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    CAVEAT LECTOR: This story is 100% my imagination running wild. Although it incorporates certain events during the military administrations in the 80s, I wasn’t even born when the said events took place. Writing this story is just me challenging myself after reading a piece about the event. So please don’t lose your cool. Truth is, I don’t even know how it will begin or end but I promise to make it an interesting read.

    Before you proceed to read this story, please be advised that it is an adult oriented piece and contains a high degree of graphic depictions of sexual activities (hence the reason it isn’t in the Literature section). It is not intended for audiences under at least twenty-one (21) in age and in reasoning.

    Contains strong language

    Copyright © 2015 by Nitefury

    All rights reserved. This story should not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the writer

    The usual drill, comments, likes, criticism and your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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    Episode 119

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    After serious investigations, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) working with the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) have been able to establish the following about The Cartel

    ***DEA/NIA Fact Sheet on THE CARTEL***

    * Became known in 2005, but suspected to have been founded long before then

    *The most dreaded syndicate currently

    * Remained a minor player in the drug/trafficking ring untill 2013 when every known major players (competition) were arrested by the Authorities or taken out by The Cartel

    * An estimated $3m is made monthly by The Cartel from girls/drug trafficking both locally and internationally

    * The Cartel operates in a hierarchical pattern similar to the game of chase.

    * 9 in every 10 brutal murders in the last 3 years across the country bears their signature which involves wiping out the victim’s entire immediate family


    Identity: Unknown
    Intel: Nothing is known about him.

    Identity: Unknown
    Intel: She runs the organization both locally and internationally. Very ruthless. Decides who’s to be killed

    ROOKS (Known as CASTLE 1 and CASTLE 2)
    Identity: Castle 1: Unknown
    Castle 2: Unknown
    Intel: Are the only ones who know the true Identity of the KING and QUEEN. Coordinates The Cartel’s operational methods. They are the brain behind the secrecy of The Cartel. If you get them, The Cartel falls

    Number: 4
    Identity: Unknown.
    Intel: A lady is one of the 4 bishops. They are the zonal directors of of The Cartel in the four zones of the country. With the Lady the superior of the four. While deliveries by the pawns are minor, the bishops make major deliveries internationally.

    Numbers: Unknown
    Intel: Are found in every state. They are the Pimps, Assassins and Recruiters of the organization. None of them have a clue who they work for. They just get instructions, weapons, supplies etc. and act accordingly.

    Numbers: unknown.
    Intel: These are the only known sets of people working for The Cartel. They are usually recruited by Knights and are mostly students of tertiary institutions who must meet the high standard set by The Cartel before they are selected. Then they are assigned the roles of Campus and Local Pimps and Runs Girls.

    They too have no Idea who they work for. They only meet with the Recruiters. They are the ones mostly arrested by the authorities and usually cannot provide useful information about The Cartel.

    Failure to meet target or make your delivery, you lose a finger for the guys, and you get violated by at least 5 guys for females as warning. Losing an arm for females and outright murder for guys comes next. There’re no two ways about it because as a Pawn, you are well taken care of by The Cartel financially and academically, so no excuses. But their true identities are unknown to the public because of the high level of secrecy of the Cartel


    April 5th 2014, a lady Duke Jane, who was billed to board a Kabo Airways flight 215 (Lagos-Abuja-Dubia) at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja, was arrested with substances suspected to be Marijuana and other hard drugs by the Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA. On her was about 85.70 grammes of the substances valued at N10m, with N2m million and $5000 in cash.

    This was a very big catch by the DEA agents because prior to her arrest, the Intel they received stated the fact that she was working for the most ruthless Human and Drug trafficking group in the country known simply as The Cartel. And with the quantity of Drugs and Cash found on her, it seems they’ve just landed themselves the infamous dreaded Female Bishop. It was definitely worth celebrating to them, because the mystery behind the Cartel was probably about to be solved.

    But while the agency celebrated, Jane was in sorrow. Her beautiful life was going to be cut short unexpectedly at age 27. The year was 2014, and anyone caught with drugs faces the death penalty, no stories. This was the provision of the Decree 30 put in place by the Military government of General Baco, who took power in the military coup of 2012. She was going to die, and she knew it.

    The online media with Twitter, Facebook and Nairaland leading, were agog with her story, same way radio and Tv stations who all gave chilly broadcast about her case where not left out. But to many who read the story or heard the announcement, there was nothing special about her case because, just like the others caught before her, she was going to be executed.

    However, a new twist in Jane’s story would turn her into the most mysterious drug pusher in the Nation’s history. Seven days after her arrest, Jane died in custody. She died in very questionable and mysterious circumstances, and president Moburi would not bury the case. He ordered an investigation into the matter. This was primarily because, she was supposed to be a lead in the crack down of The Cartel.

    The Investigative Panel set up by the President was to carry out three main tasks:

    * Make proper inquiry as to the arrest and death of Duke Jane

    * Determine whether during the period of her arrest and custody, if any person(s) contributed to her death through acts incidental to the case

    * Make suitable recommendations

    But that would never happen, because on the 22th of July that same year, while investigations where still on and yielding fruits, the government of General Baco was toppled by General Mustafa, a member of the SMC….


    This story is told by an undercover NIA agent that worked with The Cartel as a Knight. Here, he shares his discoveries about the mysteries of The Cartel and (Bishop) Jane.

    PREMIERS Thursday , May 14th

    Tickets available in Fast food restaurants near you. 😀 ;D 😛

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    While Readinq…Keep Calm And Chop Shawarma

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    Wow! Interesting but i never reach 20 ooooo

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    Wow Fury is at it aqain………Viz one qo tite die and e be lyk say im qo need dictionaray 2 lol…………. #Crime all the way…….. Next plz o
    Lol @Gracy the requirement hiqh no be small @Khola46 u’re invited o maybe u qo reach 21 ohh lolz

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    Episode 1



    17:00 hours, March 18th 1987, somewhere in Odukpani, some 30km from the city of Calabar, heavily pregnant Imabong lay on a mat outside her grandmother’s building. The baby was due any moment from now and thank goodness her ever loving grandmother was there to take care of her.

    Having been disown and driven out of her father’s house in the city of Calabar (for getting pregnant out of wedlock), she had and knew no where else to go to but back to her paternal grandparents house. Though disappointed, her grandmother had welcomed her with opened arms, cleaning her tears after she entered the compound with a sack bag containing the few clothes her parents had spared her.

    She felt the baby kick and she ran a hand through her stomach reassuring herself that her grandmother was the community’s local midwife, who had a record of about 89 (or was it 99) safe deliveries to her name. No death of either mother or child in all the cases. Which had made her the most sort after local midwife.

    Speaking her local dialect to the baby as she ran her hand over her tummy, she said “don’t worry my love, Mma (which was the name the community called her grandmother) is here to bring you to the world. She brought me to this world, can you imagine that? She’s going to bring you out of me too. Isn’t that sweet?” she felt the baby kick again and she laughed out loudly to herself saying “hey relax, great-grand would bring you out successfully and then put you in my arms”


    From inside the smoke filled kitchen, Mma had been watching Imabong talk to herself as she ran her hand through her stomach. From her many years as a midwife who had supervised 99 safe deliveries (15 twins and 6 triplets inclusive), she knew her 19 years old granddaughter was about to go into labour unknown to the young girl herself. “Poor thing” she said to herself, remembering how with no money on her, the poor girl had walked the distance from Calabar to Odukpani.

    Despite the loneliness of the road and the risk involved, the girl had braved the distance. She was indeed her son’s daughter, built tough and strong headed. Despite all her plea, her son had refused to take the girl back simply because according to him “she made me lose my position as elder in the church”.. “Mtchwww” she hissed wondering what that meant. While she is a Catholic, her son and his family are Presbyterian.

    But for the first time in her lifetime as a midwife, there was this high level of uncertainty hanging in the air. She feared if this particular delivery would be successful. She stirred the soup on the fire for the last time before putting it down. After which she cleaned her eyes which were now failing her with the back of her hands, before returning the black kettle back on the fire.

    As Ima lay running her hand on her stomach, she began to remember the event that happened the night she got pregnant. She smiled as the memories of what she had done ran through her head. She thought about the love of her life, the father of her baby who the last time she heard from,him was just a day before she discovered she was pregnant after the mail man had given her his later. She had already lost her virginity to him, but each time they fvcked, when he was about to c-m, he would pull out and c-m on her belle, ass or floor. She had always wanted to feel that fluid emptied inside her. Though she didn’t tell her friends she had lost her virginity, she always enjoyed their discussion and how they described what they felt when their boyfriends came inside their young pvssies.

    Her c--töris never stopped itching and only her boyfriend’s d--k could satisfy the itch, which was always for the time being. But each time he rammed his long d--k inside her when they fvcked, he always refused to c-m inside her not until that particular night. She smiled as she remembered how it all went down.

    It had been a month since she finished her writing her WASSCE in FGGC Calabar. It had been a month of non-stop fvcking ever since she lost her virginity to him as soon as she got back home from school. Her parents who were one of her local church’s most respected elder couple had gone for a zonal church retreat somewhere in Calabar south and wouldn’t be back until the following evening. She had been hörny all day as her c--töris kept itching. As a matter of fact, that was her third panties she had on after changing the wet ones. Her immediate younger brother who was a boarding student in Hope Waddell college was still in school. And her last sibling who was just 7 years old was somewhere playing in the neighborhood.

    Being the first child and age 18, this was not the first time her parents would ask her to take care of the house while they went on their many church outings within and outside Calabar. But unknown to them, she had tasted the forbidden fruit after losing her cherry to the love of her life in the next street less than a month ago.

    After listening to her friends back in school talk about how they usually wrapped their legs behind their boyfriends when they fvcked. Which meant forcing the boys to shot hot sperm inside their pvssies and how wonderful it felt, she had often dreamt about what it would feel like to be filled with c-m. Right from the first day she lost her virginity, he had always pulled out when he was about to c-m. Now he was going away the next day, and she still hadn’t felt his c-m in her. Well not exactly her fault because he always finished off with her on all fours, hence cümming on her back instead. He had a fetish for döggy style.

    She had resolved not to turn around but to find a way to get him to the point of orgäsm while she’s underneath him. After all today is suppose to be their farewell fvck, until she joins him wherever he’s posted to she thought to herself. Everything was just going fine, her parents had been planning for the retreat since the previous week so she couldn’t wait for them to leave.

    He wouldn’t be back home till later in the evening so just when she was getting ready to go over to his place by 18:00 hours, the heavens opened and it began to rain heavily. Her brother had returned to the house and had eaten his evening meal. “Abasi” she breathed stroking her c--töris as she cursed the rain while lying on the couch in their living room. It was now 20:00 hours and this rain hadn’t shown the signs of stopping.

    Her youngest brother after playing all day and a heavy evening meal of “Fufu” and Afang soup was fast asleep on the other couch. Looking at him in anger as the rain ruined her plans, she wondered if he was truly her father’s son. He looked so much different from her and her immediate younger brother be it in his behavior (a bloody little scoundrel he was), his physical appearances (they are both tall while he is very short), or skin nature etc. There was just nothing to prove her dad was responsible. No wonder Mma began to despise her mom after the boy’s birth. But her dad blinded by love would have none of it. To cap it all, he was her mom’s favorite child. So lazy he was that he could even sleep under that rain and not wakeup till the next morning.

    Then it hit her, truth is the rain wasn’t gonna stop anytime soon and might continue for days as its common in Calabar. Now, since her brother was a heavy sleeper, he wouldn’t wake up if she doesn’t wake him up. So she decided to enter the rain and go to the her boyfriend’s residence in the next street. She quickly took of her bra, put on her night gown and tied a wrapper around her chest. Turning off the security light outside so no one could see her leave, she locked the door behind her and ran under the rain to his residence.

    Some 30 minutes later, he was fvcking her and she had quickly wrapped her long athletic legs around his waist, locking him inside her p---y when she noticed him begin to moan out and jerk uncontrollably. There was nothing he could do but to erupt deep inside her young tight p---y.

    When the first shot of his hot c-m hit her cervix, she hard climäxed while giving his neck a death grip. The reason wasn’t far fetched, the pleasures she felt when he s----d her p---y, nipplës, c--töris, or stuck a finger inside her asshöle, were nothing compared to this. She never knew the feelings she experienced that moment existed. Her friends where right after all. Also she had climäxed because she had always dreamt of the day she would feel his c-m deep inside her p---y and not on her belle or back and she wasn’t disappointed by the feelings she experienced.

    When he eventually pulled his spent and limp d--k out of her p---y that never wanted to let his d--k go, she remembered how he had looked at her in disbelief wondering if she knew the danger that action portends for her. As she reminisced about that event, her right hand that was on her tummy had automatically found its way into her skirt and into her panties. “Wow”, she thought to herself, “She how went I am” as she flicked her c--töris. All of a sudden she felt her p---y open like a flood gate as liquid gushed out.

    It was followed almost immediately by a sharp contraction, only then did Ima realize her “water” had broken. “Mmmmmmmmaaaaa” she screamed in fear wondering if her insatiable lust for d--k had after affected her pregnancy.

    Six hours later, the baby was still not out and Mma became scared. Although she had spent worst time than this, with a lady actually going for 14 hours, this particular case wasn’t normal to her. She had tried all the trick she knew but still nothing. The poor girl was losing it and Mma knew if a miracle doesn’t happen, saving mother and child might become difficult. “My God” she called out in her local dialect in her head, “please not my own child” Two other ladies who usually assisted her were on hand to help.

    In order not to show fear, Mma went outside as if to get something leaving the woman and Ima behind. Outside she went towards her kitchen far from the building. Looking up to the moon lit sky, she prayed to God not to fail her. That He was responsible for the success of past deliveries she oversaw why should this be different? Just then she heard one of the lady calling her name that the baby was finally coming out. She ran back towards the building and just when she was about to climb the first stair, she slipped and fell forward hitting her head on the concrete floor.

    As Mma breathed her last, the baby came out with little or no push by Ima and began to cry.

    As soon as she heard the baby crying, Ima’s tears of pains became tears of joy, and after the older lady mentioned it was a baby girl, she laughed out loud to the surprise of the women. After cleaning her and the baby up, the woman passed the baby to her to feed. As she felt the milk come out as the baby suckled, she whispered the name Idara (meaning joy).

    Despite the bleak future ahead, knowing her dad would have nothing to do with her or the baby, she had never for one second regretted the pregnancy and was as a matter of fact been very happy her one and only true love had actually gotten her pregnant. She then asked about her grandmother and the younger of the two ladies went out to check where she was.

    Just outside, she saw the the lifeless body of Mma and screamed waking up and bringing out the neighbors that were sleeping or still awake.

    Mr AKPAN

    17:00 hours, March 18th 1987, Mr. Akpan sat in his living room fuming. The young boy from the village had just left after delivering the message that his mother had summoned him home tomorrow. Ever since he chased his daughter out of his house, Mma had never stepped foot inside the compound again.

    “Anyways” he thought to himself “she must be joking if she thinks she’ll make him drop one penny for that little s--t of a daughter. Just when he was about to be made the zonal chairperson of the church’s council, the foolish girl got pregnant giving his opponents something to use in their campaign against him.

    A position he had worked all his life for. Just this Sunday, that small man who used to answer him sir, was shouting him down because he eventually won that position. “Bastard” he cursed under his breath in anger as he remembered the humiliation he had been suffering in church.

    And as if to add salt to injury, she got pregnant for a bloody northerner and a Muslim. She and that child must suffer the shame he is passing through in church” he thought to himself cursing.

    Calling out to his lovely wife who was sitting at the dinning table, he told her his mom had sent for him and he would be going there after close of work the following day.

    Mrs. AKPAN

    17:00 hours, March 18th 1987, from the dinning section Itoro had overheard what the messenger from the village had told her husband. “Bloody old witch” she cursed in her mind.

    “You and you granddaughter would never succeed in your plans to take away my happiness. I must be happy whether you two witches like it or not. Perhaps if your son could spend 5 minutes fvcking me like I man, than spend the whole time carrying church matters on his head, I wouldn’t be this miserable going about fvcking everything with a d--k. I wouldn’t have gotten pregnant for that Idiotic Edet who had all the while been also fvcking the choir mistress, her bloody former bestie and ended up marrying her.

    Then when the did was done, you want to poke nose and say her son is not the father of my son. Old sad witch” she cursed

    Continuing in her head, she said “And for that little s--t, you’re lucky i never caught you. I would have used a hot rod and fvcked you with it since you felt you have a tight young p---y to steal my man and get pregnant for him.

    She so much hated the girl because it was never her intention to end up with Akpan while he rich sailor boyfriend Edet, was there. It was during one of Edet’s many voyages that she had decided to kill time and satisfy her itchy p---y by allowing Akpan her next door neighbor fvck her. The useless Akpan could not even fvck, but she really had no choice but to manage. Then after about a month of frustrating fvck from Akpan, she realized she had been knocked up. In order to save face, a quick marriage was put in place while she had gone to live with his old witch of a mother in Odukpani until the birth of the little slattern.

    And for that bastard boy, after claiming my p---y wasn’t tight again, I let you fvck my ass silly, something the bible frowns at, yet you still have the mind to leave me for my daughter. May god punish you wherever you are. Your little s--t and bastard child would suffer the pain you caused me. Animal.”


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    Hmmmmm,keep d ball rolling

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