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    episode 2 will be uploaded later today.

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    THE CHASE (Lucy’s diary 18+)

    Episode 1

    Diary, people say am a gossiper is that
    true. Oh.. you are inanimate object you
    won’t know, you are my only friend now.
    I just broke up with my boyfriend and
    am very happy, is that not irony of relationship.
    Gabon is a total useless boyfriend who
    Can’t even handle me two rounds everytime
    One round and he’ll sweat like Jamilu cow,
    I broke up with him after our first sssex.
    Officially now am single and free from him.
    that stupid uncle Rufus was busy looking
    at my aass and bump into Mama Tutu yesterday,
    I heard he now looks like Ijebu masquerade.
    and daddy Daniella that stupid married
    man was licking his lips looking at my breasts,
    I don’t know what kind of oranges he saw
    in my chest Daddy pppervert. And this nonsense
    yard with stupid people especially that
    Papa Daniel who I saw banging their housegirl
    in their room last week Sunday, and I
    taped both of them. Hahaha.. I’ll show
    his wife. Mama Daniel that woman is something
    else, I saw uncle Rufus bleeping her in
    her farm in the backyard. and she was
    enjoying it with loud mmmoaning, I snapped
    both of them but isn’t clear and I have
    deleted the picture. Daniel himself is a
    complete useless fine boy, sighed. jumping
    from one pant to another, hell no. I don’t
    like him. Oohh.. but am ddrooling for his
    long and cute hammer head dddick, Grace
    told me about it, I think am crushing on
    that dddick head. nonsense nonsense, hey,
    I’ll be back diary. My mom sent for me
    Diary, stay safe and no one should dare
    touch you, if they do fly. Lucy you are mad!



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    Ride on

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    talking to ur diary as if it is a bird

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    THE CHASE (Lucy’s diary 18+)

    Episode 2

    shall never end in this world oohh.. chai!
    You won’t believe that mumu Gabriel stopped
    me on the way and said bla..bla..bla and
    stupidly said I should be his girlfriend.
    Lucy you ave suffered, Gabriel of yesterday
    that chopped his sister p---y and pimples
    disappeared from his face is now rubbing
    shoulder with me. Stupid incest Gabriel,
    Daniel is very annoying ohh… I caught
    him staring at my ass yesterday and I
    demanded to know why he is staring at my
    ass, he said my ass is bigger than my destiny.
    me that have bright future, Amadioha
    will surely locate that boy with baked thunder
    and his name is now removed from crushing
    machine. Deborah told me that my older
    brother’s girlfriend is cheating on him
    yesterday, that Chairmoo is browsing her
    back and front while my brother only
    browse the front-page. who will I believe
    ’cause I saw Deborah bleeping my brother
    as a cheerful giver on a hot noon that the
    idiot should be in class learning 1,2,3.
    she nearly brought down the roof with
    her faster, harder. if is maths she will
    complain that the equation should be simple
    and soft as na d--k harder!. I will not tell
    my brother sef he is too stingy, he only
    dash me something when am sick. Diary
    are you aware that Nkechi is pregnant,
    now you have known nii. Haa-haa she will soon become
    mama enjima and Brother Timothy is
    responsible, she will give birth to toilet baby
    ‘Cause I caught both of them twice f-----g
    each other as dogs in heat in the toilet
    twice, this my legs will always lead me
    to temptation. I should be reciting Our
    Lord’s prayer often, what do you think
    dairy? Oohh… you can’t talk, sorry D-D.
    Mama Daniel caught Papa Daniel banging
    their housegirl, come see war film for
    our yard na. I heard she will be deported
    back to the Village with wide p---y that
    will allow 4small d---s to enter, I trust
    Papa Daniel and his big d--k. am going
    to delete that video, no need showing
    mama Daniel again she has watched the
    real aahh.. oohh action haa-haa aaghh..
    My father said we should park out of the
    yard before I’ll be spoilt by the people
    living in the yard. hmmm… lemme don’t
    talk first before you will say now that Lucy
    is a gossiper, Hey! Diary, I’ll be travelling
    today to meet my stupid cousins. And
    you are staying behind, am gonna miss
    you, chop kisses. Lucy you are just crazy!.

    Haa-haaa aaghhh….

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    sorry for not updating the second episode, was choked. abeg make ona no vex, biko nu.

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    Nancy Adeoye
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    Ride on

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