recalled the Games time the
    previous year and how he had
    repeatedly placed his ripped hands over
    mine. He had so much muscle on them
    and a matching tattoo one. Imagining
    being held in those arms and being
    Forked with every vigour possible, was
    enough to get my panty further
    drenched and want to make me stand
    and walk over to him for a full mouth
    Stunningly, it was as though he had
    similar thoughts, because the next time I
    would look at his face, his eyes were
    firmly fixed on the part of my under-
    thighs which were inevitably revealed
    after I had crossed one leg over the
    other! I found it very thrilling and quickly
    dropped the leg to bring him better
    I found it very thrilling and quickly
    dropped the leg to bring him better
    Of course he quickly moved his eyes
    away, probably thinking that I had
    caught him or something. But after a
    few moments, he returned them! Being
    directly opposite me meant I wasn’t
    required to expose myself too much so it
    was very much certain that he was the
    only one having a decent look into my
    spread thighs! And how much
    happiness that gave me! I still looked up
    at him a few more times, and our eyes
    met on all counts! It was kind of obvious
    that we both knew what we were doing
    and as we lasted further into the act, I
    spread my legs even wider apart! I was
    even wondering at some point if he
    could see the large patch of dampness
    that had soaked a portion of my visible
    I was dying for him and I knew he was
    dying for me too because he began
    crossing and uncrossing his legs
    suddenly! Probably in every effort to
    respond to the killing sensation he was
    getting! Unlucky for both of us though,
    his branch were soon done with all
    registrations and room numbers were
    subsequently given to them – he had to
    go in now.
    “Catcha later…” he finally said, smiling as
    he stood to walk away with his bags.
    “Alright Tony!” I replied in a jiffy,
    crossing back my legs!
    He was soon turning away, doing his
    best to hide (with a bag) the huge
    erection that had formed under his
    trousers, which I unfailingly noticed as
    soon as he stood!
    I just couldn’t wait anymore for the
    Business Retreat to begin! After all, I had
    already gotten so wet, just on arrival
    Just like the previous year, little concerns
    like chow and provisions were already
    taken care of by the Head Office before
    hand. We were only required to simply
    place an order with the hotel cafe for the
    food to be served straightaway, right at
    our doorstep! What made it even more
    outstanding, was that we always had
    about 3-4 cuisines per meal, to pick
    from. Nobody was being forced to eat
    something they weren’t used to or didn’t
    feel like eating at that very point in time!
    It was something commendable for us
    the attending staff! The first night had
    already gone spectacularly well and the
    entire staff were now looking forward
    to our first meeting; myself included. I
    had returned to my room a few minutes
    after the arrival day chat, showered and
    changed into my night dress. I remained
    indoors, glossing through some of the
    documents I had obtained for our
    presentation the following day. After
    putting through some calls to my mum
    and sister, reaffirming my wellbeing, I
    faced the TV. I basically had no dinner
    that night and did wake up with an
    empty stomach the next day.
    Nonetheless, I just had to join the day
    which did suddenly begin quite quickly!
    The schedule of activities slated for the
    coming hours, explained that we would
    have two sessions of a meeting. The
    first, which was going to come in the
    morning, will be just presentations from
    every branch office excluding the Head
    Office. We would be required to discuss
    our successes and achievements within
    the past one year; paying good attention
    to statistical differences over that period
    of time. Then the second session will be
    mostly interactive. That will be the time
    branches will be expected to highlight
    the challenges they face and any efforts
    they had made to overcome such
    challenges thus far. A lunch break was
    unfailingly going to come in-between
    too. Now, judging from the dress
    requirements placed on us all and the
    perceived unlikelihood that anyone
    would begin going slutry already this
    early, I opted to pick a fairly simple and
    ‘decent’ outfit. While it looked rather
    short, tight on my bum and quite with a
    lengthy slit behind, my choice of skirt
    that morning didn’t scream much of a
    nympho! Neither did my office shirt
    scream whorish either; even though my
    deep cleavage were now more exposed
    than I would rather have them on a
    Sunday morning when heading to my
    Parish, back in Lagos!
    In total contrast, my predictions turned
    out to be completely wrong! Apart from
    the girls from my branch who were
    almost dressed as myself, there was
    nothing ‘decent’ about most of the other
    people already present in our meeting
    hall when I walked in later that morning!
    Of course, the Abuja ladies were always
    going to be on top of it all but a few of
    the Port Harcourt girls were similarly
    culprits of the act as well!
    This also included their boss who for
    some inexplicable reasons I still had
    refused to find quite depraved, despite
    being surrounded by numerous
    overwhelming evidences! She was in
    fact, the most daring amongst them all –
    she was on a very short sleeveless gown
    and it looked slightly see-through to me!
    In fact, the dark colour of the gown was
    the only thing that made it a bit tricky to
    detect its see-through nature since it
    perfectly matched the colour of her skin
    in every way! But on close viewing, one
    would comfortably see how bare she
    was underneath! If not for the several
    belts that were beautifully strapped
    across the clothe in clever exquisite
    design, I would bet that her Tips and
    possibly Kittycat would have been easily
    spotted through the near-transparent
    fabric of the gown!
    To Be Continued…

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    :s hmmmm

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    That their PH boss is a handful oooooooooo!!! I fear the young guys might join in her chase and leave you people the supposed younger versions.

    I forsee a great time between you and that Onitsha guy. The way the guy would deal with you eeeeh, you go confess

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